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"I’m currently in month 11 of a Pristiq taper. I have tried several times over the past 20 years to stop SSRI or SNRI including Effexor and Pristiq but have experienced such horrible withdrawal symptoms that I have not been able to stop taking them. So basically I have been dependant on these drugs for 20 years, not because I really need them, but because my brain reacts violently due to withdrawal. This time I’m reducing the dose extremely slowly and it has been better than previous attempts, although I’m finding the past few weeks very, very difficult because I’m down to a quarter of a tablet every two days. I’ve been reducing the dose about 12mg-25mg at a time and staying on that dose for one month. This is the most horrible and difficult thing I have ever experienced in my life and my heart goes out to all of you who are suffering and fighting to survive this hell. I ‘m also astounded, disappointed and angry at all of the doctors and Psychiatrists who are so dismissive of this real condition and who have ignored my fears about the withdrawal syndrome and then labelled me as a ‘chronic depressive’. I hope one day this comes to public the attention and that the medical profession finally acknowledges the seriousness of this growing problem and that many people need help. The same kind of long term FREE medical rehabilitation that drug addicts and alcoholics are given."


Pink Slippers (taken for 5 to 10 years) October 15, 2016

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"Have been on Prestiq 50 for 2 weeks, was previously on Effexor 75mg for 6 months. Doc has put me on the Prestiq because it is supposed to be easier to wean off of. I don't think these meds have helped my depression at all. The first few day on the Prestiq I was very dizzy, since then I am even more anxious and depressed. I am seeing my doc in a week to taper off these horrible meds. NEVER AGAIN. I also take Adderall XR 25mg twice daily for ADHD, these meds usually calm me. I am now having to take Klonopin daily just to get by. Also my hairdresser noticed how much HAIR LOSS I've had. I still don't know if this is from stress, the Effexor, Adderall or my birth control pills, since all meds can have this effect."


crazygirl66 (taken for less than 1 month) October 11, 2016

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"I was started on Pristiq 50mg a year ago when my moods started to get out of control, as well as my anger. I was so angry all the time, and I felt like I was always on the verge of crying. I experienced no side effects whatsoever from the Pristiq, and felt a noticable difference within a week. I'm not angry for no reason any more, and I don't feel like I have to cry when I drop a spoon. This medication worked wonders for my depression, anxiety, anger and invasive thoughts. My doctor increased the dose to 100mg after I plummeted emotionally, despite the Pristiq. The increased dosage worked! I've been on 100mg for 6 months with no side effects and no complaints."


diceable (taken for 1 to 2 years) October 5, 2016

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"I wish i was told what would happen!!! The wonder drug. No depression. Little anxiety. Seemed like my problems were fixed with one little wonder pill. 50mg pristiq a day... Its been 8 months and i barely feel anything. This is no way to live life. Sure, im not as suisidal, not as anxious, not as depressed and im not flipping my lid every other day but i am numb, bored, barely characteristic, i dont find joy often nor do i care to create it. This is no quick fix!! Also, in that 8 months i have gone from 57kg to 66kg. Not a welcomed weight gain! Sex life is shit, affecting my relationship as my needs and wants have changed to nearly not caring wether i have it or not. But the worst part, IS MISSING A DOSE! I cant funtion without it.."


Jessgirl91 October 4, 2016

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"I was on Pristiq at 100 mg for several years; I was happy and positive, free from anxiety and depression. Earlier this year I made the mistake of tapering and discontinuing the med d/t feeling dependent and sexual side effects. I ended up having difficulty w/ memory and would cry at everything. I have tried to go back on and after 12 weeks I've made improvements but no where near where I felt before...I function but I have difficulty sleeping, have crying spells, and feel terribly depressed especially in the am. I'm going to now try Lexapro since it worked for a close relative; hoping it helps me turn the corner. If you're on Pristiq and it's working, don't stop! Discontinuing this med was a big mistake for me."


