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User Reviews for Bupropion to treat Sexual Dysfunction, SSRI Induced

Also known as: Wellbutrin XL, Wellbutrin SR, Aplenzin, Forfivo XL Budeprion Budeprion SR

Bupropion has an average rating of 6.8 out of 10 from a total of 67 ratings for the treatment of Sexual Dysfunction, SSRI Induced. 55% of those users who reviewed Bupropion reported a positive effect, while 19% reported a negative effect.

Bupropion Rating Summary

6.8/10 average rating

67 ratings from 71 user reviews.

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Reviews for Bupropion

Big T · Taken for less than 1 month April 12, 2021

“Delayed ejaculation has always been an issue for me. Certain SSRI's made this much worse (particularly Zoloft). Welbutrin was a Godsend for a while until I realized how agitated it made me. The sexual function was great, but I couldn't accept how on edge I was.”

6 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month February 11, 2021

“I'm second day taking this drug. I am taking it because of my 5 year lack of libido issue and numb feelings because of other pills. I have borderline so I felt different from day one taking this pill. I hope this side effects will accomodate over time. First I noticed hard headaches and second, it is giving me euphoria, sudden mood swings, I have my natural emotions back, I will update later on”

8 / 10
Ava · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 27, 2020

“I was on 10mg/day of Prozac for over 10 years and it didn’t seem to be working anymore. I got depressed recently and the psychopharmacologist added 125mg of Wellbutrin (alternating dose of 100mg and 150mg) and I’ve tapered down the Prozac to 5mg/day. While I’m glad my energy has increased, my sex drive has actually gotten too strong, especially since the wellbutrin has made it so I can’t orgasm. It’s extremely frustrating and I find it embarrassing to talk about with the doctor. It’s nice to have my sex drive back after years of it being low, but horrible not to be able to orgasm. It’s making me irritable.”

7 / 10

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anon · Taken for less than 1 month April 9, 2020

“i stated taking bupropion last week, and it has helped my depression, but since I feel like my sex drive has gone up. I'm a women and I can't seem to find anything online relating to my situation, I'm horny all the time now its super annoying and uncomfortable, and I am kind of embarrassed to talk to my dr. about it but I will..”

5 / 10
CubsGirl85 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 28, 2019

“Was placed on Lexapro 10mg for GAD. Sex life pretty much went down the drain. I had the most ridiculous time trying to orgasm and had no desire (sigh). I am only 30. Discussed situation with my NP and she placed me on Wellbutrin (Bupropion) 75mg BID and now 200mg daily. It was a game changer. Sex life is DEFINITELY back on track. Easily orgasm and have heightened desire. I also have focusing issues and this has helped with increased energy and focus. 10/10 for sure.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month May 23, 2020

“I asked my doctor if I can take Wellbutrin to counter-act the sexual side affects of Methadone and Lyrica. Needless to say in 3 - 4 days I was getting extremely firm erections and producing a huge amount of....ejaculate.”

10 / 10
Red525 · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 1, 2019

“I'm a 42 yr old female. This medication was suggested by my psychiatrist for sexual dysfunction. My libido has been hovering around -10 for 5+ yrs and my hubby & I have tried many things to add excitement with limited success. Basically I was like the Atacama Desert! I've been taking Wellbutrin for 3 months now & it's awesome. It took 6 weeks before I felt any improvement but the kick was amazing! Sensation has returned along w/ desire...that 6th week my husband & I had sex multiple times per day for 6 days (it was epic). We had to stop because I ended up w/ a yeast infection due to all the activity. Anyway, it's worked better than expected for me. I take my 300mg each morning. I told my friend about my success and she got a prescription from her doctor however it didn't work for her. Instead it made her cry often and over almost anything. Needless to say everyone has different biology so it won't work for everyone but I've found great relief w/it.”

10 / 10

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Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years November 17, 2020

“Did not affect my erection but what is great is my orgasm is hanging on the peak just prior to ejaculation for minutes at a time. When I ejaculate the intensity is strong in my penis and all the muscles from erection to my butt muscles just explode and become part of it. Lots more sex and way more pleasurable drawn out masturbation.”

9 / 10
Libby · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 3, 2020

“37 year old woman: 2 years ago I was put on Celexa & Clonazepam for anxiety. A few months in & my anxiety was better but my husband blurted out to the doc that I was "numb" down there. It was true, but embarrassing. So my doc put me on Wellbutrin as well. I take it at night with the Celexa because together they make me drowsy, but I have to say, never in my life have I had multiple orgasms until now! The only side effects I struggle with is excessive sweating, I tried to discontinue use of it because the sweating is miserable, after 3 days without my full dose I was a monster, miserable about everything. So now I sweat terribly, but have more energy & multiple orgasms.”

