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User Reviews for Atenolol to treat High Blood Pressure (Page 2)

Also known as: Tenormin

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Atenolol Rating Summary

User Ratings
26% (26)
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6.8/10 Average Rating
101 ratings from 109 user reviews

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Reviews for Atenolol

skipman July 29, 2017

“I very nearly died when taking this drug. I became confused, had difficulty standing up from a chair, felt dizzy and uncoordinated and worst of all, at night, when I could hear my heart beat, I noted that my heart stopped for about 6 beats before jump- starting again. I told my kidney specialist about the symptoms - and he gave me an IQ test as he thought I had Alzeimers! I was very confused but I managed a high score on the test. He still did not link my symptoms to Atenolol but one day at the dialysis centre my heart rate was so low I had to be rushed by ambulance into Resus at the hospital. Adrenaline was injected as by that time my heart rate was only 7 beats a minute. I was taken immediately in to theatre where a pacemaker was inserted.”

1 / 10
Winnie SP June 14, 2017

“Had taken this for 60 days, now I am experiencing severe head/forehead pain. I can't take the pain anymore. When I realised that this is causing head pain, I had stop taking. Now its ok. Also this tabs will decrease your sex drive. If you are married and still young, please think twice before taking this. My BP is fine and heart rate is normal now.”

4 / 10
BigDaddyBustARubber · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 12, 2017

“I would stay away from atenolol. I was on it for 6 years and the entire time I had chronic gout flare ups, really bad cholesterol and even worse triglycerides. Doctors couldn't figure it out. Then one day I woke up and though the only med I've been on consistently for those years was atenolol. So I lied to my doctor and told him it wasn't lowering my blood pressure anymore and asked for amlodipine as my mother has been on it for a long time with great results. As soon as I stopped taking the atenolol, within a week all my joints started feeling better. It's now been about 2 years since my last atenolol pill and the same amount of time since my last gout flare up. Also just tested my cholesterol and it's perfect!”

7 / 10
Lighthouse luver January 24, 2017

“I have used this drug for many yrs mainly for headaches, but also slightly high BP- it works wonderfully! The only side effect is slight tiredness due to lowering pulse, but tolerable if I force myself to get up & move when feeling extra tired!”

9 / 10
webgal14 · Taken for 10 years or more December 21, 2016

“I've been on Atenolol for 15 years. My dosage was reduced from 50mg to 25mg about 6 mos. ago when I experienced bradycardia--low heart rate. Noticed that I was happier and less tired. Recently started having chest pains, tightness and high BP readings right after taking 25mg Atenolol. After several hours, my BP returns to normal at 120/75. Upon awaking--it is very normal still. My doctor has prescribed another BP med (Lisinopril) but after reading about the horrible "common" side effects, I am deciding to try natural supplements instead. Even the pharmacist warned me about the new medication. I think the pharmaceutical market wants to keep us on these outrageous medications for profit and probably 50% of us don't really need it.”

1 / 10
Paffy November 25, 2016

“I know it's been at least 15 yrs taking this medication. It's the ONLY one I take. It does the job no anxiety and blood pressure low. I'm 48yrs old and it does seem like I'm experience the few side affects now. I'm tired, don't sleep well, sex drive is decreased. My biggest complaint about the medication is that All OUR doctor's give us absolutely NO homeopathic alternative!!!! I read All 4 pages of comments and no one has been offered a better solution.I know drugs help but the dependency is beyond belief. A person on here posted a comment about the pharmaceutical industry depend on All of US to use these medications. With out a better solution. To me we've become drug addicts. There's gotta be a better,Natural solution to our problems.”

