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User Reviews for Multivitamin

Also known as: Daflon, Metanx, Neurobion, Rena-Vite, Estroven, Folbic, Nephrocaps, Vitamin B Complex 100, Renal Caps, Vitamins, B Complex 100, Cerefolin, Theragran, Folbee, MVI Adult, Folinic-Plus, Cod Liver Oil, Nephro-Vite, Thera, Rheumate, PoDiaPN, Foltanx, Lipoflavonoid, Cerefolin NAC, Renal Vitamin, Berocca, Poly-Vi-Sol, Triphrocaps, B Complex 50, Infuvite, Biotin Forte, Foltx, Metafolbic Plus, Thera-Tabs, Daily Multiple Vitamins, Folic Acid XTRA, Tab-A-Vite, Lysiplex, Neurpath-B, Super B Complex, DEKAs Essential, Apetigen, Prostate 2.4, MTX Support, Vitamin Daily Liquid, Levomefolate Calcium-Algal Powder, Folbee Plus, Vitamin B Compound Strong, Nephronex, Xyzbac, Folplex 2.2, Virt-Caps, Daily Vite, Cod Liver Oil Mint, Childrens Chewable Multivitamins, Enfolast, Folika-T, High Potency B Complex with B12 and C, Stress Formula, One Tab Daily, Scotts Emulsion, Cardiotek, One-A-Day 50+, Metafolbic Plus RF, Dosoquin, K2 Plus D3, Rena-Vite Rx, L-Methyl-MC, Topfit Vitamin B Complex, Essentiale, Vitamin A and D Concentrate, Folbalin, Folgard RX, Hair, Skin, & Nails Gummies, FaBB, Zyvit, Mebolex, Mynephrocaps, Nufola, Omega Q Plus, Primaplex, Nephplex Rx, Metafolbic, Nephro-Vite Rx, Lipotriad, Ivites Rx, Zymacap, Therems, Allbee-C 800, Multi Vitamin+, Protegra, Balanced B-100, B-Stress, B-Scorbic, Bee with C, Balanced B-50, Nat-Rul B-125, Balanced B-150, Unicap Capsule, Unicap Jr, Vitacirc-B, Unicap, Optilets-500, Super Plenamins, Vitamins for Hair, One-A-Day Essentials, Essential Balance, Vi-Daylin Chewable, Folast, Sunkist Child Chewable with C, Enfolast-N, Sunkist Child Chewable, Poly-Vi-Sol Chewable, Fruity Chew, Triphro, Poly-Vit Chew, Vita-Respa, Chewable-Vite, Flintstones Multivitamins, Bugs Bunny with Extra C, Flintstones with C Multivitamins, Geravine, Bounty Bear Vitamins, Garfield Vitamins, Vi-Daylin Drops, Poly-Vi-Sol Drops, Baby Vitamin Drop, Vita Drop, Poly Vit Drops, MVC SDV, Glutofac, Allbee-C, Vitabee with C, Stress B with C, High Potency B+C, Av-VITE FB, Farbee with C, Mynephron, Surbex with C, Renatabs, Tri-Vitamin, Surbex, Vitamin B-50, Vitamin B-100, D-400 international units, Vitamin B-100 T/R, Hexavitamin, Celebrate B-12, Kenwood Therapeutic, Theravite, Thera-Plus, Oncovite, Glycogenics, Beminal-500, Super B-50, Super B-100 TD, Tri-Vit Drops, Flintstones Toddler, Vitamin C, E, and Rose Hips, Stress Formula 600, Tri-Vit, Mega B, Apatate, T-Vites, L-methylfolate Ca, Me-Cbl NAC, Hylavite, High B Complex, L-methylfolate Ca, P-5-P, Me-Cbl, Theragenerix, Cernevit, Beminal, Beminal with C Fortis, Full Spectrum B with C, Bugs Bunny Multiple Vitamins, Fletanol, Allbee with C, Prevital, Surbex Filmtab, Tender Age Vitamin ADC, Folgard Rx 2.2, Cernevit-12, SeroSyn, Infuvite Pediatric, Diatx, Vitamin A, D, Thex Forte, Protegra Cardio, Virt-Vite Plus, Renaphro, Apetex, Virt-Gard, Dialyvite Rx, Folastin, VP-Vite Rx, Vesselvite, Folcaps, Combgen, Unichem Multivitamin, Topfit Vitamin B Complex Forte, L-Methyl-B6-B12, Health Aid Multivitamin, AllanTex, Jetepar, One Daily Multi-Essential, Centrum 8400, Larobec, Foltrate, Cardiotek Rx, Folbalin Plus, Dialyvite 800, Multi-Delyn, Multi Vits with Beta Carotene, Foleve Plus, Foltabs 800, Folnate, Folnate Plus, B-Complex with B-12, Foleve, Folamin, DexFol, One-A-Day Men's Health Formula, Equaline One Daily Essential, Menopause Relief with Lifenol, Daily-Vite Men's Formula, Av-VITE FB Forte, Folmor, Zycose, Vigomar Forte, Allbee Plus, Vimar, Triveen-CF, B 100 Complex, Vol-Care Rx, Folika-V, Genicin Vita-Q, Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails, Genicin Vita-S, Tobakient, Folbic RF, Foltanx RF, Total B with C, Methaver, GNC Women's Hair, Skin & Nails Formula, Folbee AR, NuFol, Co-Veratrol, Methazel, Mebolic, Dyzbac, Acnepril, Super Theravite-M, Becomject-100, Poly-Vita Drops, MVI-12, B-Ject 100, L-Methyl-MC NAC, Therobec, B-Plex, Formula B, Vitaplex, Tri-Vi-Sol, TL Gard, Vi-Daylin ADC, Lipogen, Nephrocaps QT, Virt-Vite, Virt-Vite Forte, Stress-600, Cholinoid, Tri-Vita Drops, Liponol, Bee-Comp with C, Cholidase, Vita-Plus G, Rovin-CF, Cota-B-Plex, Neurodep, Neuroforte-Six, MVI Pediatric, B-Plex Plus, Nephrolan Rx, Vi-Daylin, Dayalets, Sigtab, StressTabs, Cefol, B-Complex SR, Wellesse Sugar Free Childrens Multivitamin Gummies, Alz-Nac, Sesame St Vitamins with Extra C, Surbex-T, Male Formula, Superplex-T, Vi-Stress, T-BMP, Reno Caps, Animal Shape Vitamins, B-50 Complex, Niva-Fol …show all brand names

