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User Reviews for Fluoxetine to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Also known as: Prozac, Sarafem, Selfemra

Fluoxetine has an average rating of 8.1 out of 10 from a total of 126 ratings for the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. 77% of those users who reviewed Fluoxetine reported a positive effect, while 13% reported a negative effect.

Fluoxetine Rating Summary

8.1/10 average rating

126 ratings from 134 user reviews.

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Reviews for Fluoxetine

Billi · Taken for less than 1 month March 28, 2021

“Had been on sertraline, escitalopram, paroxetine before but feeling best with 20 mg fluoxetine, for OCD, anxiety and depression . Best drug ever using fluoxetine 20 mg and 25 mg quetiapine, used it for 7 days and much improvement”

10 / 10
Miss Jigwon · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 7, 2021

“It didn't do much for my OCD, made me feel anxious and I went from a healthy 8.5 stone to a nearly morbidly obese zombie in 2 years. Took 3 years to lose the weight, about 4 stone. Just made me eat and sleep all the time, could hardly keep my eyes open most days. Rubbish drug. Did nothing for my mood either, waste of time and just made things a LOT worse for me!”

1 / 10
peace · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 14, 2021

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I was dealing with chronic and miserable anxiety for months and was losing hope that I'd ever feel at peace again. Did 10mg Prozac for a couple days then increased to 20 mg for about a month. Didn't notice any differences, so increased to 40 mg for a little over three months. I noticed quite the change with that increase after a month or so, and was finding myself less anxious throughout the day and feeling a little less guilty all the time. Just increased to 60mg a couple days ago and am feeling quite optimistic. While I still have my bad days, I really think this has saved me and I am so glad I gave it a try. I was apprehensive at first because of all the horror stories I've heard, and being anxious about trying a more intense medication but I am so so happy to have begun this journey and finding that there is hope. I dealt with minor insomnia after the first month for about a week, and for a about a week after the first dose increase.”

