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User Reviews for Belbuca

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Chronic Pain
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Summary of Belbuca reviews 4.3 95 reviews

Reviews for Belbuca

VShelton · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 10, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I have sensitive teeth and gums therefore this product aggravates that issue. It works great for my pain management but I will be trying a patch next."

Shag · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 25, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I’ve been on Belbuca 300 mcg for three months. Not at all effective in controlling my pain from back and hip surgery. As usual , when the government has anything to do with a situation like the so called Opioid Crisis , they ruin the process."

llojak June 21, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I have had 2 fusion surgeries L3 to S1, countless steroid injections and had been on oxycontin 10mg 3 times a day with Vicoden HP for breakthrough pain since 2010 and now I am on belbuca 750 twice a day. It's ok but not as effective as Oxycontin & Vicodin. I get headaches every day now and the pain relief is mediocre at best. Give me back my OXY!"

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month June 14, 2019

For Chronic Pain "My pain management physician opted to change my pain medicine protocol, based on the opinion of a secondary practitioner who has been fired from her job. As a result I am left to suffer in extreme pain. I have been forced to change my meds from hydrocodone three times per day which worked to manage my condition, to belbuca, which is completely ineffective. This may work for some people but it is completely useless for me. Being unable to control PAIN and live one's life without effective medications is quite challenging. However, BELBUCA is not the answer..."

Carnie · Taken for 6 months to 1 year June 11, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I used something else for about 11 years and it almost killed me. Finally I got my Dr to find something else. I know it's not easy because I can't take oral narcotics. She put me on Belbuca a year ago July. And with one adjustment I have had a pain level of 3 at rest and no higher than 6 during activity. It's like pain free when I'm use to a constant 8 at best. I thank you for this awesome product."

Phq June 8, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I’ve been on Belbuca for three months and it’s not working it hasn’t helped at all. They want to treat me like an addict I’ve been on Xtampza 27 mg a little over a year with Oxycodone 10mg for break through. It works great and I have had my life back. Before I was on Percocet 10/325 and my life was hell. It helped with pain but made me miserable. The Xtampza gives the same meds Oxycodone but over a 12 hour period. This Belbuca doesn’t do anything for the pain as a matter of fact it makes it worse. So Monday I’m taking my prescriptions back to the doctors on Monday and stopping all meds cold turkey. They started me on Belbuca 150mg then 300mg now 450mg but I’m not even going to waste my money on it. I have a Neurostimulator for five years I’m going to just going to suffer and rely on the Neurostimulator."

QQqGeno Denver PM patient · Taken for less than 1 month May 22, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I have several chronic pain conditions as I suffer from chronic fibromyalgia, chronic migraine and spinal stenosis. I was prescribed belbuca at my new PM (pain management) clinic by a Doctor of Anesthesiology specializing in pain management. He has started me at 150 mg twice a day and recommending reducing my Lyrica slowly because I've been on such a high dose. Prior PM clinic had me on oxycodone 5mg 3Xday and 150mg of Lyrica 4Xday for several years barely providing relief. Therefore I highly recommended Belbuca as it has reduced my pain tremendously with no need for breakthrough meds like oxycodone. I feel no side effects and I felt pain relief after my second dose. I am very happy and I'm very surprised. This medication actually works for my continual pain management. I would suggest if you are a chronic pain patient that you ask your doctor how about trying Belbuca."

Jillian · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 28, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I’ve been on Norco 10/325 since 2014 for severe DDD (Degenerative Disc Disease) in Neck through Lumbar. Counting 2 Surgeries and herniations in Lumbar area. This is month three on Belbuca and I feel alive and productive again. Started on 150mg twice a day with 10/325 for break through increased to 300mg twice a day. I Expect to go to 450mg this month. Tip wean off you hydro or Oxy slowly while you are taking Belbuca. Then use hydrocodone for break through."

A · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 26, 2019

For Chronic Pain "As an opioid dependant patient of 10 years that has transitioned onto buprenorphine. The Doctor started me on 75mg as starting point and increased the dose each month. This month is month 3 and I am currently on 300 twice a day and it is finally calming me down and actually work for my pain granted only last about 6 hours and I push myself to 8 but it is suppose to last 12. So this next month I will be on 450mg 2 times a day. I will say this, how I've felt the past week has been a drastic change that I can see. The belbuca is starting to actually work and it will work as long as you are on the correct dosing amount that suit your needs. Any time you change or come off of pills like percocet or norcos... you will feel the change and feel it strong if your on too low a dose for you. Belbuca is now my preference especially since I don't have to suffer when a pill such as the 2 I just listed above only last 2 hours compared to my 6 with belbuca .. please stay strong! Good luck all"

Angeldolllogic · Taken for less than 1 month April 11, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I was prescribed the Belbuca cheek patch 150 mg, 2 x daily. I only used it 1 time. It made me sleepy and I felt like I didn't have to breath (very weird). It also made me nauseous & gave me a horrible migraine headache. My migraine is gone, but I've had a pretty bad regular headache everyday since I used that patch! I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia & neuropathy from the chemo they gave me. I'm in pain all over my whole body every minute of every day. I was really hoping this medicine would work, but on top of my usual pain, I now have a chronic headache to deal with that shows no sign of going away. This medicine sucks!"