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Dietary Supplementation
90 reviews 607 medications
HyperhomocysteinemiaNot rated - Add rating1 review 61 medications
Summary of Multivitamin reviews 5.6 91 reviews

Reviews for Multivitamin

Jada · Taken for less than 1 month August 1, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I started using this product almost a month now. My hair was really thin and I had numerous bald patches. It's even worst now since using. I have lost a lot more of my hair this time worst, constant itching everywhere none stop. My scalp now have sores and it's terribly damaged worst than before. I drink more water than 8 glasses of water per day. So disappointed and embarrassed of how my hair looks now."

Sp July 31, 2019

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: " grateful that the nightly pain and feet and toe numbness are diminishing. I thought I would have to live with this pain forever. I am 57 yrs old and trying to avoid opiates had tried homeopathic remedies including cbd topical oil and Advil PM when I could not stand the pain anymore. Now, going on 2 months of taking 2 capsules a day I have more feeling in my feet and less balance issues and the toe numbness almost all gone. No side effects Well worth the $50 a month. Finally something that works."

Christo0pher0 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 29, 2019

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Can't swear it's working but I think it is. Only been on it a little over a month but after having this pain for two years I can gauge today that it's about 30% better, the pain anyway, I still have numbness and cramping when in bed and it still feels like the bones in my feet are broken but it's just not as harsh. I have wasted so much time and money on shots, boots, orthotics, Gabapentin, RA meds......why not try this then. I did just get diagnosed with diabetes. So I'm googling everything about Medical Food, clinicals, reviews and adding my experience just in case it will help someone decide to try it/or not for a little while to see. Hope you all get relief one way or another, Good Luck!"