mafromne August 6, 2016

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"No effects, no side effects, no nothing Pristiq was touted as a powerful anti-depressant with an anti-anxiety drug built in. Besides clinical depression, I struggle with PTSD, agoraphobia, and anxiety disorders. All the years on Pristiq, my mood ranged from nervous to suicidal. I had several anxiety attacks, always in public places, and certainly was not capable of a normal life. About two weeks ago, I decided to stop my 150mg @ day dose. I experienced no withdrawls. My head was clear. I began to set & meet small goals. I cry a lot, for example, over music. But it's good crying. My thoughts can sometimes be labeled "irrational", e.g., I often believe my scripts are placebos. No more Pristiq."


jennie (taken for 5 to 10 years) July 12, 2016

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"PROS- no weight gain, possible sleep aid qualities CONS-withdrawal (no, it's not like coming off of heroin, I can promise you, but it did cause a rapidly increasing depression) BONUS-There's a coupon on Pristiq's website to get it for $15"


SquidWitch July 9, 2016

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"I'm not a doctor, but I want everyone who's reading this to know: EVERYONE REACTS DIFFERENTLY TO MEDICINE. Pristiq didn't work for me, unfortunately. I was on the lowest Mg. It didn't do anything when I took it, but man...when I didn't take was like I was having an "out of body experience." It was the weirdest feeling. Not like a "cool" high. It was uncomfortable and annoying. I kept taking it in hopes of it helping my suicidal thoughts, and major anxiety. Now, all antidepressants CAN increase suicidal thoughts. Pristiq definitely increased these bad thoughts. I threw up before work (anxiety) & was always a nervous wreck. I'm off the medicine now. Going back to the doctors to talk about other options. God bless all of you."


Cnewell9393 June 23, 2016

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"This is the only medication that has worked for me and I've tried just about all of them out there. This will be the 3rd time I've started and stopped it but that was only because of the high cost. Now I found out there's financial assistance (after ALL the money I've shelled out ahhhhhhhhhh)!!!!!! I can't wait for this to kick in (day 2 being back on it) because I know I will feel like my old self again. Can't wait!!!!!"


Want2bmeAGAIN June 18, 2016

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"Switched from Cipralex (escitalopram) as it made me so sleepy all the time and very sweaty at night. Pristiq gave me 0 side effects and I noticed a change in my energy level pretty much right away. I felt much better all day, and would sleep great at night. I also tried Effexor (venlafaxine) since Pristiq has no generic brand and was very pricey without a drug plan, however Effexor gave me horrible side effects! Terrible insomnia at night (trouble falling asleep and would wake up every hour, mind racing, hard time falling back asleep), tired throughout the day, and very fidgety legs and feet at night while sitting still or laying in bed. Also noticed I would lock my jaw tightly. Also caused very dry mouth regardless of how much I drank."


cmd7403 June 15, 2016

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"Prescribed 50mg daily, First week I suffered insomnia so bad I had to get temazepam to sleep, after it settled I basically compared it to taking ecstasy without a comedown, be up listening to music, the flowers seemed to be more colourful, lost 10kilos (the 10 O put on when on another antidepressants mirtazapam i think it was) but yes pristiq was life changing, I do worry that being stimulated like an amphetamine, dilated pupils, smiling for no particular reason, confident will probably take years off my life at that rate, stopped taking after 12 months them to see how I'd go, second week clean, so irritable, angry, spiteful and nasty, just putrid mental state so started taking them again, and same thing seveer insomnia but worth it imo"


mitchhhh May 29, 2016

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"I was experiencing headaches, like by brain was wound tight w a Rubberband, didn't want to get our of bed, no reason to... my dr prescribed pristiq. It has been a life changer... head feels much better, depression is gone, life is happy again.... side effects are flu like symptoms, crashing, if I miss a dose. I take a .25 mg. I ha e tried to come off before and experienced severe headaches and flue like symptoms, and severe body aches.. so I got back on... it is expensive but I buy a 90 day generic supply thru Canadian pharmacy for 120.00. Ins doesnt pay due to out of the country but it is still less than what I wld have to pay in the us.."


