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User Reviews for Atarax

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Allergic Urticaria
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Summary of Atarax reviews 6.5 101 reviews

Reviews for Atarax

SoCal84 · Taken for less than 1 month May 18, 2019

For Anxiety "I've been taking this medication for about a week now for severe anxiety and I will admit I can tell night and day when I take it (it works) however it makes me feel EXTREMELY fatigued. I could sleep all day when I take this stuff. Probably not the best solution for anyone with a lot of daily responsibilities. Other side effects I think have come along with it are dry mouth and increase in appetite. I don't remember being this hungry before. Would I recommend it? Ugh... I think the fact it eliminates my attacks pretty much all together is worth the cons I mentioned but I'm still gonna be trying some alternatives to see if theres something that doesn't make me feel as tired. Don't get me wrong, its not like you're gonna fall asleep out of the blue but once you do decide to sleep you're gonna wanna sleep way more than you need to."

radha · Taken for less than 1 month May 15, 2019

For Allergies "Atarax makes me drowsy and tired"

E · Taken for less than 1 month March 27, 2019

For Anxiety "Helps with panic attacks except it makes me very irritable. It feels like I am going to snap soon"

JBreezy1 January 25, 2019

For Anxiety "This should only be taken for acute anxiety. It’s extremely effective for stopping panic attacks and excessive worrying, but it is not good to take if you have to complete tasks. It utterly floors you. If you’ve experienced a traumatic event and do not mind being less functional, it will help greatly, especially if you want to get some sleep. But do not take this regularly before work or exercise. I’m a bodybuilder and run quite a lot, but I only take the medication afterward. I would not recommend long-term use, but I’ve been going on 5 years and it is still astoundingly effective when I start panicking and getting irritable. I usually just take it a couple hours before sleeping or earlier if I’m panicking. So, effective as hell, but floors you, but you will not be dysfunctional or overly foggy. It’s effectiveness is actually on par with Xanax, but there is no euphoria or risk for addiction, which is common in anxiety patients."

This stuff is JUNK · Taken for less than 1 month January 2, 2019

For Anxiety "I was prescribed this for anxiety, was SUPPOSED to take it 3 times a day or as needed, I took ONE pill at 7:30 pm and was in bed within the hour and slept till 9:30 am the next morning and the next day I just kept falling asleep all day! What makes me so mad is I told my doctor what worked for me and she INSISTED on giving me this sedative instead I was a stay at home mom to a child that was a year old at the time this was given to me and I told her this, knowing that she gave me a straight up sedative that she told me to take 3 times a day and at night to help me sleep, thats NOT what I needed needless to say I took one of these and never took another one. I have anxiety I don't need to be in a coma and I need something that will allow me to take care of my child, I have been on benzos for several years and NOTHING has ever put me out like this did. Do NOT take this and expect to function let alone take care of your kids especially if your at home ALONE!! Thanks but no thanks!!"

Apple · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 24, 2018

For Anxiety "It works but the longer you take it the less it works for you."

Savannah · Taken for less than 1 month June 9, 2018

For Allergies "Prescribed Atarax for anxiety by my doctor after coming in for breathing difficulties. My lungs were doing their job but my anxiety made me feel like I couldn't get a breath. I took 25 mg when I got home and within an hour I felt immediately calm and sleepy. I am no longer gasping for air or panicking, but this stuff is strong and I slept for 12 hours (though I needed it because I didn't sleep much the night prior). Atarax is also an antihistamine, so my normally itchy skin is as calm as can be. 10/10. Works well. Wouldn't take everyday, as it makes me extremely sleepy."

RickC59 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 19, 2018

For Anxiety "Helps with my allergic reactions to soaps, creams, and lotions. Does not provide any noticable anxiety relief. "

Atomheartmother December 17, 2017

For Allergies "I keep yawning but I don't actually fall asleep."

Fun2drive · Taken for less than 1 month October 5, 2017

For Anxiety "Have a great deal going on in my life and very anxiety driven. This helped calm me down without making me drowsy. I can sleep and I can relax and not worry about being so spun up. Recommend this drug since it is not habit forming."

EmmaJosefina93 · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 26, 2017

For Sedation "This drug works wonders for me. Was prescribed 25 mg for anxiety and to help me sleep. I take it occasionally, when I feel anxious or worried at nighttime or just have problems falling asleep. I feel so calm, relaxed and sleepy :) Only bad thing is the hangover I get the next day. I feel like a zombie. But if I don't take it too late at night there's usually not a problem. I will need a good 10-12 hours of sleep on it though. 24 year old female"

Mr Layne · Taken for less than 1 month September 10, 2017

For Anxiety "Doctor prescribed this to me as an alternative to lorazepam for anxiety. I was reluctant at first. Lorazepam works well for me, yet it is stigmatized by doctors. But it works just as well, if not better. Atarax is an antihistime. This means allergies are managed as well."

