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User Reviews for Multivitamin (Page 4)

Also known as: Daflon, Metanx, Neurobion, Rena-Vite, Theragran, Vitamin B Complex 100, Folbic, Estroven, Nephro-Vite, Vitamins, Nephrocaps, B Complex 100, Rheumate, Cerefolin, Folbee, Renal Caps, Cod Liver Oil, Cerefolin NAC, Lipoflavonoid, Triphrocaps, Folinic-Plus, PoDiaPN, Foltx, Foltanx, Super B Complex, Thera, Biotin Forte, MVI Adult, Berocca, Metafolbic Plus, Thera-Tabs, Tab-A-Vite, B Complex 50, Infuvite, Vitamin Daily Liquid, Vitamin B Compound Strong, Nephronex, Omega Q Plus, Poly-Vi-Sol, Daily Multiple Vitamins, Cod Liver Oil Mint, Folic Acid XTRA, DEKAs Essential, Apetigen, Vitamin A, D, K2 Plus D3, Topfit Vitamin B Complex, Essentiale, FaBB, Zyvit, Nufola, Xyzbac, Folplex 2.2, Ivites Rx, Protegra, Childrens Chewable Multivitamins, Unicap Capsule, Lysiplex, Chewable-Vite, Flintstones Multivitamins, Folika-T, Vitamin B-100, Theravite, High Potency B Complex with B12 and C, Super B-50, Stress Formula, One Tab Daily, Scotts Emulsion, Prostate 2.4, MTX Support, Cardiotek, Fletanol, One-A-Day 50+, Metafolbic Plus RF, Apetex, Virt-Gard, L-Methyl-MC, Folbee Plus, L-Methyl-B6-B12, Vitamin A and D Concentrate, Foltrate, Folbalin, Folgard RX, B-Complex with B-12, Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies, Genicin Vita-Q, Foltanx RF, Renal Vitamin, Nephplex Rx, Metafolbic, Virt-Caps, B-Plex Plus, Therems, Allbee-C 800, Multi Vitamin+, Daily Vite, Superplex-T, Reno Caps, Balanced B-100, B-Stress, B-Scorbic, Bee with C, Balanced B-50, Nat-Rul B-125, Balanced B-150, Unicap Jr, Vitacirc-B, Unicap, Optilets-500, Super Plenamins, Vitamins for Hair, One-A-Day Essentials, Essential Balance, Vi-Daylin Chewable, Folast, Enfolast, Sunkist Child Chewable with C, Enfolast-N, Sunkist Child Chewable, Poly-Vi-Sol Chewable, Neurpath-B, Fruity Chew, Triphro, Poly-Vit Chew, Vita-Respa, Bugs Bunny with Extra C, Flintstones with C Multivitamins, Geravine, Bounty Bear Vitamins, Garfield Vitamins, Vi-Daylin Drops, Poly-Vi-Sol Drops, Baby Vitamin Drop, Vita Drop, Poly Vit Drops, MVC SDV, Glutofac, Allbee-C, Vitabee with C, Stress B with C, High Potency B+C, Av-VITE FB, Farbee with C, Mynephron, Surbex with C, Renatabs, Tri-Vitamin, Surbex, Vitamin B-50, D-400 international units, Vitamin B-100 T/R, Hexavitamin, Celebrate B-12, Kenwood Therapeutic, Thera-Plus, Oncovite, Glycogenics, Beminal-500, Super B-100 TD, Tri-Vit Drops, Flintstones Toddler, Vitamin C, E, and Rose Hips, Stress Formula 600, Tri-Vit, Mega B, Apatate, T-Vites, L-methylfolate Ca, Me-Cbl NAC, Hylavite, High B Complex, L-methylfolate Ca, P-5-P, Me-Cbl, Theragenerix, Cernevit, Beminal, Beminal with C Fortis, Full Spectrum B with C, Bugs Bunny Multiple Vitamins, Allbee with C, Prevital, Surbex Filmtab, Tender Age Vitamin ADC, Folgard Rx 2.2, Cernevit-12, SeroSyn, Infuvite Pediatric, Diatx, Thex Forte, Dosoquin, Protegra Cardio, Virt-Vite Plus, Rena-Vite Rx, Renaphro, Dialyvite Rx, Folastin, Levomefolate Calcium-Algal Powder, VP-Vite Rx, Vesselvite, Folcaps, Combgen, Unichem Multivitamin, Topfit Vitamin B Complex Forte, Health Aid Multivitamin, AllanTex, Jetepar, One Daily Multi-Essential, Centrum 8400, Larobec, Cardiotek Rx, Folbalin Plus, Dialyvite 800, Multi-Delyn, Multi Vits with Beta Carotene, Foleve Plus, Foltabs 800, Folnate, Folnate Plus, Foleve, Folamin, DexFol, One-A-Day Men's Health Formula, Equaline One Daily Essential, Menopause Relief with Lifenol, Daily-Vite Men's Formula, Av-VITE FB Forte, Folmor, Zycose, Vigomar Forte, Allbee Plus, Vimar, Triveen-CF, B 100 Complex, Vol-Care Rx, Folika-V, Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails, Genicin Vita-S, Tobakient, Folbic RF, Total B with C, Methaver, GNC Women's Hair, Skin & Nails Formula, Folbee AR, NuFol, Co-Veratrol, Mebolex, Methazel, Mebolic, Dyzbac, Mynephrocaps, Acnepril, Super Theravite-M, Primaplex, Becomject-100, Poly-Vita Drops, MVI-12, B-Ject 100, L-Methyl-MC NAC, Therobec, B-Plex, Formula B, Vitaplex, Tri-Vi-Sol, TL Gard, Vi-Daylin ADC, Nephro-Vite Rx, Lipogen, Nephrocaps QT, Virt-Vite, Lipotriad, Virt-Vite Forte, Stress-600, Cholinoid, Tri-Vita Drops, Liponol, Bee-Comp with C, Cholidase, Vita-Plus G, Rovin-CF, Cota-B-Plex, Neurodep, Neuroforte-Six, MVI Pediatric, Nephrolan Rx, Zymacap, Vi-Daylin, Dayalets, Sigtab, StressTabs, Cefol, B-Complex SR, Wellesse Sugar Free Childrens Multivitamin Gummies, Alz-Nac, Sesame St Vitamins with Extra C, Surbex-T, Male Formula, Vi-Stress, T-BMP, Animal Shape Vitamins, B-50 Complex, Niva-Fol …show all brand names

