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User Reviews for Nicotine

Also known as: Nicoderm CQ, Nicorette, Nicotrol Inhaler, Habitrol, Nicotrol NS, Commit, ProStep, Leader Nicotine Polacrilex, Nicorelief, Nicorette DS, Nicotrol TD

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Smoking Cessation
156 reviews 18 medications
Summary of Nicotine reviews 8.2 156 reviews

Reviews for Nicotine

Patry · Taken for less than 1 month August 18, 2019

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "the nicotrol inhaler has helped with not smoking, however, one out of 3 cartridges are empty. Expensive for such poor quality control."

Liza · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 3, 2019

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "I smoked for 47 years a pack to a pack and a half a day. On December 17, 2016 I quit smoking and started using Nicotrol Inhalers. I have not smoked a cigarette since. I have no desire to smoke but 2 years and 8 months later, I am still using the inhalers. Some time I feel guilty about it but my doctor says it's better than smoking cigarettes. I feel better than when I smoked cigarettes but I enjoy using these inhalers. They are expensive. I pay close to $200 a month but I think it's less than I paid for cigarettes. I do highly recommend the Nicotrol Inhalers because I feel like if I wanted to I could quit them. My friend totally quit with less than one box. I'm sure I will to if I ever decide too."

Kngomez August 1, 2019

Habitrol (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "I've used other patches, estrogen, fentanyl. I also took care of my father an put nitro patches on him. I've NEVER had a problem till now. These patches constantly fall off. After putting 3 on I gave up. PLEASE don't waste your $$$ on these habitrol patches buy nicoderm they stay on GREAT!"

Toby · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 26, 2019

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "I swapped one addition for another, call that a success? How do I quit Nicorette Lozenges /colddrops?"

The Wide Camel · Taken for 10 years or more July 8, 2019

Nicotrol NS (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "I have no illusions about this stuff; it is somewhat marginal to say it is better than cigarettes. However, for me Nicotrol has been and continues to be better than cigarettes. I'm not sorry that 15 years ago, a PA in a major-university-hospital smoking cessation program told me about Nicotrol NS as part of the initial protocols available. It does only provide a short physical affect but it delivers it very very quickly, so for that reason for than anything, is why Nicotrol works for me!"

Jacqui · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 26, 2019

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "Hi I'm using Nicotrol patches and the inhaler. I've not had a cigarette in over 4 weeks now. Actually 4weeks, yesterday! I feel great, I'm concerned that I'll find it hard to come off these, but, for now it's been great for me. I'd actually been a marijuana smoker too, which was worse, I've quit everything due to, well with the help from, these patches and inhalers. I have an issue with my cartridges though, there seems to be one out of each 4 cartridges that don't seem to have any flavour like the others, where can I make a complaint? ."

Jean June 24, 2019

For Smoking Cessation: "The Walmart brand (equate) patches are much less expensive and work just as well"

Roxy March 24, 2019

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "$73 for 160 pieces of gum that causes hair loss, cavities, TMJ and all kinds of other long term health concerns? Do your research, the gum is very addictive, ridiculously expensive, and just another way for the nicotine industry to profit off your weaknesses."

Joey February 19, 2019

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "Be careful of this product especially the lozenges It cause liver damage , skin patches and mark . They should take them of the market."

Bert · Taken for less than 1 month January 14, 2019

Nicorelief (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "So far so good it’s been working for me to stay away from smoking"

R · Taken for less than 1 month January 4, 2019

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "Today is day 14 of not smoking. I had started when I was 13 years old. I am now 31. 18 years at a pack a day. I I was so sick of smoking. I started with the patch and gum. I was allergic to the patch but the gum has worked wonders. I chew probably six pieces a day depending on the day at 4mg a piece. It does upset your stomach and parking it (in your cheek - you will know what I am talking about it you chew the gum) is hard for me but I am at least not smoking. I do want to release this habit as well, as I know the nicotine is still bad for our body and keeps us in a state of withdrawal. For the mean time I am thankful for the gum. Stay strong! It's always good to remember why we quit"

Crissy · Taken for less than 1 month October 6, 2018

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "I asked my doctor if I could use the patch with my other medications before starting step1. I am doing great with it and it's no longer cravings. It's triggers of driving or after eating and first thing in the morning. I keep lollipops in car and purse and changed up my routine in the morning and after eating. I smoked 35 years and now have two small grandsons that I want to spoil and see graduate. If this Grandma can do it with Nicoderm CQ anyone can."

WildNoseHair · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 10, 2018

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "Great product only the lozenge container is of a poor design. Sometimes you have to shake the thing several times just to get one lozenge out. Frankly it's quicker to pull out a cigarette."

