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User Reviews for Brisdelle

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Postmenopausal Symptoms 7.0
1 reviews 156 medications
Hot Flashes 6.5
35 reviews 17 medications

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Reviews for Brisdelle

DamnedifyoudoDamnedifyoudont November 2, 2019

For Hot Flashes: “The first couple weeks I slept like a baby. I still sleep like a baby only snore like a trucker. I really like how mellow I feel , less moody, over all happier. I started this medication to help with hot flashes. Now I don’t think I have but one a week, it was 2-3 a day. I think it’s really helped with the hot flashes. I’ve experienced some of the side affects, muscle - joint pain , breathing heavier than normal especially when I go to sleep. When I do fall asleep I sleep like I haven’t slept in decades oh that’s because I also have insomnia if I don’t take the medication. Sometimes I take it just to fall asleep. This can’t be good but what’s worse is my eye twitches like muscle spasms sometimes all day other times off and on through out the day. I’m over the eye twitching. I feel like I’d be better changing my wardrobe and having the hot sweats. Insomnia sucks...So does my eye twitching. I wish I’d never started this medication.”

8 / 10
Tlc0828 · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 17, 2018

For Hot Flashes: “I have been on this for 2 months. It has worked very well for my hot flashes and night sweats. I have noticed dry mouth and some headaches and some joint pain in my fingers, but that pain goes away during the day. It's worth it though so I can sleep at night without being hot and cold all night and day long. I just drink more water.”

9 / 10
LLO · Taken for less than 1 month July 15, 2018

For Hot Flashes: “My doctor prescribed this to help me with hot flashes and night sweats. After taking this for just three days, I was in bed with one of the worst headaches I've ever had. Seven hours, six ibuprofen, three aspirin, and three icepacks later, I still had it. On day four, I woke-up feeling somewhat human, only to have it return with a vengeance within a few hours. By the end of the day, at a friend's home, I was on her bathroom floor and convinced I was dying. Not only was the headache almost unbearable, but I also had a stabbing pain in my left eye. My husband managed to get me home, but not before I threw-up in the car. I had chills and pain all night long. After investigating the side effects, we've decided this is not the medication for me. The hot flashes and night sweats are bad, but they're not nearly as horrible as the pain I've been in.”

2 / 10
Ree April 25, 2018

For Hot Flashes: “Brisdelle definitely helped and calmed down the night sweats therefore, I gave a five rating. If I had to rate the side effects it would be a zero due to the severity. I experienced all the symptoms mentioned in other comments which includes vertigo symptoms with the room spinning a couple of nights, fatigue, swooshing sound in head, sensitivity to light, headaches, etc. I have been off this medicine three weeks and still feeling fatigue, nauseous, light headedness, head tremors/zaps and most of all feeling weird. I believe I rather deal with the hot flashes instead of going through all this drama. I gave it a try and it's not for me.”

5 / 10
Caligirl 63 · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 9, 2017

For Hot Flashes: “Was given RX for hot flashes, had shock at price (90 day over $200. asked Dr. to write RX for Paxil 10 mg, use pill cutter to cut 1/2 then 1/2 of a half = 7.5 ,90 day $4.ish.) Works for me. Hot flashes not as harsh or as often. Worried tho when I do try to wean myself, I have experienced weird sensations when have forgotten to take for a few days.”

Lulu 1 October 4, 2017

For Hot Flashes: “My hot flashes were terrible. A lot during the day and at least 6 - 8 at night. Waking me up, so can't get enough sleep. I took the brisdelle and at first I didn't think it was working. About 4 weeks in, I noticed a big change and now I'm 7 weeks in and have not had one hot flash in the last three weeks. I'm sleeping again and not sweating all day long. The only drawback was the first 3 weeks. I was exhausted, had some muscle twitching and a backache. All gone now, but getting used to it was not easy but worth it.”

9 / 10
HP66 June 22, 2017

For Hot Flashes: “I was suffering from severe hot flashes ever 35-40min all day, severe day AND night sweats, chills, feeling hot & cold at the same time, I was extremely miserable. I could not go to work, my social and love-life came to an abrupt end. I would get soaking wet and had to remove all clothing every 35-40mins. IT WAS HORRIBLE! This went on for 3 months. Everyone kept telling me it was not going to last long, maybe just a few YEARS. In no way was I going to go for years feeling that way. My doctor prescribe Brisdelle 7.5mg 7 weeks ago and my life is 90% back to normal. Once I started taking this medication, the sweats, chills, and severity of the flashes stopped. I only have mild flashes and hopefully they will end. too.”

