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User Reviews for Chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone

Also known as: Tussionex Pennkinetic, TussiCaps, Hydrocodone GF, HyTan

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Cough 9.4
104 reviews 794 medications
Cold Symptoms 7.9
16 reviews 1086 medications

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Reviews for Chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone

Fufu butt · Taken for less than 1 month January 21, 2020

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cold Symptoms: “Unfortunately I have had the 3rd teaspoon and I am still coughing my butt off. I know for a fact that Walgreens at the University and trying are good for not giving you the prescription prescribed by your attending physician. I am definitely returning this medication to Walgreen so help me God.”

2 / 10
Pookie · Taken for less than 1 month January 15, 2020

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “After my stubborn attempt to rid an upper respiratory cold without a doctors help, and trying OTC Guafen, mucolytics, dexbrompheniramine for cough suppression, and staying well rested and hydrated, at days 10-13 I realized I needed help as I hardly slept for two days with an incessant post nasal drip caused cough. An urgent care doc confirmed no pneumonia, no sinus infection yet to handle the cough, lingering inflammation and likely bacterial symptoms (yellow and brown sputum), prescribed an albuterol inhaler, zithromycin and Tussionex. Smart cocktail to handle all. I’ve slept great for the past two days because the Tussionex has kept my cough at bay and I’m turning the corner for the better.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month January 9, 2020

For Cough: “I am allergic to most cough medications so my doctor prescribed me the liquid version of this after having no luck with the Tessalon Perles. I took the dosage prescribed at approximately 8:00pm and it made me extremely drowsy within half an hour. I slept really well and didn't cough all night, but it made it almost impossible to get out of bed this morning. It's 11am and I still feel very out of it. Overall this medication does what it's supposed to but I am going to have to take it much earlier in the evening to see if it makes a difference the next morning. I would not be able to take this medication during the day.”

8 / 10
Todd · Taken for less than 1 month January 8, 2020

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “I have had bronchitis and pneumonia on many occasions and this medicine is hands down the best for helping stop the coughing and pain associated with coughing from these infections. I have walking pneumonia right now and my family Dr. will not prescribe any narcotic cough syrup. Tussionex would have been a huge blessing for me!”

10 / 10
Anonymous December 1, 2019

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cold Symptoms: “Instantly clears cough and relieves sinus congestion/pressure too. Gold standard”

10 / 10
Nita W September 5, 2019

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This is a miracle cough syrup ! Very strong though , you will not be able to work etc it knocks you out ! I am decreasing dose to 1/2 tsp instead of 1 tsp !!”

9 / 10
Luke · Taken for 10 years or more August 18, 2019

For Cough: “Had chronic cough for 15years. Had 5 MD's and a ENT specialist work me up but no reason found. Cough so bad head spins, try to not pass out. Once last winter fell on the wood stove due to a bad cough attack [it just comes on in a second]. Have been on TUSSINEX for years two or three 115ml bottles a year and it REALLY WORKS GREAT. Doctors know it works well but the opioid abuse makes Dr's leary. Fortunately I have a Dr that will prescribe when I need a refill [must have paper script].. You should not have to PLEAD w/ your doctor for a better quality of life..Good luck all..”

10 / 10
JANK · Taken for less than 1 month March 22, 2019

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “A wonderful medicine! .Stops a nagging cough dead in its tracks. I have used it several times when I've had the flu, or a bad cold. Unfortunately, it is now hard to get, due to people who can't be responsible with such medications......”

10 / 10
Tacoman August 21, 2018

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “I have had a chronic cough since I was a freshman in high school (I'm now 24). I have been to every specialist tried many many treatments and nobody can figure out what is wrong with me. I've even been to Jacksonvilles mayoclinic specialty cough clinic where they ran extensive tests over a 3 day period; took biopsies of my lungs, esophagus, and trachea, had a CT scan of my chest, did a pH probe test checked for asthma (much more extensive test than the traditional method of detecting asthma) and much more. Nobody can figure out what is wrong with me. I'm at the point where the next treatment option will be Botox injections into my neck to paralyze the nerves in hopes that it helps with the cough reflex. Now, you might be asking yourself, is the above relevant? The answer is yes, and here's why. After reading my extensive summed up cough history, and concluding that nobody has any idea what is wrong with me, the only short term relief I am able to get is from tussionnex.”

10 / 10
mkmk · Taken for less than 1 month July 23, 2018

For Cough: “The ONLY medicine I have ever taken that truly stops a post nasal drip in its tracks and in turn stops your cough. This is a god send and allows you to actually sleep when you are sick. However has made me a little lightheaded (for lack of a better word, kind of just a weird "off" feeling) so I try to only take it at night. I wouldn't drive taking it.”

10 / 10
Kellyb · Taken for less than 1 month April 15, 2018

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “Works great to relieve the post nasal drip that keeps me and my husband up at night from my coughing.”

