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User Reviews for Wellbutrin XL to treat Depression

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Wellbutrin XL Rating Summary

User Ratings
32% (76)
21% (49)
11% (27)
8% (18)
4% (10)
7% (17)
3% (6)
3% (7)
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9% (21)
7.5/10 Average Rating
237 ratings from 254 user reviews

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Reviews for Wellbutrin XL

Egear · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 8, 2020

“After reading a lot of these reviews, I have never heard of as many mixed effects! Mine, so, too. Been taking a dose 150mg Wellbutrin XL for depression for about 6 weeks; then increased the dose to 300 mg 1 week. I've been on tricyclics for 30 years and they really worked! Wellbutrin makes me feel "unaffected", almost anesthetized. I don't want to talk, eat or sleep. 150 mg works better for me. I have lost about 5 pounds, but my depression is no better after 6 weeks. Anxiety is also increased even though I'm on Buspar and Klonopin. Klonopin doesn't seem to work with Wellbutrin. Panic attacks have decreased. I don't understand the effects Wellbutrin has on me. I'm different but not better. I'm hoping one morning to wake up to a breakthrough!”

5 / 10
Browntrout · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 27, 2020

“I always had a funk before I started taking Wellbuitrin. It was an underlining stress that I couldn't kick. It was hard to manage my stressful job and family. Wellbutrin has literally changed my life in so many positive ways. I manage stresses better, the feeling of a looming funk is gone and I've gotten really into running and lost a lot of weight. After about 2 years of being on Wellbutrin I slowly stopped taking it. After a few months of not being off of it I could feel familiar old feelings coming back. I've decided I like who I am better on Wellbutrin and started taking it again. Long story short I've very happy with this medication.”

10 / 10
Mandy1 · Taken for less than 1 month January 23, 2020

“Sadly this drug didn't work so well for my anxiety / depression. I have been on Prozac for the past two years with fantastic results but some sexual side-effects. I requested a script for Wellbutrin xl. I added this to 10 mg Prozac. The first couple of days I was full of energy and got a lot of cleaning done. I had extreme difficulty falling asleep the next few nights and had to resort to taking Zopiclone. Wellbutrin helped me to lose about 5 lbs in a week (with diet and exercise) and I had no desire to drink alcohol and made it very easy to diet. Ultimately it was making me agitated, anxious and angry. I was losing sleep, tinnitus was acting up and I was experiencing eye pain. I may have continued to stick with it but it made my sexual dysfunction worse to the point where it was difficult to orgasm even on my own.”

6 / 10
PB January 6, 2020

“I was hesitant to take Wellbutrin due to the negative side effects I read about and I have never been on any sort of anti-depressant before. The first week was not good & had a lot of side effects the worst being a headache, ear pressure/pain, & flu like symptoms. Has it helped?.. I’m definitely not as weepy & a little more optimistic but it has not helped my anxiety much. I do have more energy. I still cry at times but not as long or much & I still have all my range of emotions & get annoyed with my family and worry about everything. I was hoping to lose some weight or for it to help increase my sex drive but positive side effects for me.I guess I was expecting Wellbutrin was going to do much more but maybe my dose is too low or I need more time. I am not prepared to deal with further side effects of a med increase but I guess I will just have to take it day by day & see what it brings. Just not sure about it yet and & hoping for more....”

6 / 10
Boog · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 6, 2020

“I've been on Wellbutrin XL 150mgs for about a year now and I've gotta say it's worked wonders for me. I was on Lexapro a few years ago and stopped taking it because the weight gain and zero sex drive was bringing me down. I wasn't taking any antidepressants for a year and a half and still couldn't lose the weight. My doctor put me on Wellbutrin, which I was nervous about at first because I also have generalized anxiety disorder and I read that it could exaggerate it. The first month I had splitting headaches and was only sleeping maybe 4-5 hours a night. Since then, things have obviously evened out, but it did take a few weeks. I feel great now, I'm energetic and passionate about things I haven't been in years. I started at 168lbs and have lost 30 pounds; I'm officially down to my pre-lexapro weight. I'm so glad that this medicine works for me, it's made such a huge difference in my day to day!”

