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User Reviews for Cymbalta to treat Anxiety

Cymbalta has an average rating of 6.5 out of 10 from a total of 239 ratings for the treatment of Anxiety. 60% of those users who reviewed Cymbalta reported a positive effect, while 28% reported a negative effect.

Cymbalta Rating Summary

6.5/10 Average Rating

239 ratings from 253 user reviews

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22% 53
23% 55
15% 36
2% 5
3% 8
3% 8
3% 8
4% 9
4% 10
20% 47

Reviews for Cymbalta

Jenna March 6, 2021

“I was taking this medication for a mix of reasons; Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain. It worked better then any other meds I tried for Anxiety and Depression (I tried a lot). However, it stopped working after a couple years of taking the maximum dose so I'm trying others. The withdrawal I had coming off of them was horrible, I never had withdrawal from anything like that in my life. If I didn't have the withdrawal like I did, I would go back on them in a second. They were the only antidepressants that have actually worked for my anxiety, I wake up with severe anxiety almost everyday since 2013 and Cymbalta was the one medication that made my anxiety tolerable. I accidentally forgot to take it one morning and with it not being in my system for less then 12 hours, I felt so sick and came to realize that I was going through withdrawal. Anyways I hope this helps someone.”

6 / 10
JZ · Taken for less than 1 month February 28, 2021

“First dose, I feel really numb, light-headed and like a rubber doll, I hope this feeling passes, as for immediate feel of anxiety symptoms, I have not had a panic attack as of yet, I have a more calm, and that is welcome.”

3 / 10
StephOR · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 12, 2021

“I had insomnia badly for the first couple of days, but taking it in the morning helped. I also experienced lack of appetite for the first couple of weeks and felt very energized. It faded, but same things when the dose was increased to 60mg. It was great for anxiety, even helped with things that I didn't know were from anxiety; however, I had no relief of back pain unfortunately. I currently have no side effects after 2 months.”

10 / 10

Frequently asked questions

Carolinetruuu February 4, 2021

“I took Cymbalta for only 4 days and had to get off of it. Even with taking 1.5mg of Xanax a day, I could not get over my extreme anxiety and jitteriness. I was constantly in my head and experiencing horrible physical symptoms like heart palpitations, sweating, hot flashes and nausea and having to go to the bathroom frequently. Panic symptoms would crop up like every 2 hours and I felt like the Xanax was barely doing anything for me to stop the anxiety. This was the worst medication I have been on by far!”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month January 16, 2021

“First pill made me feel like I was going to take off wasn't pleasant at all ,I could not fall asleep all night ..when I finally got a nap I woke feeling nausea and with a headache”

Pepper · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 9, 2021

“30 mg Cymbalta really helped with my anxiety and depression. I was happy to double the dose to 60mg because it was supposed to help with my chronic pain. It did not. If anything it made the pain worse. Worse than the pain was the diarrhea- up to 50 times a day often with no control. I was told it was not a side effect and would go away. I was so sick that I didn't question it and just tried to get through it. Weeks later, totally exhausted and unable to sleep well, a friend checked it out and saw that diarrhea could be a side effect. I halved the dose and the diarrhea immediately improved. I now need to get off the last 30 mg somehow. I am not looking forward to the depression returning but I can't live my life afraid to be more than a few minutes from a bathroom.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month October 4, 2020

“Day1 shaky, muscle spasm, depressed”

1 / 10

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Jess · Taken for less than 1 month October 4, 2020

“Cymbalta changed my life. I felt the change almost instantly. Freed me from lifelong depression, I feel as if I am reborn. Yes I do feel a lack of appetite but honestly that’s a plus for me. The other side effects I felt have all subsided now and it’s only been a week. I felt like a zombie for the first four days but now my energy is back and I am happy. Haven’t been happy for a very long time.”

10 / 10
Heywood · Taken for less than 1 month September 14, 2020

“Took my first Cymbalta yesterday. About 2 hours after taking it, I felt like I had no energy. About 2 hours after that, I was running to the bathroom. That night, I went to sleep fine, but woke up at 3am and couldn't go back to sleep. I got out of bed at 530am, grabbed a cup of coffee and within 3 minutes, I was having heat flashes followed by freezing flashes, felt like I was going to get sick, and had zero energy. Went to the doctor at 8:45 and was having a reaction to the drug and broke out in a cold sweat in the office. It is now 5pm, and I still feel like I was run over by a train, no energy, stomach is still iffy, and my head has pins and needles.”

