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User Reviews for Nicotine to treat Smoking Cessation

Also known as: Nicorette, Nicoderm CQ, Nicotrol Inhaler, Leader Nicotine Polacrilex, Habitrol, Nicotrol NS, Nicorette DS Commit

Nicotine has an average rating of 7.8 out of 10 from a total of 161 ratings for the treatment of Smoking Cessation. 70% of those users who reviewed Nicotine reported a positive effect, while 14% reported a negative effect.

Nicotine Rating Summary

7.8/10 average rating

161 ratings from 174 user reviews.

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Reviews for Nicotine

Romen · Taken for less than 1 month February 19, 2021

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine): “I can not get any cigarettes and as a substitute this is the best I have used way better than gum it is as close to the real thing as I have found. May be I will try too stick with it when I leave and can get a real smoke. It does a good job not the waste of time like the gum”

6 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 14, 2021

Nicorelief (nicotine): “It is been 6 months without smoking. It helps to have something to go to when you crave smoking. The bad thing is I replaced one habit with another. I should’ve used as directed and exited out by cutting down gradually.”

9 / 10
scrab · Taken for less than 1 month December 24, 2020

Nicorette (nicotine): “Utterly and completely useless, did not help me stop smoking at all. I'm now using tobacco free nicotine pouches (snus?) that are actually weaker than the 4mg gum, but do an infinitely better job. I am convinced that NRT is a scam by the pharmaceutical companies.”

1 / 10

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Poof/ Female · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 28, 2016

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine): “Let me first say that I really enjoyed smoking! I smoked a pack a day from the time I was 16 yrs old to age 41. Never thought I could or would EVER stop smoking. Until I experienced cramping in my " right" arm, felt like a constant charlie horse. Decided I did not want to have a stroke at age 41. It only took about 2 1/2 months to never want to light up again. Using this nic. inhaler....I did it! So wonderful not to be controlled by an addiction! Please give this a stay on earth a bit longer for your loved ones! Blessed in Maine! You CAN do it!”

10 / 10
It's Me55 March 4, 2013

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “I used to smoke for more than (20 ) years. My daughter showed me a book that had pictures of a smokers lungs. See than asked, Daddy do you want your lungs to look like this? This made me realize what is important to me. Immediately the following day, I went to the store asked for a garbage can, and I threw my last pack away. Bought me a two week supply of NicodermCQ and that was the last time I have smoked a cigarette. Which was 6 years ago. Thank for the extra assistance with working towards a better way of life.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 21, 2016

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “I'm amazed at how successful this patch was for me to quit smoking!!! I've tried several times but failed after 3days on each attempt. I swore I would quit when I turned 50 and I'm proud to say that I HAVE!!! Been smoking since I was 17, had a terrible cough, HBP and smelled terrible. I feel so much better, breathing better and the cough is GONE! HBP is down to normal and I can socialize with my nonsmoking friends without guilt of having that stench! I started Step 1 for two weeks and Step 2 for two weeks... Currently on Step 3 with absolutely NO DESIRE for a cigarette!! I'm telling everyone I know that smokes to try NICODERM bcuz IT WORKS!!”

BananaRose January 19, 2016

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “This medication, when used properly, is a life-saver when you are trying to quit smoking! I say "when used properly" because I did not use it properly at first. In addition to Step 1 patch I would also smoke a pack a day - NOT how you want to quit! Once I put down the cigarettes, this patch works! I used the 21mg patches for a week, then went down to Step 2 (14mg) bc the 1st step caused itching, redness and swelling on my arm. It has now been 2 and 1/2 weeks and I haven't smoked at all! From 20 years of a pack a day to nothing is truly amazing. I am hoping to be free me from the bondage of smoking Good luck on your journey to quit! It is worth it;YOU are worth it!”

