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User Reviews for Remicade to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

The following information is NOT intended to endorse any particular medication. While these reviews might be helpful, they are not a substitute for the expertise, knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners.

Remicade Rating Summary

User Ratings
48% (14)
17% (5)
3% (1)
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7% (2)
3% (1)
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7% (2)
14% (4)
7.4/10 Average Rating
29 ratings from 31 user reviews

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Reviews for Remicade

Jimmy C · Taken for 10 years or more February 28, 2020

“I was diagnosed with RA about 12 years ago. Started on Methotrexate but had to discontinue because of higher than normal enzyme levels in either my kidneys or liver (can't remember which organ). My RA doctor recommended we switch to a biologic Remicade. I was also on Plaquinel and Leuflunomide along with Remicade but have since discontinued Plaquinel with no issues. Still taking leuflunomide. I've been taking Remicade (800 mg infusion every 6 weeks) and Leuflunimide (pill once a day)now for over 10 years since my diagnosis of RA. I've had no side effects with Remicade or leuflunomide, no joint damage (caught RA diagnosis very early) and in complete remission for over 10 years. Now my insurance company wants to switch me to Inflectra over Remicade because it is cheaper. I may have no choice but I'll be calling my RA doctor and see what he thinks. May have to appeal to the insurance company if RA doctor has reservations and stay on Remicade which works remarkably for me!”

10 / 10
LSJ · Taken for less than 1 month January 30, 2020

“My mother had RA, was prescribed "remicade" as an option for her RA. To say the least, we ended up burying her. Shortly after taking remicade my mother's health diminished quickly. I do believe the doctor was at fault for suggesting this medicine due to her prior medical conditions. The drug was too strong. Be careful, or you could end up apart of a Eulogy!”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 4, 2018

“My wife had RA from when she was a child. She had used the normal meds till remicade. She was in Japan and started on remicade in Apr 2007 and die in Feb 2008 from the reactions/side effect to it. I advise that if you get any of the side effect symptoms to see your doctor right away. I have found that if you get one symptom you will get more. There are 3 pages of side effects/reactions.”

carol · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 1, 2018

“After several years on the drug I developed asthma and then chronic bronchitis which ended with a severe bout of pneumonia. This happened despite my taking the vaccination of it. Please be aware of these problems. I had told my doctor who really did not listen until I got very sick and then agreed it was in part, the Remicade”

2 / 10
Anne April 25, 2018

“I had RA for a few years and decided to try Remicade, during the infusion my chest started to get tight. I asked the nurse to check me and she checked my blood pressure , it went from 121/78 to over 250/120 in 15 minutes. She switched off the machine and I was taken to the ER for and EKG.”

1 / 10
Ashers2004 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 12, 2017

“I was diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis (RA) September of 2015 (29 years old). First I was on Plaquenil which never seemed to help and on top of it I developed a terrible hive rash which went away once I stopped taking it. Next I tried Humira. That worked great for about 6 months before my symptoms came back. Now I'm on Remicade and have been for almost a year now. It works great. I get my infusion every 8 weeks and have NO SYMPTOMS!! I love Remicade. It gave me my life back. I am slightly concerned though because I've developed another rash that won't seem to go away after 2 months of dealing with it, trying steroids etc etc. Cross your fingers it's not Remicade causing my rash. I'll cry!”

10 / 10
Welcho · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 17, 2017

“I was on enbrel for nearly 9 years before it stopped working and humira didn't work at all for me. I started remicade nearly 4 years ago, my Dr started me out getting an infusion every 8 weeks and over the first year he brought it down to every 4 weeks. It's been working great but after the first 2 years my knees started bothering me but after some injection at my orthopedist they have been under control. Now both my elbows are really bothering me, at first it was when I woke up but now it's 24-7. I go in for my next infusion next week and will talk to my rheumatologist about the pain. I was curious to see if anyone else has had knee or elbow pain after being on remicade”

10 / 10
crystal92 June 12, 2017

“I started remicade in 2010 and stopped remicade in 2016, almost seven years it worked absolute wonders for me. Amazing for my Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA), my arthritis started when I was a baby and I am now 25 year old female. Within the first year I developed psoriasis, who cares right? I can walk, I can actually bend my knees, zero pain. I started doing UVB light therapy and my psoriasis has not been back. 2016 I developed what I first thought was heat rash. Turned out after months and months of pain, swelling, terrible rash all over my legs that I had developed hypersensitivity leukocytoclastic vasculitis. A listed rare, severe side effect which immediately had my doctor taking me off of remicade. Giving remicade a 5 because it worked for me but couldn't continue.”

