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How much does an Ocrevus infusion cost?

Medically reviewed by Carmen Pope, BPharm. Last updated on Dec 12, 2022.

Official answer


Ocrevus costs $16,974 for one 300mg/10mL dose of Ocrevus intravenous solution depending on the pharmacy you visit and based on using the discount card. This price is for cash paying customers and is not valid with insurance plans.

This works out to an annual cost of just over $65,000 per year, but most people do not pay this amount.

People with commercial or private insurance may be eligible for Ocrevus Co-Pay assistance and pay as little as $5 per treatment or up to $15 for a full year of Ocrevus.

If you have Medicare your cost for a year of Ocrevus may range between $0 and $13,000. Almost half of people with Medicare pay $0.

If you have Medicaid your cost for a year of Ocrevus may be between $0 and $30 but could vary depending on your state plan.

If you are unable to afford Ocrevus, you may be able to apply for additional assistance through the Genentech Patient Foundation.

There may be additional costs associated with the administration of Ocrevus, depending on your health care provider and the location of the infusion.

How many Ocrevus infusions do you need and how often do you need them?

The initial dose of Ocrevus is 300mg given by IV infusion via Ocrevus IV solution diluted into an infusion bag containing 0.9% sodium chloride and given directly into a vein over at least 2.5 hours. This is followed two weeks later by a second 300mg infusion.

After those first two doses, the recommended dosage is a single 600mg infusion given once every six months by your health care provider. This infusion should be infused over two hours for those who have not experienced any prior serious infusion reactions (IRs), or over at least 3.5 hours for those who have experienced serious IRs in the past.


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