10 / 10

Frequently asked questions

priya3434 · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 26, 2017

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I don’t find a lot of positive stories about antidepressants, or I find stories where people are taking the antidepressant the wrong way. I wanted to share my experience. A positive one. I’ve had generalized anxiety disorder, SEVERE OCD, and panic disorder for as long as I can remember. My first memory of having an episode was when I was 4 years old at my kindergarten interview. I feel as though I was born with the illnesses mentioned above, right from the womb. When I was a child I was extremely anxious, had bad separation anxiety from my parents and had extreme OCD, I was just a kid and thought that the way I was feeling is how all kids felt, I didn’t realize that I was different. This went on, and got even worse in middle school. I began developing trichtilomania in middle school. In high school I went from being a 90% above student, to failing every class within a couple of years. I couldn’t leave the house. My panic disorder and gad caused debilitating physical symptoms. I would be shaking when I had to leave the house, I wouldn’t drink alcohol because I was afraid of vomiting, I was suffering so much, for my whole entire life with severe phobias, fears, and anxiety. I prayed and prayed and prayed to God every night for it to go away. I was a 16 year old living in a prison of her own mind. It never went away. Every single day was the worst day of my life, I would wake up and the thoughts just started, I never had a break. My life was exhausting. I am of east indian background and my parents didn’t understand mental illness well. It is very taboo in my culture. I went to tons of doctors and they told me it was just growing pains, no doctor ever told me that maybe I should see a therapist. I didn’t have any support. When I was 22 I attempted suicide. Luckily the attempt didn’t work and I was forced to go on medication. I was livid, I was so against antidepressants, I was so so so scared, it felt unnatural. My general practitioner put me on Effexor, I took it for almost 8 weeks, it helped me to not want to kill myself, but It also made me gain tons of weight which made me depressed, and it make me hear voices. One evening a voice told me to choke my mom, and I started freaking out and my parents drove me immediately to the hospital. At the hospital I talked to a psych nurse who calmed me down, and got me an appointment with a psychiatrist the next day. This appointment and this psychiatrist saved my life, and changed my entire life. I want to really mention that you should not be going to a General Practitioner for mental illness medication, you should ALWAYS…ALWAYS go to a psychiatrist no matter what. If your GP is the only person you are seeing to help you manage your meds for ocd, anxiety, etc, that is the WRONG MOVE. That is such a common mistake people are making, you NEED a psychiatrist in order to get the meds right, please do not just go to your regular doctor, you’ll be cheating yourself. I went to the psychiatrist appointment the next day. It was the first time I had ever seen a psychiatrist. I got into her room and we talked about everything, my childhood, my phobias, my ocd. She then brought my parents into the room to explain the whole situation to them and the fact that I have a chemical imbalance in my brain and that I have been suffering for way too long. My parents were so supportive. The doctor told me I was on the wrong medication, that I never should have been placed on Effexor which is an SNRI, and that I should be on an SSRI considering my main problem is OCD and GAD. We talked a lot about it and she told me she would like to place me on Prozac. She said for me, because my neural pathways have been the same for 20 plus years, that I would need a higher dosage of Prozac especially for anxiety and OCD. I see on this forum, that so many people are on 20mg, or 40mg for anxiety disorders. You should be on 60mg at least, do not be afraid to go higher. People that say Prozac or an SSRI didn’t really do anything for their anxiety or ocd is because they are only taking a 20mg dose, That is not an OCD dose. 40-80mg for anxiety and OCD. Please up your dose. Use the medication, REALLY USE IT. Do not be afraid! My doctor started me on 40mg, eventually took me to 100mg, and then I went back to 80mg. Yes the side effects are insane, I was nauseated, I couldn’t sleep, I was shaking, I had anxiety, but she prescribed me Ativan and said to use it until the Prozac kicked in. That the Ativan would keep me comfortable until that happened. Don’t try to be a hero, use your Ativan or your Xanax or whatever to stay as comfortable as possible. I could write so much more, but I’ll conclude with this. 4 months after being on 80mg of Prozac everyday, I woke up one day and I was cured. Yes cured. I had no OCD, I had no anxiety, I no longer had fears or phobias. I was cured. You have no idea how that day felt. It was like the first day of my whole entire life. I woke up being the real me, who is free spirited and isn’t afraid of anything! I was finally free, I was no longer a prisoner. I didn’t even have to go to therapy. I just woke up one day a brand new person, from taking a high dose of Prozac every single day. DO NOT go off of the antidepressants. Your ocd, your anxiety, depression etc will come back. I WOULD never dream or even think to come off of my antidepressants, I have an illness, that will return if I go off the medication, because I have a brain disorder. OCD is a brain disorder. Do not stop taking medication for your brain disorder, do not try to fix your brain disorder with just a 20mg or 40mg dose. Own your medication, be on it for life. It’s been 5 years since I have been cured. If it wasn’t for Prozac, I would be dead. 1) You need a psychiatrist 2) Do not be afraid to take more than 40mg of Prozac to treat panic attacks etc, I am on 80mg a day and my life is a ball. It is so wonderful and so carefree. 3) Do not stop the meds. Be on the meds for life.”

10 / 10
Slimlys September 21, 2020

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I cannot even put into words how much Prozac saved me. I was struggling badly with severe OCD and it was taking over my life. I couldn’t function like a normal person anymore and it was a very dark time for me. My doctor put me on Prozac and the first month I didn’t really notice a change. After the first month went by, everything got better for me. I noticed myself not worrying about OCD anymore and actually felt genuinely happy inside. It’s been 8 months on Prozac and I can honestly say I love my life now, I’m truly happy & OCD isn’t something I’m controlled by anymore. Although it never goes away completely, it is now 100 percent manageable. :)”

10 / 10
ki 2 June 18, 2019

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I would like to speak about prozac. When I first started it I felt like giving up . I was on 20mg and I couldn't eat or sleep and my anxiety got so much worse. My thoughts went on overdrive and new OCD thoughts came.However I am now on it three months at 40mg dose and my brain is so much clearer. I can rationalise the thoughts. OCD is no fun but don't suffer . I went on here when I first started and I read a positive thread and it kept me going. Please don't lose hope .”

