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User Reviews for Keppra to treat Seizures

Keppra has an average rating of 5.9 out of 10 from a total of 133 ratings for the treatment of Seizures. 41% of those users who reviewed Keppra reported a positive effect, while 30% reported a negative effect.

Keppra Rating Summary

5.9/10 average rating

133 ratings from 146 user reviews.

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Reviews for Keppra

Cleo March 18, 2021

“Seven years ago my neurologist put me on Keppra because nothing else had worked to date in controlling my seizures. I gained 100 lbs in a year and had anger blowups. I would not give this drug to an enemy.”

1 / 10
Winniw · Taken for less than 1 month March 16, 2021

“This drug is horrific and should not exist and any doctors who prescribe it/refuse to take their patients off of it when asked are just awful. My mum was put on this and within 2-3 days of starting it she went from being a happy relaxed person to having multiple panic attacks a day which continued in severity as the longer the drug was in her system, she also started having very negative thoughts eventually resulting in her giving up her will to fight her underlying disease (which she was actually improving a lot). She passed away 3.5 weeks after starting keppra.”

1 / 10
J · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 8, 2021

“23 year old male, 6'1, 155 lbs. Never had any health issues other than ADHD (diagnosed at age 15) and 2 myoclonic seizures which I just only recently experienced. I underwent a battery of tests (CT, ECG, X-rays, bloodwork, etc.). All of my tests came back completely normal, save for slightly elevated blood pressure. I was put on Keppra 1000 mg, twice daily, as a result. I read up on how nasty the side effects allegedly were, but I found my personal experience with them quite underwhelming in comparison. Symptoms are definitely present though, chiefly gastrointestinal discomfort, irritability, restlessness, and feeling "spaced out". My most concerning symptom is that it has made it quite difficult to find things genuinely enjoyable like I used to. The best way that I can describe it is that it makes me feel robotic. Symptoms are obnoxious, yet manageable with some effort and patience. For seizures, I have not had any recurring episodes since being on it, so I can't say it's ineffective.”

7 / 10

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RJ · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 23, 2019

“over 2 years in now and Keppra is keeping my seizures away but the 2500mg a day has made me a different person for sure . -don’t feel excited to socialize as much. -feel fatigued a lot , can easily dose off if not doing anything that requires my attention. -old memories can bring on strong emotions that normally wouldn’t before and memory is not nearly as strong as it was , constantly setting myself reminders for things i should easily remember.”

7 / 10
Divorce drug · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 23, 2019

“This is the most horrible medication I have ever taken. My usual personality is calm, reasonable, optimistic, positive etc. Well not with this medication. My husband and I have been married for 43 years, we have had our ups and downs but never thought of divorce. With this medication my husband stood by me. What we went through was uncontrollable everything, crying, screaming, unreasonable, and just plane hysteria. He was a saint, I on the other hand I was totally out of control and could not stop myself no matter how hard I tried.”

1 / 10
Nelly · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 1, 2019

“Absolutely horrible experience. I was prescribed this after having a breakthrough seizure as part of trying new meds. On Keppra my personality changed 100%. I was despondent, hated life, had no motivation and cried at the drop of a hat. Finally, I knew it was time to go to the doctor to transition off when I hit such a low low. Also started hearing voices. Never once did such dark thoughts occur to me until this-I imagine this is what it’s like to be possessed.”

1 / 10
Guscrawl · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 24, 2019

“I have been using Keppra now for over a year. I have had no side affects from it whatsoever, maybe occassionally my short term memory is not 100% but apart from that I am amazed at it. Compared to the drugs I was taking as a child Keppra has kept me seizure free for over a year now.”

