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User Reviews for Irbesartan to treat Diabetic Kidney Disease

Also known as: Avapro

Karokat January 24, 2011

Avapro (irbesartan): “I've been taking Avapro to prevent diabetic kidney disease, as I only have half of one kidney left after two bouts of kidney cancer. So far, so good. The Avapro has lowered my blood pressure also - sometimes goes a little too low, which is when I feel tired. Other than that I have no noticeable side effects. However, my doctor will have to find some other medication to protect my remaining partial kidney because my insurance company won't pay for Avapro anymore - even though my doctor says nothing else works as well. ”

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Anonymous June 14, 2020

“Does anyone else have bad indigestion with Ibersarten? I have some other mildish symptoms I can manage but this other pain is not good. Had every heart check you can have and my heart is good but blood pressure was up a bit and they are using it to support my kidney as I have type two diabetes. not sure if it's working though. been on it for about 9 months.”

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