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User Reviews for Primidone (Page 4)

Also known as: Mysoline

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Seizures 8.4
12 reviews 52 medications
Benign Essential Tremor 5.4
74 reviews 3 medications
Summary of Primidone reviews 5.8 86 reviews

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Reviews for Primidone

NW December 14, 2009

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I have epilepsy and had it controlled for several years with other medications. Recently I was diagnosed with Essential Tremor and the doctor prescribed Primidone. On the second day of use I had a seizure, as I continued usage and increased dosage as directed I started losing muscle control in my legs, I had periods where I thought I was losing my mind. I was unable to speak clearly as it felt like my tongue was swollen, but it was not. It got to the point where I could not stand up in the shower without leaning against the walls. My wife said get off that medicine! Could not reach my doctor so I decreased dosage to zero. I take a lot of different medications for number of different medical problems, I think my brain had had it. ”

1 / 10
Anonymous December 9, 2009

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I was diagnosed with ET 6 weeks ago. I was prescribed Primidone. To date, I still am having serious side effects. My tremors are continual, even to the point where my left arm feels "dead". Generally I feel drained, dizzy, and sick to my stomach. My voice is halting, with shaky patterns, and is more affected when I am tired. I find it very difficult to take this medicine and will be calling my Doctor to discuss any other options.”

3 / 10
kelp88 November 8, 2009

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I've had essential tremor for most of my life. It has got worse in the last 5 years, so I've taken 7 to 8 different drugs (at different times) to see how well they worked. Propanolol worked best, but unfortunately brought out my old asthma that I hadn't had since childhood. Primidone was the only other that seemed to work for me, but was not a cure all. The problem I had with Primidone was the bad effects it gave you, but I persevered and it went away in 3 to 4 days and has not come back again. The bottle says to take three 50 mg pills a day. This is a lower dosage. But, I just take one 50 mg pill once a day and have on occasion upped it to two when I want to feel more confident in public without embarrassing myself with hand tremors.”

6 / 10
Anonymous October 24, 2009

For Seizures: “I have been using this medication for approximately 35 years. I have had two healthy children during this time. I am now in my 50's and find that I am experiencing tiredness, fatigue, and incoordination to the extent that I stumble or run into people or things easier than before. Whether this medication is a cause to my clumsiness or not, I am not sure. It has helped to control my seizures since my last one in 1975.”

9 / 10
hhrt_7u August 26, 2009

Mysoline (primidone) for Seizures: “Great!”

10 / 10
irishdeb1 August 12, 2009

Mysoline (primidone) for Seizures: “I have been taking this medication for 30 years, and have never had a side effect or seizure. Works very well for me. No complaints. ”

10 / 10
Anonymous July 13, 2009

Mysoline (primidone) for Benign Essential Tremor: “I found Mysoline effective for my essential tremor, but the side effects of tiredness, lack of energy, plus reduced sexual function (difficulty in ejaculating) is quite frustrating.”

7 / 10
Ken V February 3, 2009

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I started using this in combination with propranolol for my tremor. I take 80 mg of the propranolol in the morning and 50mg of Primidone before bed. I had been taking the propranolol for 6-7 years already and it cuts the intensity of my tremors by 50-70%. By adding Primidone as a combination therapy I would say that it's 80-95% reduced. If you have a hereditary tremor like this you should ask your doctor about these medicines. Good Luck!”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 8, 2009

Mysoline (primidone) for Seizures: “Great Seizure control. Low side effects after first 2 weeks.”

9 / 10
eganan October 20, 2008

For Seizures: “I have been using primidone for over 20 years for my epilepsy. I have not suffered any side effects. I also give the medication a thumbs up.”

10 / 10
Elaine Tafelski September 7, 2008

Mysoline (primidone): “My doctor first prescribed Mysoline for me at least 12 years ago, after attending a Medical Conference. I was unable to raise a cup to my lips, or cut the food on my dinner plate. My tremor was noticeable by family and friends. I had been checked for Parkinsons, and the results were negative. This doctor learned that this medication was taken for Essential Tremor, which was mis-diagnosed too many times by Doctors. He wanted me to try it at least. I readily accepted, to take Mysoline, and before I knew it I had results. Taking this prescription, gave me my life back. I no longer needed assitance at dinner time, or by family and friends. I live a normal life now, not ashamed to go out in public. Inderal was added with Mysoline just lately. Thanks”

10 / 10
clements74 January 28, 2008

For Seizures: “I started taking the generic drug Primidone 1-12-08 and so far it has controlled the shaking. I have been told I have seizures that come and go. I can't get my words out and at times I can't figure out what word or name I want to use. My coordination suffers and I feel like my mind is kind of cloudy. My hands also shook when I had these seizures. So far I would rate this drug a thumbs up.”