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User Reviews for Primidone (Page 3)

Also known as: Mysoline

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Seizures 8.4
12 reviews 52 medications
Benign Essential Tremor 5.4
74 reviews 3 medications
Summary of Primidone reviews 5.8 86 reviews

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Reviews for Primidone

Bif604 · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 8, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “Tremors seem to be getting worse. I take 2 a day. Just turned 70. Have had tremors for many years. Maybe I should ask my doctor is there is something else for me to try.”

3 / 10
Ernest Rahm September 5, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I have had ET's for several years and taken various medications with varying degrees of success, I have recently been put on 50mg of Primidone four in the morning, two in the afternoon and four more at night. But the tremors are worse than ever. I can't even read my own writing. It is just scribbling. This stuff is a complete loser. I definitely need something different”

1 / 10
Bill on the pill · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 20, 2016

For Seizures: “I'm a 64 yr old male. I have essential tremor of the hands and neck/head. Until 5 yrs ago, it had gone undiagnosed or misdiagnosed for 45 years. I've been taking Primidone for 2 months now. I've recently increased the dosage to 100mg - 2 times a day. This is the only Essential Tremor drug I'm taking at this time. I've been on Inderal, Topiramate, Gabipentin, Carbodopa/Levadopa and combinations. Recently Phenol injections into my neck muscles did more harm then good. Now, I can't even lift my arms above my shoulders. Here's hoping the primidone increase has some effect on my hands and head shakes. No side effects so far. I have not figured out why some days I have almost no tremor. Have tracked my diet, doesn't seem to be connected ?”

1 / 10
69yrold August 11, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “Have had essential temors for many years, now at age 69 they interfered with my quality of life. Could not hold anything steady and my beautiful penmanship was horrid! I fought the thought of taking a prescribed medicine since I was so lucky not to take any, even at my age, except Imitrex for migraines 2-3 times a month. I am taking 50mg 2x a day, and it has been working great, even the migraines has decreased. I am sleeping so soundly at night that my days are so much better. After 4 months on it, I have noticed no side effects, but a little of the tremor is returning, which my doctor told me could happen. Not ready to increase dose though.”

9 / 10
Kathy Kane · Taken for 6 months to 1 year July 25, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “It took me 2 months to adjust to primadone. I was in a cloud, not able to do my bookkeeping job, not much of a short term memory, but now after 6 months, I feel like my old self, just in need of an hour nap/day. My problem is I can only take half of a 50 mg, which is 25 mg. However, these pills do not come in a 25 mg. Smallest mg is 50. So I have to cut the pills in half. In doing so, the pill crumbles so I always lose half of it anyway. I asked the pharmacist if they could cut the pill in half but they said that is illegal for a pharmacy to do so. I wish it came in 25 mg and I wish I could find out if it will in the future. After investing all this time in adjusting to the 25 mg I would hate to start over with another drug.”

8 / 10
JOEYP July 12, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I woke up from surgery with tremors in my hands. It was diagnosed as Essential Tremors. I was an Computer Science teacher who could no longer control a mouse, write etc. I retired. Last Spring, while vacationing in Naples FL, I searched for and found a "Temporary" Primary Care Doctor. I prepared a listing of all my physicians, my conditions (including essential tremors), my prescriptions, and my over the counter medications. The doctor covered all the items on the list and asked me what I was taking for the Essential Tremors. The answer of nothing surprised him, He told me that I should take a low dose of Primidone. From his input, my Primary Care Doctor prescribed a 50 mg dose at night. Instant cure! I wrote my name the next morning!”

10 / 10
Shaky bones · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 21, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “Further to my post in April. I am now on 750mg/day of primidone. No side effects other than my mouth is numb and ejeculation is difficult. The tremor has reduced a bit, but it still have to write with my left instead of right. Seeing the consultant in August, but fear that he may recommend DBS again.”

5 / 10
Grandma241 May 19, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “After taking a half of a tiny pill of Primidone for 4 nights at bedtime I could not walk down the hall when I woke up. I was falling every where & was so nauseated & I had horrible Nightmares that woke me up screaming ! First thing Monday morning I called the neurologist that had prescribed it & the receptionist would not let me talk to her- Said she would call be back . she did not call so I called again later in the Day . Still would not let me talk to the Doctor ,but told me" she said never take it again ."My primary Care Dr sent me to see a specialist who checked my eyes & hearing & a lot of things with his special machines .He determined that it was the Primidone that was causing the problems. ( Of course I never took it again ) Bt”

1 / 10
khan5 · Taken for less than 1 month May 3, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I am 31 male. Just figured out, I have ET. I could not take propanolol due to asthma. Doctor prescribed 1/4 of 250 mg primidone (mysoline) at bed time at night. I had horrible side effects next morning. Head spinning sensation plus nauseated all day long. Hands felt numb. Tremor was controlled though by some amount. But too much side effect to continue. Doctor changed it to topiramate. Today is first day, i am taking topiramate.”

3 / 10
JDEJ April 22, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “Beta blockers don't work, tried primidone recently. Started at 150 mg, now up to 250 mg, 50% improvement. I'm not sure if I want to take this long term for 50% improvement. I have gotten by most of the time just dealing with my tremors. But I'm so tired of having them!”

4 / 10
Shaky bones April 17, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I've had ET for 20 years now and been on propranolol 160mg/day (heartbeat 50bpm). I has recently started to get worse as I approach 50 and propranolol on its own wasn't cutting it. Doc prescribed gabapentin, but taking 12 x 300mg tablets everyday was making a difference, but didn't want to take that many pills. So doc prescribed toprimate (awful stuff), the sickness and pins and needles in my feet were just too much. So doc tried clonzepam, it took me a year to get up to full dosage of 2 tablets per day, but even that didn't work that well. So I asked doc to refer me to a specialist. The specialist said take primidone, which is what I am on now @ 250mg/day. I have to get to 750mg/day by August.!”

