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User Reviews for Candesartan

Also known as: Atacand

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Migraine Prevention 6.8
25 reviews 31 medications
High Blood Pressure 5.3
37 reviews 266 medications
Heart Failure 1.0
1 reviews 123 medications
Summary of Candesartan reviews 5.9 63 reviews

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Reviews for Candesartan

Lottie · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 24, 2020

For Migraine Prevention: “I’ve had Aura migraines since I were 10 (I’m now 25) and they have got increasingly worse. So much so I developed anxiety when I were 18 at the fear of getting them. Effecting my everyday life. I were prescribed 20mg Amitriptyline at 21 which I was on for 4 years. I found they helped with the anxiety but didn’t stop the attacks I were getting. Last summer my migraines spiked from 1 or 2 every other month to 5 in 3 weeks and I were prescribed 8mg Candestartan as confused as to why I were even taking a drug if it weren’t helping the core issue. From then until a month ago my migraines have actually increased! Recently I’ve had one every week for the past 3 months. I’ve now been jumped to 32mg and I’m nervous of the results! Fingers crossed it’ll reduce otherwise it’s back to the brain fog of Amitriptyline!”

4 / 10
Bella June 3, 2020

For Migraine Prevention: “I have taking Cardesartan 4 mg for 2 months for migraine prevention, and I’m also a Diabetic type 2. It really worked well for me. My migraine went away for good. But my blood sugar went up from 5 in the morning to 8-9. I read about and there a component in Cardesartan that increased blood sugar.”

8 / 10
RobertWilliam · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 10, 2020

For Migraine Prevention: “I have severe Aura migraine, so I get a prescription from my Doctor, Candesatan, beginning with 8mg up to 32mg. When on Candersatan I have more Aura(zigzag) attacks then before using the Candersatan,so I started to back the medication from 32mg to 8mg and now I take no drug for migraine prevention. My Doctor said: Try Topimax instead, to see if this can help instead! I really don't know if it's worth it, but have anyone used Candersatan and then went to Topimax and got reduced Aura migraine? It would help me to know from anyones experience. Also. I tested to take an ibuprofen under an Aura(zigZag) attack and 10 minutes later, I have two auras at the same time instead! No Ibuprofen for me. Thanks in advance. Bob”

1 / 10
MikeB · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 8, 2020

For Heart Failure: “Have finally stopped candesartan and I can't believe how much better I feel ! I Have been on 8 mg for 3 years and have tried to increase dosage (consultants wanted me to increase to 32 mg ) but have resisted because of side effects when I increased dosage. I wasn't aware of how bad the side effects of 8 mg were and put them down to my heart condition and ageing! Now I don't get dizziness and feeling that I'm going to pass out, don't get breathless, heart rate is much more regular and I don't feel tired and fatigued all the time! Only negative is my average blood pressure reading has increased from 128/69 to 131/71. Stopping candesartan was like taking a miracle cure.”

1 / 10
Tess73 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 7, 2020

For Migraine Prevention: “I’ve been taking Candesartan for about 6 months now. I have tried many other migraine preventatives over the years but nothing has lasted. This medication has decreased my daily migraines to just a few a month . It hasn’t had any impact on my menstrual migraines though. I started on 4mg and now on 8mg . Only side effects I can complain about is dizziness if I stand up too fast or over exert myself . I have also found it increases the effects of any pain killers I take, so I try to take any pain meds a few hours before taking the Candesartan which seems to help. I finally have my life back !”

8 / 10
Micko · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 4, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Have been on Candesartan 4mg for 6 months with no noticeable side effects. It wasn't bringing my BP down enough, 170/90 morning and 150/85 rest of the day. GP increased to 8mg and it seems to be having more effect but need to give a few weeks to be sure, I check myself. On 8mg I sweat a lot mainly in the afternoon, it's not a normal sweat but a cold clammy type. I tried taking the tablet at night or morning but it makes no difference.”

6 / 10
Jules April 22, 2020

For Migraine Prevention: “Hi I have had migraine since aged 11 slowly got worse over the years. I have just started Candesartan 4mg feel really dizzy but hopefully they will help. I have tried every tablet under the sun, propranolol had no side effects but wore off and ended up on higher doses which made me feel ill. Fingers crossed for this one x”

2 / 10
Jodie · Taken for less than 1 month April 1, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “After only being on this candesartan for 2 days for high blood pressure my blood pressure is now normal 108/76 and I was also pleasantly surprised to find my chronic sinus headaches have gone too plus my insomnia is gone also. Negative are tiredness muscle aches and back pain.”

Kimmy · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 27, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Have only been on this blood pressure candesartan for a month . Have been experiencing dizziness and really sore neck. Thinking what have I done to myself. Then arrhhh moment hit me must be this blood pressure pill. Thanks for all these review. Made me realize Its medications and not brain tumor. Ha ha”

1 / 10
sbug1 · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 15, 2020

For Migraine Prevention: “Have migraines and tried topiramate (horrific) propranolol (made hair super thin) nebivolol ( had to continually increase dose ) to prevent migraines.... then went 'cold turkey' which was hellish. Finally then prescribed Candesartan which I have been on a low dose (16mg) for a year, and now just 1-2 'average' migraines a ,month, which I can manage with triptans. a godsend!”

9 / 10
Chronic February 24, 2020

For Migraine Prevention: “candesartan has been life changing. Been on every med possible for migraines, did allergy testing, reiki healing, chiropractor (this one was a terrible choice as it damaged my neck disks long story but never again) I did yoga, Pilates, massage, I tried everything. Had migraines since I was 17 now 46. They have progressively got worse over the years with nausea, vomiting, numbness in arm, sensitive to light so wore shades all the time. I was hospitalised recently as thought I was having a stroke. Put on these candesartan tablets starting at 3mg and increasing every two weeks until I reached 16mg. I used to wake up each morning with migraines got up to 15 migraines bad ones a month and headaches for the rest. I got tired of living as I could never plan anything or arrange to meet up with anyone as I would wake with a migraine. Since I have been on these they have given me my life back I can look towards the bright sky, I wake with no pain, I can plan events and I am more calmer. Give these ago if you have migraines.”