Nessa · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 19, 2019

Lipoflavonoid (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I have been using this Lipoflavonoid product for over two years and it has significantly helped my tinnitus. If I don't take it I start to hear the ringing. It must be taken as directed for the time frames as directed or it will not work."

Prerna · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 16, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I had bought 2 bottles of this supplement. I took just one a day instead of recommended dosage of 3/day. I'm glad I did that because with just 1 pill, I felt severe headache. I still finished both the bottles and then I started getting papitations, chest pain, dizziness. This remained for months and months. Never taking this supplement at any cost. I'd rather drink coconut water to lengthen my hair."

Roxx65 · Taken for less than 1 month July 2, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I had a horrific reaction to this vitamin. My eyes became very dry and within 3 days they were swollen shut !! So bad that I couldn’t eve drive!! The excessive swelling has caused terrible dryness of my eyelids and underneath which has consequently caused terrible wrinkles !! I’ve seriously aged 10 years because of thus vitamin and the horrible side effects it’s caused. Take with extreme caution"

Winkcc · Taken for less than 1 month June 24, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "My daughter first bought this product and it worked fine for her so I decided to try it too. I too took 2 gummy pills and 10 minutes later I felt like I had no energy at all. I thought my heart beat was slowing down and it really scared me. So my daughter said "no mom it can't be the gummies", so the next day I tried it again and the same thing happened again. It was like my body didn't have any energy at all, I started to call the ambulance but then it went away after 6 minutes. Never use this product again!!!"

thewrightone · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 30, 2019

Lipoflavonoid (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I actually found this product quite effective. I have a hard time sleeping at night and this product contains melatonin to help me stay asleep. The ear ringing has gone down a dramatic amount and I feel this product has helped. I wish there was a complete cure, but for sure from the position that I was in, in comparison to how I am feeling now, I must say that I am better by leaps and bounds."

KT · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 21, 2019

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I have neuropathy in both my feet and have suffered for many years without finding anything that helps. I have been on Metanx for a month and a half and notice a huge difference after taking this medicine. I will say for the first month my feet got worse however I just kept taking the meds daily and have now noticed a huge change. I can’t rave enough about Metanx and will for sure refer people to try it."

Elle · Taken for less than 1 month May 13, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I saw that this product was on sale at my local grocery store and I bought it because I wanted my hair and skin get healthy. The bottle said to take 3 pills a day for adults. I chose to take only 2 as I thought that 3 pills were excessive. After the first day, I noticed small bumps on my arms, very itchy bumps. For 4 days, I've been taking this supplement, and the itchy bumps kept increasing all over my arms. I stopped taking it after the 5th day. I'm going to let my body detox this product out of my system because I never break out in any form of hives and such. Worst supplement ever. Should be removed out of the shelves if so many people are experiencing the same symptoms."

Sissy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 30, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I'm on this for skin, hair and nails. Was wondering why I was getting a rash like eczema. I'm stopping them. I will let you know if rash goes away..on my right finger and left."

Newt · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 22, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "My hair is long and thick after using this product for 6 months. I was bald now my hair is shoulder length and unmanageable. I love it!"

Gypsy · Taken for less than 1 month April 11, 2019

Estroven (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Has given me diarrhea and a itchy rash on my upper neck so makes me feel worse"

Lisah · Taken for less than 1 month April 3, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Worst supplement I've ever taken! It made me break out in hives all over my body. Never again. Horrible horrible product do not take!"

JC March 14, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Nature's bounty hair skin and nails did nothing for my hair and nails. It made me very bloated as well and I thought it was because I wasn't dieting enough, it kept my stomach big and juicy! On top of that it made my throat tight and feeling swollen every time I took it. Something told me to look online and I found the same reaction from many other people. Stay away from these vitamins!!! I just tossed a huge container in the trash where they belong!"

Debra · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 5, 2019

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I began chemotherapy with mild diabetic neuropathy (felt like I was walking on little plastic bags where I had little feeling but no real pain. I then had a "hand and foot" reaction to Taxotere. My hands blistered and peeled and fingernails broke off below the quick but it cleared up in about 1 year. My diabetic neuropathy became much worse with initial redness and some blistering that resolved in a few weeks but my feet became so sore I can hardly walk some days and I am a year and a half out of chemo. It looks like I now "own" this pain. I must use a cane and am especially careful on stairs as I do not always know where my feet are. I take Neurontin, Cymbalta, and Metanx. I can really tell if I skip a dose of any of these meds as my feet get much more sore immediately. I have been taking the Metanx the longest and am convinced it has helped me a lot."