Tantor February 16, 2016

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I started out with Primidone at 50mg at night, but I couldn't shake off the side effects until about 9 am the next morning. Tired, disoriented, lethargic and dizzy. Couldn't take it during the day when I needed it the most, so it was basically useless for me. Dr. changed this to Topiramate which works much better. No apparent side effects and I worked up from 50mg a day to 150 mg in the morning, with another 50 in the mid afternoon to keep the calmness going. I have to write a lot in my job and although it takes about 2 hours to achieve full effect, the Primidone keeps the shakes away for a good 5 hours.”

3 / 10
Susan Webbing December 10, 2015

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I have been taking 250 mgs of Primidone for the last 17 years for Benign Essential (What's so essential about it? ) Tremor. As far as I know, I have no side effects. When I first began the medication I started out with a smaller dose and worked up to 250 mgs. I found that I could not take the meds during the day because of sleepiness, dizziness, etc, so my doc suggested that I take it at night. I have been taking it at bedtime since, and it helps to put me to sleep.”

10 / 10
Corwin July 4, 2015

For Benign Essential Tremor: “It seems to have a marginal effect.”

4 / 10
drm562 · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 29, 2015

Mysoline (primidone) for Seizures: “No seizures no side effects”

10 / 10
Cozchris October 22, 2014

For Benign Essential Tremor: “Started out 110 days ago@ 1/2 50mg tab at night and morning. I am up to 3 @ morning and 3 @ night. Doc says stay on them until we meet in 10 days. This is not working. Tremors are continuing - some times to an extreme. We need to revisit this prescription. Try something else.”

1 / 10
CMysteryC October 3, 2014

For Benign Essential Tremor: “For Essential Tremor. Took me a long time to get used to side effects. Felt scared. Dizzy. Headache. Nausea. Increased heart rate. Anxious. Barely standing because I started too high at 50mg. Need to start very low for me. I finally got better. No shakes. Very pleased. The Neurologist Office kept rescheduling me and I ran out. This second time starting was even more AWFUL. Flu like plus feeling kind of like I was in a total mental fog. Odd. Be cautious is my opinion. I was in misery for 3 days. Unable to function. Finally getting better. Day 5. Should have taken at bed time. Never knew.”

7 / 10
the rev · Taken for less than 1 month May 10, 2014

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I have had Essential Tremor for several years. I have been taking propranolol and clonazepam for last several years but have seen a return of tremor lately. My doctor added primidone in last month. I have been having great difficulty adjusting to medicines though. I feel like I'm spinning most of time, seems to cause increase in shakiness as medicine begins to wear off (at least that's my opinion), and has caused an inability to ejaculate. I am currently working on increasing my dosage amounts. I started at 12.5mg with intended dose of 50mg nightly as goal.”

4 / 10
Oregon John November 30, 2013

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I have been working up from a starter dose (12.5 mg) of Primidone to 750 mg over the last six months. Also take a beta blocker (for my heart). My essential tremor Has reduced by 70%. Very manageable now. ”

8 / 10
hand tremors · Taken for 10 years or more November 27, 2013

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I have been on primidone for 10 years, I'm 34. I take 250mg twice a day. No longer works. If I increase the dose anymore I'll be a zombie. About to start Gabapentin, time will tell.”

6 / 10
Vol1 July 3, 2013

Mysoline (primidone) for Seizures: “I became ill in 1982 at age 33 with encephalitis, brain damage on temporal lobe, and grand mal seizures. The next year I was also diagnosed with Lupus in addition to epilepsy. It took 5 years and NIH treatment of 250 mg of Mysoline/ 3 times a day to control my seizures. It has been controlling my seizures and I am now 65. AARP denied my brand name Mysoline for seizures even though I was going to pay high co-pays. We pay our own insurance so this is a real problem. The worst is fighting AARP to pay their part when I know Mysoline works for 27 years. How can a person at a desk just suggest other medicines to take when your doctor and you state that this is the best one for you. ”

10 / 10
Anonymous August 27, 2012

For Benign Essential Tremor: “I was diagnosed with Benign Essential Tremor, a month Dr started me out on 12.5 mg of Primidone. I have increased my dosage every 3/4 days by 12.5 mg. I'm at 112.5mg and the tremors are still there. I also take a beta blocker as well. The side effects are flu like for me the day after I up my dosage. Then I have a "good day " & then the tremors start all over again. I cannot climax as a horrible side effect so I'm frustrated in more ways than one.”

3 / 10
Anonymous March 22, 2012

For Benign Essential Tremor: “Primidone is very effective. I was on Inderal LA 120mg - take 2 once a day. Then it stopped working. They added Primidone 50mg, take 2 three times daily. The combination works best. My tremors are very difficult to deal with. They got so bad as to interfere with normal everyday things. ”

9 / 10
Anonymous February 4, 2012

For Benign Essential Tremor: “Takes months to get used to. Good side effects for me include improved sleep and increased exercise tolerance. Bad (good?) side effect for me is delayed ejaculation.”

8 / 10
A. Non December 23, 2010

Mysoline (primidone) for Seizures: “I was prescribed this medicine back in the late 80's for seizure control. I recently stopped using this in 2010. It controlled my seizures well, but I did not realize the side effects of it. Side effects were irritability, anger, increased depression and behavior. Because I literally grew UP with this medicine, I can now see these issues after changing the medicine. My brain was built to use it during puberty/young adult. This does control seizures, and actually suppressed anxiety by slowing down all brain functions. Be aware that epilepsy is cor-morbid with depression quite often and this medicine may enhance/increase depression symptoms.”

7 / 10