10 / 10

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Crissy · Taken for less than 1 month October 6, 2018

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “I asked my doctor if I could use the patch with my other medications before starting step1. I am doing great with it and it's no longer cravings. It's triggers of driving or after eating and first thing in the morning. I keep lollipops in car and purse and changed up my routine in the morning and after eating. I smoked 35 years and now have two small grandsons that I want to spoil and see graduate. If this Grandma can do it with Nicoderm CQ anyone can.”

10 / 10
Smoke free Mama · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 23, 2015

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “I have no idea why I started smoking again after my son was born. But, alas, I did and here we go again! I tried the gum (nasty!) e-cigs (still felt like I was smoking, and even Chantix (super crazy dreams and still massive withdrawal symptoms). I decided to give the patch a try. LOVE THEM! I got the off brand of NicoDerm CA and have had an amazing experience! Yes, it is a bit itchy when you first put it on, but that goes away after a little bit. I'd rather deal with light itching than a massive cravings strike! I have NO interest to go out and smoke and have so much more time to do everything else! I do have a weird dream now and then, but NOTHING like with Chantix. I am 110% confident I am done For good!”

10 / 10
Lung Cancer Patient June 26, 2015

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine): “A 1-pack smoker for 50 years. Legal professional (not an atty). Lung cancer operation coming up on 7/8/15. Pretty healthy otherwise - Stage 1A or 2A. Nicotrol prescribed by my Providence primary. Both my Providence pulmonologist and 30-year cardiocthoracic surgeon are fine with my taking Nicotrol even going into a lung operation where the lower half of my right lung will be removed in robotic surgery as nicotine itself is not a carcinogen. Upon my diagnosis I stopped inhaling cigarettes and switched to only 1, yes 1, Nicotrol cartridge per day. More and I would be dizzy, etc. No crankiness or cravings, not even right after a meal. Nicotine intake can be controlled with this product. Highly recommend.”

10 / 10
Skeeter · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 26, 2019

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine): “Smoked cigs for 20 yrs and cigars for past 10 yrs. Until 2 months ago. Had tried to quit many times. My issue was breaking the habit. Last 2 month's several things have changed: I don't smell like smoke, I don't need to go outside to smoke, my smell and taste have returned. Saving money too. My ins covers the nicotrol inhaler ($408 per box). Sometimes the cartridge is empty or something is blocking air flow. The inhalor gave me headache first 4 weeks. Still dries my throat. Overall this inhaler has helped me quit. Getting to point cigar and cig smoke smell really bad and I no longer have a desire to smoke tobacco. Give it a try, once you are truly ready to quit.”

9 / 10
beancounter · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 21, 2019

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “I smoked for 40 years, finally decided it was time to quit. I followed the instructions, exactly, stepping down to a lighter patch as time went on. I had a really bad headache the first few days, but I powered through anyway. It's now been six months since I quit. This product works !”

10 / 10
Roxy March 24, 2019

Nicorette (nicotine): “$73 for 160 pieces of gum that causes hair loss, cavities, TMJ and all kinds of other long term health concerns? Do your research, the gum is very addictive, ridiculously expensive, and just another way for the nicotine industry to profit off your weaknesses.”

1 / 10
SNIC33 April 30, 2020

Nicorette (nicotine): “I smoked for 6 years having a pack and a day habit and quit using nicotine gum, but then got addicted. I chewed about 12-15 pieces a day. I tried many times to quit replacing it with regular gum, but went back on the nicotine gum. I have been recently diagnosed with a silent heart attack that was picked up by an EKG and was told that they don’t know when it happened. Subsequent tests indicate heart damage from my attack. I am convinced it is the gum and I have not chewed a piece since for a couple months. Now I have read research that nicotine with E cigarettes is causing heart risks and reading more about risks from the gum. My regular doctor and cardiologist say the gum and dosages I chewed caused no harm. I think it did and I bet we will find out soon from scientists how much harm pure nicotine will cause. Yes, I am irritable and depressed from giving up the gum, but I want to survive and get better so I am giving nicotine gum the boot.”

