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How long does it take for Vumerity to work?

Medically reviewed by Philip Thornton, DipPharm. Last updated on Dec 1, 2022.

Official answer


Vumerity (diroximel fumarate) is a delayed-release capsule used to treat relapsing forms of the autoimmune disorder multiple sclerosis. It is thought to have an effect as early as 24 weeks after patients start taking it.

MS is a condition in which a person’s own immune system mistakenly attacks the central nervous system (CNS), causing inflammation and damage to myelin, which forms fatty sheaths around nerve cells to protect them. It is not yet known exactly how Vumerity works in the treatment of MS, but it has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties.

Vumerity contains diroximel fumarate. Diroximel fumarate is rapidly converted in the body to monomethyl fumarate (MMF), which is the same active metabolite Tecfidera (dimethyl fumarate) has.

The results of clinical studies investigating Tecfidera were used to gain FDA approval for Vumerity, given that they both have the same active metabolite, MMF.

In an analysis of data from the phase III DEFINE and CONFIRM studies, which looked at the effects of Tecfidera on health-related quality of life, the drug was found to start working as early as 24 weeks after it was started, although it can take up to 2 years to for its full effects to be seen.

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