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Restasis Multidose Dosage

Medically reviewed by Last updated on Nov 2, 2020.

Generic name: cyclosporine 0.5mg in 1mL
Dosage form: ophthalmic emulsion

Instill one drop of RESTASIS MULTIDOSE™ ophthalmic emulsion twice a day in each eye approximately 12 hours apart. RESTASIS MULTIDOSE™ can be used concomitantly with lubricant eye drops, allowing a 15-minute interval between products.

Preparation for First-Time Use

Step 1: Pull off the clear shipping cover by pulling straight up. Throw the shipping cover away. Do not use RESTASIS MULTIDOSE™ if shipping cover or pull tab are damaged or missing.


Step 2: Remove the pull tab on the olive green colored protective cap by pulling the end of the pull tab away from the bottle then winding it counterclockwise. Throw away the pull tab.


Step 3: Remove the olive green colored protective cap by pulling it straight up. Keep the colored protective cap.


Step 4: Prime the bottle for first-time use by squeezing two drops onto a tissue. Do not let the bottle tip touch the tissue.


Step 5: The bottle is now ready for use. After use, recap the bottle with the olive green colored protective cap by pushing it straight down onto the bottle.


Preparation for Use

Step 6: Turn the bottle upside down a few times before giving your dose to make sure the medicine is mixed well.


Step 7: Instill one drop in the affected eye. Replace the olive green colored protective cap.

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