10 / 10

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Guy · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 4, 2021

“I have had 1 seizure at the end of October 2020. Doctors put me on medication right away. I only took it because they said it was the fastest way to get my license back. My neurologist when I finally talked to him didn't want me on medication first. Had multiple tests done everything normal. Neurologist came back and asked if I was still taking the Medication. I stopped taking it because my wife first noticed I was a lot more irritable, then the longer I took Keppra, iIhad no fuse and would just snap at people. I haven't gone on any other Medication since all my tests results were normal. Now I have the neurologist saying I have to be on medication for at least 6 months, which I don't understand for my first seizure and clear test results. Haven't had any other seizures since and have felt back to normal since going off the medication.”

1 / 10
Mommy2009 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 10, 2020

“My 10 year old daughter began on keppra 1000mg per day to control her Rolandic epilepsy. The first four weeks were awful, she was aggressive and scary. I needed extra help to stop her attacking her siblings. HOWEVER this calmed down after 4-6 weeks and she I now back to normal. Seizure free (so far) 4 months later. Her mood is back to normal. I would encourage parents to persevere through the first few weeks as it was AWFUL but has improved immensely.”

8 / 10
Renatajbn November 20, 2013

“I had surgery for a benign brain tumor over 8 yrs. ago; Gamma Knife radiation surgery 3 yrs. ago. The Gamma Knife surgery left me with scar tissue that caused me to have my first partial seizure. This required me to remain on seizure medication, levetiracetam. To prevent recurrent seizures, I was on a dose of 1,000 mg./ 2x's day. I was on this dosage for over 2 yrs. No seizures, but side effects crept up slowly: bad memory loss, difficulty finding words, fatigue, weight gain. Then, the intolerable ones: deep depression, mood swings, crazy flip-out anger. It just kept getting worse, until I couldn't wait to get off of it! My doctor called it the "Keppra Rage". I guess this is well- known side effect that I could not tolerate.”

4 / 10
Norbryn · Taken for less than 1 month November 19, 2014

“I'm 25 had my first seizure at 24 and have now had my 4th seizure 11/11/14. I went against the doctor with taking medication as I had and EEG done and came up clear so thought it wouldn't be to serious. However now having 4 seizure I've started taking Keppra twice a day. I haven't been tired by the medication and still able to work well. However I'm starting to be early angered and annoyed and moody. What I would normally get swept under the carpet is now agitating me. I'm not enjoying it as I feel like being left alone and in my own space. ”

Kent · Taken for 10 years or more October 17, 2018

“I have been on this medication almost since it was introduced, being on other medications that stopped the seizures but had to have blood test every 6 months for liver function, those ones that didn't stop my seizures. Keppra has stopped all my seizure activity with little or no side effects after being on it for the first year. Occasionally I feel the emotional effects of depression, and mood swings but am able to mentally talk myself out of the negative mental state, change the emphasis of what is causing the irritability, and changing my environment ( getting out and socializing, viewing nature, what ever it takes). Overall Keppra holds my seizures from occurring, with minimal effects.”

9 / 10
Ponyo March 20, 2013

“I'm French and am 28 years old. I had my first seizure in 2009. My neurologist gave me Lamotrigine for 2 years, from 100mg daily at the beginning to 400mg at the end. The frequency of seizures has been reduced but I still had some. I arrived in USA in 2011 and my new neurologist prescribed me Keppra because I wanted to have a new medication, more efficient. I take 500mg twice daily. I don't have any seizure since I started this medication, so more than one year now. I'm very satisfied so far, but of course I have side effects and it's sometimes very difficult to deal with. I'm very tired all day long, I need to sleep at least 8 hours every night. I'm like bipolar, sometimes euphoric, sometimes very depressed. I'm a different person now.”

7 / 10
Nessii_619 · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 29, 2019

“I was taking Xanax 10mg for severe anxiety and Ambien 10mg from suffering from insomnia after having my daughter (10yrs ago) I've never had issues with sleep, but unfortunately, anxiety runs in my family. Both stopped working for a while so I decided to take 1 ½ bars a day and 1½ of Ambien a night. One day I decided to stop taking my Xanax and had ran out of my Ambien for about a week. That's where the nightmare began! Horrible withdrawals, feeling useless, hallucinating, kept myself locked up for days then suddenly I began to have seizures and ended up admitted in the hospital about 7 different times. After trying several different anti-seizure meds, Keppra finally worked for me and haven't had a seizure since. Thank god!”

