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User Reviews for Avinza

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Condition Avg. Rating Reviews Compare
Pain 8.4
28 reviews 1118 medications
Chronic Pain 7.8
5 reviews 109 medications

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Reviews for Avinza

Ellyn · Taken for 10 years or more October 15, 2018

For Chronic Pain: “The only true single daily dose morphine I've tried. More even dosage release than other morphine brands meant less tolerance allowing me to stay on same dose for years. For similar, but less even, relief Kadian and Embeda required 2 doses per day or MSContin 2-3 doses per day. Generic for Avinza is morphine sulfate ER beads.”

10 / 10
Wolfwolveswolf · Taken for 10 years or more March 23, 2016

For Chronic Pain: “BRING BACK AVINZA! I've had a C1-C2 Chronic Pain for 36 years now. The closest I have come to how things were before some illegal drunk in an 18-wheeler truck was allowed to kill two friends, change another friend's life, & ruin my life, has been AVINZA. It's been a year & my life again turned upside down, as I have yet to find another Morphine that compares to AVINZA. Of course I am refused to try MS- Contin, or Oxy-contin, even though I've taken Narcotics responsibly now for almost 25 years. Just bring back AVINZA, as I know there has to be other people like me, though I fear from experience- that we who suffer from Chronic Pain, are looked at as irrelevant, and why AVINZA was taken away from us!”

10 / 10
butterflywarrior · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 19, 2016

For Chronic Pain: “I have cervical stenosis, multiple disc herniations, fibromyalgia and myofacial pain syndrome, etc since teen years. 38 now. Been to several pain clinics and docs on meds, narcotics but none helped me like avizia. I take 90mg plus 10/325 percocet as needed for break thru and it helps so much. I have only constipation and I take amitiza for that, I'm happy my insurance covers it.”

8 / 10
jean2Lr1 January 26, 2013

For Chronic Pain: “Took for chronic pain of knee, back had half of 2 vertebra removed and fibromyalgia. This medicine did not work at all for me. I have taken oxycodone and methadone for pain and they made things bearable. This medicine did no good at all. I was only given 20 mgs a day after 80mg a day methadone and 80mg oxycodone. This is all the pain clinic would prescribe so I had to go back to methadone that makes me gain weight and my teeth are rotting out but I can function and have relief of pain. Still have pain but I can bear it.”

2 / 10
Zellie · Taken for 5 to 10 years November 24, 2012

For Chronic Pain: “It worked great on my Hyper-Mobility Syndrome! (All of my joints are "double-jointed") Which causes chronic pain for years & gets worse with age. The only side effect I've had is constipation. With Avinza I actually have a better quality of life!”

9 / 10
JPM83 November 25, 2011

For Pain: “I was on Avinza for about 6 years for chronic pain and so far it has been the best medication that I have ever been prescribed. Unfortunately I have had to switch medicines due to the cost of them. I have still been unable to find a medicine that works as well with my pain. I can manage the pain with MS Contin but I have to take more pills a day than with the Avinza. So anybody out there that truly needs to find some relief, my advice is to try it if you can afford it.”

10 / 10
ouchnj July 2, 2011

For Pain: “I never heard of this medicine. After being on every pain medicine (I thought) out there and still in horrid pain, I was about to give up, I couldn't live with the pain. I saw a new PM and he got me off my high dose of Oxycontin which did nothing for me along with Dilaudid and Roxicodone and put me on 240 once a day with 30 MSIR at 4 hrs. The MSIR does not help, I have to get something else, and the 240 has done things nothing ever has before. I can walk again, have some quality of my life back, not stoned feeling, it's amazing. I still have pain, I need to get my dosage adjusted. This is by far a miracle for me and my family. I don't sleep with a foot massager.”

9 / 10
formerathlete February 22, 2011

For Pain: “My entire spine was destroyed in a car accident 26 years ago, and I developed MPS. 3 years ago I broke my neck during a seizure, causing additional pain. Avinza has done the best at controlling my pain; but while on Kadian I was titrated from 120mg to 60mg by doctors who didn't believe I was really in pain. Now that they have MRI's of the damage suffered 26 years ago that has degenerated over the years, they believe me and will finally titrate me up to 90mg of Avinza, which is a wonder for me. I also use several other means to control the pain, such as diversion, a spa, exercise, and relaxation response.”

5 / 10
Anonymous July 1, 2010

For Pain: “After a diagnosis of Stage IIIA Breast Cancer, 2 separate modified radical surgeries with lymph node removal and chemotherapy, I was then put on Arimidex. Had major joint pain, body aching, nauseous and anxiety, to name a few. I tried NSAIDs and many narcotic medications without success. Eventually, I was put on AVINZA three years ago. FINALLY RELIEF! I have no side effects from AVINZA. I take a capsule every 12 hours. The dosage has been varied but little else is required for breakthrough. I don't know what is different about this narcotic but thankfully, it works for me.”

10 / 10
ilenas June 25, 2010

For Pain: “I have been on Avinza for about the last 7 years. Avinza changed my ability to spend time with and enjoy my family and friends with a bit of help from Roxicodone (oxycodone) 15mg up to 10 a day. I have taken Avinza at 60mg all the way up to 240mg per things. I have had a cervical fusion and bilateral shoulder problems and surgeries.”

