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User Reviews for Acetaminophen/hydrocodone to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

Also known as: Norco, Lortab, Anexsia, Lorcet, Dolacet, Verdrocet, Co-Gesic, Duocet, Duradyne DHC, Hydrogesic, Margesic H, Lorcet HD, Lorcet Plus, Hy-Phen, Xodol Hycet Dolagesic Zyfrel Theracodophen Low 90 Anolor DH5 …show all brand names

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Acetaminophen/hydrocodone Rating Summary

User Ratings
23% (12)
11% (6)
4% (2)
2% (1)
0% (0)
6% (3)
6% (3)
13% (7)
8% (4)
28% (15)
5.1/10 Average Rating
53 ratings from 58 user reviews

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Reviews for Acetaminophen/hydrocodone

Whitte · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 10, 2020

Vicodin (acetaminophen / hydrocodone): “I have been prescribed vicodin for RA and fibromyalgia it helps so much. I can get up and almost live a normal life without drowsiness as get with Gapapentin”

10 / 10
TH · Taken for less than 1 month September 3, 2020

“I have been on acetaminophen with hydrocodone for 6 years and just in the last 2 weeks I got a refill with Amneal brand pills, I thought it was the end of me. Had to switch to 1/2s and then was spacing them 9 hours apart but would become loopy, headache and no pain relief but a high which was NOT enjoyable, and a heart rate that wouldn't slow. Has anyone felt like this on the Amneal brand of acetaminophen with hydrocodone?”

1 / 10
Sue · Taken for 10 years or more July 24, 2020

“I can tell you right now the Mallinckrodt hydrocodone has been changed ! I don’t think there is anything in them for pain , I believe they are taking it off market. I, for one, don’t know what I’m going to do. I’m 60 I’ve had 5 back surgeries, 1 neck surgeries I have been in pain for 13 years and have been taking the same dose for just as long ! I’m sick to my stomach , puke , I’ve had a cluster headache for over two months, dizzy, gain weight , tired all the time ! Why would the government do this to people that truly need this medication. I’m not a kid sneaking pills out of the medicine cabinet ! I wish I knew who to call about Mallinckrodt ! This stuff is nasty I’m worried there is something going into it that could really hurt us ! My god what can we do ?”

2 / 10
Finn July 24, 2020

“I’ve been taking the generic Vicodin’s 7.5/ 325 for 15 years failed back surgeries. Walgreens is my pharmacy they changed brands from Watson to Mallinckrot and never told me I noticed I was sick to my stomach all the time and headaches tired , I didn’t know what the heck was going on. I got a refill on my inhaler they changed that, so I just looked at my pills what the heck they changed them too and didn’t tell me ! Damn now I have to deal with this for a month ! The pharmacist tried to tell me there is no difference in them and that just ticks me off , I don’t like being told something I know better !”

3 / 10
Bootsie June 9, 2020

Norco (acetaminophen / hydrocodone): “This Mallinckrodt acetaminophen/hydrocodone generic Norco is absolute rubbish! I've complained to my doctor, to the pharmacy, to the FDA too many times to count, and to the company itself. I'm at my wit's end in pain! What is going on and how are they getting away with this? For 5 years I've been on this medication and when it was Watson brand it worked fine, didn't take away all the pain but it was better than what I am experiencing now! I'm seriously thinking about asking my doctor to switch me from 10 mg to 5 mg because someone said they worked great, maybe it's just the 10's that are junk. Tonight I am ordering some drug tests just to see if anything shows up because honest to god I am almost 100% positive there is not any active ingredients in the Mallinckrodt 10 mg. Why should I be crying in pain after taking 2???? ENOUGH. I am in the process of getting a chemical analysis of my medication. ”

1 / 10
Fritz June 8, 2020

“I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and have been on Hydrocodone 10/325 for about 2 years, and when the generics stopped working, or made me sick, this website helped me find a brand that works. First, my bad experience was with Lupin (severe nausea and headache with little pain relief) and Mallinckrodt (which used to work but a few months ago stopped being effective). The yellow pills with the V on them are the only ones that work, they are made by Qualitest, which is now Par pharmaceuticals. None of the big retail pharmacy chains will order them. I called several local pharmacies until I found one who will order them and keep them in stock for me. They’re only open 5 days a week and I have to drive about 35-40 minutes round trip to get them, but it’s worth it. I hope this can help others, and thank you to those of you who recommended this brand to me. I finally have my quality of life back.”

