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User Reviews for Buprenorphine

Also known as: Belbuca, Butrans, Sublocade, Buprenex Probuphine

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Opiate Dependence 8.9
180 reviews 10 medications
Opiate Dependence - Maintenance 7.1
97 reviews 2 medications
Pain 6.6
126 reviews 1116 medications
Chronic Pain 5.6
350 reviews 109 medications
Summary of Buprenorphine reviews 6.8 753 reviews

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Reviews for Buprenorphine

Brian · Taken for less than 1 month June 17, 2020

Belbuca (buprenorphine) for Chronic Pain: “Ive tried Belbuca 75 mg patches for twenty five days now. It simply will not stick to the inside of a "moistened cheek" as indicated. If it does stick for more than 5 minutes it then releases and sticks to a tooth. I know it is not being absorbed because I can't feel anything. I honestly don't understand why they made this.”

1 / 10
Mb · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 13, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence: “I have been on subutex for yrs. Way better than the shot. Plan on feeling sick, constipated, and giving the system what they want. (Even when they say free) plan on counseling etc. At 1700 a shot plus u have to call the company and tell them month to month ship my shot to the pharmacy then to the free drug and alcohol clinic if u can get it. I make 50000 a year but I felt so pressured I tried it. I did it for a month. Keep ur Dr.!!! Not worth it!! To each is there owe but bc of my 6 months of probation. I felt pressured.”

W.b. June 9, 2020

Belbuca (buprenorphine) for Pain: “Belbuca is expensive for and has a horrible, horrible side effect of not sleep and my knees are absolutely killing me. Worst pain pill I've ever bought that I paid money at a drugstore for as much money as I paid it's insane how expensive it is. We need to take our government back over for people in pain.”

1 / 10
Missy · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 4, 2020

Belbuca (buprenorphine) for Chronic Pain: “I have been stuck with horrible chronic pain from PLDS (post-Lyme disease syndrome). first I was prescribed oxycodone, I hated the side effects. Apathy, brain fog, severe constipation, sweats, nausea, headaches... I was miserable. I fired my pain Dr and signed up for a chronic pain MAT program. They prescribed Belbuca and I’m very satisfied with my experience. It helps with pain as well as the oxy did, but the apathy and brain fog are pretty much gone. On my correct dose I have no nausea, headaches or other icky side effects. I’m free from the endless rollercoaster of pain and withdrawals between doses, and having to make sure I have opiates with me at all times just in case. A word of caution regarding the bad reviews. Some of them may not have given the medication enough time to find the right dose for them. Others it may not work for, but for me Belbuca controls pain and doesn’t make you high - to me that’s a good thing, I can be a full participant in my life again.”

10 / 10
Ron June 1, 2020

Subutex (buprenorphine) for Chronic Pain: “If you have had prior addictions to oxy, hydro, methadone etc like me and have a chronic pain problem subutex is the pain reliever of choice for me. No side effects except not being able to tolerate heat and with the klonopin I take for seizures it gives it a little boost plus my pain doctor said this combo is not dangerous like taking benzos with the common powerful opioids.”

8 / 10
"johnny" · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 31, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence - Maintenance: “Been trying to quit heroin and other opiates since I was 18 or so. Now I'm 32 and I've spent years on suboxone with some success for periods, but eventually I'd fall into selling them for pills or bags of dope or whatever else I wanted. Also, I don't want be on this drug forever. Got my first injection about a month ago, it hurt, and after the initial "high" wore off I didn't feel great for about 2 weeks. Not bad tho, don't take that as I was dying or in withdrawal, just not as good as I was on strips. After that first 2 weeks I started feeling normal, about to get my second injection soon and I'm looking forward to the future and excited about both not having the option to screw this up by selling my script and the incredibly long life that seems to allow many people to stop without serious withdrawal symptoms. Maybe its not for everyone, use your judgment but I don't want keep repeating the same cycle for me.”

8 / 10
Gru · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 26, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence - Maintenance: “After 11 years of struggling with heroin addiction and intermittent failed attempts to stop with Suboxone, I successfully got clean with Sublocade. It bought me time and allowed me to change my behaviors and thinking. I had to discontinue it after 3 months of shots due to a mandated drug program. I continued to test pos for Bupe for 6 months. After 2 months of negative tests, I can tell you it was a fairly painless kick. Cravings returned about 3 or 4 months after my last shot but improved and are gone now. Bad insomnia but I didn’t feel tired during the day. I also had some mild to mod restless legs. Gabapentin helped me get through that. The shot self tapers very slowly so seems to be a great way to transition off Suboxone as well. I am now on Naltrexone and opiate free. Sublocade saved my life and I couldn’t have gotten clean without it.”

