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User Reviews for Seroquel XR

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Reviews for Seroquel XR to treat Schizoaffective Disorder

"My family member has been on the brand name Seroquel XR since 2009. When Accord Healthcare came out with their generic version in Nov 2016, she had to get the generic in Jan. 2017 until she could get approved for the AZ & Me PAP. I can tell you that the generic does not have the same efficacy as the brand name as she started experiencing symptoms on Accord's generic. Now we find out that Astra Zeneca will no longer have the PAP after Dec. 2017. They did a good job of marketing their product and it has helped many patients manage their symptoms. However, if the generic versions don't have the same efficacy, thousands of patients risk decompensation and symptoms. Accord even has the nerve to charge over 1300 per month for their med."

mhadvocate June 4, 2017

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"Hi I'm taking seroquel XR all started last winter with my psychosis episode. I went a bit manic,anexity,depression.wont get into details. I went in mental hospital for 2 months,there is where i started taking seroquel. to be honest 1st 2 weeks i have been vomiting every single night,had dizzines so hard that I had to hold walls while walking down the hallway.Its fine because at that point I didn't know if its just a bad dream or reality.after period of let's say 2 months I got much better.still i was feeling like my emotions, vocabularity, thought's was really in bad condition. as time passes I got used to it (im using it for 10months now.) DONT DO COLD TURKEY!!!"


sin47 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) October 23, 2016

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"Been on regular seroquel for 4 years fine. Started this for mania/depression and paranoid thoughts. Awful. Weaned up from 50mg to 450mg then back down to off in 1 week. Stomach pains. Out of touch with reality. Groggy. Weight gain immediatley. It helped the symptoms, but no way to live."


Jt131.31 April 27, 2016

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"*English is not my main language, so if something is not understood, know why* From the age 16 to 17 I had depression and I had social anxiety, then I tried to kill myself and went into a mental hospital. The trauma I had there made me do the same thing again. They tried every single medicationon on me, and than they decided seroquel xr is the best med for me. It really made me be balanced, but also made be apathetic and not connected to my feelings and thoughts. My memory was terrible, and I barely talked. I stopped taking it for one day and went into a manic-psychotic mood and I'm writing it from another mental hospital. I'm happy that I stopped taking this, I wanna feel alive, not like a zombie"

Liah September 6, 2015

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"Unfortunately after more than a year, pervasive stuff like weight gain, increased lipids, diabetes all started to be present. Great for a while but I started toned more of it to deal with psychotic symptoms and the sedative nature of it got in the way. Swapped to paliperidone ER, which is more focused on the psychotic symptoms and doing well without the sedation."


PixelPop (taken for 2 to 5 years) December 12, 2014

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"I take this medication for its side effects primarily. It works great if you have severe insomnia. This medicine makes you very hungry when you take it. It also helps to relive anxious feelings and help calm feelings of stress. Again my doctor prescribed this medicine due to weight loss, insomnia, anxiety. This is not what the medicine is exactly made for but I have tried dozens of medicines and this is the only one that has helped with my problems."


Anonymous August 18, 2013

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"The doctor decided to put me on Seroquel XR instead of Risperdal. Today I took it then felt the calming effects of it then I was conscious of it kicking in and I started sweating. The sweating stopped but all of a sudden I feel the same as I did before. Is this normal? I'm also still feeling impulsive and have trouble communicating with people."


juiceyjuice March 13, 2011

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