10 / 10
Jerry · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 25, 2020

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I’m 40 and for last 15 years have tried and stopped taking many many different SSRI’s and anti-psychotics Meds. Mostly stopped mental drugs cause of side effects, made depression / anxiety worse, and some other issues. But dang! Was on Prozac for last year and this vintage SSRI from the early 1990s has worked better and much much more tolerable than any other drug I have tried.”

10 / 10

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Silly goose · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 24, 2019

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I keep meaning to share my review of this drug. I know there are many people reading these reviews just starting Prozac, and extremely anxious. Because at one point I was one of them. How long does it take for Prozac to work you may ask? Well the first few weeks are rough, then at 6 weeks it was like a switch went off and I felt so much better. Panic attacks gone, my OCD is under control (also with help of ERP therapy with psychologist) it has completely changed my life. I almost quit taking it the first few weeks because the side effects were so terrible, but with support from my family and online support groups I kept taking it. I’m here telling anyone struggling PLEASE give this medication at least 5-6 weeks before you quit taking it. Please hang in there. Prozac has literally saved my life.”

10 / 10
Pitbulls and pillows January 10, 2021

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I’ve been on 20mg of fluoxetine for five weeks so far. I was terrified to start because I had a horrible experience with lexapro. My experience with fluoxetine has been a cake walk so far compared to lexapro. The first week or two were a little rough. I had difficulty sleeping, dry mouth, forgetfulness, and extreme exhaustion. Now at week five my intrusive thoughts have decreased. When I do have them, I can let them go. I don’t ruminate like I was doing prior. I’m also not having panic attacks when trying to do every day tasks like going to the store or driving. This medication is slow working, so it takes time to feel improvement. A lot of information says 4-6 weeks but many people in support groups that I’m in say it took closer to 12 weeks to feel full benefit and if this is the case, I’m excited to see how I’ll feel in a few more weeks because I’m already feeling so much better! The medication has saved my life.”

9 / 10
Anonymous May 13, 2020

Prozac (fluoxetine): “This medication Prozac has helped me so much and has truly saved my life. My OCD and panic attacks were taking over my life to the point where I felt I could barely function. When this medicine began working for me I felt that I finally am the person I want to be if my OCD and anxiety did not stand in my way. This medication was absolutely amazing for my OCD and anxiety/panic attacks. I am on 50mg.”

10 / 10
Janey12 · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 2, 2020

Prozac (fluoxetine): “Fluoxetine helped to get me out of a bad place with regards to my OCD. I'm so thankful to it. Compared to other medications that I've taken in the past, it has very few side effects, especially in terms of weight gain etc. Alongside therapy, it's changed my life. Without even realising it, my compulsions and ruminating lessened dramatically. It's worth going through the first three weeks of transition, to experience the final effects.”

10 / 10
Al January 24, 2019

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I suffer from harm OCD/intrusive thoughts that honestly took over my life. Prozac gave me my life back and after suffering for 13 years, I now have no intrusive thoughts and my OCD is almost non-existent. This is a miracle drug with little to no side effects, except some mild insomnia. It takes time for the effects to kick in so give it some time, it took about 4-6 weeks for me to really feel a change.”

10 / 10
Southern Summer September 15, 2014

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I have been taking fluoxetine for about five months now. It has been a God send for me! I am notoriously moody, possibly from BPD, and I do have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder where I have repetitive thoughts and the only way I can describe Prozac is that it feels like a vice grip on your brain that made you think about things over and over, releases completely. I feel so in control and wherever I put my focus, it stays without drifting back. I love this medication so much I will never leave it. The only complaint I have is that it does take forever to work. Forget about the 6 to 8 week rule, it will take a few months. And when it works, you will feel so amazing. For me, 60 mgs is ideal.”

10 / 10
Jess · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 12, 2020

Prozac (fluoxetine): “Prozac got me out of a very dark place when I was first diagnosed with severe OCD, would not be alive without it. It stopped working for me after about 3 years of taking it but it was a great start to getting help with obsessions and compulsions.”