9 / 10
Cindilouwho · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 25, 2020

Subutex (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence: “Subutex saved my life. I had been opioid dependent for 7 years. From one 5mg a day to 100mg just not to feel sick. I've been on 8mg to 16mg subutex for 5 months..and although I still crave occasionally I'm not pill seeking or dope sick. I know eventually I will need to come off subutex and I'm ok with that. My life no longer revolves around my next pill or whatever available if no pills. I hate that life.”

10 / 10
SGTCOMBS · Taken for less than 1 month May 18, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence - Maintenance: “Had my very first Sublocade injection today. So far I’m really good, it seems to work. HOWEVER! The injection hurt so much, I almost passed out. Know, I’m no stranger to pain, having completed seven years in the US Army (honorably) so know when I say that the sublocade injection was one of the most painful experiences I’ve ever had to endure, like fire being poured into my nervous system...for a full minute (I had the larger dose), that you will know I am not faint of heart or have a low pain threshold. Seriously, I don’t know if I can do that again...willingly.”

10 / 10
Lauren · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 18, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence - Maintenance: “I was on suboxone for 4 or 5 years without even thinking of going back to heroin. However occasionally I would take an extra or even TWO extra! I knew that it didn’t even do anything or get me high but I did it anyway. When I heard of Sublocade I thought to myself that this was my answer to finally not be dependent on the pills! The first couple of days I went through “withdrawal” but I believe it was in my head. Then a few months in (maybe 5) my friend asked me “wouldn’t you be able to just stop getting it and it would slowly take you down” and I was like “uhhhh idk?” Lol but I couldn’t stop wondering. One month I decided to stop getting it and I could always go back if need be. That was in October or November of last year and knock on wood I’m still good...absolutely no withdrawal. I’ll update if it happens though”

10 / 10
Joe · Taken for 6 months to 1 year May 17, 2020

Butrans (buprenorphine) for Pain: “I have found zero success from Bultrans Translucent Films. This after suffering now 6 months taking this junk as directed. Currently taking 600 MCG. The only reason I have stayed on this medication this long is the doctors continue to tell me they have to step up medication to tolerance. This is next appointment will be my last.”

1 / 10
Jman · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 17, 2020

Subutex (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence: “I like that subutex has taken my mind off getting high every day but only thing that sucks is I just had to go to the dentists for wisdom teeth and cannot get anything for pain which sucks but I got through it, subutex does not help with pain for me but at least it helps with cravings”

7 / 10
MikeymissesSandy · Taken for less than 1 month May 6, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence: “Been a Suboxone patient for 11 years after 5 yrs of pain pill dependence. It has been a Godsend and gave me my life back. But I’m tired of the strips. Been stable on one 8/2 mg strip per day for the entire 11 years but some months running out early because for some reason they don’t seem to be effective every day of the month. Tired of suffering when those maths occurred and lately they’ve been occurring more frequently. Changed Dr’s because my didn’t dispense Sublocade. Got my 1st dose yesterday and it’s now been about 36 hrs and I feel great! 0 withdrawal symptoms. Only side-effect is some mild head pressure, wouldn’t call it’s a headache. The shot itself really burned while being injected. About 30 sec worth and I was glad when it ended but 0 complications at the injection site. I will let everyone know after 1 month but for now I’m so glad I gave this a try.”

10 / 10
Sofia · Taken for less than 1 month April 30, 2020

For Pain: “Horrible experience. I’ve never had an opioid addiction but was aware it could be also used as a pain killer. I used the Buprenorphine strips for pain in my arm after I had minor surgery done. At first, the effects were positive. I felt very sleepy and euphoric but also because I had taken it at night. Once I woke up in the morning I started to experience all the side effects that came with it. Shaking, sweating, muscle tightening, itching, vomiting, dizziness, hallucinations, headache, nausea, twitching, dry mouth, hard breathing and heart racing all in 24 hours. I don’t recommend this drug for pain other than that I’ve read many good things about it.”

1 / 10
Massachusetts · Taken for less than 1 month April 27, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence - Maintenance: “I am about 72 hours post initial 300mg Sublocade shot. The needle itself is painless but the medication does hurt going in. As a previous vivitrol patient, I expected the same results and quickly learned the difference in the two, pain wise. For me it definitely gives you an opiate type high, something I wasn’t expecting and was ver nauseous, even when previously on (2) 8mg pills per day. The high lasted a couple of days but now on my third day, I am starting to feel withdrawal symptoms. I woke up feeling like I am use to feeling this morning. It’s not extreme, just fatigued throughout the day. May need to supplement a few mg per day. As for the injection, you are left with a big lump, (I am very thin person and it’s extremely noticeable) I was unaware and thought it was abnormal until I read these reviews. It’s a very serious, as it effects your life directly. Thanks for the input from everyone else.”