1 / 10
Kelsey · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 4, 2020

“I have been on cymbalta 30 mg for about a year and a half for anxiety. When I first started taking it I could not stay awake. If I sat down and got still I was asleep. After about 3 months that started wearing off (never fully). I have also had muscle spasms since I started and they have not went away. I recently started having panic attacks and couldn’t seem to focus at all. I talked to my dr about switching meds, they decided that moving to 60mg would help my anxiety more. I took 60 mg for about a week and was having so many more muscle spasms. I also had headaches everyday. I felt all over the place. So I went to my dr again saying I thought I need something else. I will start taking Wellbutrin. I really hope this is going to be the medicine for me. My anxiety is out of control right now coming off cymbalta. I also am having a ton of dizziness.”

3 / 10
Regina July 29, 2020

“I have been on Cymbalta 30 mg daily for almost two weeks for anxiety and depression. I have taken the medicine two times before with no side effects. This time however, my first week side effects are were diarrhea, nausea, unable to eat much, worse anxiety and hot flushes in my chest causing a bad panic attack. New thing for me. Never had this hot sensation in my chest before. Second week felt a little better for two days then boom hot flushes again throwing me into another panic attack. This one milder than previous week. I’m so confused. Not sure whether to keep taking or not. Scary stuff when I get these hot flushing sensations across my chest and heart rate goes up.”

3 / 10
Pstar89 · Taken for 1 to 2 years June 3, 2020

“Ok I gave a review at 5-6 months being on Duloxetine now its been a year. I started out on 30mg's for a week then had moved up to 60mg's felt great for awhile. After about 5 months I noticed I started to feel anxious and just didn't feel right when up so we moved it up to 80mg's but pushed through 80mg's helped but still didn't feel right for a few months now I'm on 100mg's, I take 60mg's at 9am and 40mg's at 5pm and man do I feel great I finally am back - life has been amazing I know this medication isn't for everybody or people have had bad experiences on it but its truly helped me and I'm so thankful for that!!! Only rated it a 9 because nothing is perfect.”

9 / 10
Jaciakky · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 13, 2020

“This drug Cymbalta certainly helped turn my life around. Starting on 30mg I moved up to 60mg after a week and stayed on that for a year or so. It completely cured my anxiety and helped me sleep. Side effects were -difficult to hold on to pee, constipation and tiredness. Also bad night sweats. This dose was great for my anxiety but it didn’t keep the migraines at bay so I was still getting flare ups about 3 times a week so was upped to 90mg but within 3 months I was back to 2/3 migraines a week. So up again to 120mg. On this dose I had no emotion; I couldn’t cry or feel sadness or happiness. I just felt numb and weary. But no migraines! The side effects are too much so I’m back down to 90mg. Migraine is just under the surface and breaks through 1/2 times weekly. The plan is to reduce Duloxetine so my anxiety is under control and then add in another med to deal with the migraine. I would recommend this drug for anxiety but not quite so good for migraine so it was a compromise.”

8 / 10
PennyQuick · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 11, 2020

“Taking Cymbalta is like having someone turn off the switch that controls my anxiety. It’s hard for me to comprehend how I lived with constant anxiety for most of my life now that is controlled. I will say this is a medicine that you must commit to taking as prescribed. Missing doses will bring the anxiety back full force.”

10 / 10
Jay · Taken for less than 1 month March 10, 2020

“I nearly died taking this drug I took one 30mg tablet and felt like someone had hit me in the back of the head after that I started getting brain zaps apparently that’s what they’re called by the Doctors in ICU It made me feel very sick and unwell but I thought it would wear off by 6 o’clock in the morning the next day I called an ambulance I was vomiting, shocking, cramping even though I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything except for water they took me straight into intensive care my sodium levels had plummeted and they put me straight in for a brain scan I was four days in intensive care. They said another half an hour and I would’ve had a massive stroke I was 49 at the time, The doctor said it had damaged my brain and they don’t know how long it will take to come good if ever I felt alright after about a week never take this drug you can die from it”

1 / 10
Chloe · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 1, 2020

“NOTHING matters about this drug except the fact that withdrawal is horrific if you ever need to come off it. Don’t start! I am now in my 13th month coming off this drug. It has been the worst thing ever. I am now counting beads in capsules and reducing slowly; am down to 10 mg. Five more months and I hope to get my life back. This drug should be used only as a last resort when all else has failed. Would give it a zero if I could.”