5 / 10
aj112990 May 30, 2017

“This was black labeled and are hiding side effects. My mother is sitting in a hospital with cancer and other problems leading back to this drug”

1 / 10
KMcCoop98 · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 28, 2017

“Initially, it worked great. When the doses were administered close together, I rarely had a flare, and when I did they were very mild. As the time between infusions was increased, I began to have more frequent and severe flares. My Rheumatologist and I are currently working to adjust the dosing schedule.”

5 / 10
Elibethlizeliza May 7, 2017

“I was diagnosed with Systemic Sarcoidosis. After a year and 1/2 of trying different medications with no relief, I started Remicade. The first two Infusions got rid of the flu like symptoms and the horrible aching pain throughout my body. The third Infusion got rid of the same symptoms, except I do feel knee and back pain still due to damage done to those areas from arthritis. I felt the back and knee pain after the first two Infusions too. I didn't realize how sick I was until I felt better. The last time I didn't feel like I had the flu all the time, was 32 years ago! I thank God for Remicade! It's a miracle drug. I have absolutely zero side effects too! I give it a 20 on a scale of 1 to 10!”

10 / 10
GramaJ April 9, 2017

“Like some RA people, diagnosed easily back in 1990. Genetically "gifted" it from maternal side. Having tried all the old first line drugs w/o success I started on second line of meds including Enbrel. It was great for 6 months. Then it stopped. Remicade was started & after one infusion I had a horrible reaction: Serum Sickness" . Paralyzed for 3 days, severe allodynia (pain all over). Would never take this drug. It was the mouse protein in Remicade that I reacted to. Wish you all well!”

2 / 10
SusanM99 February 22, 2017

“I was diagnosed w/ severe RA in 2009 by my general practitioner who discovered it through a blood test, which is not always common. Well, after being on MTX 8pills/a wk. (for 8 yrs) and Arava daily I have also been on Enbrel, Humira, Actemra, Orencia & Zeljanz one worked most didn't. I finally just started Remicade infusion on 2/16/17. The first day I slept 20 hrs. a few days later no change then yesterday ~The Miracle Day~ not one single pain, no flare ups 100% pain free! OMG I was so happy I cried! Today not so good as yesterday but I'm very hopeful! Good Luck to the rest of you all!!!”

8 / 10
Lanagirl February 18, 2017

“Just had 3rd remicade infusion, can't believe all I'm able to do. Due to some joint damage in knees and hips, not totally free of pain. Best I've felt in years. Severely reduced prednisone after 3 years, plan to stop. Diagnosed in 2013, but have had symptoms off and on for 25 Years. Little to no improvement with humira, enbrel, orencia, Actemra,plaquenil,methotrexate made me sick, xeljanz,sulfasalazine. Vitamins, no sugar, wheat or milk helped me also. Joint pain and swelling nearly gone. Praying it lasts, thanking God.”

9 / 10
Nickie S January 7, 2017

“I was diagnosed with RA in 2004 and began steroids and methotrexate. Next started Enbrel for approximately 8 months but the citric acid in the Enbrel was unbarable. Then I began Remicade Infusions. I started out nine years ago every 6 weeks. I'm now on 700 mg every four weeks and weekly injections of Methotrexate but wouldn't change a thing. I still have stiffness here or there but the fatigue and pain I use to experience are gone and I live a full and happy life. It's been such a Blessing to me.”

10 / 10
Redlady267 · Taken for 10 years or more August 22, 2015

“I was diagnosed with a reactive Rheumatoid Arthritis August 1998 after getting the first shot of Hepatitis B vaccine which triggered my RA. I was on Prednisone for a year, Plaquenil, sulafalazine(which almost killed me), arava (leflunomide) for a while, was on Humira which didint help, changed to Enbrel which gave me rashes. In 2000, my rheumatologist who was into RA research and had RA himself ordered Remicaide infusion wtih MTX. That's 15 years ago of quality of life and contnuing 5mg Remicaide every 10 weeks. All my RA labs and tests are negative except CCP (which is 5X higher than the normal. This coming month I'll be OFF my MTX. Even when I'm on Remission I did not stop my Remicaide coz flare ups are worst than the first symptoms.”

