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User Reviews for Atomoxetine to treat ADHD

Also known as: Strattera

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Atomoxetine Rating Summary

User Ratings
13% (53)
13% (51)
12% (47)
6% (26)
6% (25)
3% (14)
5% (22)
9% (38)
7% (27)
25% (101)
5.3/10 Average Rating
404 ratings from 436 user reviews

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Reviews for Atomoxetine

Shain · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 31, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “Hello! Sharing my experience and hoping other people will comment things they had in comment with my experience. My Dr started me on 40mg of Strattera, first few days I had so much energy. I cleaned my house at 5am on my day off for no reason. About 2 weeks in I started to feel drowsy. Anxiety has decreased a bit, but I feel tired in the mornings when I take it. My doctor is now saying she wants to up my dose to 80mg and that it won’t make me tired. I started taking the 40mg at night and it not only makes me tired but makes me agitated and I can’t sleep.”

6 / 10
ouauto · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 24, 2020

“I was on this atomoxetine medication for 9 months for ADHD. It was a little helpful in regards to the length of my attention span versus baseline, but the side effects were too great to tolerate. Irrritability, (increased) depression and somnolence were some of the more significant side effects. Sexual problems were also worsened. Not a great drug, all in all.”

3 / 10
Stmrtp · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 26, 2020

“38 Male ADHD. I am great after 8 weeks. AFTER 8 WEEKS. It's not instant like stimulants. Takes time to build up. For everyone knocking it here it seems that they are not giving it time to work. You really need to give it time and the side effects fade off. This medication, after 8 weeks, has changed my life. Stopped compulsive behavior, calms the mind and increases focus for sure. Yes it does make you take it at night and wake up feeling clear headed. You can't compare it to stimulants. It works completely different. So if you're looking for a rush....stick to stimulants. Strattera is calm and focused.”

10 / 10
Felixthecat May 11, 2020

“My doctor started me on 2x 40 mg doses per day, which is a lot for 63kg but thats what she did. First day I feel tired but can't sleep, no energy or motivation, nauseated, and had a fit of anger and suicidal thoughts after the first dose. Flat personality. Painful burning orgasms. No appetite, hard time peeing. Not impressed. I Don't know if I should try to suffer through another day or not. So far I've tried this, clonidine, guafacine, and wellbutrin. Its all garbage for me.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 2, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “This Strattera is the best ADHD medication I've had so far. It takes a LONG time to kick in. I was supposed to feel the full effects a month into taking it, but I didn't get them for maybe 2-3 months. However, it was worth it for me. Instead of just giving me energy and turning me into an emotionless robot like stimulants, it reworked my brain. My whole brain functions better now. I don't procrastinate, and I can pay attention and work better. I have branched out into different hobbies because it gives you motivation. This is in effect 24/7 because it doesn't leave your system or wear off like stimulants. Now, the side effects. I still zone out and dissociate. There is a decrease in appetite (not as bad as the stimulant in that area, though). I have vivid dreams/nightmares. I feel tired often, and nap a lot. Also, I feel more depressed in general. None of these side effects are very severe, but they can be difficult at times. However, I really do recommend giving Strattera a good chance.”

7 / 10
Elle · Taken for less than 1 month April 6, 2020

“I am a 39 year old female and have been taking 80mg atomoxetine for 2.5 weeks. I have been irritable, listless, having nightmares of my phobias, and hot flashes. I am going to continue to see what changes.”

3 / 10
K February 27, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “Strattera has changed my life!”

10 / 10
Maher · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 27, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “Didn't feel anything but side effects”

1 / 10
Dream · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 24, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I have Manic bipolar / anxiety/ VERY POOR FOCUS and I take this with Buspar 15mg . It was really good the first 2-4 weeks I could focus I had a burst of energy I felt so good I could feel it working I no longer had racing thoughts I was so much calmer. But after the 4 weeks my poor focus came back I am now on 60mg once a day and still feel nothing I’m extremely agitated and annoyed with everyone yet calm as hell still but waiting to blow if u get that. It definitely helps with impulsive behavior and calming the mind and feeling low but maybe it’s the combination of pills I take cause I swear I rarely feel low anymore never been better I just hate that It doesn’t work as potently as in the beginning”

6 / 10
Philip V. · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 12, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I’m 18 years old, suffering from chronic depersonalization/derealization disorder (DPDR) and ADD. I was really thankful when I finally found out, that I have ADD. It explained every aspect of my life that I, my friends and my family couldn’t understand (you all know what I’m talking about). So I started using Strattera. On 10 mg, I didn’t feel anything. On 25mg I started having some problems with insomnia and little bit of anxiety. On 40mg I finally got to know, what real anxiety is. Staying up ‘till 3 am, sitting on my bed with racing thoughts, fast heart beat and high blood pressure. Being sure, that I have Schizophrenia and that I’m going to loose control of my brain. Waking up a few times per night, sometimes with hypnagogic hallucinations and feeling like a total trash throughout the next day. Also wasn’t feeling any relieve from ADD and my DPDR got significantly worse, ‘cause of all the anxiety.. Can’t blame the drug, every brain is different. I hope It will work for you. ;)”