10 / 10
B February 20, 2020

For Migraine Prevention: “I have been on many meds to control my migraines that I had once a week for 3 days, then fatigue and brain fog for 3 days after that After coming off Topiramate because of the awful side effects I was prescribed candesartan 16mg. Been taking it for 3 months now. I still have a weekly migraine but only for few hours. Only side effect I seem to have is an intermittent runny nose. I actually feel like I have my life back.”

9 / 10
Dilly · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 14, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “I've been on this drug for approx one month and finally went a a chiropractor for extreme neck pain radiating to back of my head. When that didn't improve my condition so I researched the side effects of this med. Guess what! neck pain! I stopped them yesterday and already am feeling a bit better. Also don't feel so tired and achy now too. No Advil yet today....will do my own research now on other meds for high Bp and try to find one with a side effect I can live with. Then I will revisit my GP”

4 / 10
missmouse · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 2, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been on candesartan (high blood pressure) for about 2 months and I have had nothing but issues. Lots of side effects. I had been on this a few years ago and the same thing happened. I will not be taking these again.”

1 / 10
Pillboy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 2, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Taken after many others didn’t work... I’ve be on 8mg candesartan for 6 months. My BP is no lower so doctor decides 16mg is the way to go!!? One week gone blood pressure higher I feel like garbage. Tired body feels like I’m about 115 years old. I stopped the drug a while back. Few days felt like normal again. The 16mg tablet seems to be causing me peeing problems. Very weak flow and not emptying my bladder. I have issues but so much better normally. Hopefully someone can give me some advice but I’m stopping and will watch my blood pressure from home... often 138/90ish Oh the 16mg BP is 172/112 and face flushing Love to hear from others Thanks in advance”

1 / 10
Kweeler · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 23, 2020

For Migraine Prevention: “Candesartan at 4mg has been a life changer in the treatment of my migraine.”

10 / 10
tony · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 14, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “dry mouth, excees of sweat, sore throat, cough, depression ,dizzy, tired”

3 / 10
Chooky · Taken for 10 years or more December 2, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been on Atacand Plus 32mg for the last 10 years after a stroke, I was allergic to other medications and have been very happy with them as my BP rarely gets above 130. I also take Lercandipine 20 mg recently I've started having back aches and flu like symptoms I've also lost my appetite have no energy just feel exhausted all the time so think it's time to discuss with doctor if a change of medication is needed I don't know if Atacand can build up in the body or not. I have blood tests regularly and they have always been good”

10 / 10
Lolly · Taken for less than 1 month November 16, 2019

For Migraine Prevention: “I started Candestartan 2 weeks ago for migraine prevention. It had helped but has caused severe bruising and leg pain, possibly blood clots. I am stopping the 8mg candesartan immediately under medical advice. Withdrawal symptoms are awful. Almost as bad as migraine.”

6 / 10
Yaz · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 13, 2019

For Migraine Prevention: “I have been on Candesartan 16mg for a few months now to help my migraines, after trying many medications, this has been the best so far. But I have been left with low BP. I'm a heart patient and had a brain tumour removed too.”

6 / 10
Herby September 10, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I have been taking 4mg Candesartan for around 18 months along with 5mg Amlodipine taken at the same time of day. I used to take ACE inhibitor Lisinopril but found the constant coughing and clearing of my throat too much, hence switching to Candesartan. To my utter disappointment I found the coughing, clearing of my throat along with wheezing in bed at night did not go away. Now I am a 61 year old ‘fit’ male who has never ever smoked and does a lot of mountain/fell walking etc. I decided to drop Candesartan altogether and can you believe my coughing has stopped by around 80% so I am now torn at what to do next whether to see my GP and try something else or not. However all this said I have not eliminated the Amlodipine yet but I have researched on the web with an overall consensus that Amlodipine does ‘not’ cause upper respiratory problems or coughs. So I guess I have got a little more experiments do yet. I hope this helps some of you.”

5 / 10
saire · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 10, 2019

For Migraine Prevention: “I was prescribed Candesartan 8 mg for migraine prevention. I tried for a little over one month but unfortunately in my case it didn't help. The attacks remained just as frequent (>15 a month). Maybe the intensity of the attacks was a little reduced, but not considerably. I could not go on a higher dose because my blood pressure tends to be low at times. For this reason I was often feeling weak and dizzy when standing up. Other than this, I had no side effects.”

3 / 10
Anon · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 7, 2019

For Migraine Prevention: “candesartan 8mg a day to help control migraine with various triggers. It has reduced my weekly migraines to 1 or 2 hormone triggered ones a month. No side effects for me luckily.”

8 / 10
Harry · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 7, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I was prescribed this drug to control my high blood pressure of 165/110. I tried other drugs but suffered bad side effects. I'm on the combo Atacand of 16/12.5 and 4mg. My blood pressure is under 140/90 and I have only occasional shortness of breath when exercising. As a great side effect is my ability to hold an erection stronger and longer - something that was missing before.”

9 / 10
Fusspot · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 4, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Have been on this for 2 years on and off. Sometimes it controls my blood pressure, most times not. Side effects for me are blocked nose, some throat thickening in that my throat feels tight. Slight depression and quite a bit of anxiety. Have tried other BP medication but can't get right combination.”

6 / 10