Lucy Blue March 31, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I was prescribed Belbuca to help me with severe pain but what I received from this medication, was SEVERE PAIN! Horrible headaches. Muscle spasms in my back and neck. Scalp tenderness. The blowing of the wind on my scalp was very painful. Never Again!!!!!!!"

KJ · Taken for less than 1 month March 16, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I've been on opioid meds since 2001. I've been with my current PM doc since 2006. Since the guidelines changed, we had to change my meds, though they were working for me. At my last appointmet, she suggested Belbuca, and I said okay. What a mistake. I've had the worst migraines of my life, every single day and night. I finally realized it's the Belbuca. I haven't been impressed by it anyway, as far as pain relief goes. It helped me with withdrawals as I stopped taking Exalgo, but doesn't help with pain."

Bert · Taken for less than 1 month March 8, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I have bulging disc L5,S1 now I've had three laser surgeries, two failed cages, rods put in forL3,L4,L5 And taken out...I've had every kind of meds give for pain and over ,184 Injections for pain. my pain management has given me belbuca 150mg. This is my first 12 hour dose. I have seen this is very hard to find and over three hundred a month...for it...I've read all your review's, I Pray it just allows me from 9/10 to 5 or lower reduction of pain. I like most true pain suffers..don't care about feeling high. We want relief from this pain that we're living in. In a lot of pain management doctors out there all they think is getting you off the medication not resolving the true route and help us survive. Looking forward to let you know .How this works"

Mg1234567 Be March 7, 2019

For Chronic Pain "Belbuca SUCKS! I was more functional on tramadol max dose. The gov is preaching about belbuca being a good drug. It's a lie. I take 450 daily. I've been given oxy5 mg for prn. I use the oxy to get out of bed. The belbuca doesn't work! I suffer most of my day and hardly get out of bed. This is a sad situation, I was backed into a corner and forced on to this medication that doesn't work in order to get something that does. I believe that my doctor must have known how bad belbuca is so she put me on the percocet knowing I would suffer. When I go in there my doctor ignores that I'm not getting relief. PM is refusing to give me any other medication. I was threatened with discharge if I didn't take the belbuca. That can't be legal! I have only tried the 3 medications. It's completely insane that I've been treated like this. I know other people who were forced into a corner like I have who ended up overdosing on illegal street drugs just so they could get something for pain."

Babsintx3 March 1, 2019

For Chronic Pain "It probably would work fine if titrated to correct level. I can’t take NSAIDs because I’m a stroke survivor so got Hydrocodone many years ago. Didn’t take except as prescribed. The Belbuca is fine (with its nondissolving issues), but it’s over 600 a month for Humana Medicare. It’s more than 8 if above 300mcg. They offer no discount for Medicare. The copay for me was 317.00. Butrans was given since it’s a lot cheaper but the mcg start at 7.5, which is way less than 150. I’m in fear to start it. I’m in fear of withdrawal and severe pain. The doctor doesn’t seem to care. He’s doing his job except he’s not helping his patient. He’s obeying the government."

Pain in AZ · Taken for less than 1 month February 19, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I was really excited to start this medication recommended by my PM neurologist. Unfortunately I had horrific reactions to it. My face became red and covered in red dots. My hands swelled up and were very itchy. I was unable to have a bowel movement. I had severe headaches and vomiting. I was lethargic and extremely sleepy. I had terrible nightmares and would wake up yelling or crying. My body has been twitching and spasming uncontrollably. I can’t think or comprehend anything. I suffered though these side effects for 3 days hoping my body just needed to adjust but on the evening of my last dose, I had chest pain and thought I was going to die choking on a banana. My throat had swelled up. It’s been about 60 hrs since I took the last dose of Belbuca, my throat still feels slightly swollen. My body is still twitching every 15-30 seconds and I am extremely sleepy. Other than the bad headache and chest pain, it worked on my chronic pain."

