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User Reviews for Opana

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Reviews for Opana

DosOldie · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 21, 2017

For Pain: “I was switched to Opana ER after OxyContin stopped working for my chronic nerve pain. Opana ER gave me at least 12 hrs of relief, no high, and I took much less breakthrough meds. When I went to refilll it a few months ago I was told Opana ER is no longer available due to complications addicts are getting from injecting it. I am very annoyed that the FDA prioritizes abusers over legitimate, responsible pain patients.”

9 / 10
Showboat68 · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 22, 2017

For Pain: “My Dr had put me on opana 60 mg twice daily Along with oxymorphone 10mg for breakthrough pain. This did work beautiful. Unfortunately, my insurance changed, and I was put on oxycontin ER and oxycodone. This combo never worked as well the prior medication regime I was on. Even when I increased the amount I was taking on my own, it never fully Took the pain away. He decided after a year or so, to put me on levorphanol and oxycodone for breakthrough pain. The levorphanol works​ ALOT better than the oxycontin still. Levorphanol must be sent through the mail to PA, as it's not carried in this state and MOST pharmacist have never heard of it. It's called the forgotten opioid. Opana Works great for TRUE spinal cord Pain. No high.. Great relief!”

8 / 10
Mauradib April 10, 2017

For Pain: “I have been on Opana Er 60mg 3x a day for over a year now for chronic back pain. It is wonderful. Nothing has ever worked for me like it has. Not fentanyl patches, not oxys, nothing. I suggest any of you have a genetic test done by your pain doctor. I did. It allows your doctor to be able to tell what pain meds work for you the best. It isn't always about what med is the strongest, its about what your body will use.”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 9, 2012

For Pain: “I have cervical stenosis, bulging discs, and neuro issues resulting from them, I have been on Fentanyl patches, Oxycodone, and huge doses of Morphone ER wtih IR for break through. I thought my pain would never end and it was not only debilitating, but depressing to the point of, although not suicide, definitely not wanting to get up in the morning and wishing I could just die. When I moved and got a new Pain Management doctor, he questioned many of my old doc's decisions, but above all he changed me onto Opana 30mg ER twice daily with 30mg IR Morphine for breakthrough 3x day. I feel more alive than I have felt in at least seven years. I am awake, I am alert, and I am functional, which is more than I had come to expect. Zero side effects”

9 / 10
smacken · Taken for 10 years or more August 31, 2013

For Pain: “I have been on MS-Contin for 15 years. In that time, only one dose increase! I take 2x60 mg daily. Every 2-3 months, my doc changes medicine. I used to be able to get Opana, 40 mg 2x per day, and it worked great! Even better was Efalgo, 16 mg 3 x per day. 2 in the morning, one at night. Now, insurance will not pay for either. The only medicine I can tolerate is Opana, 80 2x per day, and they really don't work well. It is so frustrating that the medicine that is the hardest to tamper with, Efalgo, is the hardest to get and most expensive! If I don't switch every few months, I build up a tolerance. I suffer from degenerative disc disease in my lower back, arthritis etc.”

8 / 10
Anonymous April 17, 2008

For Pain: “This is a wonderful pain pill. I tore my sacroiliac and could barely walk because of the pain. I have a high tolerance for pain medications and have tried pretty much everything and this one surpassed everything I tried and I had no side effects.”

10 / 10
Anonymous August 5, 2009

For Pain: “Was on Oxycontin 160mg every 12 hours for 4 years and had tried Opana at same dose last year WITHOUT BEING TOLD TAKE ON EMPTY STOMACH, so when my new doctor changed me at first I was scared and skeptical, however 25 days on 40mg Opana every 12 hours ON EMPTY TUMMY and I am AMAZED. I believe if we increase daytime dose a tad I will feel better than I have in 18 years, so anyone who didn't have a good experience with it needs to think if they ate with it. My doctor said if there is ANY food in your stomach the food absorbs part of it and it doesn't get in your system as well and it WILL NOT WORK FOR THE 12 HOURS IT SHOULD. I saw people making both statements so I hope this will help others.”

10 / 10
Anonymous September 6, 2012

For Pain: “I have been on Opana for 2.5 years and i never felt better i take it 2x a day and oxycodone 30mgs 4x a day I am 55 years old and with my medicines I can do things like a 20 year old. The best pain medicine ever. I have been on different pain medicines for 18 years.”

10 / 10
deeseelangovich · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 5, 2013

For Pain: “Crushed and bulged discs in cervical region, but I refuse to have spinal fusion due to mixed results and incredibly invasive surgery. Was on 3-30 mg Oxycontins with 4 x 10 mgs oxycodone. I can't take anything with NSAID's in it because I had Hepatitis C, which is gone after 11 months of interferon and another medicine. The oxy combo was working fine until suddenly it became impossible to get the scripts filled. Pain management doctor switched me to 2-30mg ER's a day and three Opana 10 mg IR's a day and I have no side effects, works great.”