Anon · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 10, 2018

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "For an honest review, I'll admit that I haven't tried too many things. Gum, patches, and vaping being the only things I've tried; but I think this gum is actually pretty good. I bought off brand stuff years ago and compared to this; it tasted awful and the texture of the gum was really soft. This tastes like real gum (for about 30 seconds) but the consistency is on par with your juicy fruit. I haven't dipped or smoked in a long time, but I do still use the gum. I think eventually I'll switch to just regular gum on schedule. It does its job but only if you allow it to. Best of luck"

FLAFRANK · Taken for 5 to 10 years August 5, 2018

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "Started smoking at 14, graduated to at least 2 packs a day, in 2007 had my first stent, since then several. What nobody told us was that you can lose your teeth, feet or limbs. Had 5 roto-router procedures on 1 leg, the pain is the most excruciating I have ever experienced. Begged for God to take my life 1st time it hit me. I swore I would never smoke again but quit 5 years ago next month and still crave nicotine, smoked 63 years. Wish there was something less expensive than Nicorette as it is very expensive. I do question the quality of each piece, some taste like no nicotine and others ok."

Bonnie · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 1, 2018

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "It has been working well to quit smoking but the tube needs a redesign I have scraped the top of thumb so many times, cannot open as directed"

Vic · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 26, 2018

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "The product helped me quit so that was great. My problem was with the actual product quality control. This is a very expensive drug so you hope that quality control is great. It isn't. So far 2 boxes on 2 separate prescription had about 1/2 of the cartridges that didn't work. I put it in the cartridge and nothing. You can tell right away because the medication has a strong menthol flavor. When I inhaled the medication, there was nothing. Even after strong sucking, nothing. I contacted the company and they didn't respond! Horrible customer service. Since this is the only brand available in USA you are stuck. I'm very disappointed!"

SueBear · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 24, 2018

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "I just want to say thanks for the nicoderm patch. I smoked for 44 years and it's been six months since my last cigarette, if it wasn't for the patch I don't believe I could have quit. I know I will never have another cigarette because I sure don't want to quit twice. The patch wasn't magic but along with willpower and determination the patch made a huge difference and it was my time to quit. I did find that I couldn't sleep with it on as the dreams were too much for me so I didn't wear it at night. 5 weeks was all I needed and I can honestly say that I am a non-smoker! Thanks so very much Nicoderm."

Pat July 8, 2018

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "After I started using the nicotrol inhaler I lost my sense of smell and most of my taste buds , has this happen to anyone else after using it ? I have been off cigarettes for 3 months now and no relapse so far ."

pk · Taken for less than 1 month July 5, 2018

Nicotrol Inhaler (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "so I am 52 years old playing field hockey and felt something was a bit off, had an achey arm and short of breath I left the game and sat on the bench to see if things got better, had another run on the field and I had a feeling something was up, my son was with me and the last thing I wanted was to collapze or faint or something in front of him. So we left and I drove to a/e you know just incase ! turned out I had a nstemi heart attacked (the type when your vitals and ECG are normal but blood test eventually show troponin levels mine was low 92 but a heart attack is a heart attack so they told me, anyway 3 days later I leave hospital with 2 stents in my arteries and a nicorette inhaler in my pocket, they work well but I had also been given a major reason to quit which also works very well, its been 3 weeks since no smokes and average 2-3 caps of nicorettes, they work good but it's time to free myself of nicotine."

Sam · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 1, 2018

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "Proper and consistent adhesion needs to become priority . 25 minute ordeal of wiping..drying...using alcohol swab...applying patch(es)...cutting fabric tape not even sold in pharmacies (given by friend a long time ago) running low on said tape...applying tape...noticing throughout day that sections of patch no longer touching skin. Dreams at night seem real and last long time. Not well rested next day even after long sleep."

Shanon · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 8, 2018

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "This works good only when the patch stays on. I found the clear patches don't stay on like the tan ones do. I'm having a hard time finding the tan ones anymore did they discontinue them? The clear patches continually fall off. The adhesion is not near as good. I had to switch brands to Life brand because they have the tan ones and the adhesion is great."

Jessica S. · Taken for less than 1 month May 2, 2018

Nicoderm CQ (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "I smoked for 10 years pack a day, and didn’t think that I can quit. I used patches Step 1 for only 9 days, on 10th and 11th day I had side effects (such as dizziness), so I didn’t use them for 2 days. I was thinking to buy Step 2, but I realized that I don’t need it anymore. I don’t smoke more than 1 year. Recommend it for 100%!!!"

WildNoseHair · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 13, 2018

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "I have been using the Nicorette lozenges for a while now and they do work in easing the cravings and keeping me off the darts. I do wish however that they would make the plastic container more user friendly. The container's design makes it hard for the lozenges to come out. It's very frustrating. Easier to reach for a cigarette."

Leo · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 3, 2018

Nicorette (nicotine) for Smoking Cessation: "I have been an "on and off" smoker for 10 years. I quit for a long time, but due to a speedbump in life I started back. I'm a closet smoker, but it was affecting my social life and all. Smokers breath, house and car smelling like smoke. I had to have one. I started chewing the Nicorette Gum(4mg). It is working wonders already! I also changed my lifestyle. Eating healthy, drinking more water, exercising, and trying to avoid triggers. I will win this fight. I never in my life thought I would be smoking cigarettes, but I'm going to take my life back from these things before they really kill me."


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