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User Reviews for Trazodone to treat Depression (Page 3)

Also known as: Desyrel, Desyrel Dividose

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Trazodone Rating Summary

User Ratings
31% (30)
21% (21)
10% (10)
9% (9)
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2% (2)
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4% (4)
6% (6)
15% (15)
7.0/10 Average Rating
98 ratings from 106 user reviews

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Reviews for Trazodone

Starr0327 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 16, 2015

“In the beginning, I felt no Difference. After two weeks Or 10 days, I felt the medication working, it help me relax , fall asleep, anxiety And anxious.”

8 / 10
Uncle Scooby · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 15, 2015

“I take 50mg Trazodone before bed. It helps me get a full night's sleep and eases my depression during the day. I don't think I'd benefit from taking it first thing in the morning because it's a very sedating drug. I also find Trazodone to be an affective long-term pain killer. Trazodone doesn't belong to any of the common classes of anti-depressant so it doesn't kill my libido like SSRIs and SNRIs tend to do.”

9 / 10
A.L. gunn · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 8, 2015

“Wow. A pa prescribed this for me in addition with 150 mgs of Zoloft. It's a life changer. Sometimes i have restless legs and a slight headache but I'll take that over depression and loss of interest any day! I sleep so good and am just generally a happy person. I was prescribed it for sleep but it does much more than that! If you're looking for great restful sleep or even an anti depressant booster...look no further!”

10 / 10
safeforce February 2, 2015

“i have suffered with anxiety and insomina for 15 years..trazadone with mirtazapine has changed my life for the better..i give it a 10 outa 10..”

10 / 10
User518 January 30, 2015

“I've tried several SSRI-class medications over the years starting around age 15...(sertraline, Lexapro, Celexa). All of them gave me uncomfortable side effects...(anorgasmia, RLS, nightmares, inability to sleep). I was never able to take them long enough to get any anti-depressant or anxiolytic effects due to the unbearable side effects. I finally went and got a prescription for Trazodone along with a prescription for Valium around 5 days ago. I started by taking 12.5mg for 4 days. Last night I upped my dose to 25mg. Today is the first time I've woken up and actually felt good. I can fall asleep quickly and easily and my mood has been greatly improved. I highly recommend this medicine to anyone who has not had good experiences with conventional SSRIs.”

9 / 10
Maria_75 November 25, 2014

“I am going to start this medication tonight and by reading these reviews I am so hopeful. Thank you to everyone who has posted the good and the bad!”

6 / 10
CKib · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 20, 2014

“This has helped me endlessly. I started taking it about 5 months ago, The first thing that it helps with is sleep, I'll fall asleep so easily & not wake, One thing I noticed however was the vivid dreaming, not too bad if you aren't freaked out by bad or plain weird dreams. For the first few days/weeks it was harder to get up in the morning but having caffeine really helps. I would always feel low before this medication, sad, hopeless and have no energy. With it I'm more confident, make more effort with other people, not afraid of my own company and anything that happens I can see logically. One of my problems was illogical thinking and this has reduced that by 90%. You'll have to be more careful with alcohol on this medication.”

10 / 10
Y.I · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 18, 2014

“Makes me sweat at night tons but get a full 8 hours sleep now. Dry mouth. That's it.”

7 / 10
kjhand June 20, 2014

“Originally I started taking trazodone for insomnia, but was fearful of taking too much so I minimized my dose and that was a mistake. I believe its important to take the amount that starts working consistently for you as you titrate up to a dose that starts working. And you need to give it time to build up in your system. I'm up to 250 mg when I go to bed, I will take another 50 mg and that tends to give me a couple hours more sleep if I wake up too early. What's really amazing about this medicine is that I no longer struggle with depression or anxiety. It keeps my brain in chemical balance and I think clearly with no side effects, except I'm a little tired in the morning. So I drink a big cup of coffee and that helps.”

10 / 10
BME · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 11, 2014

“I was in a deep dark hole into which no light or joy came no matter what nice and kind things my family did to help. I had uuncontrollable crying bouts that might occur at any time. A friend told me Desyrel had helped her so I asked my doctor for a scrip. From the first dose I knew I was on to something. Slept well, woke rested did not interfer with intimacy with husband. Was mentally alert but took couple cups of coffee to get going. Did have moderate headache that went away in couple hours. Suddenly I was interested in life again, was able to resume handling our finances, organizing house, outings with friends. Was great. But after some time came.....weight gain, edema, and stomach on fire...slept in recliner lots. Not for long use.”

Gomattgo · Taken for less than 1 month March 17, 2014

“Before taking Trazodone I could not fall asleep at night, I began resorting to drinking just to fall asleep at night and that alone has it's fair share of negative consequences. Literally the first night I took a 50mg Trazodone I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep. I've been on the medication for nearly a month now and I can happily say that I can't remember the last time I've felt this great! I don't feel the need to drink whatsoever. I fall asleep within 30 minutes of taking the tablet, I stay asleep, and I wake up well rested with a much more positive outlook on life! I can't wait to see what the future holds. I strongly recommend this medication for anyone suffering from depression, anxiety, and/or sleep deprivation.”

9 / 10
Sandy Madagasgar January 5, 2014

“I started this medication when I was experiencing flashbacks to trauma and I would wake up in a sweat, screaming or sleepwalking. I take many other medications to help with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression and bipolar. It worked wonderfully well for 7 years. I stopped taking this when I got a new doctor as she wanted to lower my dose of medications. I have now been consistently having nightmares and am hitting, kicking and punching my husband at night. He wakes me to this. I feel terrible about this because my husband has been a wonderful support for the last 20 years. I want to go back on trazodone. Its the only thing that will work for me.”