10 / 10
Tere · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 18, 2019

“Was prescribed generic substitute of bupropion 150xl for fatigue, loss of interest, motivation, mood swings. Tried for 2 months feel maybe ten percent more energy, no side effect at all but that’s all it has changed. Doctor changed to 300xl been on it for two weeks hasn’t done anything for me. I was excited to find something that didn’t cause restlessness, irritability, panic, vertigo, heart palpitations or serotonin syndrome which is what Abilify and Prozac gave me. Abilify has worked best but gave me horrible side effects. Gave 5 star to Wellbutrin as I had no weird and scary symptoms but really didn’t do much for me.”

5 / 10
Tami December 15, 2019

“I have taken Wellbutrin on and off again over several years. I suffer mostly from seasonal depression. I just started taking it again having been off of it for a year. The results have been great. I immediately felt better. I really just need to take this consistently. It’s help also relieve my anxiety, given me a lot of energy, helps me focus, gives me a positive outlook, and confidence. Also gives me what I call a burst of happiness. A huge difference on the first day.”

10 / 10
Weetoo November 24, 2019

“I was prescribed xl once a day, within 3 days the bottom dropped out. But I held on for 3 horrible weeks. I was also on Zoloft. This was a typical combination. I finally after literally falling face down on the bed sobbing. I was done. Cold turkey could not be any worse. 38/40 hours later, the cloud lifted. I made it!! The dark thoughts were unbelievable bad”

2 / 10
TimJ · Taken for less than 1 month November 24, 2019

“I took Wellbutrin XL for only 5 days. I soon developed odd patches on my skin resembling abrasions and pinpoint bleeding. I developed severe itching, primarily at night, that lasted for a month-and-a-half. Now, a full three months later, my skin still exhibits markedly slower healing from cuts and abrasions. ”

1 / 10
Michigan Girl November 20, 2019

“I have been clinically depressed at various times in my life (postpartum and SAD) but have avoided medication for it. Recently I’ve been weepy, couldn’t get moving, and chores/phone calls/bills began piling up - No energy to deal with life. I talked to my GP who suggested Wellbutrin. I was hesitant but desperate to function again. It worked within a week. I am on 150 mg, XR. I was diagnosed with ADD as a young adult, and Wellbutrin is like the gentler, kinder version of Adderall. I have focus, can complete tasks, am happier. I have energy and willpower to exercise (instead of thinking about it all day and then feeling guilty for not doing it). I have less of an appetite, but not because I feel manically energetic/hyped up/shaky...Binging (which I did before) is not even a thought in my head. I’ve been on Wellbutrin for two and a half months, lost about 12 lbs. I would like to take Wellbutrin for the rest of my life - never felt this calm, even and steady, and capable.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 14, 2019

“I rated Wellburtin a 5 for depression, but that might not be entirely fair. I felt nothing good or bad while on 300 mg for 1 month... I felt no side effects whatsoever the entire time. Unfortunately I also felt no difference in howIi was feeling. Still had the apathy, unable to do the smallest easiest tasks like showering or paying my bills. I have depression and anxiety but only because of the above mentioned problems not before So in conclusion, while I didn't have any of the bad side effects reported in other reviews, I also did not feel any better while on it. I had the same experience with Paxil CR and Lexapro, but with those I had a great many side effects, short and longer term. Good luck to everyone. Hang in there, thats what I'm trying to do”

5 / 10
Grateful_Bread · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 9, 2019

“I am prescribed 150 mg of XL and it has been a God-send. I could not get out of bed, no sex drive, thoughts about suicide and I burned some work bridges with adjusting firms that I was working for bc I was suffering silently. I was also living in filth (by myself which didn't help matters) I was diagnosed with depression and began this med immediately. Now as soon as I wake up (fully erect again mind you) I am ready to tackle the day. I am in a great mood and am very hopeful for the future. I have a 1973 VW bus that I bought as a project and it sat the last 6 months. In the last few weeks I have done more to it than I have since I bought it. The magic bus is running again. Sort of a metaphor for my life. I moved out of the apartment as I had some dark memories there. I feel like my old self again and have my life back! I hope the same happens for any of you suffering with this affliction. Keep on truckin!!!”