6 / 10
Jwayne April 18, 2020

Subutex (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence: “I have been on Subutex for 2 years now. Before I was into pain pills , then moved up to heroin for about 8 years. A lot of people blame the drug for just not working but you have to be ready to stop getting high. This last attempt to stop I was desperate went to a 120 day treatment facility and started Subutex and have now been clean a lil over 2 years. A lot of people say I'm trading one addiction for another and that's fine at least now I'm not sticking a needle in my arm or hurting the people I love to get another fix. When I started Subutex I was jobless living in a homeless shelter and now. I have a house, job, car and kids back in my life . I've seen people leaving comments bashing the drug or praising it. Look it's different for everybody. No I do not give the drug all the credit because you need to have the desire to stop getting high for it to work to begin with. Just like NA and AA Subutex isn't the cure all. It can help if you really want it to tho !”

9 / 10
Tonya · Taken for less than 1 month April 16, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence - Maintenance: “I got my 1st sublocade shot today. I have been on suboxone for a long time. I started off 3- 8mg strips a day down to 1 mg subutex a day but it just wasn't enough so I went to 2 mg and have been on that for about 2 years up until 3 weeks ago I went to 4 when I switched doctors. She mentioned the shot and said she has had a lot of success with it so I thought why not try it!! I'm not really going thru anything but I do feel like my energy isn't there but I'm wondering if its because it's in my mind? I do have a question though how often does it release the medicine?”

5 / 10
Katy · Taken for 10 years or more April 13, 2020

Subutex (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence: “I would agree this medicine does nothing good for your teeth. I have had perfect teeth most of my life and I have been on this medicine for 11 years. At age 61 most of my back teeth are broken and I have to have repaired which is extremely costly. It worked wonders in the beginning for withdrawal and depression, like unreal. That being said, I still take it and I am contemplating whether or not I will continue.”

8 / 10
Lee April 13, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence - Maintenance: “I was on the strips and Dr put me on injection. It is my opinion and experience that it is easier to come off what your addicted too than too come off Suboxone or sublicade. My Dr took me off and for two months I was at death's door. I go see Dr today and scared as anything”

1 / 10
Veesssl · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 12, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence: “At the initial injection site a nodule formed as informed by injecting physician. I was told this was the medication entering my system a slow intervals. The nodule is still there after the first sublocade injection 7 weeks ago. Nodule hasn't decreased in size. I opted out of receiving future injections since the injection was to be given at a different abdominal site. I don't want rings of nodules around my belly button they seems to not go away. Suboxone was prescribed for withdrawal. I did not experience any withdrawal symptoms or cravings. More study needed for this medication.”

10 / 10
weeds · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 12, 2020

Belbuca (buprenorphine) for Pain: “Belbuca the best!!!!!! i don't get high, but, NO PAIN!!!!! it's a wonder drug for me. Belbuca twice a day.”

10 / 10
Zero · Taken for less than 1 month April 9, 2020

Sublocade (buprenorphine) for Opiate Dependence - Maintenance: “Like most, I'm an ex IV heroin/oxy user. Been in Suboxone for 2 years 16mg daily. Had my first sublocade shot 48 hours ago at 300mg. It kinda gave me an opiate high just a couple hours after the (very painful) injection, and I felt more of a buzz than SUBOXONE. I'm not like nodding off but I feel it, which I haven't felt in a very long time. No cravings. I haven't had to take a sublingual dose since the shot. I honestly feel great, but not in a scary way. I highly recommend this for anyone serious about staying clean.”

9 / 10
Ozarkqueen April 8, 2020

Belbuca (buprenorphine) for Pain: “I have taken Belbuca for a year now for all over body pain due to neurology damage. My doctor started me low and we worked up from there to the 300 mcg dose twice a day and we worked up from there. I think I may have experienced a headache in the beginning not sure. But it did help my pain, until it didn't then my doctor would increase my dose to the next level of patch. I'm now up to the 900 mcg dose. The only real side effects I have is being extremely tired and my body get really hot, which is a side effect. But this drug cost almost $900 a month! Insurance won't pay and I'm on a fixed income.”

8 / 10
Richard April 7, 2020

Belbuca (buprenorphine) for Pain: “Belbuca was useless for pain in my opinion. No pain decrease whatsoever... . Now I get to wait another month in pain to see doctor. Thanks for nothing.”

1 / 10
Mr p · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 5, 2020

For Opiate Dependence: “I have been on this medication for one month I feel normal I was spending $1,000 a week on opiates finally went to the doctor and he put me on Subutex I feel normal I am now living a full life”

10 / 10