9 / 10
Julian1227 November 5, 2015

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I had all of these horrible thoughts racing through my mind for 5 weeks before I started Prozac. I kept thinking about dying, my family dying. I feared time and death and could not stop the racing thoughts no matter what. I thought I would never get better, but then a week after starting Prozac, I no longer had any racing thoughts! It has brought me back into the moment. No more intrusive thoughts :)”

10 / 10
Anonymous August 17, 2020

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I have depression and OCD. Prozac 40-60 mg combined with 5 mg abilify has really helped soooo much. I feel my severe OCD is a loooot more manageable, and my depression is not deep and unliveable, I feel so much better. I needed the addition of abilify to really help with the depression, but I noticed after 7 or 8 weeks my OCD was better with 40 mg of Prozac.”

10 / 10
Jenny · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 11, 2020

Prozac (fluoxetine): “In college my counsellor wanted to primarily treat my depression and anxiety with Celexa, then Lexapro. Each of these medications drastically worsened my symptoms and I began experiencing suicidal thoughts (side effects of both). Naturally, I was too terrified to every try medication again. However, when I was accurately diagnosed with O.C.D., my O.C.D. specialist recommended Lexapro and it has changed my life (in combination of Cognitive/Behavioral Therapy). I experienced a mental and physical breath through and am thriving like never before. I literally thought feeling like this would never be possible. I have SO much mental energy now that it's not being used up for my obsessions and compulsions. I am forever grateful for this one tool. But I firmly believe it's just one tool, not the "cure all". Without the intense 1 year of therapy leading up to medication, and learning how to better communicate, I don't believe I'd be thriving like I am.”

10 / 10
piegirl · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 22, 2015

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I am so happy that I finally received a diagnosis and treatment! Ever since I was about 19 years old (29 now) I have dealt with depression that came in waves. My anxiety and obsessive tendencies didn't begin until I was 22 and had the military. I always thought that the high stress situation just fed into my depression and caused anxiety and obsession. I finally decided to seek help and I was shocked to find out that I suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder which causes depression and anxiety. I started on Prozac and within the first 6 weeks I felt a rush of relief. I no longer obsessed over the smallest things. I feel so much happier and my friends and family notice the difference big time!”

9 / 10
Youarestrong · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 26, 2020

“Man, where do I begin?! I was so scared to try an antidepressant. For 10 years I have tried to fight this on my own with therapy, exercise, diet.. you name it! I finally had enough and decided to try a medication. I am on 20mg of Fluoxetine/prozac. The first 3-4 weeks were rough with side effects (ear ringing, jaw clenching, excess yawning, tiredness, diarrhea) but then eventually all of that leveled out. Around week 6 I started to feel like my old self, before all the OCD and anxiety. Now, around month 3, I feel amazing. People in my life are commenting on how much more carefree I seem. It really has taken that weight off my shoulders. I still do therapy, exercise and meditate which I believe is important to do because without putting in the work alongside the medication, the antidepressant is nothing but a bandaid.”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 2, 2012

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I've only been taking Prozac for a very short while but once it started to kick in, it was like waking up from a three year-long OCD/major depressive nightmare. I feel like myself for the first time in forever. I've tried other antidepressants and anti-anxiety medicines and nothing else has worked for me. I'm already having less obsessive thoughts and compulsions, and the crippling sense of dread, anxiety and panic that accompanies my OCD is lifting. I just started it recently so I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but the preliminary results have been amazing. I'm so grateful to feel like a human being again.”

10 / 10
RayS45672 June 14, 2014

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I have Obessive compulsive disorder which causes a lot of anxiety and depression. Prozac has improved my quality of life I'm now a calm happy person with a great family of my own after being on Prozac a year. It really helps me focus on the real problems in my life and reaching a resolution instead of just feeling overwhelmed. It also greatly increases my energy and focus! It does not make me a zombie to emotion but it does prevent me from obsessing and lingering on how things make me feel. I still feel sad anger etc but in normal amounts like everyone else. Aside from very detailed dreams I've had no negative side effects. ”

10 / 10
peaches · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 23, 2019

Prozac (fluoxetine): “After trying many forms of therapy for my OCD and anxiety I was beginning to feel as though nothing would work long-term. I started this medication 3 months ago and the dose has gradually gone up since then. The only side effects I’ve experienced is that I’m a little more fidgety than usual, and when I first started it I was a lot more anxious. However, after a few weeks of being on it I started to feel so much better. Now I’m on 20mg and it is definitely the best thing I’ve ever done. With a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy and Prozac I can’t believe how good I feel. I am less anxious, my mood is better, I can control my OCD more. It really does take a few weeks to kick in, but it really does work.”

