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Miscellaneous central nervous system agents

What are Miscellaneous central nervous system agents?

Central nervous system agents are drugs that affect the central nervous system i.e. the brain and the spinal cord, and produce a response that could be used to alleviate or treat a particular medical condition.

Central nervous system agents can be used as analgesics, anesthetics, anti-emetics, anti-convulsants, and have many other therapeutic uses.

List of Miscellaneous central nervous system agents:

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Drug Name Reviews Avg. Ratings
Rilutek (Pro)
generic name: riluzole
1 review
Ampyra (Pro)
generic name: dalfampridine
61 reviews
Nuedexta (Pro)
generic name: dextromethorphan / quinidine
13 reviews
Hydergine (Pro)
generic name: ergoloid mesylates
0 reviews
Namenda (Pro)
generic name: memantine
21 reviews
Addyi (Pro)
generic name: flibanserin
9 reviews
Namenda XR (Pro)
generic name: memantine
5 reviews
Inapsine (Pro)
generic name: droperidol
3 reviews
Bridion (Pro)
generic name: sugammadex
0 reviewsAdd rating
Radicava (Pro)
generic name: edaravone
0 reviewsAdd rating
Tiglutik (Pro)
generic name: riluzole
0 reviewsAdd rating

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