9 / 10
Buck June 7, 2020

“I have all the problems that everyone has with pain meds I feel the pain. I’ve been taking acetaminophen/hydrocodone 10/325 for years and switch between brands etc. But definitely the power in them has dropped. I’m taking m367 and gives me more of an itch than the relief. I need my pain meds to work I pay big bucks for my blue cross blue shield 4 meds and I argue wit my pharmacist bout this but goes nowhere. I talk for all patients like I heard they all worried about over dose, addiction and such. ”

3 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 15, 2020

“Been taking this med acetaminophen/hydrocodone for about a year for RA and sometimes I believe its nothing but a placebo, and it does nothing, while other times it seem to help the pain.”

3 / 10
Sassafras May 1, 2020

“I have been on Vicodin, Norco, Hydrocodone-Acetaminophen off and on for about 11 years with RA, PA, AS, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, DDD, neuropathy...well let’s just say my spine is a mess and causing the rest of my body problems. I was on Watson brand at first 5/500 and even 7.5/750 and they worked great and I only took one every 8 hours, even though I was prescribed 1 every 6. In the last year or so I was switched to U03 I have noticed that I am taking them every 6 and I’m even taking my Neurontin (gabapentin 300) more often than I was. I really do agree with a lot of the reviews that there is a new formula or something being implemented by the FDA because I can take one and barely feel the relief I always used to. I know its taking the edge off, so I know its got something in it!”

4 / 10
bk · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 25, 2020

“I could tell a difference the first tablet I took; it gave me a stomach ache and made me feel almost lethargic after an hour or so. I thought my condition was maybe getting worse. I stopped taking the prescribed amount and just use it when needed; I felt awful for weeks. I got my new prescription of a different brand m365 and OMG I feel like me again without the side effects of this drug. I will be sure to let the pharmacy know that I can not take this brand to many different side effects.”

1 / 10
Wild Bill · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 28, 2020

“Ok so i agree with everyone about the changes to the pain pill formula. I have tried RP, and Mallinckrodt brand and they do absolutely nothing as far as giving me the overall pain relief. No real relief as they had before like Watson. Mallinckrodt used to be good but that was a long time ago. It’s almost like - might as well take an Aleve and a Tylenol. Problem with that is I have to take a lot of those often and then my kidneys and liver are hurting. Trashed my body even more. Mallinckrodt is better pain relief but nothing much better than Tylenol. There may be some formula out there to avoid the euphoria effect but without triggering that, it doesn't offer any of the pain benefits. Kind of like - have to have both or you get an alternative that does not actually work. But. Then people don't overdose so I get that also... Might be good for the addicts to stop but when I can't open a jar without excruciating pain or lift my arm, something has to give here. These brands all suck!!”

1 / 10
Anonymous February 2, 2020

“I been taking 367 Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals acetaminophen and hydrocodone (325 mg/10 mg) for the pain for 6 years. My doctor prescription this time I was given acetaminophen with hydrocodone (500mg/10mg) the Watson brand imprinted with 540. It’s just not the same this pill is too strong for me, makes me fill very dizzy and start sweating. Did not had any sleep entire night. Definitely the FDA has to take a look at these narcotic acetaminophen and hydrocodone and check the different brands for active ingred. and strengths .... thanks.... god bless everyone...”