9 / 10
BC chic.. December 5, 2013

“I was a basket case, I cried every day for no reason. A commercial would set me off, my emotions we're out of control and I knew it but I couldn't stop it. I couldn't sleep either. My doctor then put me on trazodone, within three days I was starting to feel like my old safe again. I was on it for years. I tried to get off but the same thing happened again, so I went back on trazodone. For me, it works. I hate taking pills but sometimes you have to.”

8 / 10
T Alger December 4, 2013

“After many, many years of taking Zoloft for depression, It got to a point where it was not as helpful as it once was. I visited my doctor who put me on trazodone as a booster to the Zoloft that I was still taking. In 2 weeks I noticed the difference. I no longer feel depressed and feel more like my old self again. The only side effect I have had is a little blurred vision...I'll take that any day over depression.”

10 / 10
angels11 November 21, 2013

“I had a near on full nervous breakdown, I had been months without sleep and suffered depression. What I do find is that if you are woken half way through the night then there is no going back to sleep. Having stayed away from home recently and forgetting to take tablets with me, I ended up staying awake all night long. Cannot sleep without taking trazodone.”

9 / 10
Lorincz November 9, 2013

“This has been a miracle for me going through horrid menopause with terrible anxiety, worry and deep depression. I have been to point of wanting to end my life. I have tried over dozens of anti-depressants along with anti-anxiety meds but they made me feel worse. Now I am taking trazodone along with a couple of glasses of red wine along with Jasmine. The hot flashes are pretty much have gone away and get to sleep too. The anxiety and depression is now manageable thank God!! I would encourage all women do not allow your doctor to prescribe any benzos. It caused most of depression. The side effects were just horrible!!! It took me many months to overcome them. I had flu like symptoms and deep deep depression get ting of of them.”

9 / 10
keep hoping to be normal · Taken for 10 years or more October 20, 2013

“I take effexor, lamictal, ativan which are not helping too much. My doc gave me Trazodone to help with sleeping. I feel very groggy when waking up. It's not helping me with depression but helps me sleep.”

1 / 10
anorexicxheart · Taken for less than 1 month September 19, 2013

“I started taking this a few days ago to replace Seroquel for depression and insomnia. It was terrible the first day it made me so dizzy I couldn't even sit up and after that it just made me drowsy I couldn't sleep at all and had to resort to taking Seroquel.”

2 / 10
Anonymous August 6, 2013

“MY experience with this trazodone medication is not for me. I'm epileptic, it interferes with my Keppra.”

Mart72 July 25, 2013

“Take 100mg a hour before bed with good sleep results. Mornings can be foggy but nothing a few coffees won't fix. As for daytime results can feel the depression lifting with reduced anxiety (no mania,) this medication a life saver great stuff.”

10 / 10
Rob CC July 24, 2013

“My psychiatrist put me on this over Seroquel which had been causing my white blood cell count to drop. I had been on Seroquel for years, and was able to function on it. Not so with Trazodone. The 50 mg I started on put me to sleep, but I felt really groggy the next day. I've tried lowering the dose to 25 mg and I still feel absolutely tired. Some of the side effects I've had: bad cough, runny nose (at times), feeling like I have a constant mild headache, feeling disconnected sexually, sweatiness, and the last one is the most bothersome--erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, I can get a full erection, and sometimes I can only get about 3/4 of the way there. I'm going to fight to get back on the Seroquel which I still have and never caused any erectile dysfunction.”

5 / 10
nikkkiii 27years old · Taken for less than 1 month June 24, 2013

“I got a severe migraine after taking it once. I ended up going to the hospital to get a needle to ease the pain. ”

1 / 10
It worked for me · Taken for less than 1 month May 11, 2013

“Trazodone has worked fine for me so far. My doctor is treating me for anxiety, depression, and interrupted sleep. My experience is that after an hour of taking this medication I'm ready for bed and fall asleep throughout the night. I also sleep throughout the morning getting a total of 10-11 hours which is what concerns me, and also wake up a little disoriented but after 5-10 minutes (walking around thinking about breakfast/lunch) it goes away. I'm used to taking the medication around 11pm and be in bed by 12am which can be the reason of waking up late, so tonight I'm going to take it at 9am and hopefully go to bed by 10pm and I should be up by 8am and ready to eat and go for a swim.”

9 / 10
freednerd · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 27, 2013

“One of my favorite medicines of all time. I have taken this for depression/bipolar disorder, insomnia, and currently fibromyalgia. It is the only anti-depressant I have found that I can take and not start swinging toward the manic side. I actually feel more refreshed and get a good night's sleep after I take it. I will note that I do not normally take it for long periods of time- only when I need it (this may be days, weeks, or months). There is no withdrawal and you do not have to dose up or down with safety concerns.”

10 / 10
Smorr10700 February 22, 2013

“I was on 100mg of Trazodone for sleep and worked pretty good. But my depression got worse and I dreaded going back on the various anti-depressants I had tried and eventually discontinued due to side effects or things improving in my life. I'm now on 150 mg of Trazodone and it is clearly making a difference. It's not a magic wand to make everything better, but allows the "fog" of depression to lift a bit so you can see and feel more normal. Side effects less than other anti-depressants and helps me sleep. Yeah!”

8 / 10