Pay Mg.SGogetter (taken for 5 to 10 years) May 11, 2016

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"I started taking Prisiq three weeks ago. Everything was going fine... no side effects. I decided to sit outside to get a little color before going to Florida. I sat outside for a half hour and I got a blistering sunburn!! I had a mild spf on my face from my lotion. DO NOT SIT IN THE SUN OR BE IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT IF TAKING THIS MEDICATION. WEAR LONG SLEEVES, HAT, SUNGLASSES!! WEAR AT LEAST SPF 30!! I decided to go off the medication because I was leaving for Florida and enjoy the beach and swimming! Went off without a taper and was fine, just a few brain zaps!! 3 days later feeling great being off it but still dealing with a bad sunburn now in Florida! I wish I knew. PLEASE DONT GO IN THE SUN IF TAKING THIS MEDICATION!!"


Wish I had known!! (taken for less than 1 month) April 20, 2016

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"It worked for the first 6 months, but now I can't stay awake or do anything productive, and if I miss a dose I get brain shocks and debilitating migraines, so I'm weaning off it with help from the doc"


SHxoxoxoxoxox April 19, 2016

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"I used Pristiq for 8 days but couldn't tolerate the side effects. I was warned by my psychiatrist that the side effects could take 2-3 weeks, however, I couldn't afford to wait much. The side effects include: feeling thirsty, having thoughts of going mad, fear, palpitations, heat (had to be in a cold room or otherwise I'll feel anxious), heightened anger, panic attacks. The first few days of use were fine, but I had to discontinue because my work and social life suffered."


Moon Walk April 12, 2016

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"Absolutely no side effects. I lost weight on this medication, however if you do not want to lose weight, talk to your psychiatrist and they can prescribe medications that can help you gain weight if you are underweight. This medication worked perfectly on my depression and I have not relapsed since I was weaned off it. No sexual side effects, it actually helped my sex life I am so happy I tried it."


Anonj26 April 11, 2016

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"Just over a month a go I went to see my GP after several weeks of battling my old foe the old black dog was not only back he was barking loudly. I was I admit surprised that my GP who I have only known for three years and who hasn’t previously seen me depressed spotted my change in mood before I had had chance to tell him how I was feeling. I walked out holding a script for a new drug Pristiq and began the medication the following day. My next appointment to see how I was coping was for last Monday. One of the side effects of Pristiq is according to the warning sheet my pharmacist gave me was hyper-wakefulness. Needless to say I had a paradoxical effect I have spent a month falling a sleep during the day. Later sleeping eight to ten hours at night. Due to the most awful pharmaceutical hangovers I needed to get up at 6 am in order to be in a fit state to drive by 7.30. My doctor found this interesting but urged me to continue taking the drug as he felt sure it would help my illness saying I needed to be on it for twelve months. However, in the past seven nights things have gone from bad to worse. Every night has been disturbed by the most frightful nightmares. Night sweats and terror on waking from the most vivid of horrors. On Friday night I lay awake forcing myself to stay awake, I was far too frightened of returning into this new nightmare world to sleep. My fearful dreams kept me from my bed the following night for several hours I finally went to bed in the early hours I slept fitfully my dreams were again frightening to say the very least luckily I can’t recall them in detail by midmorning. It was on Saturday that I decided that enough is enough depression is more than sufficient without entering a nocturnal world of fear and torment. While I was only on Pristiq for five weeks it was five weeks I’m not about to forget any day soon. When the treatment is worse than the illness it is time to stop; take stock and in my case back away. I know that I most probably should have spoken to my doctor but it was Easter and I couldn’t see him so I made my own decision. Now only time will tell if my decision was the right one. But one thing I do know is as a drug Pristiq is not for me. Even at its loudest a barking black dog is less scary than a night on Pristiq."