10 / 10
Sarai B. · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 12, 2017

“Although this drug has paused my seizure activity, I feel like a different person. The first month my mood swings were unreal and almost indescribable. I'd wake up so happy in the morning and be depressed by around 4-5pm. I was and still am fatigued all the time, and little things like walking up the stairs make me out of breath. I also let little things annoy me and unfortunately take it out on the people around me. I have lost 10 pounds since I've started this medication, I have no desire to eat even though I know my body needs food. I feel like Dory from Finding Nemo and it makes me embarrassed at times. My friends will tell me something and I'll completely forget what they said and ask them about it a few minutes later.”

3 / 10
Bole · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 14, 2019

“I’ve been on keppra for about 2 years for my seizures and the side effects are on and off. My main problems are I’m extremely short tempered, often very depressed, and most importantly this medication causes so much plaque build up in my mouth. Whenever they raise the dosage on me I have to go to the dentist once a month with issues with my gums bleeding or a tooth being on the verge of being a cavity, and I brush twice a day and floss every night before bed. My dentist was very confused why I had to keep coming in with mouth problems until I told him I was epileptic and on Keppra, my dentist told me of the oral side effects, dry mouth etc.”

2 / 10
Timilicious · Taken for less than 1 month January 12, 2019

“Experienced mood swings, including increased emotionality (crying, anger, etc.); had difficulty falling asleep/restlessness (tired & wired feeling); muscle cramping and joint aches became more frequent, as well as general body fatigue & lethargy; appetite was lowered and indigestion was common; dry mouth occurred regularly; and forgetfulness, attention problems, etc. were apparent. Seizures did not continue while on the 250 mg twice a day dose, but side effects outweighed the benefits. Especially considering I could not take the full 500 mg twice a day prescribed dosage.”

4 / 10
Jenna C. · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 23, 2016

“I've been on every seizure medication invented. Keppera or genetic Levatiraacetam is by far the worst one I've been on. The side effects have ruined my life. I gained over 45 pounds the first year on it. I am now almost 70 pounds heavier than I was before I started taking the medication. I can't work anymore because I have severe depression, anxiety & insomnia. I tell people off for the craziest things & am super paranoid all the time. Despite the that I take antidepressants, anxiety & sleeping meds. I used to be a terrific nurse, winning awards & receiving all kinds of gratitude. Now I can no longer do anything. I am terrified to leave the house, take a shower, clean or go anywhere. I have no life, I just exist. Can't wait to get off this!”

1 / 10
Ronakm1987 December 16, 2015

“I had my first seizure in 04/04/14 whilst driving and they found that I had epilepsy. The neurologist put me on keppra. It is by far the best drug I've had to take. Initially it was a pain as I was always angry, depressed because I lost my Driving Licence and tired all the time. All I wanted to do was sleep. However, once it took this medication after 6 months, the side effects wore off and I was getting back to my old self again. Happy and all that. I once forgot to take my tablets for 2 days. I had a seizure. Biggest mistake I've made. I always remember to take my tablets now. I'm fit free now. Please take your tablets. They do help.”

10 / 10
falisamarie · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 22, 2013

“I am so glad I found this forum! My husband was on Dilantin and it was working well but a few years ago his Dr switched him to Keppra because it was newer. He started having severe depression and mood swings to a point where they diagnosed him with Bipolar. The depression has been getting worse and worse to a point where we almost hospitalized him because I was afraid he may hurt himself. Today I spoke with his mental health provider and asked about trying Depakote and decided to come home and research if he could take both. After reading the reviews I am 100% convinced that it is the Keppra causing his depression and I am taking him to the Dr Monday to have him put back on Dilantin!”