1 / 10
Reese January 19, 2020

“To all of you that are having bad experiences with Tris Pharma hydrocodone with acetaminophen I suggest letting the pharmacy know I suggest complaining to your pharmacist corporate office I suggest calling the FDA and filing a complaint other than just posting here because if not enough people see anything nothing will be done I have rheumatoid arthritis mostly in my hands but in all of my joints and have a hard time getting out of bed in the morning I also have degenerative disc disorder in my lower back . Walgreens pharmacy has Tris and they will not order another brand per my doctor’s electronic prescription. I was told “what we have on our shelf is what you get “ Tris brand of hydrocodone with acetaminophenmakes me very itchy it either makes me really tired or very hyper and it does nothing to relieve my pain two hours later I will be asking myself if I even took a pain med.”

2 / 10
Captain America · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 17, 2020

Norco (acetaminophen / hydrocodone): “What’s everyone’s issue with Mallinkcrodt? I’ve been taking 10-325 for 5 years. When I don’t take them, I’m in tremendous pain. When I do take them, I am not. They work just fine for me... Take them as prescribed and with ibuprofen if necessary.”

10 / 10
Helene January 15, 2020

“I've had RA for 43 years. I started Vicodin in 1998 the reason my doctor put me on Vicodin I was taking too many over the counter Tylenol to help my rheumatoid arthritis. In 2006 my rheumatologist prescribed me Norcos because they said Norcos wouldn't harm my stomach. Now in 2020 it seems like a lot of people are complaining about overdosing on Norcos or morphine but I don't think that's fair I have a lot of pain and I'm pretty sure there's a lot of other people that have pain as well I don't think people should be judge and jury and especially the way the pharmacy treat their customers like you're a drug addict”

cindar January 10, 2020

“Have been on hydrocodone/ acetaminophen 10mg/325 for 10 years. Always received the Watson brand. Then Watson stopped manufacturing hydrocodone and the pills that I have been getting in the past 4 months I (with my pharmacist help) have tried the following :Aurobindo, rhodes and tris pharma. They don’t work anymore. Also side effects of racing heart. I see others have the same problem. Does anyone have a brand that DOES work. How do you report this to the FDA. This is horrible. I am also on protonix for GERDs and this too has lost its effectiveness.”

1 / 10
Lynn December 25, 2019

“I have been taking norco (acetaminophen with hydrocodone) for 10 yrs or more. Rite aid has decided to change to Camber pharmaceuticals the pills gave me no relief it felt like I had bugs crawling all over my body. Now I have to make sure my dr gives me brand Norco. I noticed the FDA does not quality test these drugs, they just leave it up to the companies to do their own testing!!!! How do we even know what is in this med? If any one else has the same problem we should stop all of our scripts from Rite aid...I heard they are going to get all their drugs from Camber pharmaceuticals which is based out of India.”

1 / 10
KnowsIt · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 29, 2019

“I have very serious pain and have been on this medication for 5 years. If you're given Mallinckrodt or Amneal brands, take my advice and throw it right in the trash. I truly believe they are putting, maybe, .01 mgs. per pill NOT 10 mgs. The FDA is clearly not doing their job, what a lousy government we have to let this happen in this day and age. I have researched and researched this medication to make sure it wasn't just me and every single medical site and chat site I visit it's been the same exact complaints as mine, thousands if not more of the same complaint - INEFFECTIVE. If you're given one of these brands you will NOT get one iota of relief from your pain. The FDA needs to do something about this, they're obviously NOT doing their job! WHY?”

1 / 10
Ladybug November 24, 2019

“The Mallickrodt brand of acetaminophen with hydrocodone is the weakest, fake-est drug on the market. For the first time in over a year I finally got some that worked last month and I thought, great, they finally weeded out the garbage junk I've been getting for over a year when low and behold this month it's back to the junk. These pills are complete blanks, placebos, I am sure this is no active ingredients in them. Won't touch my pain no matter how many I take. They're white with M367 on them. FDA - Do YOUR JOB and STOP allowing this garbage on the market.”