daveloch/oz March 28, 2016

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"What they didn't tell me is how dependent you get on it. It started off I could miss a few days and not feel anything. Then I would feel it if I missed one or 2 days but I would just be a little more down. Now if I miss a day I can't function and if I miss 2 it gets really scary. It's only happened once or twice while I've been on it but by the second or third day missed I am not myself. I'm anxious, my jaw hurts, I can't sleep, crying fits are common, vomiting and headaches are constant. During this time there are stages that are worse than other but 'brain zaps' and dizziness are common. I've also seen and heard things and overall it feels like you are high and is the most awful thing I've ever experienced. It's made the med not worth it."


Dhrykendb (taken for 1 to 2 years) March 27, 2016

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"I have taken this medicine for 8 months ish, at first i felt no difference but at around 3 months I also started lifting weights and dieting. I think that if I had only worked out I wouldnt have felt and different but because of the pristiq I feel much better"


celia99 March 26, 2016

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"I was prescribed this drug for some stress and anxiety experienced due to some work life balance issues. I took it for 5 days only. By day 3 i could not stay awake or focus and let alone feel OK to drive. I felt sick and had excessive sweats. Constipated and headaches, i stopped on day 5. Day 6 and 7 symptoms continued with lots of nightmare and night sweats and shakes. never again."


Berty50 March 15, 2016

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"I began taking Pristiq in 2008 as a supplement to Wellbutrin. When I missed dose I became very ill with flu-like symptoms so severe, I felt it was not safe for me to drive a car. This made me feel as though this drug was not good for me, so I finally took myself off of it in 2015. It took the entire month of July (I stopped Pristiq July 1st and nausea and dizziness did not end until early August- I kept track of my symptoms on a calendar) and as of today, the end of February 2016, my digestion has still not returned to normal. Pristiq was developed by the manufacturer to replace the profits from another popular drug that reached the generic zone. I consider it "bad drug.""


ltvanburen (taken for 5 to 10 years) February 28, 2016

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"on Prozac (Lovan) for 4 years, felt it was no longer helping and read about a type of antidepressant that targets your neorephrine (noradrenaline) re uptake, not just seratonin. mentioned it to doctor, he recommended Pristiq but I had to stop taking the Prozac for a month before starting Pristiq (hell.) Thought I made a terrible mistake as it didn't start working for at least 3 months. Difference is Prozac inhibits you from feeling emotions whereas Pristiq allows you to feel and be able to deal with them. No side effect but if I miss a dose in morning by lunchtime I'm so dizzy and lightheaded!"


Cocoash February 20, 2016

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"Fixed one problem, made another worse! My 14 years old child, has had seasonal depression and social anxiety. Her doctor said it would help with the anxiety too but it has left her always shaking uncontrollably and feeling more jittery and anxious than ever! It has helped the depression, she can go to school with a bit more ease and it'll keep her from throwing herself out a window. But her general ability to function is about the same because now she is too anxious instead of too sad."


lyndsayy February 15, 2016

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"I have been on Pristiq for about a year now, and it is brilliant. Those who have only given it a few days need to give anti-depressants a few months for the drug to work properly, it doesn't metabolise like paracetamol or other common meds. The best thing about going from escitalopram to this is that I have emotions now. The worst side-effect is dizziness, which isn't the same kind of dizziness that you have after you spin around or get up really quickly. I feel like the term "sparkly" is more appropriate, because it is quick to go up and down in severity. I feel like I also have a bit of photophobia with it too. Be careful with missing your medication, not taking it at the same time everyday and alcohol consumption."


Pristiq user February 14, 2016

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"After struggling with depression for over ten years and trying over twenty different medications, I have finally found one that works. I have been on this medication for about four years and it has been life changing. I have had no side effects (which isn't common with these types of medications) The only 'negative' thing about this medication is that if you accidentally miss a dose you will get really bad side effects."


Finally123 February 12, 2016

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