10 / 10
sawbuzz May 5, 2015

“I had my latest infusion yesterday. It just started to kick in. My fatigue is slot nonexistent and I have the energy that I used to have with Humira.”

9 / 10
Jeslookin50 March 24, 2015

“I had been on Remicade for many years with no side effects at all, perhaps a little tired every once in a while, but nothing serious. My doctor and I questioned whether I had rheumatoid arthritis. Then all of a sudden the Remicade stopped working and bam I had 2 flares that were unbelievable before doc could get anything to work for me. I was heart broken because it was such a good medicine for me.”

10 / 10
Glorzmore43 February 17, 2015

“Had been on REMICADE since 2003 (11 years) 5vials every 4weeks. Doctor took it away due to issues with the infusion dept. I hate not being on REMICADE. REMICADE did wonders for me, it gave me life back and unfortunately I am back to where I started 11+ years ago. I am having difficulty with everything, I can barely type this comment.”

10 / 10
Dee dee I Di · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 10, 2014

“Horrible joint swelling/pain, fatigue like none other. Diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Dr. figures I probably have had this 15 years, a few replacements along the way. Took MAJOR flare to be diagnosed. Loads of joint damage all over. Started on Remicade, nervous. Cannot take methotrexate due to kidney disease. Third dose dr increased dose, 5 days feeling worn then MIRACLE! NO swelling, pain, best I have been in years, no fatigue. Hoping it continues with each infusion. In tears of joy everyday with my quality of life.”

10 / 10
Anonymous April 19, 2012

“I was on Remicade for the past four years. It has recently started giving me bad reactions during the infusion. My arthritis would also flare 1.5-2 weeks after the infusion. Loved Remicade, hated how expensive it was.”

9 / 10
Ilovedocbrimmingham February 26, 2012

“For two year (09' 10') we were trying to figure out why my knee hurt so bad. Over the two years it moved into my whole body! I had seen 5 doctors but they had no idea and gave me guidelines of what I could not do. Which made the RA flare up worse. On Dec. 8, 10 I was at school (I am not one to complain about pain) and I broke down crying. My rheumatoid arthritis had gotten so bad in my back that it started shuting down my SNS and I could not walk. I had to have my friends carry me to the school office. My parents stayed home with me for a week because I could not move without someone. We were able to get in to see a pediatric rheumatologist on Dec. 15 10. That day I was dianosed with the disease. This is the first medicine that has helped.”

9 / 10
Anonymous February 20, 2012

“I love it! I'm 16 and have been treated for five years. Methotrexate made me sick and Enbrel, via Epi pen, was more uncomfortable than my arthritis. Remicade is pain free and the time inconvenience is worth it.”

Anonymous May 25, 2010

“I have had rheumatoid arthirtis for 1 year now, and continue to take Sulfasalazine and Nabumetone daily. I stopped taking the Enbrel after 7 months as it was no longer relieving joint pains. I have had two infusions so far, and do notice improvement in my most painful joint (shoulder). My rheumatologist prescribed a dose pack of steroids, which I took after my 1st infusion. Receiving these drugs together, I was hoping for more improvement, but I will take what I can get. My arm has markedly improved range of motion, although it is not back to normal. My legs are still stiff, and I still need to shuffle my feet when I walk. I go back for my third infusion next month, and thereafter infusions will be every 6-8 weeks. I sure am hopeful this treatment will improve my quality of life.”

9 / 10
Anonymous January 13, 2010

“Have had 4 Remicade infusions in combination with MTX and Plaquinil. The 1st infusion was great and all my pain was gone. I thought OMG a miracle drug! Then 2nd infusion I had a reaction which felt like I was having a stress test performed, a bit scary and then the hands and feet broke out with a horrible psoriasis type rash which I have never had before (and still can't seem to cure). 3rd infusion with Benadryl injection was 6 hours of slight reaction and then little or no relief from the pain. 4th injection with twice as much Benadryl prior to the injection and 10 hours of reaction while being infused and zero relief after. the fact. I gave up on Remicade. ”

1 / 10

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