9 / 10
Alfredozoo · Taken for less than 1 month March 20, 2015

For Pain: “Male, mid 30's, 2 herniated lumbar discs, 3 pinched nerves, bone spur, stenosis.. I have been on pain meds for the last 10 years, and Opana is by far the most effective paid med I've ever tried and believe me I've been on everything.. Most recently I was on OxyContin 20mg 1x a day and Oxycodone IR 20mg 5x a day.. The problem with Oxycodone is that it has a very low half life of 3-4 hours and is very addictive because of the short duration of action you find yourself "chasing the pain".. I suggested Opana to my PM doctor as I heard good things about it, best pain relief I've had in years! I take Opana ER 40mg 2x a day and Opana IR 10mg 2x a day PRN for breakthrough pain.. This med is a wonder drug for those in 24/7 chronic pain!”

10 / 10
jimmydog January 31, 2015

For Pain: “I have degenerative disc disease and Opana is the best pain medication that I have ever used and I have tried them all and I take 2 20mgs a day 1 every 12 hours and it usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes to take effect but it works !!!”

10 / 10
Anonymous July 18, 2008

For Pain: “This is one of the best drugs I have taken. I am able to do things I need to do. I can walk and clean house. Before taking Opana all I could do was lay on the couch. I have rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and Hepatitis C. This is the only drug that has ever helped me.”

10 / 10
cc ryder April 21, 2013

For Pain: “My experience with Opana was great. It really gave me back at least 95%. After 3 Failed back surgeries on my disc low back along with both knees which my knee surgeries were helpful. I also broke my back at same time along with my neck injury which I was diagnosed with a extreme strain of my neck. Which my doctor gave me a 50% chance of success so I decided not to have and live with the pain. Although when Purdue pharmaceuticals decided to completely change the formula when making the 40mg Opana my life changed for the worst. I haven't been the same since. Believe me because I have tried every medicine on the market since 1993. ”

10 / 10
Your Details January 13, 2013

For Pain: “Been taking Opana for about 4 years now. It's the best medicine I have ever taken. I folded up my neck in an ATV accident. Have a failed 4 level fusion with steel plate and 4 bolts 1/4", 3 discs removed. Also have 5 deteriorated disc, and two more spinal surgeries since first one. I have had to increase my dose to a 40mg every 12 hours or so, and up to 6 IR 10mg each day. Since the pink 10 IRs have been off the market, the white generic 10 IRs are not the same. Take this on an empty stomach for best results. And to the one patient in a previous comment who was trying to get his nerve up to ask the doc to reduce his dosage, I would say it was really in his own hands. Reduce it yourself if you really think you don't need it.”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 20, 2012

For Pain: “I have had 24/7 severe Headaches for 7 1/2 years due to a condition I have called Occipital Nueralgia. I have tried every kind of pain medicine and preventative medicine out there, NOTHING WORKED! I am on 40mg of Opana 3x/day, and it is wonderful, I can function and work and play with my kids and be out in the sun for the first time in 7 yrs, this totally keeps my pain under control. I love it. I highly suggest that any one with chronic severe pain try it. IT WORKS”

9 / 10
sexybrat76 May 17, 2008

For Pain: “I have had a lot of back pain for a few years but since my doctor has put me on Opana I have never felt better. I can go about my life without the worry of being in so much pain at the end of the day. What a relief it has been. A pure God send.”

10 / 10
Randy101 September 18, 2008

For Pain: “Before Opana, I was taking 100mg Morphine 3x daily for my lower back pain from a bulging disc at L5-S1. The pain relief from the Opana is better than any other pain medication that I have tried. ”

10 / 10
kjc7962 · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 11, 2017

For Pain: “Has been a life saver to me. I have a very long history with trauma and has caused me a lifetime of serious pain CRPS, FIBROMYALGIA, PTSD . All my doctor's had said the pain was "in my head", and hearing someone, who SHOULD understand that you can have unimaginable pain due to trauma combined with other Neurological & Psychiatric issues. Thanks to my Psychiatrist for prescribing this for me..It's helped with my depression anxiety and insomnia as well. My doctor and I have an incredible bond...A bond that has taken years, decades, to build the most respected form of TRUST. I DO NOT MESS WITH NOR USE MY MEDICATIONS FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN WHAT I'M PRESCRIBED. I keep my RXs to myself & hidden well. Do Not Mess with medicine. NOT INTENDED FOR RECREATIONAL USE, EVER!!!!”

9 / 10
much better July 20, 2010

For Pain: “Doctor had me on 100mg morphine er 2 x a day, the side effects were really bad. He put me on Opana ER 40mg 2 x a day and Opana IR 5 mg for break through pain its the best pain med ever been on. I have spinal stenosis degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis. Was in terrible pain before Opana now at least I can stand to be alive again.”

8 / 10
Good if you get enough November 14, 2009

For Pain: “Currently taking 2 x 10mg ER and up to 4 x 5mg IR. Tolerance has developed quickly, what used to take the pain away only half way dulls it now. My doctor is not convinced of my pain, I have asked for more but he without coming right out and saying no has refused me increased dosage. My advice is even though Opana works well initially, you will develop tolerance rapidly and require more in order to provide pain relief. I do have several bulging discs but for some reason my doctor does not see this as cause to increase the dose, only continue the same dose that I began with about 9 months ago. Sorry for the rant but it may be something you might have not considered if I had not brought it up. From what I have gathered from independent research of Opana and Oxycodone, Opana has the greatest tolerance increase potential between the two.”