1 / 10
greengirl4444 January 28, 2020

“I love this drug! changed my life.. I had severe migraines and depression and after taking this my pain level in my head on bad days went from 10/10 to 5/10. (and I now take ajovy shot so mostly pain free days for that ) but my depression and anxiety went away for 3 years! Not kidding.. I even started exercising. I started off on 30mg dose and went after a month to 60mg no side effects except harder to pee but whatever. I am debating now to go up to 80mg because after 3 years getting a little of my depression back. But this good great for nerve pain and depression I highly recommend..”

9 / 10
breeta · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 28, 2020

“I’ve been taking Cymbalta for 6 weeks. I started out at 30mgs, then up to 60 mgs. It has not helped at all and has made my stress and anxiety MUCH worse. On top of that, I am constantly sweating. Sweat drips down my face and my glasses are constantly fogged up. The weather can be 50 degrees outside and I’m wearing shorts and a TShirt and sweating! My doctor has decided to increase the dosage to 90mgs and I must comply or else be considered a “difficult” patient. I HATE sweating and I hate being so anxious that I hate people. :( I just want my life back and I do not see that happening being constantly annoyed and sweating like I just ran a marathon!”

1 / 10
Addydawn · Taken for less than 1 month January 24, 2020

“I am taking Cymbalta 30 mg for a week, now. My primary care physician gave it to me for bilateral hip pain when I sleep. It has been helping. More so, however, it has decreased my anxiety. Amazingly so! I feel calmer and I haven’t been grinding my teeth, which I do all the time from anxiety. It’s working for me. I think the 30 mg dose is plenty.”

8 / 10
Jen · Taken for less than 1 month January 16, 2020

“Cymbalta ruin my life! The worst medication on the market! I went into a manic episode and ended up in the hospital! It's not a week later and I'm still feel the side effects!”

1 / 10
ShaSha December 22, 2019

“I’ve been taking Cymbalta for 7 days for anxiety and I hate it! Today has been the worst. I keep forgetting where I’m parked and/or where I’m going as I’m driving down the street/ I will suddenly just be like, where was I going?! ALSO I have been extremely paranoid. Friends think I’m on drugs that are making me twitchy and nervous and that just adds to the anxiety. The one thing I specified to my doctor is that I don’t want to feel like I’m out of control and not myself!! I’m only taking 30mg. I’m weaning off ASAP. Thank goodness it’s only been a week.”

1 / 10
Squazzin December 15, 2019

“This drug Cymbalta was absolutely, insanely brutal. Just terrible, I simply can not stress enough it was an absolute nightmare. I was prescribed this by my doctor for severe anxiety and depression, and I thought my anxiety was bad before, this made it much, MUCH worse. I holed myself up in my room shaking for the 3 days I took it, when before I had a tough time doing things, but I did what I had to do (go to work, appointments, etc.) This made me so paranoid I didn't even want to leave my bedroom, I thought there were creatures in my apartment that wanted to attack me I mean just absolutely ridiculous thoughts. I also felt immensely weak, my girlfriend came home one day and tried to get physical with me and her just laying on my arms hurt, and I'm very strong otherwise. I slept for probably about 68 of the 72 hours I took it. Didn't eat once. This drug is an absolute nightmare. First time I've ever taken an antidepressant/anti anxiety medication too. This has been a terrifying experience.”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 14, 2019

“I'm finally free from the grips of anxiety and depression. I just feel normal. First week of Cymbalta was rough. Didn't know if I could do it. Nausea. Couldn't stay awake. Diarrhea. I stuck with it. Week 2, symptoms started to fade. I'm on month 4, this is the best I've felt in so long! I'm not numb, I still get nervous, I'm still awkward, I'm still myself! But it doesn't control me! I'm in the moment now! I'm not faking It! The only side effect now that I currently have is occasional night sweats. Which I will take any day of the week over how I felt before! I've lost weight. I no longer have low blood sugar. I feel like my entire body makeup has been changed for the better! It's hard to explain. And I know some people may be skeptical. I'm 40 years old and this is the best I've felt in over 20 years.”

9 / 10
Momma4 · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 5, 2019

“I was prescribed Cymbalta for anxiety/depression. The first week of using it I felt so much better. But that has tapered off in the last week or two. I don’t feel like it’s working for me anymore.”

4 / 10
Loo November 27, 2019

“Prior meds were not working as effectively anymore. I was slowly weaned off and start Cymbalta. First day I ended up cussing out a Supervisor due to extreme anxiety.”

2 / 10

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