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User Reviews for Albuterol to treat COPD, Acute

Also known as: Ventolin HFA, ProAir HFA, Ventolin, Proventil HFA, ProAir RespiClick, AccuNeb, ProAir Digihaler Vospire ER

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Albuterol Rating Summary

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3.0/10 Average Rating
22 ratings from 23 user reviews

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Reviews for Albuterol

Rosie · Taken for less than 1 month August 3, 2020

“The new inhaler from perrigo is terrible. I have used 2 of the 3 I received and both have failed. The first didn’t work at all. Push to use, but it wouldn’t work. The second worked briefly, then stopped. The taste was bad, the amount coming out did not seem like it was a full does. Overall this inhaler is awful.”

1 / 10
lw54 June 5, 2020

“the albuterol made by perrigo I think the generic for pro air is dangerous be careful. I took mine back to my pharmacy and they exchanged it for pro air.”

Alex June 4, 2020

“Horrible inhaler. Medication won't come out even after repeated rinsing. Basically, it's junk.”

1 / 10
Breathless · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 3, 2020

“albuterol is a terrible product please do not use this product if you're expecting any help with a rescue inhaler”

1 / 10
Chelle · Taken for less than 1 month May 28, 2020

“I have pretty severe asthma, COPD, and lots of allergies. I just received the Perrigo albuterol rescue inhaler. It is horrible. It smells and tastes like swamp water, my throat burns and my lips itch. I had to take a benadryl after using it. It is also difficult to take the cap off, the holder is awkward to use. And the funny thing is, I have no recourse. I am low income and can't really afford to replace it. But too bad for me! I want my Teva Pro Air Inhaler back. It never failed me. And after reading these other reviews I am appalled that it hasn't been recalled.”

1 / 10
Lizlizardrn · Taken for less than 1 month May 4, 2020

“This new inhaler Perrigo Albuterol Sulfate is terrible! It tasted awful and I can’t get it apart to clean. I don’t feel like it opens my airways like the other inhalers I usually used in the past !!!! Great for my insurance if it’s cheaper but if I can’t breathe .... that hospitalization I’ll end up with will be costly !!!”

1 / 10
Mikey · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 23, 2020

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol): “Used for 3 months and my condition became worse than better”

1 / 10
Hydrin · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 11, 2019

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol): “I have COPD and my Doctor prescribed this ProAir RespiClick device in place of my regular Proair . The respiclick does nothing, I can’t seem to inhale strong enough to get any medication in my lungs. I tried it when I was having problems breathing and it didn’t work, fortunately I had some medication left in my old Proair I was able to get relief with that inhaler otherwise I don’t know what I would have done .”

1 / 10
Spunky · Taken for less than 1 month March 11, 2019

ProAir HFA (albuterol): “I have Stage 4 COPD. I used Ventolin for several years until insurance company would no longer pay for it, I had to switch to Proair. What a waste of money. This rescue inhaler is a joke! This stuff is like using "NOTHING" at all. They need to take off the market ASAP before it kills someone who can not breathe. My Lung Doctor has to send a letter of "Medical Necessity" every year for me to be on it & them pay for my trusty Ventolin. Also Proair has "Ethanol" in it & needs to be taken off the market.”

1 / 10
Seth · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 12, 2019

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol): “I understand some medicines do not work as well on certain individuals, that's not the case with these new inhalers they they don't work for anyone who really needs one. These powder inhalers ineffectiveness is upsetting to say the least. Any trial studies should have clearly shown this. The Incompetence behind this product is staggering, if not criminal, I've recently had to resort to using some older out of date inhalers so I could breath, I've disregarded the powder inhaler, I wasted my money on.”