7 / 10
Lorioreo August 7, 2015

For Pain: “Been taking Opana for 15 months now and couldn't be happier. Diagnosed with DDD in my L-4, L-5, S-1. scoliosis, and fibromyalgia 3 years ago. My PM doctor put me on MS Contin 60 mg 2xs a day which I had an allergic reaction to%u2026 My feet and legs swelled up. He then put me on a fentanyl patch 75mcg, which my body did not tolerate, I ended up getting pains down my neck and severe nausea. A guy ran a red light and T-boned my side of the car. In the hospital they gave me dilauded for pain, which completely took my pain away. My doctor decided at that point to put me on EXALGO 12.5mg 1x a day. Worked better than anything! Insurance stopped covering it, GAHH. Put me on Opana ER 20 2x a day and IR 3x a day. Amazing! No side effects!!!”

10 / 10
Anonymous February 5, 2012

For Pain: “I have been on various medications for years, some have been Lortab, non-narcotic pain medications, Ms-contin, Oxycontin and fentanyl patches. I was on 150 micrograms of fentanyl/48 hours before switching to Opana ER. Initially I was taking 20mg of Opana 2x/day and it was not sufficient for my pain, but I couldn't handle the side-effects of the fentanyl patches (narcolepsy) so I worked with my doctor to increase my dosage and frequency so that I now take 30mg 2x/day and 20mg 1x/day. It is expensive but I am finally able to live a near-normal life. I play with my kids, I don't miss work, and I even keep the house up (with great help from my better half). Opana ER has been great for pain relief with almost no side-effects!”

10 / 10
TwoDimes · Taken for less than 1 month November 11, 2012

For Pain: “I took ONE dose of 20mg of Opana ER. I became dizzy, woozy, lightheaded. I developed a POUNDING headache! I became EXTREMELY agitated and anxious. I became VERY shaky. My lower back pain INCREASED, not decreased. Seven hours after taking this one dose, I had projectile vomiting. ”

1 / 10
poppabean January 31, 2012

For Pain: “I have neck and back pain requiring fusion surgery, already had two laser procedures on them. Only thing I haven't taken is fentanyl. Started with a morphine Avinza, Dilaudid combination, to Dilaudid and oxycodone combination to straight up 8 x 30Mg roxicodones and Xanax daily. Pain relief with that was amazing and cheap. However with that being said, I asked my doctor about switching. Since I was on such strong medicines I was able to get 2 x 20Mg Opana ER daily along with 5 Opana IR. Have been on this four months now, and is the best relief I have had in five years. ”

9 / 10
Bearmaxie · Taken for less than 1 month May 14, 2016

For Pain: “3 back surgeries, 35 days since latest fusion in lower back. Been on pain meds for years, mainly Percocet 10mg which seemed to be the only thing that helped. Even when given stronger meds. I guess my body is so used to them now they stopped really working unless I took 2 at a time. My surgeon suggested opana for me this past week, it's been only 4 days but it doesn't seem to work AT ALL. It does nothing for the pain. I have the 10mg IR. I'm a very active 45 year old who loves to fly fish, camping, hiking. Basketball, softball, long hikes with my dogs but I can't do anything anymore. The latest surgery they had to go through my stomach and I just want some relief so I can start being active again... Miserable..”

Luci0200 July 7, 2016

For Pain: “I started opana about 5 months ago, the withdrawls make you feel like you have the stomach bug and flu at the same time. Night sweats every bone feels broken, stomach cramping, strange negitive thoughts that arent real. This medication didnt help at all with my disc heritage, gout, broken foot, sore tooth..first night i wondered if i would make it thru the night. I was on 40mg twice a day 12 hour ER. I wouldnt suggest this medication to anyone. Its hard to require medication assistance just to move, but its even.worse being on a medicaton that didnt help and caused the worst withdrawls of my life. It took 9 days to feel better! Good luck”

1 / 10
pyll-poppin_animall August 25, 2009

For Pain: “Love it! Nothing better, works wonders for chronic migraines and arthritis plus it gets me back on my feet as if I was a teen again. Gives me the little boost needed to get me through my day with limited side effects. I would recommend doctors prescribe this medicine over any other narcotic pain killers. This pill has really saved my life. It's truly amazing.”

10 / 10
Young again September 12, 2009

For Pain: “Opana has worked better than anything I have been prescribed. I have several bulging discs, 4 in the lower back and 4 mid back. I was taking 3000 milligrams of Vicodin daily, 8 to 10 x 325 mg tabs. Now, I take 2, 20 milligram Opana daily, and only 2 or 3 Vicodin as needed. Be sure to take Opana on an empty stomach, and don't eat for about 2 hours. Opana is incredible, my next Doctor's visit, I will request a slightly higher dose, and quit the Vicodin all together. Thank you Opana!”

8 / 10

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