8 / 10
Ctina November 7, 2019

“I am about 4 weeks in on Wellbutrin XL and things were going great until yesterday. Before that, felt more energized and appetite was suppressed. 150mg of XL. However, took my daily dose and started itching like crazy...palms ..feet...and scalp...eventually developed into hives on my legs. With the extended release, the Benadryl would help for a little while, and by evening....another breakout. Was in my office with coworkers and felt my chin turn hot and my wrists broke out. Looked in the mirror and my chin was red and blotchy. They watched the rash and hives develop on my wrists. So aggravating....was really liking the medicine. I thought it was the generic, since I had just switched, but went back to name brand and same result occurred. Did some research and read that delayed hypersensitivity to the med can show itself at 4 weeks. :(”

5 / 10
slh182 · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 4, 2019

“I have been on hundreds of anti depressants since I was 14 (I am 37 now), and Wellbutrin is by far the best one I have taken. It helps motivate me and gets me out of bed in the morning. Before Wellbutrin I always felt sluggish when I first woke up but now I am up bright and early in the morning with tons of energy thanks to Wellbutrin. Before starting it I had spent days in bed with absolutely no energy and feeling hopeless about life but Wellbutrin put an end to that. I’m hardly ever depressed now, I have loads of energy and motivation and suicidal thoughts have disappeared. In the past the antidepressants that did work took months to feel the effects but Wellbutrin started working within 4 days! I am so happy that after struggling with depression for 23 years I have finally found my miracle anti depressant.”

10 / 10
Sowgrateful · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 19, 2019

“Helps with depression but increased my suicidal thoughts and made me tired.”

5 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month September 20, 2019

“Been on Wellbutrin for two weeks it has been all good except for severe stomach cramps and bloating. Lasts about 2 hours and comes about 2-3 hours after taking the tablets”

7 / 10
Stephen · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 18, 2019

“The Wellbutrin seems to help a little with concentration and overall happiness. However, climax/orgasm during sex is now a dud compared to before. Sex drive went up though”

7 / 10
Demarco773 · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 29, 2019

“This was the worst experience I’ve EVER HAD. If you are on this medicine and are trying to push through the bad side effects (anger, irritability, panic attacks, dark thoughts) GET OFF THIS MEDICINE. Do some research on this medicine- it has a 30 page black box label with the title "SUICIDAL THOUGHTS AND BEHAVIORS; AND NEUROPSYCHIATRIC REACTIONS"that literally warns people about suicide while on this medicine. I yelled at my partner and my family, and for some people this might literally ruin relationships with people due to the extreme irritability. I have been off this for about 5 days and woke up today the happiest I’ve been in a long time. Don’t feel bad if this one doesn’t work out for you. Things will get better! I am so glad I decided to stop taking this! Always talk to a dr about stopping first because the withdrawal effects can be severe but I really recommend anyone doubting the effectiveness of this medication for them should not be on it. This medicine could have been the end of my life. Please learn from my mistake!”

1 / 10
IY · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 20, 2019

“After taking this med, within a month, my skin condition got better. I used to get rashes at night and was extremely oily around my head and face in the morning. Within 6 months, I lost 8-9 kg although I did not try to. Even my appetite stayed the same. It seems like depression gave me extreme stress. Due to this, I had horrible skin condition and weight loss problems. The physical changes were gradual and almost unnoticeable until I noticed there has been changes. In terms of mood, I still do not feel any change although people around me do. But because I had been functional, I naturally feel better and am in better place. This medication was like: One day, you wake up and realize things have changed. 3 side effects: Sleep problem for the 1st week. I am more forgettable (ADD symptom). I have never forgotten whether I have shampooed, but now, I do at times. Also, coffee gives me headache now.”