10 / 10
Thank you Prozac · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 6, 2012

Prozac (fluoxetine): “Prozac has changed my life. I've suffered from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, and Depression since I was in my pre-teens. I've tried Celexa and Paxil, but couldn't sleep at all while using them. I asked my physician to prescribe Prozac on the advice of a friend and I've had amazing results. I started at 10 mg a day and increased to 20 mg a day after a month. I noticed that I was drowsy and unmotivated during the day when I took the medicine in the morning, so I switched to a bedtime dose and I haven't noticed any side effects since then. Prozac makes me calmer and much more in control of my fears. Others who didn't know I had gone on medication have noticed a positive change as well. I've been on Prozac for 4 months.”

10 / 10
Cheryl · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 30, 2019

Prozac (fluoxetine): “Prozac has changed my life. I feel like I’m living life and enjoying it to the fullest for the first time in a very long time. I use to feel so empty and hopeless. I can truly say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.”

10 / 10
Alex April 4, 2020

“Hello everybody, I wanted to share my experience of taking fluoxetine to hopefully shed some light on this complex drug. I suffer from harm OCD or intrusive thoughts, not the more widely known OCD where you perform various rituals like Jack Nicholson's character. I never understood what these intrusive thoughts were and how much they affected me, I didn't even know if would have a diagnosis of some sort to finally identify what I have been going through for the past 13 years of my life. I started taking fluoxetine 5 weeks ago but it takes much longer to feel the therapeutic effect, I'm guessing at least 7-8 weeks. I'm on 40 mg and have noticed and a very positive change but still have some of those intrusive thoughts lingering. But this drug has definitely created a whole new outlook on my life, it has been life changing and life saving. Thank you Prozac, you really gave me a chance to feel like a functional human being without feeling crippled by these obsessive thoughts. 10/10!”

10 / 10
Tilda · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 8, 2020

Prozac (fluoxetine): “After trying countless medications including zoloft, lexapro, lovox, to name a few. I finally found the medicine that healed me. Before taking this medicine, I would do the most bizarre rituals including always selecting the right side of everything, touching objects repetitively, stepping on lines and more. The OCD was mentally draining. I will admit I have done exposure therapy alongside taking this medication, which has helped me tremendously. Have faith, this medicine is a lifesaver. Also if you suffer from OCD join a group on social media. There are more suffers than you think. Also make sure you take this medicine with food.”

10 / 10
Art freak · Taken for 10 years or more June 16, 2017

Prozac (fluoxetine): “For ME, Prozac has made everything more clear (not a zombie!), and over time has made me more comfortable/ confident with who I am. l have been taking it for 13 years now, and will be going up to 80mg soon. I suffer from OCD, anxiety, and very mild depression. My OCD and social anxiety was the worst. The negative or "what if" thoughts going through my mind was so loud/present that I would either need to be constantly distracted or mentally try to clear my mind. It was hard to work, and focus on the things I loved or even have a relationship. It was so mentally and physically exhausting. I finally decided to take medication/ Prozac. I take the generic form, anyway it's definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”

fishcake dai October 11, 2013

Prozac (fluoxetine): “I have been taking 60mg of Prozac a day for the last 2 yrs. I was diagnosed with severe obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)when I was 14. Have lived with OCD and anxiety ever since. I'm now 32 and for the last two years since taking Prozac I feel normal again. I have experienced no side effects but did quickly realize that alcohol does not mix. But, I'd rather give up alcohol than go back to a mental institution.”

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