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User Reviews for Orencia to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

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Orencia Rating Summary

User Ratings
29% (12)
20% (8)
2% (1)
5% (2)
2% (1)
5% (2)
0% (0)
5% (2)
10% (4)
22% (9)
6.2/10 Average Rating
41 ratings from 44 user reviews

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Reviews for Orencia

Duggywuggy July 27, 2020

“This Orencia took about four months to work for my RA. I have zero pain and good mobility.Been taking it for a year and am 71 years old.”

8 / 10
Bri · Taken for 1 to 6 months July 3, 2020

“This drug has been a great. Humira made me break out in a huge hot rash, and Leuflonamide (Arabs) made over half of my hair fall out and a full body rash for over 6 months with NO relief. While Arabs made my RA symptoms completely disappear, the side effects as a 35 yr old female were unacceptable. Orencia has very literally changed my life. I live in northern MN and with certain climate changes I still have minor joint stiffness, I am completely out of pain and the stiffness is 100 x’s better than what it was. I’m so very grateful for this drug.”

10 / 10
Nan · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 30, 2020

“Been on a monthly infusion for almost 16 months. Works well. But, now I have severe nerve pain in my arms and ankles.”

6 / 10
Donna · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 27, 2020

“The best drug I have been on! It gave me my life back!”

10 / 10
Daisy · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 6, 2020

“Worked great for 9 months. (moderate-severe with positive RA factor) Went off this for around three weeks due to a mix-up with co-pay. Now, two straight weeks of stomach rumbling and diarrhea. Probiotics, pepto-bismo nothing is helping. This is the only RA med that has worked for me, so I really hope my doctor can get me over this. I am on a copay plan through an assistance fund and they pay what Medicare/Anthem doesn't cover $1500/mth. Before Orencia I was unable to function, so I'm very thankful because it gave me some of my life back.”

7 / 10
Siggy · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 11, 2019

“Brilliant drug.”

10 / 10
Mae · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 9, 2019

“Garbage! Like every biologic out there. They all suck. They all carry horrible side effects including death. Cancer, infectious, etc. I've tried just about every biologic out there including Humira, Enbrel, Cimzia...They all quit working within 6 months. I'm convinced that Orencia caused me severe food sensitivities. There's no other explanation form my severe food sensitivities. I get inflammation from a bunch of foods. Kale, spinach , nuts, beans, rice, all animal protein which is crazy. My list of foods that cause me inflammation immediately upon eating them is crazy and I didn't have that problem before starting Orencia about 7 years ago. My rheumatologist doesn't believe me. It's very frustrating. It's been 7 years since I started Orencia and my food sensitivities have gotten worse. I'm going to report it to the FDA as a side effect. I just hope they come up with a cure ASAP. Enough bandaids that cause cancer and infections..We need a cure.”

2 / 10
Orencia is poison · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 15, 2019

“I am a 49 year old male. I was diagnosed with RA in 1997. I was on Humira for 10 years, which helped greatly but the side effects began showing so I was forced to stop. I was off all RA meds for a couple of years and my condition began deteriorating again. I went on Orencia IV drip. I began showing almost all of the side effects listed about a month after my first dose. It was slowly poisoning me. I was sick all the time and showing severe symptoms; Exhaustion, night sweats, back pain, migraines for 8 days straight, diarrhea, nausea and a level of discomfort I've never felt. It's an awful medicine with crippling side effects. It is important to note that the side effects were worse than the RA itself and my condition is moderate to severe. My suggestion is to avoid this medication at all cost. I was put on a anti nausea pill that is used for chemo patients. If you do some research you will find that 25% of the people on Orencia have a bad experience.”

1 / 10
Julie · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 20, 2019

“I have ever been on abatacept and after 13 weeks it hasn't had any effect. I was on rituximab with no result either, am I a lost cause? So doctors are taking me off it and tackling pain control with patches, has anyone else had failures”

1 / 10
Robky · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 5, 2019

“This medication made sense to me. Why not try something that will block the entire inflammatory cascade over just one inflammatory protein like TNFa ? All other Meds ( 5 others) were fails for me due to either no response or a severe reaction... Orencia was the answer to my prayers ... For me , it did take about 6 months to see elimination of joint inflammation... and about 9 months for Full effect of this drug. My advice is to be patient with these medications and just hang in there ...eventually, you will hit the right drug for you . I have my life back now. So grateful.”

9 / 10
banker · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 11, 2018

“Could only tolerate 4 infusions over a 2 month period. Managed the extreme fatigue, but the canker sores (mouth ulcers) were debilitating. Nothing I tried helped from 2 docs, (Rheumatologist and Dentist) 2 pharmacists. Difficulty talking, eating and sleeping. At the worst stage, I had terrible ear pain (ear aches), PCP said my ears were "congested" and always on the side of 6 - 8 canker sores on my tongue. Do not know next steps. Doc does not believe canker sores are caused by Orencia......never had anything like this in my life.”