10 / 10
Rainydaze4me December 14, 2017

For Cough: “I call Tussinex ... “Liquid Gold for my cold”........ Not only is it absolutely delicious ...... it totally calms me down particularly after a severe coughing hacking attack ... when I can’t clear the mucous from my lunges.....( Terrible feeling)..... TKen as directed it is pure magic❤️”

10 / 10
Nikki Mack June 26, 2017

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “Best cough syrup in the world for bronchitis and asthma. I measured and too it as prescribed for 7 days once a day and didn't get high or addicted. Works better than that trash promethazine cough syrup. The government has cracked down so hard on Drs they're scared to help you with what you really need. This cough mixture deserves a 10 or more like a 100! I stopped coughing in 5 minutes and felt better period. No tight chest although on antibiotics. This is what I'd recommend to any suffering like me .”

10 / 10
Bug bug 75 · Taken for less than 1 month April 7, 2017

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “Only thing that helps a cough so bad you are throwing up.”

10 / 10
grcgm February 13, 2017

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “A doctor once described this medicine to me as the "cough syrup of champions." He wasn't joking. My cough is gone within 10 minutes of drinking this golden liquid miracle. The only reason I didn't give it a full 10 is because of the risk of addiction. It feels amazing- so amazing that you might be tempted to take a little more. Just be careful and take it EXACTLY as prescribed.”

9 / 10
sopranofan · Taken for less than 1 month September 23, 2016

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “Probably the BEST cough suppressant you can ever be prescribed.i had a cough that was SO SEVERE it kept me up 2 days straight and my throat began to dr Rx'd 1 tsp every 12 hours and a z-pack antibiotic. I took the doseage at 6pm and by 7 I was sleeping soundly..I used it to ward off the cough while the antibiotics cured the cough. No point in getting just cough medicine if you don't get the antibiotics to go with it :)”

10 / 10
Girltomgirlgg June 10, 2016

For Cough: “Help great with my cough, but I stay up the whole night it's 5:49 in the morning and i'm so tired”

10 / 10
Grace Ray May 17, 2016

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “Works very well for cough suppression. Much more effective than guaifenesin with codeine. One adult dose at bedtime and I can sleep through the night, 8 hours, and wake up with very minor "hang over" that quickly wears off. Used for deep bronchitis cough, atelectasis after pneumonia, severe flu infection.”

10 / 10
TeenieTeeny · Taken for less than 1 month May 9, 2016

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This is by far and wide the best treatment for coughing. The worse your cough is, the fewer "high" feelings you will have. I don't mind the hazy feeling all opioids tend to give off, so this is an added benefit for me. The meds help relax your entire body. It can be difficult to sleep on it”

10 / 10
newhorizon May 1, 2016

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cold Symptoms: “I had chest congestion for about a week, and when I talked to my friends I would start coughing. This was what the doctor prescribed and when the pharmacist gave me the medicine, she explained the side effects to me and to drink liquids too. I took my dose from a 5 ml plastic cup. I have taken 3 doses so far. The effects on me were dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and nausea. My head was spinning so much I couldn't stand up. Sometimes I would cause me to fall asleep, but sleep was helpful. The nausea was unpleasant. After two days I felt better. This was strong medicine to take, but it was better taking it at night. Otherwise it knocks me right out.”

6 / 10
Tigergurl128 April 17, 2016

For Cough: “My colds always turn into bronchitis. This time it turned into pneumonia. This medicine IS liquid gold. Don't let any doctor tell you otherwise. Some doctors like to prescribe Tussionex Pearls for chronic cough. Don't let them. This is the cough syrup over all cough syrups. After I was released from hospital, I took my first dose and 30 mins later non cough!!”

10 / 10
TBarr · Taken for less than 1 month February 28, 2016

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This is hands down the best cough medicine I've ever taken. I had a cough so severe that I wet myself or threw up during uncontrollable coughing fits. Needless to say, I couldn't sleep at night for more than the few hours when I just passed out from total exhaustion. My first dose of Tussionex didn't totally get rid of the cough, but it did cut it by about 50%. The second dose helped more. My third dose was last night, and it made it possible for me to get a good night's sleep for the first time in two weeks. I did wake up once with a bad headache, but I can't tell if it's a side effect of the medicine or just part of being sick. Anyway, I'll trade a headache for vomiting from coughing fits any day.”

8 / 10
MDNS November 23, 2015

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This is the ONLY cough medicine that works for the bronchitis/asthma nightime cough I have, unfortunately, for about 20 years. I just discovered this about 7 years ago maybe. To me, & I have other family members who get this awful cough that OTC meds & other RX cough meds don't even come close to dose of this does the trick. We dubed it "liquid gold" not to mention most insurances won't cover it & at anywhere from $80-125 a bottle (big OUCH!) I have bought it in desperation of sleep & feeling better. PLEASE sell the antihistamine part separately!! I don't care about the narc part.”

10 / 10
Watishka · Taken for less than 1 month November 17, 2015

Tussionex Pennkinetic (chlorpheniramine / hydrocodone) for Cough: “This is my go to cough medicine, it absolutely works the best for bronchitis cough or sinus infection. I have experienced headaches with this but found that if I drink a lot of water when I take it, that helps. We call it super syrup in our house.”

10 / 10
Lonepalm2002a August 1, 2015

For Cough: “This stuff is scary. It gives me night sweats, but more concerning, I get really high levels of anxiety and I am concerned about my breathing. Feels too relaxed, like breathing may stop. Horrific feeling. Result is massive insomnia and I still cough.”

1 / 10