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User Reviews for Doxazosin to treat Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Also known as: Cardura, Carduran, Cardura XL, Doxadura, Cascor

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Doxazosin Rating Summary

User Ratings
24% (5)
24% (5)
24% (5)
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10% (2)
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7.6/10 Average Rating
21 ratings from 21 user reviews

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Reviews for Doxazosin

Ben K · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 15, 2019

“Doxazosin has been excellent for decreasing night time bathroom trips from around 4 to one. But it has caused heart palpitations and raised my pulse rate from around 55 to 68. Also made me made me mentally and physically sluggish over time so discontinued use.”

8 / 10
T Pot July 6, 2019

“I started on this drug doxazosin 4mg for frequent trips to the bathroom and to treat high BP. I have been taking this for around 3 or 4 years and still had to get up around 4 times a night, my BP was also still high and I had most of the side effects mentioned here. After many visits to the doctor he eventually agreed for me to have a sleep study, for which I was diagnosed severe sleep apnoea!!! I have been using CPAP therapy for around 1 month now and now I no longer need to get up at all, I no longer take Doxasozin and sleep soundly every night. Worth getting checked as you might be getting the wrong treatment.”

5 / 10
Urgency December 14, 2018

Cardura (doxazosin): “Haven't had problems with discomfort. Somewhat reduced flow. My main problem is urgency. Cardura worked well. I did on-off-on-off testing and confirmed its effectiveness, and it did not aggravate my low blood pressure. Now I'm on Rapaflo, my nephrologist won't give me Cardura, and Rapaflo does not work nearly as well. I'm paying a lot more and getting much less relief. Next I plan to try something directed at shrinking the prostate.”

8 / 10
suliklari November 18, 2017

“very tired and sleep a lot”

5 / 10
Salonion February 8, 2017

“Took Cardura for two years the developed ringing in my ears. As soon as I stop taking it it went away. Very good drug for BPH but not worth the ringing in the ears. Waiting for a med that does not have this side effect. MD said all have one side effect or another.”

8 / 10
Edwyn · Taken for 10 years or more November 26, 2016

Cardura XL (doxazosin): “I have been taking Cardura for 15 years along with a good OTC prostate formula med. My BPH has been under control. This year I developed ringing in my ears, it came on slowly but then all the time.. I went to several ENT doctors , and my own general guy and a few other MD's and the all said it was normal for some one my age, and the meds I was on deff could not be causing the ringing. I had test after test and the ALL said "get use to it" it happens to men my age(67). Will I am on a few meds so I tried to eliminate one by one just for a while to see if it made a difference. When I got to the Cardura it was like a switch. It went away after 5 days off the drug. I would say 90%. Now if I take one Cardura pill, it comes back immediately.”

2 / 10
George987654321 · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 18, 2016

“I'm taking 2mg of Doxazosin and it increased my urine flow and decreased my trips to the bathroom. It also reduced my blood pressure from 150/60 to 130/60. I increased my dosage to 4mg in an attempt to reduce my blood pressure even more, but the side affects (fatigue, headaches, blurry vision) were too extreme, so I decreased my dosage back to 2mg. I experience no side affects at 2mg dosage. Overall, I think this is a fine drug for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia and mildly/moderately high blood pressure.”

9 / 10
BadBoy2 October 13, 2016

“I started on 1 mg for a couple of days, then 2 mg for a couple of days. I was on 4 meg only 4 days and 8 meg for just two. At that point, I was so dizzy I could barely drive. I was actually getting motion sickness as a driver, and I drive probably 25,000 miles a year. I could actually feel my prostate shrink, but had some horrible side-effects. My semen dried up to nothing, and as far as ejaculating during sex--forget it. I took the drug only a total of two weeks, and I've been off it for 10 days, and still can't get an erection. Fortunately, the dizziness cleared up after about 3-4 days after stopping. I can't find any documentation at all to show how long the drug persists in the average person.”

7 / 10
Vinnie 72 September 26, 2016

“Prescribed 12mg daily for high BP. 5+yrs Recently hospital consultant said too much and stopped it immediately. Result, could not urinate. ... put back on 4mg evening, things beginning to ease but prostate still unsettled. Doxasosin great, advice iffy.”