Relief · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 13, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I've been on belbucca for about 6 months. I do feel like it helps most of the time. I'm given a few tylenol 3, a month for breakthrough pain. Belbuca works better to me than just pills. It did take awhile to get use to being able to keep the patch in place and it can be an inconvenience because I can't talk for about 15 minutes or it will not stay in place. I do not eat or drink for at least 30 minutes to make sure it has dissolved fully. The best thing for me is there is no high feeling. I just feel normal. My only concern is after the coupon runs out how much will it cost me. The cost is 50 dollars a month now and that seems expensive enough."

Jay · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 23, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I cannot believe the 10 ratings on here. This drug is horrible for me. I've been taking oxycodone for 5 years and my doc is trying to get me to switch, as others have said, due to the opioid crisis. I'm not chasing a "high", I am chasing a reduced pain life. My pain level was a 3 on oxycodone. Now my joint and nerve pain is at a 9, dare I say a 10. I hate to say a 10 but the pain level is back to the worst I've ever had. Not only that but I get extremely nauseous and get a BAD headache. I have to take tylenol and benadryl to sleep when I take it and the when I wake up I feel like I have a hangover - the side effects from this drug are worse than anything I had ever experienced on Oxycodone, and then added side effects from benadryl compound it. This drug is just absolutely horrible and my body cannot tolerate it. Makes me think doctors are getting a kickback to prescribe it."

biggyjames64 January 14, 2019

For Chronic Pain "Does not work I've been on it for 2 weeks gives me bad headaches. I'm a pain patient that has been on oxycodone 30 mg for 7 years"

dnaman · Taken for less than 1 month January 13, 2019

For Chronic Pain "Thanks to this "opioid" crisis my pain doctor decided to switch me from the Oxycontin and hydrocodone I had been taking for the chronic nerve pain I've been in for 12 years. Now that I've been on the Belbuca I can say I was truly blessed to have the other drugs for so long. I know now how much pain they had been blocking for so long. I've been in pain ever since I've switched back, all the burning nerve pain has come back plus all the aches from joint pain that had been reduced by the opioids."

Autumn January 10, 2019

For Chronic Pain "Chronic pain is the worst . I have a broken hip that needs to be replaced, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, broken left foot and CAEBV (Chronic active EBV disease), and a bunch more I can add.. but I was on Norco10 , But after 2 years Norco wasn’t working for me. The doctor suggested Belbuca , and I gave it a whirl. I am on 300mg and started out on 175mg. I finally can lay in bed pain free. I can’t walk to good and my hip pain hurts if I’m on it, but all the other pain, that horrible nerve pain, the horrible joint pain is gone. Full body pain is gone. I do have days where my pain is a tad untouchable and I use my norco for the breakthrough especially with the weather pain. Belbuca kinda feels fresh, because your mind is clear and the pain is gone or limited. Give it a try. It took me 3 months to get adjusted. My insurance denied it. We fought for it and got approved. You need a doctor that will fight for you."

Misha · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 6, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I have used a 150 film for a few months now, previous were the patches, which ate holes in my skin and made me feel terrible, previous to that everything since 3 accidents since 2004, with serious injuries. I was lastly on oxycodone 90mg a day, what a nightmare. I could not function, did not want to see anyone or go anywhere for over 4 years, lost all savings, could not work and was in despair and felt like a drug addict. I now am back to work, have great energy, am happy, around 60% less pain daily, can sleep, etc. It has made life worth living again. ***My doctor will not move up my dosage however, I feel that if it was up 33% it would be very helpful. Does anyone know the reason for this. ***He did have me put the film in my cheek and hold it for 5 seconds with my tongue. I have had no problem with getting the film to stay properly."

Lexie December 16, 2018

For Chronic Pain "I am a Registered Nurse who had a 36 year career end due to disabling chronic spinal disc disease, herniation and failed surgeries. I have a spinal cord stimulator and was taking 50mcg fentanyl via patch changed every two days for ~ 10 years. Took codeine 30-60mg every two days and as needed for breakthrough pain. I was sleepy, antisocial and miserable. I was given Belbuca 300mg to replace fentanyl. Within 48 hrs the extreme fatigue, & foggy brain was gone. Pain less intense . I did experience increased migraines and nausea after am dose. Extremely good outcome"

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month December 2, 2018

For Chronic Pain "I have been on subone for six years due to sero negative spondylitis I have had to have several back surgeries. Went to Belbuca but now doesn’t help and needed to go to norco for pain and nerve damage and norco won’t work unless it’s a high dosage. I’m miserable"

Isaiah · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 14, 2018

For Pain "I'm shocked reading the 1 star reviews. I understand I was not happen to lose the Vicodin. But I'm pretty sure folks posting aren't being honest because the truth is this medicine is truly remarkable. I've had major injuries and neurological pain for years. After meds much stronger in theory, this has been the best. Two years completely pain free. Unreal."