6 / 10
Rattled Pan · Taken for 10 years or more November 22, 2016

“I've been taking Atenolol 50 mg since 1996. I had no idea that I had stage 3 hypertension. Atenolol, from what I have been reading today, I have had side effects mentioned here. Gout, water retention and chills and very dizzy, almost passing out. It took a month or so for it to all settle down. It's probably been two years total after I started on Atenolol the gout pain to go away, seemingly. Keep your doctor and pharmacist in the loop or your reactions good or bad. I haven't paid attention to my blood pressure other than taking my Atenolol. Oooops. I was just at my dentist, and my blood pressure was insane. 217/118. Obviously, I'm going to have to toddle over the emergency room. That rate is about where it was in the beginning. I gave the drug a high mark here. It has worked very well. I've nosed around, and there seems to be a pattern with Atenolol and men over 60 with HPB, that appears to imply that Atenolol loses effectiveness. So boys, keep track of your numbers.”

8 / 10
Anonymous November 5, 2016

“Excellant , keeps my blood pressure down”

9 / 10
PittGrl October 27, 2016

“I was diagnosed with genetic high blood pressure at 21. My dr put me on atenolol and it helped tremendously with my migraines. At first I thought it worked pretty well and hadn't had any side effects. Fast forward several years and I was always tired, suffered from anhedonia and depression, had decreased libido, and could never get a "runner's high" from working out. I'm off of it now and I feel alive again. The depression and anhedonia has lifted, I enjoy working out, and am myself again. It controlled my blood pressure well but at the expense of losing myself, it just wasn't worth it.”

5 / 10
Dr,B.,udayashankar October 17, 2016

“Important when taking atenolol with Diabetes Mellitus it masks hypoglycaemic warning signs ”

4 / 10
goody2shoz September 25, 2016

“since taking atenolol 50 mg twice daily for about a year i have been slightly weak, and gained a little weight which is hard to get off. i think i have other side effects but nothing extreme. my problem, i mean the one that worries me, is nightmares. i simply don't like having crazy nightmares. i think i'd rather gamble on having elevated bp. i think my quality of life will go up if i reduce the dosage, even though my longevity will probably go down. i suppose there are other medicines which do the same as atenolol, but i think maybe it's better to see if i can get along without them. of course, if my health gets worse, then i must give up and just do what the doctor tells me. i trust my doctor, i just want to trust myself too.”

4 / 10
Your Favorite Musician · Taken for 10 years or more August 26, 2016

“I have been taking 50 mg per day of atenolol, for 29 years, now. It has done two things for me. It has controlled my blood pressure dependably and it has made me a much calmer person. I have had no side effects, unless you consider being more calm a side effect. I was 33 years old, when I started atenolol and I am now 62.”

10 / 10
dix888 August 17, 2016

“Neurologist put me on primadone to stop tremors (caused by seizures medication). Was working great. New doctor switched me to atenolol. Chest pains, tightness in chest, hard to breathe, dizzy, fainted, feeling suicidal, could not read. Called doctor. His RN said to go off it immediately. Later, fainted. Called pharmacist. He said "get to ER stat." My BP is usually 120/63. Was 188/88 when I was first admitted to ER. Spent 4 hours, on IV, etc. ER MD told me never to do beta blockers. Had no idea this Rx was a beta blocker!”

1 / 10
consuelo1234 August 16, 2016

“Atenolol What a joke, sure it lowers your blood pressure at what cost ,you lose your inner well being thank God i found about Nitric Factor, I am now on 12.5 mg of Atenolol to keep my heart rate at about 60 even after alcohol. I was on 50 mg a day and really felt i was not enjoying my life as felt so ill !!!!!!!! My B/P is now 130/70 it was 160/90. I know we are all different but to be honest for me i hated the dose i was given with such horrific side effects for me. I only hope this helps just one person in life as these Cardiologists have no idea of the true side affects.”

2 / 10
Lady in VA · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 14, 2016

“I've been on Atenolol for the past 3 yrs, but previously have been on many other types of bp medications that did not work as well. The problem is now I'm experiencing the side effects that others have reported on such as the sensitivity to light, decreased sexual arousal, dizziness occasionally, swollen ankles, and gout. I have pain near my heart, and my legs, hands or feet "fall asleep" all the time. In the regards off lowering my pressure, it does the job. But the side effects are starting to get to me, and the longer I take this it may get worse. So I'm talking to my doctor to wean me off this stuff.”

