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User Reviews for Irbesartan

Also known as: Avapro

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Diabetic Kidney Disease 7.0
2 reviews 14 medications
High Blood Pressure 4.5
82 reviews 266 medications

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Reviews for Irbesartan

Anonymous June 14, 2020

For Diabetic Kidney Disease: “Does anyone else have bad indigestion with Ibersarten? I have some other mildish symptoms I can manage but this other pain is not good. Had every heart check you can have and my heart is good but blood pressure was up a bit and they are using it to support my kidney as I have type two diabetes. not sure if it's working though. been on it for about 9 months.”

5 / 10
Cc · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 12, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “A major study, in Spain, shows that taking blood pressure medication at night could lower the risk of heart disease and strokes. It has been generally assumed that taking the pills in the morning is better as blood pressure is higher during the day. The trial of 19,000 people found that those who took it at night had lower blood pressure during the day. But consult your doctor/cardiologist as always. Source: 'Positive Pressure' the magazine of Blood Pressure UK. Issue 46, Winter 2019.”

7 / 10
Lilah · Taken for 10 years or more March 10, 2020

Avapro (irbesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “Avapro is the ONLY blood pressure med that works very well for me. I've taken it for 17 years with great results and no side effects. Before that, I tried beta blockers,etc. ALL had terrible side effects. If you're having trouble finding the right med, just give Avapro a try. HOPEFULLY you will have the same results as I had!”

tiger · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 14, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “My cardiologist put me on Irbesartan it gave me anxiety and sweats, I could not calm down. Both the cardiologist and my doctor told me it wouldn't do that to me, took it for few months. My doctor put me on anxiety medicine, so I could calm down. I had to ask my cardiologist if I could try a different medicine to rule the Irbesartan out. He put me on Lisinopril and after taking the Lisinopril for a few days I wasn't having the anxiety and sweats. Both my Doctor and Cardiologist don't seem to care about what the Irbesartan did to me all they both said was well your feeling better now. The Irbesartan medicine was a nightmare for me.”

1 / 10
Steve · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 7, 2020

For High Blood Pressure: “Have been on this drug irbesartan for 1 1/2 years. Although it has reduced my blood pressure the side effects were intolerable. Shoulder tendinitis, severe joint and muscle pain, urination issues, weight gain, swelling in my mouth and fatigue. Am 70 years old but felt like I aged ten years. Stopped taking it 28 days ago. Taking Bystolic now and all of these side effects have gradually gone away. Irbesartan is awful would not recommend it for anyone.”

1 / 10
Charlie · Taken for 10 years or more January 7, 2020

Avapro (irbesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I have had no problems with Avapro. I can't say I have any noticeable side effects at all. Everyone is different tho so its a case of try it and see what happens. I take 300mg a day and have been on it now for 20 years.”

10 / 10
Squeaky · Taken for 10 years or more October 15, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Batch to batch and manufacturer to other manufacturer lead to huge variation in my blood pressure with 150 mg Irbesartan. I feel I have no control of the source and nobody to monitor these drug companies. Nobody will investigate or even talk about it !!!!”

Kendra Logan · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 24, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “My daily dosage is Irbesartan HCT 300/25. Although this dosage is available internationally it is not offered in the US in a single dosage. The inconvenience of having to take 2 pills daily vs. 1 is problematic. If the dosage is manufactured why is it not available in the US? There also never seems to be a consistent manufacturer so pill size/shape is always changing. Lastly, the pills are often uncoated and leave a nasty taste in your mouth.”

3 / 10
renu · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 18, 2019

Avapro (irbesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I have been on Avapro for 5 years. At first it didn't control blood pressure. then doctor increased dosage to 300mg. I have noticed over years depleted potassium reading. My side effects are I urinate often, I now having pain in hands, constant tiredness and overall lack of energy and lack of interest in things. I am also feeling depression, irritable. I am going back to my doctor to take me off this drug. I feel like the side effects increase, more drugs in your body for longer periods of time of taking it.”

5 / 10
Mark · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 27, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I've been taking irbesartan (150 mg once per day) for about 1 year and have been pleased with the lowering of BP. Weight loss has also helped with the drop in BP. However, for the last 6 months I've noticed changes in my overall health which I'm thinking it's from the irbesartan. This includes joint, back and neck pain, two chest and sinus infections which required antibiotics, and increased tinnitus in my left ear. The neck pain has really increased over the last month, something I can attribute to any injury. My BP has been around 120/80 on this medicine, so very happy but the side effects are taking its toll. I plan on reducing the dose (75 mg per day) to see if side effects are reduced.”