BB · Taken for less than 1 month January 29, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I started taking this as a multi vitamin and to help with my skin. Been consistent for a few days now and have started noticing tightness and swelling of my throat, as well as a severe headache. Symptoms have gotten progressively worse, and then I remembered this vitamin I had been taking. These are going in the trash and I will not recommend to anyone."

Anonymous January 27, 2019

StressTabs (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Vitamin B spectrum very effective against nervousness/anxiety and to process proteins and are essential for many bodily processes. Safe and effective with basic fundamental vitamins. No extra iron or Vitamin A (both of which in excess can be dangerous). You can buy the one with extra iron (if you need it), copper, or zinc. I am postmenopausal and buy the one with zinc for extra protection from colds and flu. I take my minerals separately (magnesium, potassium, multi mineral) but not daily, maybe 2-3 times a week depending upon my diet and food sources."

MuzMuz January 22, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I've been taking these vitamins and had zero problems except a stomach ache but that was my own fault because the directions CLEARLY state take with a meal. As long as I eat and drink the amount of water adult humans are recommended to drink to stay hydrated and ensure that my body properly flushes the vitamin and carries the nutrients where they need to go I'm fine. My nails have been a lot stronger and grow faster, I haven't noticed much change in my hair yet but I also have very curly hair and we are show-ers not growers so its hard to tell."

Val January 17, 2019

Super Plenamins (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I have been taking Rexall Super Plenamins Plus many, many years. I feel better almost immediately. If I go off and try something else immediately go back to Rexall Super Plenamins Plus. I do this because with other Vitamins and Minerals I start to drag through my day. I moved 55 miles North and don't know where to find that sells Rexall vitamins. Hence why I'm on this computer site. Thanks"

Trace · Taken for less than 1 month January 11, 2019

For Dietary Supplementation: "Started taking a generic multivitamin (adults 50+). At the same time I started a hair/skin/nails supplement with biotin. I experienced a dizziness I never had before. Nystagmus too which was very alarming. Stopped the supplements and it seemed to get better. Thought it was a fluke and started taking the multivitamin solo. Dizziness is back but not nearly as bad. No nystagmus."

Texan · Taken for less than 1 month January 11, 2019

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I used the gel caps and my hair grew great and no side effects. I bought he tablets and had severe reaction, rapid heart rate, very high blood pressure, and feeling of passing out, no hair improvement. I thought I was going to have a stroke and I do not have high blood pressure."

ellie · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 2, 2019

Metanx (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "I have some diabetic neuropathy in my feet and was prescribed metanx by a podiatrist. It helped my feet a lot and, more importantly, fixed my low back pain. I have taken in for 9 months, but probably will have to stop. It has started making me extremely irritable and anxious. I stopped it a few days, and these symptoms did not occur. Then I tried taking it again, and about 30 minutes later am extremely agitated. I googled this and see B12 can cause this. I sure hate this, because it really helped my back."

T · Taken for less than 1 month December 20, 2018

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. I wish I had read reviews before purchasing the gummies, I am currently covered in hives and a crazy skin rash, on my torso region. I had metallic taste in my mouth (I thought I was pregnant) and crazy diarrhea, was always frequenting the bathroom. I have stopped taking them and I am hopefully praying the rash on my chest clears."

kB · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 16, 2018

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin & Nails (multivitamin) for Dietary Supplementation: "Did they work? Yes. My nails and hair were flourishing. But! I had a horrible reaction to them. Severe itching all over my body. Started with my legs. Went on for months bc I didn’t think I could allergic to a vitamin. Went to a dermatologist and everything and got diagnosed with Atopic Dermatitis. I’ve cut them out after finally getting the brains to read the reviews after a friend said she got bad acne from them. So I’m now waiting for them to get out of my system and weening myself off the itchy allergy meds I’m on. Hope it doesn’t take long!"