1 / 10
Lizard · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 10, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I have been taking strattera 40 mg for a couple months now and so far so good. The main thing that I have noticed is how much calmer and less restless I am. I am not as easily irritated, I've been sleeping better, I talk slower, I interrupt less, I fidget less. My cravings for salty, sugary, greasy foods has also decreased substantially, and I am more inclined to eat healthy and more nutritious or filling food. I have not noticed many effects on my attention span, so even though my body has slowed down my mind still feels like it is zooming right along. For this I have been re-prescribed a low dose of vyvanse at 10 mg to take every so often (I took 40mg vyvanse for a few years prior to starting strattera). I am also on 150 mg of Wellbutrin.”

8 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 8, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I have been on Stattera for about 6- 7 years now! I had developed a viral infection which developed disability in my legs, arms, and most of all my brain. It can have some bad side effects. The best I have experienced from this prescription is that's it's a very great pill ! It can help you focus more, relax, and controls up and down mood swings. When I need to focus or calm my anxiety down I can use this medication. I have been on this medication for about 8 years now and I'm 21 going on 22! A very great medication!”

8 / 10
lua2 · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2020

“I was diagnosed with ADHD 6 months ago and my doctor has described Strattera 40mg to start with. I never had such a terrible experience taking medicine before. It was unreal I've almost felt like my soul was out of my body. I had had the feeling of nausea, my mood went down, felt like I couldn't feel anything, no emotions I was completely numb and absolutely hated that feeling. Never taking it again.”

1 / 10
Marie · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 5, 2020

“Strattera worked very well for me. I take the 25 mg capsules and divide them in half, using gelatin capsules. I take them about 4 days a week, when I have to concentrate for work. They work for 24 hours and really help me concentrate. I think some people could try lower doses. Less is better, in my experience. Also, during the sleepy slump after about 6 hours, I simply drink a cup of coffee. I don't take them at bedtime, but right before starting work. I take the generic. Works for me, a 57 year old women. Wish they'd had this medicine when I was in college, I'd have had better grades and made better relationship decisions, I believe. Try it and see what works for you. Good luck!”

10 / 10
Audreysmommy93 · Taken for less than 1 month February 4, 2020

“I am a 26 year old female, have had ADHD since I was a child but stopped medication till 2 weeks ago. I used to HAVE to take concerta as a child. I started 2 weeks ago today on 25mg of atomoxetine twice a day. So far I don't feel very different, the first week I was a bit nauseous and threw up once; overdid it on carful, but at week two I'm fine. I'm not a zombie, but then again I'm the mother of a 3 year old girl and a full time college student, so maybe I'm just used to being sleepy? I will come back and update in two more weeks :) hoping to see if I can retain information I read better and have more motivation. Not really sure what to rate since I haven't felt anything disregard for now lol oh also, it's like really If it doesn't work, I'll have to find something else ”

4 / 10
KS · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 29, 2020

“CAUSED SEVERE, CHRONIC CONSTIPATION I was diagnosed with primarily inattentive adult ADD almost two years ago and was prescribed Strattera. I started at 25mg twice a day and increased to 40mg twice a day after 3 months. While Strattera handled my ADD symptoms effectively, I have recently discovered it has been the cause of the GI issues I have struggled with for well over a year now. Chronic constipation which progressed to 14 days between bowel movements led to SIBO causing extreme bloating/distention and extremely minimized appetite. Just a couple days off the medication and my GI system returned to normal (SIBO had been taken care of by Xifaxin). Attempted the lower dosage of 25mg twice a day and once a day but began causing the constipation again.”

7 / 10
Barb · Taken for less than 1 month January 28, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I am 55 years old and, I have been taking 40 mg of Strattera a day for 2 weeks now, but I haven't noticed any changes or that it has helped in any way. I took 20 mg of Concerta/Ritalin when I was younger, and it always helped me within an hour of dosing. I read that it may take longer like 3 to 6 weeks to help me with my ADHD. I am going to continue taking it for 6 weeks and see what happens. Does anyone else have any experience to share?”