1 / 10
NDfan · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 30, 2013

“46 yr old male. Over 3 month period experienced 3 auras and finally the first seizure in January '13. Prescribed Keppra by neurologist. 500mg x2 daily. Not a hint of seizure activity since being placed on this medicine. However, I do experience some tiredness (mild). Otherwise leading a very normal life style.”

9 / 10
Soccerfamily July 15, 2014

“My 8 year old was put on Keppra for complex partial seizures. Except for some initial tiredness in the first two weeks she has had no side effects. She takes 250mg twice a day. She even won her age group in a 1mile race two weeks ago and her competitive soccer team won their soccer tournament this weekend thanks to some of the goals she scored. I have noticed no difference in her school work or personality. I am so thankful for this medicine that my daughter can continue her active life seizure free.”

10 / 10
Kris78 April 9, 2015

“I hate this medication! Yes it controls my seizures but it makes me a horrible human being. It causes me to be mean, moody, and angry.I would almost rather have the seizures than have these horrible side effects. next neurologist appointment I am begging for a different medication. And not dilantin or gabapentin either. Both those have given me nasty side effects as well.but what works for one does not necessarily mean it will work for another. Good luck to those of you who are taking this medication. I pray that the side effects are not as bad for you as they were for me.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 28, 2016

“Worst drug I have ever taken. Been on it for 4 weeks. Not even sure I had seizure to begin with. All tests, MRI and EEG were negative. Trying to wean myself off. Dizzy, headache, depressed, severe mood swings, angry then lethargic. Sorry I ever went to doctor.”

Mtusa7 November 11, 2017

“I dont like using keppra at all. Since the start of using keppra, I keep on having suicidal thoughts everyday which I don't want to have. Keppra is making my life worse than ever. My mood is changing every minute. It has impacted my schoolwork so much. I have trouble remembering things and being happy. Sometimes I cry so hard and say to myself "I can't take this drug anymore". My self esteem is getting very low everyday. This drug is destroying my relationship with my friends and family. I just want to be able to tell them and my school what my feelings are and not pretend to put a mask of happiness over my face.”

1 / 10
DarthDerwin · Taken for less than 1 month July 17, 2014

“Started about 1 week ago. Was fine then all of sudden I started feeling really tired, restless. Nothing unusual. Now I have no appetite. Spaced out majority of the day. My mood swings are through the roof. And tonight I had a nightmare. Calling my doctor to see what to do.”

5 / 10
Deb · Taken for less than 1 month July 3, 2019

“My mom began post stroke seizures and a 1000 mg Nokia was administered in the ER. I explained she was very sensitive to meds. She as admitted and given two more doses of 500 and 750. She was so lethargic and dizzy and nauseous I asked if we could switch. They dropped the keppra cold turkey and she seized 96 straight times every eight minutes. We are back on it to properly wean her but with each dose she seizes like clockwork and has been in cardiac arrest 4x. We are between a rock and a hard place with this med but I would advise anyone to choose this med knowing side effects can be severe. She is on comfort care now.”

1 / 10
John December 1, 2018

“I’ve had 2 seizures, both morning after heavy drinking. Neurologist says I have predisposition to seizures triggered by alcohol withdrawal. I was given Keppra in the ER, and then twice daily 500mg prescription to take home. Effects were generally fine, a little spacey first few days but then pretty much back to normal. Neurologist suggested I move to a 1000mg dose once a day of extended release pills. On their recommendation, I took my typical 500mg standard release in the morning, and then 1000mg (2 500mg pills) extended release dose tonight. Dear god the side effects. My whole body became jittery, I was having panic attacks, and my eyes were fluttering so much I thought I’d have another seizure at any moment. I didn’t, and after 6 terrifying hours I’m mostly back to normal. I will no longer take both pills at once as directed, and will instead spread the doses as I had been with the standard release. I’m going to continue to push my neurologist to ween me off these drugs.”

6 / 10

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