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Miscellaneous ophthalmic agents

What are Miscellaneous ophthalmic agents

The ophthalmic preparation categorized under miscellaneous ophthalmic agents is an antimydriatic agent, which decreases the size of the pupil. It is available as a solution and instilled into the eyes to decrease the size of the pupil after eye examinations or procedures (prior to which mydriatic agents are used to dilate the pupil, in order to examine the eye).

List of Miscellaneous ophthalmic agents:

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Cystaran (Pro, More...)
generic name: cysteamine
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Jetrea (Pro, More...)
generic name: ocriplasmin
0 reviewsAdd rating
Mitosol (Pro, More...)
generic name: mitomycin
0 reviewsAdd rating
Photrexa (More...)
generic name: riboflavin
0 reviewsAdd rating
Photrexa Viscous (Pro, More...)
generic name: riboflavin
0 reviewsAdd rating
Sochlor (More...)
generic name: sodium chloride, hypertonic
0 reviewsAdd rating

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