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User Reviews for Celexa

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Anxiety and Stress 7.4
406 reviews 9 medications
Depression 7.2
347 reviews 81 medications
Postpartum Depression 6.9
13 reviews 8 medications
Summary of Celexa reviews 7.3 766 reviews

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Reviews for Celexa

Lee Lee · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 24, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “I started this medication in 2009 and started with 20mg. Last summer I went down to 10 mg. I started off ok and was still having some anxiety. Fast forward to March 28, 2020 and I had a full blown panic attack and thought I was dying. This happened at 3:00 am. I had my husband call 911. Thought I was having a heart attack. I started the next day on 20 mg. It’s. Now been over 7 weeks and I’m not 100 % but I’m doing so much better. You have to bare with the some symptoms, headache, A little off. Hold on it will get better, I promise. This anxiety and panic attacks, I wouldn’t wish on anyone! Take care of yourself. Also use an app to help you stay calm.”

10 / 10
nellie · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 18, 2020

For Depression: “I want to write this review to anyone struggling with OCD. I have been struggling with OCD for years, and was put on Celexa. Let me tell you, it helps immensely. It did not work right away, and there are some initial side effects (nausea yuck!). I take it in the morning 40 mg. My OCD doctor is wonderful (highly recommend seeing a specialist in OCD). And she stated that for OCD this drug is safe to even go up even higher dose if necessary. I want to write this to give people HOPE. I was in a very very dark place with my OCD, I felt I would never escape the pain and discomfort of OCD. It did not work right away (which is normal), but once I got up to 30mg after a month or so I started to see improvement. This medication SAVED ME!! Truly Thank you to whoever created this medication, it is life saving for those of us who struggle with OCD and depression. Please anyone out there who has OCD starting this, be patient with yourself, find a good doctor, and know that there IS HOPE!!!”

10 / 10
Nb · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 4, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “This medication brought me out of such a dark place. I have struggled with severe anxiety which had manifested into severe depression so I started 20mg of celexa at night. At first I took 10mg for one week and let me tell you, my side effects were AWFUL. I couldn’t sleep, my anxiety was horrific, I had brain fog all day, and my brain was going a mile a minute. However, after 2 or 3 weeks the side effects went away almost completely, and now I have none. I am so much less anxious of a person, and just overall way more happy and outgoing! I used to be so anxious about everything but now I feel like I can handle whatever is thrown my way! So yes while the first couple weeks can be horrific, for me it was all worth it as this medication truely does work!”

9 / 10
Yikes · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 7, 2020

For Depression: “I started on 10 mg of Celexa in 2016, after 7 years of depression and suicidal ideation. Once the drug began to take effect I had 3-4 months of feeling neurotypical. My only side effect during this time was trails of movement and rainbow auras around lights. This, however, was a very small price to pay for finally feeling good. Month 5 I entered an unshakable state of numbness. I began sleeping through full days again. I was unable to feel empathy for others. After a year or so of all-consuming numbness, I began slipping. By the end of the 2nd year, I had spiraled into the darkest place I have ever been in my life. Suicide was the only thing on my mind. I had such violent intrusive thoughts that I could hardly sleep, I could hardly lay still even. I no longer take Celexa and my head is much more clear. P.S. it does get better. I know, I know, everyone says that. But trust me. Your situation will change, you will adapt. Stay strong, please.”

2 / 10
INdigo · Taken for 10 years or more February 29, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “So, I was first on Celexa from 2001 till 2016 I felt it wasn't working so my dr prescribed Venlafaxine/Effexor XR. I ended up in the emergency room with a heart rate of 185bpm. Anyway.....I should have just stuck with Celexa. I am back on it after trying Prozac which made me nauseous for a year and gave me more anxiety. Celexa works for me. It takes away my anxiety. Its safe for me and I'll never go off of it or try another again. These past two years have been so bad. Getting off of Effexor brought me to my knees.”

10 / 10
JessTheMess February 26, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “To update from my last review: I've been taking it for a month now. I did only take half (the 5 MG) for a week and now I'm on the 10. I'm finding my moods to be SO much better already and I can describe my feeling as being "lighter"... like a grey cloud that was over me for whatever reason is just lighter and I'm more excited to do social things again. A relationship made my anxiety worse, then I would be moody, that would cause issues and it was a cycle so this has really helped my home life and work life too as things don't bother me. I will say ... I do feel less motivated at work - I guess just a side affect. My highs are still high tho, my lows just aren't as low. I'm friendlier and more positive at work (I just don't feel like doing that much of the boring monotony). Lastly, I can't tell a difference in my sex drive which is good. If you're anxious or moody, or just feel some heavy unexplained cloud, I definitely recommend trying this!”

