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In some countries, this medicine may only be approved for veterinary use.

In the US, Medroxyprogesterone (medroxyprogesterone systemic) is a member of the following drug classes: contraceptives, hormones/antineoplastics, progestins and is used to treat Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Amenorrhea, Birth Control, Endometrial Cancer, Endometrial Hyperplasia - Prophylaxis, Endometriosis, Gender Dysphoria and Renal Cell Carcinoma.

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ATC (Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical Classification)


CAS registry number (Chemical Abstracts Service)


Chemical Formula


Molecular Weight


Therapeutic Categories


Antineoplastic agent

Hormonal contraceptive for systemic use

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

Chemical Name

Pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione, 17-hydroxy-6-metyl-, (6α)-

Foreign Names

Generic Names

Brand Names

  • Climopax (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Wyeth, Latvia
  • Depo Provera
    N.V. Upjhon, Lebanon; Phrmcia, Egypt
  • Dépo-Prodasone
    Pfizer, Tunisia
  • Depo-Provera
    Pfizer, Peru
  • Divina (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Abdi Ibrahim, Turkey
  • Diviseq (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion, Taiwan
  • Divitren (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion Pharma, Finland
  • Embryogen
    East West, India
  • Livomedrox
    Varifarma, Argentina
  • Medroxiprogesterona Andromaco
    Laboratorios Andromaco, Chile
  • Medroxiprogesterona GP Pharm
    GP Pharm, Argentina
  • Medroxiprogesterona Lafedar
    Lafedar, Argentina
  • Medtet
    Cadila, India
  • Meprate
    Serum Institute, India
  • Meprogen
    AC Farma, Peru
  • Modus
    GlaxoSmithKline, India
  • Novafac (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    ABL Pharma, Peru
  • Orgamed
    Organon, India
  • Premia (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Pfizer Italia, Italy
  • Provera
    Pfizer, Latvia; Pfizer, Peru; Pfizer U.S., United States; Pharmacia Upjohn, Lebanon; Phrmcia, Egypt
  • Regeeva
    Novartis, India
  • Tarlusal
    Deva, Turkey
  • Andalan
    Harsen, Indonesia
  • Apo-Medroxy
    Apotex, Canada; Apotex, Hong Kong
  • Bei En
    Pharmachemie, China
  • Climanor
    Resource Medical UK, Cyprus
  • Climatrol HT (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens)
    Recalcine, Ecuador
  • Climatrol HT Continuo (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens)
    Gynopharm, Peru
  • Climatrol HT Continuo Plus (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens)
    Gynopharm, Peru
  • Climopax (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Pfizer, Germany
  • Colircusi Medrivas (Medroxyprogesterone and Tetryzoline)
    Alcon Cusi, Spain
  • Controlestril (veterinary use)
    Omega Pharma France vet., France
  • Cyclofem (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Concept Foundation, Hong Kong
  • Cyclofemina (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    ABL Pharma, Peru; Carnot Laboratorios, Mexico
  • Cyclogeston (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Triyasa, Indonesia
  • Cykrina
    Wyeth Medica, Lithuania
  • Depo Geston
    Triyasa, China
  • Depo Progestin
    Harsen, Indonesia
  • Depo Progevera
    Pfizer, Spain
  • Depo Promone (veterinary use)
    Pfizer, Poland
  • Depo Provera
    Pfizer, France; Pfizer, New Zealand
  • Depo-Clinovir
    Pfizer, Germany; Pharmacia, Germany
  • Depocon
    Pfizer, Austria
  • Depofemme
    Dyna Drug, Philippines
  • Depo-Gestin
    ANB, Thailand
  • Depogeston (veterinary use)
    Biowet Pulawy, Poland
  • Depo-M
    Vesco Pharma, Myanmar; Vesco Pharma, Thailand
  • Deponeo
    Triyasa, Indonesia
  • Depo-Prodasone
    Laboratorio Pfizer de Chile, Chile
  • Dépo-Prodasone
    Pfizer, France
  • Depo-Progesta
    General Drugs House, Thailand
  • Depo-Promone (veterinary use)
    Pfizer Animal Health, Netherlands; Zoetis, Switzerland; Zoetis, France; Zoetis Belgium, Belgium
  • Depo-Provera
    Eczacibasi, Turkey; Euro Registratie, Netherlands; Kemofarmacija, Slovenia; Pfizer, Argentina; Pfizer, Austria; Pfizer, Australia; Pfizer, Belgium; Pfizer, Brazil; Pfizer, Canada; Pfizer, Switzerland; Pfizer, China; Pfizer, Czech Republic; Pfizer, Denmark; Pfizer, Ecuador; Pfizer, Estonia; Pfizer, Finland; Pfizer, United Kingdom; Pfizer, Georgia; Pfizer, Hong Kong; Pfizer, Hungary; Pfizer, Ireland; Pfizer, Israel; Pfizer, Iceland; Pfizer, Lithuania; Pfizer, Latvia; Pfizer, Malaysia; Pfizer, Netherlands; Pfizer, Norway; Pfizer, Poland; Pfizer, Portugal; Pfizer, Sweden; Pfizer, Singapore; Pfizer, Venezuela; Pfizer, South Africa; Pfizer Italia, Italy; Pfizer U.S., United States; Pharmacia, Bangladesh; Pharmacia Upjohn, Oman