1 / 10
LaserLady · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 25, 2019

ProAir HFA (albuterol): “I have been forced to use this horrible inhaler by my Insurance Company. They stopped offering anything except this useless inhaler. I WAS using Ventolin which worked great for me, but then got dropped. ProAir clogs constantly and delivers spotty doses if any. HATE this product - they must be giving the insurance companies a lot of kick-backs because it seems like most only offer this. I want my Ventolin back! I have a son-in-law who is from the Philippines. He had to make a trip back there a couple of months ago, so while he was there he picked up 20 Ventolin inhalers for me (which is sold over the counter there with no script required) for $10 each! We are getting so ripped off by the American pharma industry! Something needs to change!”

1 / 10
Slim January 8, 2019

Ventolin (albuterol): “Have been on Pro Air and my insurance company did not want to provide it to me anymore. The provided Ventolin and from the first time I use it I could tell it was not the same. Does Not Work. When you need a rescue inhaler you want to get relief in minutes not twenty minutes later. Most time I had to use four to five puffs and still no relief. They say it is the same medication but one works and the other does not. Pro Air # 1.”

2 / 10
Really · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 16, 2018

ProAir HFA (albuterol): “I have to say that this inhaler is nothing but a joke, perpetrated by the manufacturer. First, the medicine is never effective! Second, the delivery system constantly clogs and you have to soak it and wait for it too dry. Last, the counter does not work right. More than half the time it just does not work because something is wrong with the delivery system and will not be replaced by the manufacturer! That they make you go without is a crime against every user! This product should be outlawed! This is a very poor inhaler! I do not recommend anyone to use this product. If your Doctor prescribes it ask for a different one! If I could have given a rating of minus 10 I would have!”

1 / 10
sharron. · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 16, 2018

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol): “Like most I also find ProAir RespiClick has no use. It doesn't help me. I want my aerosol instead. I would like the money back on 3 of these . I was told it would be my old aerosol and when I go pick it up it's this ProAir Respiclick .”

1 / 10
tomorrowsdream · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 17, 2017

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol): “The worst inhaler I've ever used. I feel like absolutely nothing comes out of the inhaler, and it doesn't help me at all. I'll be asking my Dr. about another type, because this one is just terrible.”

1 / 10
Laflin · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 1, 2016

Proventil (albuterol): “Getting a lot of blisters on my top of my hands stop using this for a while and blisters disappear”

5 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years June 1, 2016

ProAir HFA (albuterol): “Inhaler clogs and does not deliver meds. Pharmacist says they work and gave them back to me.”

8 / 10
Mona777 May 10, 2016

ProAir RespiClick (albuterol): “It does absolutely nothing. I used the HFA and it was more effective. The new one it is just fancy, too expensive and it does not work.”

1 / 10
Divine1 · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 19, 2013

ProAir HFA (albuterol): “I have been using this medicine for many years and it really works for me. I walk everywhere, and going up hills it really comes in handy. I however do not like the new design, it tells you how much you have used, which is the good part, but the bad part is it clogs up too easily. The old one clogs as well, but takes longer to do it. I personally have not noticed any side effect of this medicine. The old albuterol inhalers made my heart race, this one does not.”

8 / 10
gr8kate · Taken for less than 1 month January 30, 2013

Ventolin (albuterol): “I was prescribed for acute COPD. Since I've been using the inhaler I have had less flare-ups. I am able to breathe a lot better.”

10 / 10
Anonymous July 31, 2011

Proventil (albuterol): “I find that using 30 minutes before activity is much more helpful than the recommended 10 - 15 minutes. My COPD is in the moderate stage.”

7 / 10
TAILSPIN70 September 11, 2009

“I have been using Albuterol for approximately 15 years, and find it exceptional. I have Emphysema, and do not leave home without it.”

10 / 10
jerry777 September 9, 2009

“I took Alupent for years. Worked okay but drug was discontinued because manufactured wouldn't convert to new propellant in April of '09. Got prescription for Albuterol and within days was in hospital with acute bronchospasm. Every treatment the hospital gave me with Oxygen and Albuterol caused my lungs to shut down. This is apparently rare, but if it isn't working for you, yell, loudly. I am currently on Maxair - works okay.”

1 / 10