9 / 10
David August 11, 2018

“46 year old male. Started taking Bupropion (branded as Zyban) to help stop smoking. Unfortunately, within 1 day I completely lost the ability to o orgasm. I persisted once and 'forced' an orgasm. I immediately had an awful migraine-like headache. I suspect that those who find Bupropion helps their sex life, had low dopamine levels; Bupropion increases the effects of dopamine. For those like me, where Bupropion has killed their sex life, I suspect dopamine levels were already high - If you take a NDRI when you already have high dopamine levels, it will kill your libido/ability to orgasm, as the brain literally thinks you are always 'post-orgasm'! Orgasm is the point when the brain releases the most dopamine (narcotic drugs aside). If dopamine levels are too high, the brain thinks you have recently reached orgasm and will not allow you to orgasm (easily) to prevent very high dopamine levels, which can be harmful (can cause psychosis). This drug is certainly not for me.”

2 / 10
kginger · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 28, 2019

“Been taking this for about 2 months after being on prozac/ lamictal/ zoloft the last 8 or so years. I had sexual side effects that ended up causing me to discontinue use. I’d say that Wellbutrin has made my libido higher than its baseline. It gives me a little energy and motivation but is in no way like a traditional stimulant. I find it less effective on depression and anxiety than the SSRI's But I still prefer it due to the lack of sexual side effects and the motivation boost. I notice myself being more irritable and almost like I’m just looking for things to anger me during driving, work and social interactions, etc. I’m not sure if the anger is more a placebo effect as I knew it was a common side effect before I started. I wouldn't say it affects my sleep one way or another. I like Wellbutrin but if I got into a dark place with depression and anxiety, I would add back in some Prozac. I wish there were more options for depression medication that doesn't have sexual side effects.”

8 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 20, 2019

“Seems like my experience is the exact opposite of most people’s. I’ve been on Wellbutrin xl 300 mg for over a year and it’s helped a lot with my depression and I’m a much more functional person on it than off it. It comes with one huge negative drawback though which is premature ejaculation. In the last 6 months I’ve tried cymbalta and venlafaxine which got rid of the premature problems but it’s also somehow negated all the other positive effects of Wellbutrin as well. Has anyone else had this problem. I’ve been searching all over and I can’t seem to find someone with the same problem”

Jill · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 10, 2019

“Was on paxil for 2 years and basically became celibate. Absolutely no desire for sex and orgasms were few and far between and lackluster. I started on the Wellbutrin 1 month ago. No big changes until today when I had a spontaneous orgasm while I was working! Very embarrassing, but hopeful? At least my lady bits aren't depressed anymore! Will follow up with the doctor. Overall an improvement”

7 / 10
B · Taken for less than 1 month May 5, 2020

“I’ve been on bupropion for depression and ADHD symptoms, but besides that it has really improved my sex drive. I use to be on prozac and that totally had ruined it.. I’m really satisfied with the changes it’s given me. I have had no weight gain, acne nor any types of side effects.”

10 / 10
Shoby · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 3, 2020

“39 male from the UK/ I was experiencing some depression, and because of it I went to the GP, she prescribed me Sertraline 50 mg a night. I didn't know that stopping it abruptly will cause a severe erection dysfunction and loss of libido. My sex drive was fantastic while I was on Sertraline, if I knew that stopping it will kill my sex life I would not do that. I used to have sex 5-7 times a week. However, I have not had sex for 10 days now, it is really frustrating and unfortunate. Please, guys, share some of your experience with me, at this stage what should I do? Should resume taking Sertraline or switch to Bupropion class of medicines. I just want my sex life back. Thanks in advance.”

9 / 10
knowles21 August 6, 2016

“I am concerned, I see people claiming a side effect of Wellbutrin as an increase in sex drive and a magical increase in orgasms. There is not a single clinical trial that says it increases sex drive. It has been proven to decrease sexual ability. So I wonder who all the people posting on this site are, that claim a magical increase in not only sex drive but also multiple orgasms???? for giggles lets say it does increase multiple orgasms . That would be a very very small percentage of people, yet on this site, it is the majority of posts .....That I find to be not credible and question the validity of this site.”

5 / 10
mad moody May 4, 2015

“I'm 25 male I've been taking this med for two months now and it is getting harder and harder (or should I softer) to keep an erection. Mid sex I'll just go soft. I'm 25 and my sex drive before this was in extreme over drive. Now it's almost nothing.I think I'd rather be depressed with working parts than happy and the sex not working”

10 / 10
France cape town · Taken for less than 1 month August 22, 2019

“Wellbutrin is giving me (too much) sex drive that I have never experienced in my 66 years. It is wonderful but also frustrating as it takes time to come. After coming the feeling is under control for a few hours but then it comes back. This is after 7 days on 300 mg per day.”