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Dietary Supplementation
87 reviews 605 medications
HyperhomocysteinemiaNot rated - Add rating1 review 61 medications
Summary of Multivitamin reviews 5.6 88 reviews

Reviews for Multivitamin

What up March 30, 2015

Vitamin B Complex 100 (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Work good"

dons hardware · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 20, 2015

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "My peripheral neuropathy made my feet become so heavy that I could not move them. Since starting on Metanex I have experienced a wonderful relief of my symptoms. I no longer have to use my Walker and my foot heaviness has all but disappeared. I experienced this improvement in less than two weeks on the medication."

Astroraider · Taken for 2 to 5 years December 8, 2014

Super B Complex (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Nature Made Super B-Complex Dietary Supplement With Vitamin C & Folic Acid....I'm taking it for vitamin B sufficiency. No Aftertaste/heartburn/gas. One in the morning and my concentration and energy level is much improved."

sister 2 September 20, 2014

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I've been on Metanx for 5 years since my podiatrist prescribed it. No pain at all anymore In my feet and calfs."

Bobbowhale · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 25, 2014

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I am 79. About 2 years ago, I had a hard time going to sleep, because of burning, bee-stinging type pain in my feet (peripheral neuropathy in feet), plus calf cramps. Within about 3 weeks from start of Metanx, no more pain, nor cramps. Works great. I only take 1 cap/day. No side effects that I know of."

JB1965 · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 10, 2014

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I have been on Metanx for almost 4 yrs. I do not have diabetic neuropathy, I started having foot and leg pain after back surgery, which I was told was nerve damage due to the pressure on my disc. I have found relief from this supplement especially at night when the leg and foot pain is the worst. If I have had a active day on my feet doing my dog sport that I love "Agility" the pain will start by late afternoon and sometimes I will not get the relief I would like but, I can't really say if it is from over doing? I have stopped it for a month at times to see if it really did help and I found it did. I am now watching my sugar intake, eating less processed foods hoping this will help."

Bobby Joe March 10, 2014

Cerefolin NAC (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Best medicine ever"

Wendy Sue January 21, 2014

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I have taken Metanx for about 7 years. My podiatrist prescribed it, but when I had a knee replaced, I asked every one at hospital about interaction..should I stop taking it before surgery (and since you get blood thinners in hospital and after coming home for 21 days) no one KNEW except an anesthesiologist..who said it was also prescribed by cardiologist. It is now also being seen as a help in dementia/altheimezer patients. It is great for the neuropathy, but it also lowered my blood pressure, and lowers my body temperature as well..i feel cooler when I take it..don't know why, but it effect me that way."

Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 11, 2013

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I have been on Metanx for over 1 yr-started due to fibromyalgia and lack of energy. The difference was amazing. Insurance use to cover it at $50/month but recently went up to $120/month causing me to have to drop using it. Great medicine to help with energy and muscle pains too!"

Cinzyw · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 27, 2012

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Suffered for three years with muscle/large and small bone pain, fatigue, and a feeling of deep depression and weakness. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Went to endocrinologist because of concern over glucose intolerance. He listened to my three year history of failed attempts to diagnose, thousands of $$$ spent, etc. He prescribed the then two month old Metanax. I was 47 at the time but felt 65 with a threat of forced retirement. Within one month my pain was fading. I have Been pain free ever since and the medicine also has given me the energy of a 30 year old WITH no side effects. I still thank him every six months during my check up! "

passionplay October 26, 2011

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I take Mentanx for diabetic neuropathy and it has been wonderful for the pain and the feeling like my feet are in fire. It didn't help with the deep itching in my foot. My Doctor ended up giving me Lyrica for that."

gwu76 June 26, 2011

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Some medical conditions may interact with Metanx. Metanx is contraindicated if you have anemia. "

chips1930 December 22, 2010

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I have been on METANX for diabetic neuropathy (and I am anemic) and now my energy level has been greatly diminished."

mjhilge October 6, 2009

B Complex 100 (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "When I take the B Complex vitamin, I don't feel like I need my Valium."