  • Depo-Ralovera
    Pfizer, Australia
  • Deporeva
    Elder, Philippines
  • depo-subQ provera 104
    Pfizer U.S., United States
  • Depotrim
    Lafrancol, Colombia
  • Depotrust
    Umeda, Philippines
  • Dilena (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion, Portugal
  • Divina (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion, Greece; Orion, Hungary; Orion, Latvia; Orion, Poland; Orion, Taiwan
  • Divina Plus (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion, Denmark; Orion Pharma, Sweden
  • Diviseq (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion, Lithuania
  • Divitren (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion, Lithuania
  • Dubloc
    Dewcare, India
  • Duova (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    CSP, France
  • Enaf
    Umeda, Thailand
  • Estopause (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Faran Laboratories, Greece
  • Farludiol (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Pfizer, Argentina
  • Farlutal
    Pfizer, Austria; Pfizer, Bulgaria; Pfizer, Brazil; Pfizer, Switzerland; Pfizer, China; Pfizer, Estonia; Pfizer, Spain; Pfizer, Finland; Pfizer, South Korea; Pfizer, Taiwan; Pfizer Italia, Italy
  • Farlutal Depot
    Actavis, Bulgaria; Pfizer, Austria; Pfizer Italia, Italy
  • Farlutale
    Pfizer, Argentina
  • Femelin (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Lafrancol, Colombia
  • Femydrol (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Bruluart, Mexico
  • Filena (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Organon Italia, Italy
  • Fuan
    Chin Teng, Taiwan
  • Fululin
    Shyh Dar, Taiwan
  • Gestin (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Harsen, Indonesia
  • Harmonis (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Harsen, Indonesia
  • Hebdo'pil (veterinary use)
    Omega Pharma France vet., France
  • Hexal-Mpa
    Hexal, South Africa
  • Hysron
    Kyowa Hakko Kirin, Japan
  • Hysron H
    Kyowa Hakko Kirin, Japan
  • Indivina (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion, Czech Republic; Orion, Denmark; Orion, Ireland; Orion, Lithuania; Orion, Norway; Orion, Poland; Orion, Taiwan; Orion Pharma, Switzerland; Orion Pharma, Germany; Orion Pharma, Finland; Orion Pharma, Sweden; Orion Pharma UK, United Kingdom
  • Kilios (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol, + Estradiol)
    Laboratorio Pfizer de Chile, Chile
  • Lunella (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Pfizer, China
  • Lyndavel
    Umeda, Philippines
  • Man Pu Si Tong
    Jiade Pharmaceutical, China
  • Manodepo
    March Pharma, Thailand
  • Medkiron
    Towa Yakuhin, Japan
  • Medrocil
    Fortbenton, Argentina
  • Medrogest
    Renata, Bangladesh
  • Medrone
    Weidar, Taiwan
  • Medroplex
    Teva, Czech Republic
  • Medrosterona
    Craveri, Argentina
  • Medroxiprogesterona Filaxis
    Filaxis, Argentina
  • Medroxoral (veterinary use)
    A.S.T. farma B.V, Netherlands
  • Medroxyprogesteron (veterinary use)
    Alfasan, Netherlands
  • Medroxyprogesteronacetaat PCH
    Pharmachemie, Netherlands
  • Medroxyprogesterone - Xianju Pharm
    Xianju, China
  • Medroxyprogesterone Acetate PP
    Pola Pharma, Japan
  • Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Sandoz
    Sandoz, Canada
  • Megestron
    Organon, Netherlands
  • Mei Qu Luo
    Double-Crane, China
  • Mepro
    Johnson, Taiwan
  • Meterone
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Morlam (veterinary use)
    J. & M. Veterinary Services, Ireland
  • Movera
    ACI, Bangladesh
    Hexal, Germany
    Hexal, Germany
  • Non-Preg
    L.B.S., Thailand
  • Novafac CC-L.D. (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Laboratorios Silesia, Chile
  • Novafem (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Laboratorios Silesia, Chile
  • Ovigest (veterinary use)
    Hipra Italia, Italy
  • Perifem (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion, Spain
  • Perlutex (veterinary use)
    Dechra, Finland; Dechra, Netherlands; Dechra, Norway; Dechra, Sweden; Dechra Veterinary Products, Austria; Dechra Veterinary Products, France; Gräub, Switzerland; Selecta, Germany