1 / 10
CJeanroy January 19, 2014

Nicorette (nicotine): “Have been an on and off smoker for more than 30 years. Just started with the lozenges. They work fantastic. I only take them when I feel a craving coming on. I do not need 1 every 1-2 hours. Definitely give these a try. I had started my commitment the first of the year ... cold turkey. I was really having terrible cravings. I didn't want to fail at this so I purchased the lozenges. They are just enough to keep me from buying that pack of cigarettes. Day 19 ... smoke free and have saved approximately $54.00 so far.”

10 / 10
BUY IT NOW 100% WORKED · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 3, 2015

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “100% effective with zero physical withdrawal, but some desires! I was a 2-3 pack a day smoker for 25 years! I had tried everything,but nothing worked for me, this was a last resort that I thank god I tried! This isn't magic, you will have the want to smoke feeling but nothing physical bc you are getting nicotine! They do not stick well at all, so save yourself some trouble by purchasing white "paper" tape in any first aid section of any store/pharmacy! Secure it to the patch as soon as you apply the patch and you will be great all day! I also recommend getting some mints! Whenever I decided I would like a butt, I popped a mint in! On week 5 now, with an easy transition to step 2! You have nothing to loose! My coughing has stopped 100%! Xo”

10 / 10
robertlewis May 5, 2011

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine): “I was a smoker for about 35 years smoking as much as 3 packs a day. Although there is no magic when it comes to quitting this product helped a great deal. The whole hand to mouth thing and it is like smoking without the smoke. With this and a lot of hard candy and determination I quit about 4 months ago. If I can do it, you can too.I am loving not spending 5-6 dollars a day on cigarettes.”

Anonymous January 19, 2018

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “After years, without success, of trying to quit smoking I used Nicoderm CQ step 1 (It worked) for the recommended time. After going to step 2 I ended up starting to smoke again. Several years later in the summer of 2016, I started over again with Nicorderm step 1, except this time I continued to use the step 1 patch only. I was going to quit even if I had to use the step 1 patch for the rest of my life. After approximately 6 months I stopped using the patch and have been smoke free for almost two years. Every now and then I have a craving for a cigarette, but the craving only last for a few minutes. I had smoked two to three packs a day for fifty years.”

10 / 10
D · Taken for less than 1 month February 6, 2020

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “This was the best investment I ever spent $45.00 step 1 14 patches .32years of smoking now 10 days non smoking and I feel great food. Oh my goodness food taste amazing. If you want to quit this is the best product on the market Thanks Nicoderm CQ.....”

10 / 10
Liza · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 3, 2019

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine): “I smoked for 47 years a pack to a pack and a half a day. On December 17, 2016 I quit smoking and started using Nicotrol Inhalers. I have not smoked a cigarette since. I have no desire to smoke but 2 years and 8 months later, I am still using the inhalers. Some time I feel guilty about it but my doctor says it's better than smoking cigarettes. I feel better than when I smoked cigarettes but I enjoy using these inhalers. They are expensive. I pay close to $200 a month but I think it's less than I paid for cigarettes. I do highly recommend the Nicotrol Inhalers because I feel like if I wanted to I could quit them. My friend totally quit with less than one box. I'm sure I will to if I ever decide too.”

10 / 10
John1984 August 15, 2010

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine): “I had been smoking for 9 years. I was extremely skeptical of ever quitting. My main problems were when I tried to go cold turkey my fuse became super short and I would have panic attacks but this inhaler has helped tremendously. I have been smoke free for 7 months now and I do need to say it has been the hardest thing I have ever accomplished.”

10 / 10
former smoker · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 12, 2016

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “I made it to the other side. I have been smoke free for two years. I tried again and again to quit, probably took about 10 times before it stuck. I did use the patch each time I quit, but I would always go to the bar, take the patch off and start my pack a day habit again. Smoke for a week, then buy more patches. You have to really want to quit to do it. I think the patch is great at keeping your nicotine cravings at bay while you learn to deal with the mental addiction of quitting. Do whatever it takes, and don't listen to those harpees who say that using a NRT is not really quitting.”