7 / 10
bluegs August 6, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Irbesartan has been great, but I had to get the dose right. Half a 75 mg pill (37.5 mg) works well. At the prescribed dose I had unnecessary side effects. Now my resting BP is about 120/68. Without the drug it would be around 135/78. I found the correct dose through trial and error, logging BP readings twice a day. I wait 15 minutes after sitting to get resting BP. I was taking Prinston Irbesartan with good results until it was back ordered and Camber 75 mg Irbesartan was substituted. This did not work for me at all. It had no benefit for my blood pressure, which went up 10 to 20 points and was even elevated in the middle of the night. I tried doubling the dose to 75 mg but all I got was side effects. I found Lupin Irbesartan at a different pharmacy, and within 24 hours everything was back to normal. My pharmacist is mystified why the Camber product did not work, but that's my experience.”

9 / 10
Ms B · Taken for less than 1 month August 4, 2019

Avapro (irbesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I started taking this drug, Avapro, because the losartan I had been taking was being recalled by the FDA, I took 300mg once a day. I had been taking it for about 12 days before I began to show an allergic reaction to it. At first, there was a small blister on my ankle but by the third day this blister was spreading over my ankle and was hot and itchy. I immediately went to my PCP thinking it might be shingles. Since my PCP was not sure it wasn't shingles that's what I was treated for. However after a week of taking the prescribed drugs I had gotten much worse. The RASH was now moving up my legs and over my buttocks and it was so painful it was intolerable at times. To make a very long story short I ended up in the ER twice and finally was able to find relief after one of the TOP Dermatologists in the area was able to identify through a biopsy that Avapro was the culprit since it was the only thing that had changed in my routine before the RASH started.”

1 / 10
Tigress · Taken for less than 1 month July 25, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Horrible medication! Started out with a couple of hives and pain in left upper shoulder. Turned to flu-like symptoms. Fever, chills soooo bad that my teeth were chattering and had to wear a coat indoors! Then to add insult to injury, burning prickling pain in lower legs so bad it drove me crazy! Hurt soooo bad! Now the hives are widespread, neck and shoulders ache along with basically entire body feeling like it’s shutting down, but the stinging pain in legs lets me know real fast that’s not happening! OUCH! I stopped taking it! Hopefully I can get some resolution because my B/P is out of whack just like this medicine is! Never again!”

1 / 10
Gerry · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 23, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “Been on Irbesartan for about 6 weeks and am experiencing fatigue and sleeping a lot during the day. Also experience some dizziness and feel like I am in a fog. I split the pill in 2 and take 75 mg per day. My numbers are better but it is not a miracle and they do fluctuate. I am at a crossroads as of what to do because my quality of life is not good. It has been several years since I tried a blood pressure med and the last time I went through several before giving up. Since I recently had an AFib episode I thought it was time to settle on one. I don’t think any will agree with me so don’t know what I am going to do.”

3 / 10
Bugs · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 30, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I plan to go off of Irbesartan as soon as possible after reading these reviews. I am a young 71 year old female and have been on 300 mg of Irbesartan for approximately 6 months after quitting Valsartan. So excited tonight after reading all of these reviews! I feel like maybe I can get to feeling well again! I have had so much stomach problems in the later years since starting Valsartan & even much worse after going on Irbesartan- (aching, bloating, burning & nausea.) I have had such horrible foot, hip & leg cramps also. I get only a few hours sleep each night. I use to be such a very energetic person and I have been so very tired since going on these medications, maybe even a little depressed. There’s so many things I want to get done and I have had such low energy, which is not like me. I have had problems driving at night from the horrible glare of headlights and night blindness. I am -however so very appreciative of these reviews! Thank you!!”

1 / 10
Mary · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 13, 2019

For High Blood Pressure: “I’ve been on inersartsn for 6 months now and I have found that it really doesn’t help my BP. My values are around 138/85/75. And that is not consistant, sometimes I take it and it could be 135/81/68, and five minutes later it 143:90/81. I have severe tinnitus, extremely tired, sore muscles and my joints are hurting especially my shoulder like I have bursitis, I have neck pain and a weird feeling I’m my throat all the time. I need to find something else, I can’t do it anymore!”