8 / 10
Mary Matilda March 12, 2017

For Hot Flashes: “Stopped periods 10 years ago. Then suffered hot flashes, severe, in first five years after. In last five years hot flashes really diminished but triggered by anxiety, certain foods, and occasional night sweats. But could be counted on to have at least one episode of night sweats per evening (down from as many as 7 to 10 a day - and leaving me drenched, my clothes soaked!). My GYN recommended Brisdelle two months ago. Am hypersensitive to all meds so was skeptical, in addition to being an RN. Don't like to take drugs of any kind. However, I was desperate. The Brisdelle worked immediately and I haven't had one episode of hot flashes since. Just dry mouth now. Very bad dry mouth!”

8 / 10
HOLY HELL · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 22, 2017

For Hot Flashes: “Holy Hell is exactly how I feel. I had been taking Brisdelle for 1.5 years. The hot flashes did indeed subside - however, the side affects of this medicine coupled with the fact Noven was acquired by YET another pharmaceutical company - YOU CAN'T PLACE A REP IN THE AREA, DISTRIBUTE YOUR DRUGS, AND THEN FIRE HER-AND NOT REPLACE THEREFORE there is NO medicine or support here. You dumped this drug in the Dr's hands and walked away. After calling Sebula - you act like you don't even care. You have made it impossible to obtain this. I happen to think this is illegal. I just decided to wean myself off this and Premarin. It has been nothing short of a nightmare. If you don't need this drug- DON'T START. Seriously.”

1 / 10
CoolerMama February 21, 2017

For Hot Flashes: “I have been taking it for 2 weeks now. I do believe it's helping me. I will post again in about 6 weeks. Typically, I get a rush of heat over me a few times a day leaving me with a drenched help and droplets of sweat on face head, neck. Now, so far so good.”

8 / 10
so hot · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 24, 2016

For Postmenopausal Symptoms: “I have been on Brisdelle for 3 yrs now at first it was the wonder drug.. hot flashes gone and I didnt want to kill anybody...but now I think its not working as well... But I decided to look up the side effects recently , and found out I have alot of it. the blur vision(fog) frequent bowels, Headaches and joint pain... well my dr is taking me off of it ...”

7 / 10
CrazyRX's · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 17, 2016

For Hot Flashes: “A GYN prescribed Brisdelle - it's a low-dose Paxil (7.5 mg) for hot flashes. This Doctor stated that unlike other SSRI's, I would NOT have complications or side effects going on/off them - in the case of running out of supply. This was NOT my experience. After 3-4 days of stopping, I noted an odd sensation connected to my eyes. I told my opthamologist about a "swishing" sound I heard with any movement of my eyes. I finally found others reporting this all over the internet. This also happened in a previous year with Sertraline (Zoloft) - this 'after quitting' side effect lasted a very long time - maybe a year or more! THE DUMBEST, MOST WASTEFUL PACKAGING ON THE PLANET. WHY NOT SIMPLY MAKE 7.5 PAXIL IN A SIMPLE BOTTLE? Pink? Come on!”

5 / 10
Kim in Texas July 6, 2016

For Hot Flashes: “Ive been on this medication for a year now about a month after having a full hysterectomy. Worked the first night I took it. No hot flashes, no mood swings. I feel great and sleep well. I do experience nausea once in a awhile in the morning but that fades fast with a drink of water or cup of coffee. It's very pricey even with a coupon as I pay out of pocket, but it's worth every dime.”

10 / 10
Golddustwoman249 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 29, 2016

For Hot Flashes: “This drug sort of helps with hot flashes -- diminished them by about 75%. HOWEVER, the person who designed the packaging for this drug needs to be fired. I think that most of the expense for this product comes from the overdone packaging alone. The capsules are difficult to get out of the blister packaging. The cardboard wrapping is excessive and impossible to open without the help of scissors and a box cutter!! Terrible, terrible, terrible....”

5 / 10
South side May 7, 2016

For Hot Flashes: “I started with horrific hot flashes sweating all night no sleep. Sweating in meetings going out. Couldn't wear any makeup. I started taking Brisdelle about 6 months ago. I did my research . This medication is a life saver. It's expensive as hell, I found a coupon for it and I only pay a 1/4 of what it costs. There was someone saying how terrific the withdrawal Symptoms are you need to be weened off. Not every medicine you can just stop cold turkey. Read all inserts of medicines you are prescribed. Some meds take awhile to get over side effects. This has been a life saver”

10 / 10
SARI64 · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 18, 2016

For Hot Flashes: “Brisdelle - SUCKS - Why prescribe a medication to help you with the hot flashes YET make you feel miserable (side effect) HEADACHES, nausea, trembling eye, Ewwwww. Really... I rather go thru the hot flashes. BAD BAD medicine. Also I was puking up.”