  • Petogen
    HLL Lifecare, India
  • Petogen-Fresenius
    Fresenius Kabi, South Africa
  • Planibu
    Fahrenheit, Indonesia
  • PMS-Medroxyprogesterone
    Pharmascience, Canada
  • Premarin MPA (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Wyeth, Brazil
  • Premelle (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Pfizer, China; Pfizer, Hong Kong; Pfizer, Malaysia; Pfizer, Taiwan; Pfizer, South Africa; Wyeth, Brazil; Wyeth, Oman; Wyeth Medica, Lithuania
  • Premelle Lite (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens)
    Pfizer, Taiwan
  • Premia (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Pfizer, Australia; Pfizer, New Zealand
  • Premique (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens)
    Pfizer, United Kingdom; Pfizer, Ireland
  • Prempac (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Wyeth Medica, Lithuania
  • Premphase (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Wyeth, Inc., United States
  • Prempro (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Wyeth, Inc., United States
  • Prodafem
    Pfizer, Austria; Pfizer, Switzerland
  • Prodasone
    Laboratorio Pfizer de Chile, Chile
  • Progeston
    Fuji Seiyaku, Japan
  • Progevera
    Pfizer, Spain
  • Promon (veterinary use)
    Boehringer Ingelheim Vet, Norway; Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Sweden
  • Promone-E (veterinary use)
    Pfizer Animal Health, United Kingdom; Zoetis, Ireland
  • Protab
    Gentle, Taiwan
  • Provenor
    Eskayef, Bangladesh
  • Provera
    Euro Registratie, Netherlands; Medcor, Netherlands; Pfizer, Australia; Pfizer, Belgium; Pfizer, Brazil; Pfizer, Canada; Pfizer, Czech Republic; Pfizer, Denmark; Pfizer, Ecuador; Pfizer, Estonia; Pfizer, Finland; Pfizer, United Kingdom; Pfizer, Hong Kong; Pfizer, Croatia (Hrvatska); Pfizer, Hungary; Pfizer, Indonesia; Pfizer, Ireland; Pfizer, Israel; Pfizer, South Korea; Pfizer, Netherlands; Pfizer, Norway; Pfizer, New Zealand; Pfizer, Philippines; Pfizer, Portugal; Pfizer, Sweden; Pfizer, Singapore; Pfizer, Slovakia; Pfizer, Taiwan; Pfizer, South Africa; Pfizer Europe, Poland; Pfizer Italia, Italy; Pfizer Japan, Japan; Pharmacia & Upjohn Pty, Lithuania; Pharmacia Upjohn, Oman; Central Procurement & Supplies Unit, Malta; Pfizer, China
  • Provera G
    Pfizer Italia, Italy
  • Provera High Dose
    Pfizer, New Zealand
  • Provera LD
    Pfizer, Malaysia
  • Provestin
    LBS, Philippines
  • Puromin
    Tai Yu, Taiwan
  • Regal-HR (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Shyh Dar, Taiwan
  • Repogen (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Libbs, Brazil
  • Revina (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Yong Cheng, Taiwan
  • Sayana
    Laboratorio Pfizer de Chile, Chile; Pfizer, Austria; Pfizer, Belgium; Pfizer, Switzerland; Pfizer, Czech Republic; Pfizer, Germany; Pfizer, South Korea; Pfizer, Peru; Pfizer Europe, Poland; Pharmacia, Germany
    Pfizer, Netherlands
    Pfizer, United Kingdom; Pfizer, Netherlands
  • Sedometril (veterinary use)
    Albrecht, Germany
  • Selecta (Medroxyprogesterone and Estrogens, conjugated)
    Libbs, Brazil
  • Sisare (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion Pharma, Germany
  • Solutres
    Medifarma, Peru
  • Supprestral (veterinary use)
    Selecta, Germany; Vetoquinol, France; Vetoquinol, Netherlands; Stricker, Switzerland
  • Synna (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Synseq (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Synmosa, Taiwan
  • Tengen (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Unifarma, Taiwan
  • Teva-Medroxyprogesterone
    Teva Canada, Canada
  • Trevina (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion, Denmark
  • Triclofem
    Tunggal Idaman Abdi, Indonesia
  • Tridestra (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion Pharma UK, United Kingdom
  • Trivina (Medroxyprogesterone and Estradiol)
    Orion Pharma, Sweden
  • Veramix (veterinary use)
    Pfizer Animal Health, United Kingdom; Pfizer Animal Health, Netherlands
  • Veraplex
    Combiphar/Pharmachemie, Indonesia; Pharmachemie/Teva, Thailand; Teva, Belgium


BANBritish Approved Name
BANMBritish Approved Name (Modified)
DCFDénomination Commune Française
DCITDenominazione Comune Italiana
ISInofficial Synonym
JANJapanese Accepted Name
OSOfficial Synonym
PHPharmacopoeia Name
Rec.INNRecommended International Nonproprietary Name (World Health Organization)

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