1 / 10
Tina November 13, 2019

“The Tris brand of acetaminophen and hydrocodone with imprint G037 doesn’t help with my pain and it’s thrown me into a horrible depression. This is horrible I’ve been seriously depressed since I’ve been on this medication for over a month and I’m still in pain. This medicine is horrible. Good luck out there.”

1 / 10
Angel · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 11, 2019

“Using hydrocodone / acetaminophen 10/325 & it's not working. Last prescription not working, suggested my pain has increased. I purchased next prescription, no relief. Took two 10/325, no relief, & didn't make me sleepy. I believe it's the medication. I waited for the time for my next dose & instead took 800 mg of Motrin & a BC powder & got some relief. Waited for next time if medication dose, took 2 hydrocodone again, nothing. I was crying & in much pain. I've never taken pain meds my entire life until I was diagnosed with RA & SLE. This medication should be working for me but it isn't. I was admitted to the hospital for stomach issues & was given a hydrocodone 10/325 in the hospital, it knocked me out! I asked them to request an order from doctor to only take half of the hydrocodone while I in the hospital & the half hydrocodone in the hospital relieved my pain. I've read comments from internet, other people having same issues.”

1 / 10
Lou August 26, 2019

“I totally agree w so many of the comments above. I got my pain meds from Walgreens (mallinckrodt brand) for a few years unfortunately my doc sent it to CVS by mistake and wouldn’t change it. I got the stubby oval ones (tryst) and had no pain relief. So when my next script was due I called the CVS store manager and he was very nice and specially ordered the Mallinckrodt brand for me no problem whatsoever. BUT I am having the same issues now with this brand now too. There seems to be something fishy going on. Please tell me what particular and has worked best for you. I am starting to get really tired of this.”

What did they do? · Taken for 10 years or more July 7, 2019

“Ok so I have been on pain medication for 31 years, and I'm 38. I was first prescribed hydrocodone/acetominophin 7.5/500 at the age of 7 for RA. Well, those pills worked just fine, as an adult in my late twenties, I got by on two a day. When the pills changed to Norco, I was extremely unhappy. Today, I'm even worse. I'm a long term user. I can't help the length of time I have been on the medication. What happened to real 7.5 specks? They worked better than any 10mg Norco. I am now prescribed three a day as opposed to six. I am completely unhappy. In the past year, the tens by malinkroft have completely changed. The 5mg and 7.5mg strengths seem not to work. I can take two tens they simply no longer work. I have other health issues, a recent cancer diagnosis. Familial popylopus to be exact. My pain is ungodly. I want answers, that no one can provide. I can take this medication and feel withdrawals. That is the real epidemic. Lord help us all.”

5 / 10
Mort Lincoln · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 9, 2019

“I have charted every acetaminophen/hydrocodone I have taken for the last five years. The relief has always been consistent until the last year when results seemed to vary. I never gave the supplier any notice because the results were consistent and spectacular for my pain relief. I thought I may have been imagining more recent poor results and after reading other patient reactions in these comments I now suspect my current supplier of quality control issues. I have been using medication made by Aurobindo ( UO3 ). My current pharmacy could not supply another brand so I went to another and got a medication made by Lupin Limited ( n 358 10 ). Just started today but I can't find and comments about this company either good or bad. Hoping it works better than what I have been using. Would like to hear any other feedback.”

4 / 10
Chris November 28, 2018

“Since all the pharmacies in my area have switched to Tris brand, everyone I know have gotten sick from them. Everybody complains and pharmacies don't care, Drs and Pharmacist treat all patients bad like they are addicts, even legitimately ill patients. They are truly playing god . FYI, i did my research and found out watson was sued by the state of Mississippi and so sold out to activis and are no longer making watsons.”

1 / 10

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