1 / 10
zcha · Taken for less than 1 month February 20, 2016

For Hot Flashes: “Only took one dose. Achy the next morning. 22 hrs after dose dizziness and weakness. My husband could barely get a BP on me and when my pulse came up enough to register it was only 54. I vomited then sweat profusely. My knees hurt severely for an hour. Hot flashes were diminished for the next 3 days. Fine now but still having hot flashes.”

1 / 10
Coco68 · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 16, 2016

For Hot Flashes: “I have been taking Brisdelle for 1 year. Hot flashes are mostly gone, I have one occasionally usually in the morning. I ran out and my DR had written prescription for 1 year. I had to call and wait 4 days for the refill. Holy cow was I miserable and within 2 days the flashes were back full force. I am back on it. I do have joint pain in my ankles in the morning, not sure if its the drug or not but interesting others have the joint pain. I also am struggling to lose weight when it used to be so easy, Brisdelle to blame or menopause or both. Its a good drug and does what it says for me. I will continue taking it. By the way I have a coupon from their website and only pay $25 a month for it. It is costly w/no coupon.”

9 / 10
Scottishlass718 January 30, 2016

For Hot Flashes: “I have been taking Brisdelle for the past 6 months to help with hot flashes. However, I have had these chronic problems since taking this medication. I have tremors, eyes are sensitive to light, seizures, biting my tongue during the night while sleeping so severe that I have to get up because the blood is so profuse. I also am dizzy all the time, and feel like I am whirling around and unstable while sitting, lying down, or walking about. It has taken me almost 2 months and thousands of dollars to figure this out on my own. I have been to the endocrinologist to see if I have a tumor, neurologist due to the seizures, dentist, ENTSpecialist, Chiropractor, a Neuro-Opthamologist, and my primary care physician and no one has been able to help me”

2 / 10
LoriSt November 20, 2015

For Hot Flashes: “3 weeks into taking Brisdelle I stopped. After a week I was experiencing horrific muscle pain in my legs which kept me awake for three nights until I was prescribed a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug. The anti-inflammatory calmed the muscle pain down but then I started experiencing horrific head pain and headaches; I've never had a headache in my life! I am off this drug for two days now and can't wait to feel like myself again. I'm still experiencing insomnia, headache, head pain, vertigo.”

1 / 10
Kelly64 · Taken for less than 1 month November 14, 2015

For Hot Flashes: “Been on Brisdelle for ten days. I was having eight to ten hot flashes a day and I was up all night long with them as well. Over the last ten days they have tapered off, with yesterday and today being completely hot flash free! My anxiety is also almost completely gone. I had bouts of nausea in the beginning that came in waves and even woke me up at night, but that seems to have disappeared completely. I hope this continues! I'm very happy with this medication.”

10 / 10
LMWCAWCNW November 13, 2015

For Hot Flashes: “It definitely works. Hot flashes stopped within days & it calmed me so much. I slept so good at night but then headaches, sinus congestion, chest congestion, almost feeling like having the flu made me stop & it took me weeks to get over the brain fog feeling.”

Kassie63 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 6, 2015

For Hot Flashes: “I have been taking Brisdelle for 7 months. I wanted to give it a fair chance. I had fairly severe hot flashes but no other problems relating to menopause. I went from having about 15 hot flashes a day to about 10. The severity was a bit better but I still had a lot of sweat with each flash especially at night. It was very expensive and my health plan didn't cover it so I came off. Weaned myself off very slowly over a six week period. The withdrawal is pretty severe. Feelings of vertigo and dizziness. Nausea and zaps.”

3 / 10
Tigra October 15, 2015

For Hot Flashes: “I love brisdelle! Hot flash and sweating relief, no side effects, no personality changes. Very happy this is available. Lifesaver!”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 5, 2015

For Hot Flashes: “I've been on Brisdelle about 5 weeks and I absolutely LOVE it!! I noticed the difference after about 4 days. I was a complete mess before starting Brisdelle (moody, depression, major hot flashes, crying, etc) I now feel like a brand new woman. I am so appreciative that my doctor prescribed this for me.”

9 / 10