1 / 10
KB · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 23, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I've been on Strattera for two months now for ADHD. It took about 6 weeks for it to kick in and start working. I don't feel that it helps with all my ADHD problems, but it does help with a few. I've had terrible side effects, including loss of appetite (I've lost 10 pounds since starting the drug due to loss of appetite). I also get really bad hot flashes and any time I go into a moving vehicle I feel nauseous. I can't sleep at night and I can't stay awake in the day. The side effects are not worth the small benefit I get from this drug.”

3 / 10
Stratterasucks · Taken for less than 1 month January 20, 2020

“I barely have enough energy to keep my head upright (a 2 month old has more success at this than me) I'm on 40mg for 3 days then up to 60mg for 2 weeks. I am on my second day and my heart feels like it will explode if I move a muscle, my brain feels like it’ll implode at any given second, I also have BPD and I noticed that this drug increases suicidal thoughts and aggression. I can’t sleep for more than 1 hour at a time at night and I feel like an overstimulated zombie despite this not even being a stimulant! More zombifying than alprazolam and somehow more stimulating side effects than desoxyn (methamphetamine). I HATE it. No meds I've been on has been this bad and I've been on a lot. I can only say that it helps with impulse control because I can’t do anything impulsive if I can’t do anything at all! At 18 years old, this is not okay to be experiencing. Where is the zero star rating when you need it?”

1 / 10
jonny moderation · Taken for less than 1 month January 14, 2020

“On atomoxetine of ADHD and my side effects were painful orgasms, urinary retention, waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to fall asleep, little to no appetite. I think it helped with the original problems (ADHD) but the side effects left me feeling worse off. Don't recommend.”

3 / 10
Mikey · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 11, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “It does work. But, give it two or 3 weeks. You will feel weird in the beginning and a little nauseous. It goes away. I do feel like I concentrate better and focus longer. Be careful with caffeine! It makes caffeine much stronger and last longer. After a few months while on it I get very irritable and tense. I need a break and let it wash out. No problems stopping cold turkey. Take 80mg a day. Overall, its good. Not perfect tho. Orgasms seem delayed for some reason and slightly less of a sex drive. No changes in weight.”

7 / 10
Mature Female January 5, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “At 34 I started Ritalin. It had up & down effect. At 46, I began Staterra. Hated it. Gained 35 lbs; anxiety soared; was fatigued & lethargic. My current dose is 60mg 2x/day. I never lost weight, but I feel normal. I don't limit caffeine intake. I drink tea, no coffee. Anxiety & depression are better w/Straterra. Just added 40 mg Adderall as menopause dulls the effect of Straterra. It has caused high BP & urinary retention. Yet I haven't stopped Straterra in 14 yrs as alternative is dysfunction With my daily dose(120 mg)over the max, changing insur. & MDs involves much hoop jumping. Cost of Straterra (&generics) is very high. Some generics are not as effective. Overall, give it time to become fully effective, carefully weigh pros and cons, don't expect to eliminate all ADD behaviors, set realistic behavioral goals, & closely monitor self. Med is NOT a panacea; it is one tool on the journey to living as your authentic self.”

9 / 10
Ragedabyss January 5, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I will admit there has been a huge improvement in my ADHD since I started taking this Rx. And since I already take a depression and anxiety med I don't have issues with those. No the problem is that it's killed my sex life. My girlfriend and I used to have a healthy sex life but since I started this med my libido has all but gone, strange things happen during intercourse, and I have painful orgasms. I can't decide if it's worth it yet but I'm leaning towards no”

4 / 10
First time Strattera user. · Taken for less than 1 month January 3, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “I’m a 27 female, previously diagnosed with depression and anxiety. I currently take Lexapro 10mg once a day, which controls my anxiety and the majority of my depression. Though my depression still exists and I have an inability to concentrate and I’m tired constantly. I started on Strattera 3 days ago, so I wanted to document my progress. On day 2 I started experiencing nausea and I took off work. My doctor suggested over the counter nausea medicine before medicines like Zofran, and it’s been helpful. I’m supposed to be careful and monitor my anxiety so that it doesn’t increase, but as of right now it’s under control. I lost sleep last night, but I took it in the morning instead, so we’ll see how well I sleep tonight. Update you all in a week.”

5 / 10
ghchgfutfu · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 2, 2020

Strattera (atomoxetine): “Started off on dose of 40mg Strattera, upped to 80mg after a month. Seemed pretty effective for the first few months, concentration was much improved. It is currently 18 months since I started and the effects have reduced to pretty much nothing and concentration levels are as low as they were previously. I also have serious sexual dysfunction as a side effect, including loss of libido, erectile problems and ejaculatory dysfunction. I wanted to go on Strattera to avoid the loss of appetite side effects of the stimulant medications but this also has some loss of appetite side effect. I hope to go back onto a stimulant medication soon after review from my psychiatrist.”

2 / 10