10 / 10
Shaunna · Taken for less than 1 month February 19, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “Okay so this is my first day taking it and it’s crazy I already feel a difference in my group today I was talking like crazy and wasn’t nervous at all and I feel like I have sooo much energy but I’m also tied bc I haven’t been sleeping bc of how much stress I’ve been under so I’ll update Next Wednesday to see how it is! I’m so excited to not feel so nervous all the time and depressed I’m so happy!”

8 / 10
JessTheMess · Taken for less than 1 month February 13, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “I've been on this for a week. The first night I took it I felt really, really high but pretty anxious too so I cut the tablet in half for 6 days and on the 8th, took a full (10 MG). When I cut in half for 5 MG, had no sleep issues, when I take 10mg I do have sleep issues and I do have an anxious chest - not jittery but my stomach and chest feel anxious like I've had too much coffee except the rest of me is still tired. After the first night though, I could already tell in my mood swings and I'm sticking with it. It's not unbearable by any means but I'll check back in after another week to update you! I would say ... if your side effects are so strong, cut it in half and wait another week. Almost every negative review is about the first week or two - make it through that, eat healthy and force yourself to exercise (even if you're tired from not sleeping thoroughly the night before). I believe the long term affects will be totally worth a week of feeling antsy.”

8 / 10
Howseyourdrugs · Taken for less than 1 month February 5, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “I found it helpful. After about 2 weeks my anxiety lessened and now into the 4th week, appetite is better, mood better. Still not where I want to be but overall I’m better. Still have trouble sleeping some nights. Also my mind will race at times.”

9 / 10
Chrissy · Taken for less than 1 month February 2, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “I've held high positions mainly in the field of Human Services; somewhere down the line, my demanding jobs affected my concentration in addition to other stressors in my personal life really done a number to my mental and emotional wellbeing overtime. I feel perfectly sane, my main concern is my inability to focus. I'm a week into Celexa; so far so good, my thoughts aren't so scattered as they were prior to treatment. I feel more calm and gradually feeling like my old self. I am comfortable to holding long conversations as opposed to before. I'm quite pleased with this medication.”

9 / 10
Edog February 2, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “Just wanna know I’ve taken Celexa 2 years ago for 3 to 4 months and after I felt like I was fixed! Fast forward to now and my anxiety has never been as bad as it is now... so I’m back on celexa day 5 and I get this crazy heart beat feeling in my chest and crazy hot flashes feels like my skin is burning.. I just wanna know if it gets any better because I didn’t have this the first time. Can anyone relate to the side effects I’m having”

3 / 10
Middleforker · Taken for less than 1 month January 30, 2020

For Depression: “I've been on Celexa for a few days and I'm experiencing some odd side effects. I can't seem to stop twitching, and I have a cold clammy sweat. I'm currently taking 10 mgs. I'm hoping that my body will adjust to it over time and these effects will subside.”

4 / 10
Feeling good January 24, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “I've been on Celexa for a week at a dose of 10mg, and it has been a huge difference, I feel like a different person. It has helped me with my ADHD symptoms. I used to be so anxious I couldn't do work, I didn't want to leave the house, I was late for everything, and now I can focus better and not obsess about my performance at work. The first night I got so confused and self conscious but the next day I woke up earlier and with more energy and could function so much better. I am still getting used to it. The way I see it is my brain is relearning how to feel everything, my skin feels weird sometimes, the cold feels different, and my emotions and anxiety (which is still there but manageable), is different. I can still feel things like love, and connection, joy, sadness, guilt, and I can. They are just all less intense and it makes more room for me being able to feel good most days.”

8 / 10
MavsFan · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 23, 2020

For Depression: “I'll let you know.. Before taking celexa 40mg I would always over think or think people were using me somehow but not anymore! If a thought runs across my mind it stops in its tracks!! I have to admit it has changed my life for the better”

10 / 10
sam January 22, 2020

For Postpartum Depression: “Initial symptoms, premenstrual dysphoric syndrome. Extreme Irritability in evenings the week before period. While used to be fine after period, I started having depressed mood. Only time of the month feeling good was around ovulation. Started on 10 mg. First week, queasiness, dizziness, no appetite, brain fog. Allowed self to eat junk or whatever sounded appealing. Protein shakes. Initial effects improved after the first week. No real notable difference After a few weeks increased to 20 mg. Lack of appetite returned. Started having excruciating headaches, tension headaches and clenching of jaw. Worsened depression. No motivation or desire to do anything. Headaches resolved. At 7-8 wks. Extremely tired. Sad blah heavy face feeling. Anxiety may be worse. Probably less irritable but don’t feel the other side effects are worth it. Felt better the next day after decrease to 10. Then switched to Paxil and have have no side effects and doing well one month in!!!”

2 / 10
Gaye · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 22, 2020

For Depression: “Before starting Celexa I was always tired, depressed and angry. Now that I started Celexa my mood is better I have more energy and I don’t fly off the handle about small things. I feel alive again I am very happy I started taking Celexa”

10 / 10
Anxiety January 14, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “Been dealing with uncontrollable anxiety & nervous breakdowns,,, now 23 & I guess life is hitting me head on & just not comfortable as I want to be. Anxiety been uncontrollable. Friend recommended celexa, so I saw my Doctor and I’m trying it. On Day 2. But & reading reviews & a lot of 1 stars where people seem to have bad experiences. Wondering if I should stick with it or not....”