9 / 10
nosaint August 2, 2019

“I have ADHD and depression, that's why Wellbutrin was prescribed. I think my depression was caused by taking Ritalin, first-line ADHD medication. I started off with 150mg XL. The first two weeks were hard, I had a lot of the side-effects: severe headache, very dry mouth, sleeplessness. I sticked through it and noticed I become a lot more positive. If I had a setback it'd still effect me, but for not as long as before. I noticed that I had more perseverance, more energy too. I had severe brain fog, and it started to go away. But exams were coming and 150mg didn't did the trick to be able to study well, so we upped my dose to 300mg. I had to adapt again. Many of the side-effects came back but sticking through it was the right thing to do. My concentration become much better, and I become more disciplined and ambitious in my goals. I started to clean my room up, planning and preparing things. I noticed it felt like it came from myself, not from an external stimulans as with Ritalin.”

Joe · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 22, 2019

“If anything, I had less energy, was more lethargic, felt more exhausted and unable to concentrate on anything after Wellbutrin XL was added to my Zoloft prescription.”

2 / 10
21855000906992 · Taken for less than 1 month July 4, 2019

“I would have given this a 10 but I’ve only been on it a week so far. I take one in the morning as it is time released. I am so elated though because for years I’ve been on different medications for depression and anxiety and this one has really improved my quality of life. Even after a week on the others I had side effects and it didn’t seem to help. Hoping this will continue as I feel more alive my appetite and sleeping has improved and my outlook has greatly improved. Of course, eating healthy and exercise and even your spiritual life play into this. I’ve read that different medications help different people and this one is certainly helping me hope the same goes for you have a wonderful day!”

9 / 10
BiggieZ June 27, 2019

“Tried it for a couple months after getting off of Zoloft 100mg after 5 years (sexual side effects). Healthy 34 year old male and I quickly became pleased with my libido returning within a week or so. That’s where the good news stopped Started off with being dizzy and almost disoriented extremely often. Had issues sleeping and was constantly with my head in the clouds. Nothing felt real and I found myself doing silly stuff that was out of character for me. Losing things, stumbling thoughts, feeling faint, shortness of breath, just completely out of sorts. Stayed with it for another month just to see if the side effects would drop off. Irritability level went through the roof! Little stupid things set me off deeply!! Finally enough was enough. Been off a week now and I feel like a human again. Luckily I changed doctors and she recommended me getting off of Wellbutrin XL. That being said this was NOT the drug for me at all.”

5 / 10
J Cline June 20, 2019

“I'm late 40s, female, married with kids. My doc cycled me through just about every antidepressant out there (and no generics either, just the straight stuff) but they all killed my libido stone dead. Then we got to Wellbutrin XL, 150 then 300mg/day. I noticed the new, improved sexy me within the first week. Honestly I have never been this quick or easy to satisfy... husband and I both love it. He adores pleasing and on this drug, I just about wear him out. 3-4 times a week which is 3-4 times better than before! I also have lost a lot of appetite since going on Wellbutrin XL, created some unexpected weight loss. I can see where this works for weight loss or quitting bad habits. I don't crave anything now... except sex, lol. It doesn't do much for anxiety, but works well for the depressive component. For anxiety the best for me was Pristiq, but that was a libido-killer. No anti-depression drug is perfect for everyone. This worked the best for me, though.”

10 / 10
Markymark · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 12, 2019

“Been on Wellbutrin XL 300 for 5 years. Saved my life!! Had serious addiction to pain pills and Dr suggested Wellbutrin to help me cope with my feelings. Works great for me.”

10 / 10