2 / 10
cathy · Taken for 10 years or more January 4, 2019

Avapro (irbesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I have been on Avapro for nearly 20 years with no side effects. I started 150mg then increased as I got older to 300mg I have now been diagnosed with paroxmal AF. I am still on the Avapro 300mg and sotolol 80mg for AF. I have recently had Amulet occlusion device put in my heart to prevent stroke as I am not suitable for anti-coagulant medication. Hope the Avapro will continue to work for me !!”

8 / 10
Maz · Taken for less than 1 month November 19, 2018

Avapro (irbesartan) for High Blood Pressure: “I was prescribed Avapro by neurologist this month for consistent mild high blood pressure & numbness in hands & left foot. Also MRI which I had today to exclude cervical stenosis. I am already Mthfr genetic mutation that depletes vitamin b12, folate, vitamin b6. I have had increasing numbness in left hand on waking & general weakness & strength. Since Taking Avapro symptoms have got worse.I am tired with depleted energy, nauseated, aching hips ,disturbed sleep even with sleep apnoea machine. Just Saw My Dr who suggested taking Avapro in the evening as that’s when my Bp is the highest.”

Skunk · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 2, 2018

For High Blood Pressure: “You should read an article in USA its in news . 3 days ago they had a recall on ibersartan found the same chemical ( N-nitrosodiethylamine) in that that was also in the Valsartan recall. So people check it out read it today. FDA needs to get on the ball and get with the program on this garbage. When getting prescription you need to question where the medication is made. Its poison. That's two medicines now from this country. Somebody needs to notify Congress. From this medicine in finally getting my feeling in my legs and walking again. It attacked my nervous system. Going on 3 months now. Irbersartan garbage medicine. Beware.”

Better Off Without · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 29, 2018

For High Blood Pressure: “Just switched to calcium channel blocker type meds over this type. Valsartan (now recalled) & irbesartan both caused weird nausea issues (mostly exertion induced - couldn't exercise in any way without feeling nauseous) and general malaise after about 2 months of use. Lightheadedness kicked in at about 4-5 months, and started to get significantly worse after about 1-2 weeks of manifestation.”

3 / 10
kibbett · Taken for less than 1 month October 25, 2018

For High Blood Pressure: “Was put on Valsartan because Lisinopril made me cough. Walmart decided that I should go on Irbesartan 300 after Valsartan was recalled. I took it for a week before I went back to taking what I had left of Valsartan. I liked Valsartan a lot, it made me feel good. Irbesartan made me feel so miserable! Irbesartan has to be the worse medicine ever!! It's supposed to lower my blood pressure. Well it really did the opposite!!! On Valsartan and Lisinopril I was normally 120 over 80, but on Irbesartan I went up to 166 over 100 and my pulse was 96. I might as well not to have taken it. Spent all day feeling like my heart was going to burst out of chest!!! Good grief!”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 8, 2018

For High Blood Pressure: “This medicine is garbage. I had been taking for 300 mg for 1 month made in China. Side affects are affecting my lower bones in my back and I am having hard time walking. Yes I got scared due to the recall on valsartan. But one some brands are not recalled and are ok ( you can access the list on if you type in "valsartan recall" and scroll down). I took myself off of ibersartan and went back to valsartan. For me ibersartan is a terrible medicine and left me a mess and I am now under a doc to try and walk again. ”

1 / 10
Dave Y · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 25, 2018

For High Blood Pressure: “Been taking this med since the Valsartan recall. Have had bouts with insomnia and anxiety. Does ok with Improving BP, but the side effects are not worth it. Dr prescribed a mild sedative but I just want to be off of this med...and get normal sleep again.”

4 / 10
DrewB · Taken for less than 1 month September 13, 2018

For High Blood Pressure: “I was given 150mgs of this medication for moderate high blood pressure. I’ve never had a negative reaction to any medication until this stuff. While I realize everyone is different, this stuff shouldn’t be allowed on the market. I only took it for 3 days but I can’t even begin to tell you how terrible it made me feel. Anxious, extremely tired - yet inability to sleep at all (up 100% of the night), brain fog, feeling like a zombie, and weird buzzing feeling. This is a terrible medication and I don’t suggest anyone take it.”

1 / 10
Hbp18 · Taken for less than 1 month September 7, 2018

For High Blood Pressure: “Terrible drug caused bleeding. Every muscle twitched and hurt. Will not put this medication into my body again!”