Eliii August 8, 2017

For Allergies "I found Atarax as the best antihistamine pills for my Allergy. I have eczema and each time I used Atarax it help me a lot."

Aryesi June 2, 2017

For Anxiety "Its my first time using any sort of drug for anxiety. The doctor gave me a 10mg sized Atarax and it only made me feel sleepy. I still felt nervous and anxious over my work and these feelings didn't go away. Maybe I should be taking 25mg like the others here. Either way this 10mg capsules are suppose to last me until I go for my appointment with a professional pychiatrist."

CMMAR · Taken for 1 to 2 years January 18, 2017

For Anxiety "Was prescribed for anxiety, and instead it threw me into the worst full blown panic attack I have ever had.! Totally out of my mind!"

RobStein9064 November 30, 2016

For Anxiety "Two 25mg doses, spread out, reduces anxiety for me, but it also can make me yawn and sleepy and I don't feel safe to drive for about an hour after taking the second dose. Given that I am over sensitive to Benzos this is one of the few anti-anxiety drugs I can take without being over sedated."

Flgal · Taken for 6 months to 1 year November 28, 2016

For Nausea/Vomiting "Only thing that helps nausea for me. Zofran is like taking a placebo and phenergan gives me restless legs."

crystaljuniper · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 21, 2016

For Anxiety "I've been on this medicine for 2 years now and it continues to work well against anxiety and panic attacks. I take a 25 mg pill per day. At first, I experienced slight drowsiness and wanted to sleep a lot, but after a few days these side effects went away completely. Skipping a dose won't affect me, but after skipping several doses once I felt nervous, irritated and had trouble sleeping. Overall, it's good and reliable."

Kenya05 October 17, 2016

For Pruritus "I was prescribed this medication after a burn injury. My scars caused intensive itching! I was ordered to take two tablets by mouth four times a day as needed for itching. Initially after my accident the medicine helped. I didn't really notice the side effects because I was on pain medication as well. Now here we are six months after my accident. last night I had a really bad itching episode. I could not sleep. I decided to take the two Atarax. I slept through the entire night and the next day. I woke up to a text message after text message from coworkers and my boss wondering why I didn't show to work!"

Esbet October 3, 2016

For Anxiety "Don't take this drug !! It caused me to have horrendously bad dreams. They were terrifying. My anxiety has worsened by 100 percent. I'm fearful of going to sleep. I've not slept more than three hours a night for two weeks. Another side effect I experienced was hair loss and vertigo. Thanks to my " doctor " I have regular episodes of vertigo which I had never experienced in my life. Stay away from this drug !"

FeyFey September 30, 2016

For Allergic Urticaria "I took 1 tablet of Atarax last night for my HIVES. I asked for an anti-histamine that can also help me to sleep bcos I have not been sleeping for 4 nights straight due to the itchiness from my hives. So this was suggested by my doctor. I managed to sleep through the night for over 9 hours - the alarm didn't manage to wake me until my 2nd super loud alarm! I was awake BUT I wasn't really AWAKE! I felt like I can doze off any second. Unless you want to sleep thru 24-hours maybe this is good for you but I won't be taking it the 2nd time. I felt horrible for the whole day! My mind was not functioning, I felt groggy, not alert at all, walk like zombie, it was just bad for me. I like to feel AWAKE! Not like this. My suggestion: Take with CAUTION!"

Sneezy McGee · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 10, 2016

For Allergies "I have really terrible environmental allergies. My allergist has dubbed me his "most allergic" patient. I take Zyrtec and Singulair in the morning but I'm still itching and sneezing by night time. Atarax relieves my allergies at night like magic. It also helps when I have a bad reaction to my allergy shots or when something I'm extremely allergic to is in season. I also like that it relaxes me and makes me sleep. Definitely a bonus. I can also take them as needed or multiple times per day unlike other allergy medicines."

Joshy1980 · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 11, 2016

For Anxiety "I've been take Atarax 50's 3x's daily PRN.. I also take Ativan.. but only if absolutely needed.. I have found that Atarax helps me emensely (sp).. It doesn't make me tired or groggy anymore.. It just calms me down when having some anxiety or feeling out of sorts with my mood.. It does a good job at leveling me out"

For the birds June 17, 2016

For Anxiety "It works very well for me as a rescue medicine. If taken mid panic attack it definitely helps to calm me; however, if I take it before I am going to be in a situation that I know will cause anxiety it doesn't have much of an effect to keep me from having an attack. It definitely makes me sleepy."

Happy4me May 5, 2016

For Anxiety "I was prescribed Atarax taking 25mg up to 3x daily or as needed. The first few days it made me groggy and want to sleep and experience very vivid dreams and nightmares. After a few days the grogginess went away and it actually helped me function while having high anxiety and helped to calm me. I still experience nightmares more often than I'd like to but I'd rather be functioning daily so I keep taking it"