8 / 10
85 yr old · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 5, 2020

For Anxiety and Stress: “I had a stroke and started having anxiety so my doctor started me on Lexapro which worked very well but after a couple months I came off of it. A month later the anxiety came back and so my new doctor gave me celexa, it did stop my anxiety but the side effects are much worse than lexapro. My memory is horrible, my energy is not good and the brain fog is aggravating. so I'm going to come off celexa and go back to lexapro.”

7 / 10
Blessed · Taken for less than 1 month December 18, 2019

For Depression: “I have been on celexa due to depression and chronic neuropathic pains, after three weeks my pains gave really gone down, but I temporarily get brain fogs in the morning and severe anxiety,I also feel chest pains and difficulty in breathing,I also gastrointestinal issues which the doctor says it's not due to celexa but due to anxiety which will come down as I continue taking the drug,so far it's good on pains but anxiety and side effects not so good for now”

Keighlar · Taken for less than 1 month December 12, 2019

For Anxiety and Stress: “I started taking Citalopram about about 3 weeks ago for high blood pressure, increasing panic attacks, and generalized inability to keep my adrenaline down to healthy levels. I've been fighting my doctor about taking mood altering medication because I've been on the slew of Prozac, Paxil, Effexor, etc. a couple of decades ago. They didn't help and withdrawal was horrific. I am so glad that he talked me into trying Citalopram. The first day was really rough - gastrointestinal issues that rivalled my IBS, but ALL day. However, by the second and third day, that went away and a feeling of general well-being started to replace the panic. It's only been a few weeks, and I know many of the guides say you won't notice a difference right away, but I was lucky. I did start to notice a change after 1 week. So far, it's just this side of miraculous for me. I think I'd forgotten what hope and happiness felt like.”

9 / 10
Lilly December 11, 2019

For Depression: “I was prescribed Celexa for severe anxiety and depression back in 2015, and took it until January of 2019. Prior to taking Celexa, I was VERY functional--but an emotional wreck. I would cry for hours, lash out at my loved ones, & was so miserable that my parents finally intervened. My first few months on Celexa were great, I cared about nothing and was freed from my anxiety--but I stopped doing my homework almost entirely. I would sleep for hours during the day despite getting a full night's sleep, lost all motivation, and felt numb. Celexa made me constantly thirsty, sweat excessively, and have low blood pressure. I remained on it because I didn't know any better, even when my anxiety came back. I have now been off of it for 10+ months, due to the blood pressure issue, and am still experiencing the side effects. I fear the brain fog, lack of motivation, and sleep paralysis will never leave me, I worry that I will never be "myself" again.”

2 / 10
Tee · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 1, 2019

For Depression: “I switched from Prozac to Celexa earlier this year thinking it would be more helpful than Prozac. I felt better for a short period of time and then it quit working. Now I have more anxiety than I first started with. I’m trying to wean off sleep meds but found that Celexa causes insomnia so how does that help? I’m beginning to have severe stomach issues that I think are related to the increased anxiety. I think I want to go back to the Prozac. I didn’t have these kind of issues.”

4 / 10
braintornado November 27, 2019

For Anxiety and Stress: “Before starting Celexa I would get so anxious I couldn’t think straight ever & almost felt like I was high on drugs. I would panic almost every single day & was only eating a few hundred calories daily (all due to a breakup). Started on 10mg & after that moved up to 20mg. I had diarrhea & a bit of an upset stomach the first two weeks but after that it was gone. After a month the difference in my anxiety was astonishing so I stayed on 20mg. After 2 months I noticed I was still anxious about the breakup (constant thoughts were always in the background). Doctor upped my dosage to 40mg. My anxiety stayed about the same but my depression got much worse. Still having 24/7 background thoughts on the breakup so I’m now on Zoloft and trying that. Celexa may not have worked 100% for me but it made a huge difference from where I was a few months ago so I’m thankful. I got pretty much zero side effects except for a bit of affected sleep. Would recommend as a good starter SSRI.”

6 / 10
Oldbaldguy · Taken for 5 to 10 years November 27, 2019

For Anxiety and Stress: “I have been taking Celexa for years due to anxiety and stress from chronic pain. At first it seemed ineffective but as time went on I do not want to be without it.”

9 / 10
Anonymous November 26, 2019

For Anxiety and Stress: “I have been using celexa for a few weeks and I have seen a dramatic change in my anxiety and stress levels. Before taking this I would wake up every single morning in a state of panic and anxiety and since taking celexa I feel calm and alive again I can function I feel like I finally have my life back I feel like myself again. I feel soo wonderful!!!!!!!”

10 / 10