Mikey D · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 7, 2019

“I have just turn my life around with this bupropion. I have energy. I love doing things where before I just was a couch potato. Lost couple pounds. Had sex and wow 10+ from my wife. I'm like 25 years younger. Doc kind of went with bi-polor thing and guess she nailed. Depression thing of the past. I suffered with pain after bad accident and I'm not needing the narcotic pills as much. Yea”

9 / 10
Rezeda · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 15, 2018

“I started taking generic bupropion 150 twice a day in middle of October. I’ve been previously on various antidepressants over the years for symptoms of anxiety and depression. Wellbutrin simply changed my life. I’m not only feeling great but my sex drive increased tremendously. I am somewhat embarrassed sometimes because it surprised my husband and although he is so happy he can’t keep up with me. Our relationship has improved since I am taking this medication. Also I have an important position in my company and it helps me to focus much better and be more productive. Love it and will continue taking it for the rest of my life.”

10 / 10
I feel like a teenager again! · Taken for less than 1 month March 12, 2017

“Was on Lexapro, first 10mg, then up to 20 after two weeks. It worked for the anxiety component, but my depression spiralled out of control to the point that I was starting to have suicidal thoughts, and had missed work because I was in a very very dark place. Also, I had almost no sexual function at all. I had no drive, no desire, I was functional but had very little sensation and it was almost impossible to get to the finish line. My doctor stopped the lexapro and started me on Bupropion XL 150. After a week on that I am like a 15 year old again in the sex drive department! My libido is through the roof all the time, and I have wonderful sensation and I am VERY VERY VERY happy about that! Time will tell, but this is a solid 10, or 11. Yay.”

10 / 10
Idontgetit · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 15, 2013

“I started taking this medication for depression and as a side effect found that it took away my desire for sex. I feel like I never needed it to begin with. I am happily married but now I wonder if that desire is going to return as strong as it was there before. I'm taking vitamin supplements and hope they will eventually do something. I'm wondering at this point if I am in the very few minorities who experience lack of sex drive as a side effect.”

1 / 10
Dmudger March 17, 2019

“I’m a 57 year old male. I started Zoloft 4 1/2 months ago for anxiety disorder. 50mg per day. During the first week I experienced anorgasm which I had never experienced before but I had some other side effects like a little nausea, a little anxiety...I had never taken these type of drugs before so I only knew what I read in these forums. I think a lot of side effects were in my head because I was hypersentive and hyperaware because I had nothing to reference the feeling both physical and mental sensations I had. After 4 weeks the side effects had gone away after 6 weeks I felt good and after 8 weeks on the Zoloft I felt normal again. Like my feet were in the ground. At week 6 I decided to try and tackle my anorgasm problem and my doctor recommended trying Wellbutrin (Bupropion) along with the Zoloft. I started off at 150mg then moved to 300mg. After just a couple of days I had my first orgasm in a month and a half.”

Amazon woman March 28, 2016

“After 3 weeks of being on this medication, I can say it was the best thing I could have done for my marriage. I was starting to think I was asexual, but nope. Nope I am not, it acts like lady viagra for me. I just had multiple orgasms with my husband It has also helped me control my weight and smoking, but who cares in comparison to a dozen orgasms in 24 hours!”

10 / 10
Johnny bgood December 22, 2016

“Bupropion will ruin your sex life. No more sexual desires, no more full erections , if you really don't need it, don't take it. I am a a pharmacist , I hear complaints all day. Good for depression”

8 / 10
boniver July 22, 2011

“After being on Lexapro for 6 months I had lost all desire for sex and it felt like a chore that sometimes could not be completed. Did I mention I am male and my wife is amazing. Anyway, I felt missing out on one of life's greatest pleasures and the intimacy missing in my marriage was no longer tolerable. I spoke to my doctor and started Bupropion. After about 3 weeks I began having sexual desires that had been missing. Sexual focus returned to my whole body in a lose your breath- heart skip a beat- sort of way. I may someday give up the Lexapro (20) but I am not sure I am ready and outside of the sexual side effect I have to give it credit for doing wonders for me.”

10 / 10
lovin it in cali September 25, 2011

Wellbutrin (bupropion): “I was put on 150 mg of Wellbutrin twice a day. It has completely helped my depression and amped up my sex life. Things could not be better. Our sex life has always been amazing but without the depression in the way its even better.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 14, 2017

“I've been on Bupropion for about 10 weeks now, and while Bupropion has significantly helped me with depression, I have found that it has reduced my sex life tremendously! I'm glad to see it has increased others, but it has done the exact opposite for me.”

8 / 10

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