9 / 10
very itchy February 8, 2014

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “I smoked for 32 years and tried different times and products to help me stop but always failed. My doctor and I agreed for me to try the Nicoderm CQ patch and it's really helping me. I have no urges to smoke and am now on Day 8. The only thing I found out is that I have red swollen itchy skin where the patches were worn. Need to talk to the doctor but office is closed on the weekends. I'm thinking I could be allergic to them but don't want to stop them because they are working for me”

8 / 10
bobbijordan June 6, 2011

Nicorette (nicotine): “I smoked for almost 50 years. Started using the Nicorette minis 7 months ago. Have not had a cigarette since started using the minis. Tried patches, cold turkey, etc., but these really help. Like some of the other posters here, I seem to be hooked on the Nicorettes. Told my doctor but he didn't seem concerned, called the 800# on the insert for the Nicorettes and since they have not done studies for the FDA etc after the recommended 12 week period, they could not say if continued use was dangerous or not But would like to get off them too. However, do not want to start smoking again, so will just keep on using the minis. Wish me luck and same to all of you.”

9 / 10
Sixkracer · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 12, 2016

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “Using this product completely changed my life. I used nicoderm CQ exactly how it stated on the directions. I haven't smoked in 7 weeks. I knew I couldn't quit with out help and after reading all the reviews decided on the patch. I started by cutting back each week the amount of cigarettes I smoked. Finally I was down to one a day. I smoked one a day for 10 days on the 11th day I put on stage 1 of nicoderm CQ. I didn't like the patch on my arms so I put them on my thigh alternating each day. The cravings were less and less each day. I found that drinking ice water through a straw everytime I had a craving helped so much. It kept me hydrated (which eases the amount of cravings) and the straw acted like a cigarette with the sucking.”

10 / 10
skinnypoo · Taken for less than 1 month February 16, 2015

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine): “After being smoke free for almost 16 years, I started to smoke again. Six years went by and I was miserable most of the time being a smoker again. I have been using the patch for four days now, and it is working. I am really amazed, no cravings or major urges. If I get the urge it just lasts for a couple of minutes then I am good again. I smoked about 14 cigs a day and decided to start with Step 2. I will probably do Step 2 for about 4 weeks, then go to Step 3. I do not sleep with patch, but take it off right before I am ready to go to sleep, then just reapply in am. Takes about 10 minutes to start working. It feels a little funny at first, like burning or itching, then that goes away. Other than that I have had no other side affects.”

10 / 10
Johndoelost June 11, 2016

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine): “Patches always fell off and gum tastes like Tabasco mixed with ashes... but I tried nicotrol and made it 6 weeks and was fine... it was like not even trying and I smoked 1.5 to 2 packs for 18+ years. I also love how they know how smokers are so they have the case etc to make it easy and no stupid vape crap. I keep the 3rd month just in case but never touched it and ended up tossing it... The key is you want to quit and not others forcing you and YOU are ready then try this since it comes a month at a time and I spent 50 a month which was what a week used to be.. so no reason not to try since 2009 I been smoke free and I watch people who do want to quit struggle vaping and never quit. use this and save your lungs/money”

10 / 10
FS FROM PB November 19, 2009

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine): “Update - I have been using the inhaler and been smoke free for 4 months. The inhaler was very useful the 1st couple months in managing the hand to mouth habit. It does not have the same enjoyable sensation of taking a drag, but it is an adequate substitute. Although I never used the recommended dosage, for the last month I have only been using 2 to 3 cartridges a week and those are more in an attempt to prevent me from eating than a need for nicotine. One thing that has really been a benefit is the reduced stress of travel as I no longer need to worry about when I can have my next cigarette!”

8 / 10

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