1 / 10
Dorothy · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 18, 2018

“The first biologic I was put on was Enbrel and within 4 weeks, I was experiencing liver failure! So I went back on my oral meds for 2 more years. My new Rheumatologist prescribed Orencia and I have been on it for 3 years. It has given me back my freedom! I have had RA for 18 years and nothing worked this well!”

10 / 10
Helen · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 10, 2018

“I took this medication for 2 years! 2 years my Rheumatologist forced me to stay on this nothing medication with obvious continuous flare, and damage. I think 1 good year of giving a medication a go is sufficient, but this useless Rheumatologist refused to try something else. In the hands have obvious irreversible damage, swollen, hurt, and I require pain pills to survive. This medication is useless.”

1 / 10
S October 10, 2018

“This medication has worked spectacularly well for me. I used to be on a cocktail including Humira, MTX, steroids and NSAIDS. I changed my diet and tried to go au natural for a few worked for a while, but in my stubbornness, I experienced some joint damage. So I was highly inflamed when I started the Orencia. My rheumy and I picked this med because while on Humira, I was sick more than I was well. Orencia has the reputation for causing less illness. After five months, my inflammation has significantly decreased and I haven't had even a sniffle. That said, any medication has a higher potential to work for you if you are eating an anti-inflammatory diet and making sure you are not vitamin/mineral deficient. Try an elimination diet so you can truly know what foods bother you. Most people aren't in tune enough with their bodies to know when a food is making their joints worse. An elimination diet is key to getting in touch with your body and its response to food.”

10 / 10
Chichi · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 28, 2018

“I am scared to quit Orencia and am getting no benefit from it....what a waste”

1 / 10
Trish · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 22, 2018

“Been on Orencia 8 years. Started with infusions, switched to injections. Have not seen any improvement, but Dr. insists it's working because my inflammation markers are normal. My orthopedic doesn't agree though, because he continues to see more joint damage every time I see him. And if my inflammation markers are normal, why is there pain and swelling every day?”

2 / 10
Anne · Taken for 6 months to 1 year April 25, 2018

“Orencia worked a little maybe taking the pain down from 8 to 6 but it did not get rid of the sacroiliac joint (SI) joint pain I had ever, so I went on to try another medicine from my rheumatologist.”

1 / 10
17cherry · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 27, 2018

“It made me extremely nauseous.”

2 / 10
Barb B · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 9, 2018

“I had had success with Actemra, but at the 11 month mark, I had a heart attack and an upper GI bleed, both believed to be caused by the Actemra. So, we changed to Orencia, primarily because it has a lower incidence of side effects. It did take 5-1/2 months for the Orencia to start working, but it is now working well, and I feel like it continues to improve. I do take it in combination with methotrexate. I have not had any side effects. I am very pleased by how much Orencia has helped me.”

9 / 10
Jd7 · Taken for 1 to 6 months November 19, 2017

“Unfortunately Orencia did not work for me. I waited six months to see if it would work. It did nothing for me, but at least I didn’t have any side effects from it. I wish they could come up with a test to figure out what medication will work for who. It’s terrible wasting time waiting for something that may never happen.”

Aassoorr October 16, 2017

“I had the worse experience with this Orencia medicine. I kept waiting for the six months that they said it takes to work. In the process, I got worse than ever . It not only didn't work but made me worse. I was so mad that I waited so long in vain. I will never try another medication that supposedly take that long to work.”

1 / 10
ShellyMoe · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 29, 2017

“I have been on Orencia for 3.5 years and diagnosed 4 years ago. I am so thankful that I responded so well to this medication. Orencia was the first medication and hopefully, the last. Since my first infusion, in 2013, and the symptoms were finally being held at bay, I have not had any issues to date. I, whole heartily, 100% recommend Orecina. It saved my life and gave me my life back. I hope it'll do the same for you.”

10 / 10
Keatonsmm · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 20, 2017

“I've been doing the infusion for three months now. It hasn't improved any of my symptoms at all. Day of infusion I get severe low back/hip pain & I'm exhausted. The two days following I sleep a lot & feel awful.”

3 / 10
KatAb May 29, 2017

“After rashes, pain, nausea, and elevated liver enzymes on Remicade, then Humira, the doc switched me to Orencia. Felt very tired the evening of the loading dose, but not ill. Now I feel better than I have felt in 4 years! LOVE this stuff!”

9 / 10
5teph · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 9, 2017

“LIFE CHANGING - I have tried many of your typical RA drugs since being diagnosed at 22 (Plaquenil, Methylprednisolone for 5 years ) ”

10 / 10

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