9 / 10
TIm S. April 29, 2016

“Was prescribed this by my urologist to help with BPH after trying Flomax and hating the retrograde ejaculation. He told me it would also help with my blood pressure that was slowly getting higher. What a difference. Very few night time trips to the toilet. My B/P is perfect. And I also noticed a nice side effect that isn't listed- it helps with my erectile dysfunction. No priapisms, but I found that I could maintain an erection better than I had in years. I prefer to take mine in the afternoon, so I have that effect in the evening, when it is most needed. Not a substitute for my Viagra, but since I can only afford so many of them a month, it's nice to have any help with the issue. With all of those benefits, you just can't go wrong”

10 / 10
Octoparrot · Taken for 10 years or more April 12, 2016

Cardura (doxazosin): “Have NB Prostatitis since the early 90's. Started on Hytrin, which had minimal effect on urine flow. I was one of the first people on Flomax, which worked great and you can feel it sooth you during a flareup. The problem is they started advertising, so the cost went from $15 to $170. I switched to Uroxatrol, but stopped after a week due to lethargy and it did not work well. Finally landed on Cardura (Doxazosin) 4mg. Nearly as good a Flomax for flow, but does not have that soothing effect if taken during a flareup. It is dirt cheap and along with Lisinopril helps my BP. A side effect is occasional dizziness after sitting or standing then suddenly moving. Only 5% retrograde ejaculation vs. 50% for Flomax.”

9 / 10
diecasts4u · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 17, 2015

Cardura (doxazosin): “I started with 2 mg and went to 4 mg. Within a few days I started diarrhea. Doctor couldn't give a reason. Went back to 2 mg and still had it. I found the answer in the side effects. I am now on 1 mg with no problem.”

9 / 10
dal88 · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 31, 2013

Cardura XL (doxazosin): “Used Cardura XL on/off for several years now and more regularly recently. Wanted new prescription after moving to Europe, however doctor didn't now the product and recommended as alternative Tamsulosin (Pradif T) which did not provide any relieve with urinating especially at night (blocked). Switched back to my remaining Cardura XL and found equivalent product in Europe called Cardura CR. Just perfect flow, day and night! No side effects.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 17, 2012

“Works pretty well, with 8mg per day. Minimal side effects, such as some dizziness when I started, and some swelling of feet and ankles.”

8 / 10
Anonymous August 8, 2011

Cardura (doxazosin): “I originally began doxazosin 4mg for blood pressure many years ago. Over the years I needed additional medicines for blood pressure but continued taking doxazosin 4mg twice a day. I had been told that it would be helpful in maintaining urine flow. Not long ago I began taking Proscar. I thought that the Cardura would no longer be needed so I stopped. Within 2-3 days there was a definite reduction in urine flow. I repeated the off, then on again routine 3 times with the same rather dramatic results. I will continue with the doxazosin. PS: I have never noticed side effects at all.”

9 / 10
Mick Finn July 6, 2011

“While taking this medication, I suffered from all of the side effects, except from the long or painful erection. I had trouble sleeping, agitated, and irritable. I thought maybe it was due to my chemical imbalance, which it may have been, but those symptoms were exacerbated by this drug to the point of continued stress and disquiet behavior. Other symptoms include tightness in the chest resembling asthma symptoms or bronchial distress to the sinus problems mention in the side effects.”

1 / 10
Anonymous September 13, 2010

“Used for about 2 weeks, ramped up dosage from 1mg 1st week to 2mg 2nd week (final dosage was to be 4mg). Had a rash with associated itching (initially thought it was Poison Ivy) appeared about 3 days after treatment started and became severe during second week. Still waiting for rash to completely go away 1 week after stopping treatment. Did help to improve urine flow and reduced urgency feelings I was having about every 2 hours to about 6 hours. I could sleep through the night! No other noticeable side effects.”

4 / 10
BDUBS May 7, 2010

“Have taken for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia...this medicine works great! Also noticed an increase in erections and sexual functions. Blood pressure is also lower to 118/68.”

10 / 10
rozza March 12, 2010

Cardura XL (doxazosin): “This named drug is prescribed normally in Spain and France usually packeted as Carduran I have used it for ten years but can not get it in Australia it was very effective at reducing levels of PSA....”

10 / 10
Anonymous March 2, 2009

“For me personally, generic doxazosin is just as effective and a fraction of the cost of a patented big drug company product. ”

10 / 10
Talawat August 27, 2008

Cardura (doxazosin): “I found cardura a wonderful drug which made my urine flow so easily and cured the discomfort I used to feel during urination. I felt no side effects either.”

8 / 10