7 / 10
Robert.P August 11, 2016

“Great medication when used properly. Spend some time and get the correct dose (I'd wager it's never correct the first time they write a 'script). I started at 50mg and immediately had to go to 25mg because it was too much for me. Do not stop taking this medication or change your dosage without doctor's orders, though. This medication is also good for anxiety. But, it has nothing to do with hair loss or other symptoms of aging. C'mon, can't blame one very targeted, subtle drug on every malady you experience in your body.”

10 / 10
consuelo1234 July 23, 2016

“I was taking Atenolol for 3 years 50 mg .I had constant tightness in the chest and never ever felt happy and well. I recently had a trip overseas and finished up in hospital. My blood pressure was 120/80 but my heart beat was down to 44. I was so dizzy i could not walk, enough was enough so i went to a doctor in Melbourne Australia who advised me to take Nitric Factor and reduce Atenolol to 25 mg. This i did but i can assure you coming off this drug was a horror story it took 2 Months and now take one scoop of the Nitric Factor a day and my b/p is about 126/70 and pulse 62. It was my decision to stop taking the 25Mg of Atenolol.I can now sleep and feel i have my life back again.I am 63 years and my initial b/p was 160/ 90 and pulse 70.”

3 / 10
Can't Survive Without This! · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 29, 2016

“Thougt it did nothing so i skipped a dose and it was the worst day of my life...Best Drug Ever”

10 / 10
rites · Taken for less than 1 month June 22, 2016

“Was started taking atenolol 25. It worked well for 7 days. Then i faced side effects. I have swollen right ankle, i came to know after 12 days its side effect of atenolol. Worse drug ive ever experienced. Im back to amlodipine & its working well now.”

7 / 10
Bsgs June 12, 2016

“This medication has helped me out alot. My blood pressure and palpitations are under control. I feel tired for the first few hours after I take the medication.....but it gets better as the day goes on.”

10 / 10
Sarabetty June 10, 2016

“I was put on a very low dose of Atenolol and after 27 days I stopped taking it.. Worst ever.. My heart pounds, my chest is tight with a burning sensation and difficulty breathing... Add cold soaking sweats and huge bruises on my arms and I have had enough of this poison.. Called my cardiologist and told him I was not taking it anymore and he didn't call me back... Woke up at 4 am and my heart was beating so hard I thought I was having a heart attack... Happy it works well for some... And, it is the only medication I was on...”

1 / 10
Melanie dawson · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 6, 2016

“The longer I was taking this the more breathless I became. My dose was halved and it was great for a while but the breathlessness is creeping back. Bought myself a pill cutter and am going to half it again. Also take amitriptyline and indapamide originally for headaches but now for high blood pressure too.”

2 / 10
Geovanni · Taken for 10 years or more March 15, 2016

“I'm on 150mg Atenolol, I take 100mg in the morning and 50mg at night. Side effects are, leg water retention, breathlessness on exertion due to too slow heart rate, breathlessness when sleeping due to even slower heart rate, this in addition to dizzyness. I should mention I sauffer from Diabetes type 2, insulin/diet controlled, so there may be an Insulin/Atenolol conflict there, and polyneuropathy to the extent I can no longer walk as my legs no longer respond to instructions from my brain.”

3 / 10
MarlenaLynn February 23, 2016

“Worst medication ever. Taking this medication was the biggest mistake I ever made and I want to wean off it so bad. I wish I had a time machine to go back and stop myself from taking this poison. It has caused me severe depression, hair loss, worsening anxiety had a very negative effect on my sex life (I'm a 30 yr old newly wed). Drug companies will not be honest about side effects because bp meds are a huge money maker for them as they are one of the most commonly prescribed your own research I wish I had”

1 / 10
shabs786 February 18, 2016

“Atenolol 6.25mg bringing my bp to low 96/68 some times 86/57 I feel lightheaded and well for bringing pulse rate down 60-80.”

3 / 10