9 / 10
Anonymous May 8, 2010

For Pain: “I have had chronic pancreatitis for 6 years and have to be careful about taking pain medicines because I'm a recovering alcoholic. In fact have to be careful about taking anything at all. But I was living in pain regularly and needed something for the chronic abdominal pain and the medicines given were a slippery slope for me. I was referred to a pain clinic where they set me up with Avinza. It has been a true blessing! I have no euphoria, drugged feeling, cravings or any problems or side effects with Avinza. It takes care of the pain for the full 24 hours, and I do have Percocet as needed for breakthrough. I have been on the regimen for several years now and have not had to increase the dose. It has given me my quality of life back.”

9 / 10
RichH March 27, 2010

For Pain: “Have been taking Avinza 2x30 mg/day for 12 months. Pain is better controlled (normal is 3-5; oxy was 5-7). Still constipated, but fixable with Metamucil. Can safely pay bills and drive. Wonder drug for me. No craving, either.”

9 / 10
OrthoNeuropayer March 23, 2010

For Pain: “I have had 7 surgeries, 5 lower back, 2 neck fusions and still have 5 herniated discs in my thoracic spine. Avinza with 10/325 has been a Godsend. I also have muscle spasm throughout my back at all times. I have been taking 120mg every 12 hours with the Percocet for breakthrough pain. Add muscle relaxers and I still had pain but could function. My biggest problem was my last surgery the hospital didn't have any so they had to work out an equal dosage of Dilaudid. It worked but I was far better with my Avinza. I only wish the hospital would allow you to bring your own, they can administer it. ”

8 / 10
Rich405 December 15, 2009

For Pain: “So much better than Oxycontin for osteoarthritis in my S.I. joint (cocyx/pelvis). Less constipation, better for driving, doesn't impair judgement... 30-60mg/day, compared to 60 Oxycontin.”

9 / 10
arfa2734 November 28, 2009

For Pain: “I have been suffering headaches for three years now. I have been told it is originating from my neck. Arthritis bone spurs and a nerve irritation. I would only need arthritis pain medicines but am allergic to NSAIDS. Tried Tylenol 3 hydrocodone etc. Have have an RFA and injected pain medicines, not much help. Finally put on Avinza 90mg and am happy with results. After three months on Avinza life is much better. I also take Percocet 10/325 for breakthrough pain, but am able to tolerate and work and most of all play golf again. No problem with the constipation as I drink lots of water all day. Love this drug. If you don't already know Avinza offers a discount coupon. New coupon due out in January to help pay. Cut my out of pocket expence by 90%. I pay $17.00.”

9 / 10
JacobEdward November 13, 2009

For Pain: “I fractured and hemorrhaged my neck in 2001 at the age of 12. I've been on and off all kinds of narcotics and was recently introduced to Avinza. This stuff is awesome! Even at the low 30mg dose I feel much better but I still keep my Norco around for break through pain when needed. I recommend this medicine to anyone dealing with chronic pain.”

9 / 10
redhotzzRN November 10, 2009

For Pain: “I had NO pain control on this medication, but from reading the other posts, I was not given a chance at it. My MD tried one small dose and NOTHING for breakthrough pain. It seems that if he'd adjusted it and given me something for break through pain maybe I would have had a good outcome, too. Sadly, I have no health insurance now and it's too expensive, so maybe he did me a favor. It would've been brutal to finally have a medicine work and it be too expensive to buy.”

1 / 10
Dan 2001 September 29, 2009

For Pain: “After a chainsaw accident in 2001. Where I ran the saw under my knee cap down into the joint. I was left with a permanent limp. Which in turn went into my back. I have tried all kinds of pain medicines. Kadian, Percocet, Hydro's you name it. The doctor put me on 120 Avinza. After finding the right dose. I can finally live with what pain I have. I love this medication.”

9 / 10
sajaini September 25, 2009

For Pain: “I have a fused 5th lumbar with a bone insert and two shoulder replacements that cause constant pain. Avinza has proven to be far superior to other drugs for constant pain relief. Hydrocodone and Oxycodone preparations use to wear off after 4 hours with terrible withdrawl symptoms and cause mood changes. Avinza, although gastly expensive, provides pain management without feeling drugged at all. I am able to play tennis and stay active because of this drug and it's taken once a day instead of every 4 hours. A life saver.”

8 / 10
chronic pain September 22, 2009

For Pain: “I have had chronic pain since 2006. At that time I also had back surgery with bone grafts put into my spine. The surgery was not successful and since then I have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Since using Avinza, the pain has decreased to the point that I can function on a limited basis. The pain is always present, just not as bad as it was. I also take Vicodin every 4-6 hours and the combination of the 2 seems to help. I am glad to know (not happy when anyone has pain) that there are others out there that experience pain the way I do. Sometimes, it feels like I am the only one and that is a very lonely feeling. But with the help of medications like Avinza, I can at least have times when the pain is bearable.”

8 / 10
;lkjadsf September 19, 2009

For Pain: “The medication was far superior and hopefully safer than using Percocet. The issue is continuous relief for several torn/ruptured discs. Surgical intervention is not guaranteed to resolve my problem. Pain level is 5-6 continuous and takes over your life. So what to do. Many personal issues to consider but in the end I realized that until a solution if found I don't have a lot of options here. Went to a shrink and others and finally accepted status at this time. Never drink, take as directed, and trust yourself. Never, never, fall into the trap of changing the dosing from the prescribed format.”

9 / 10
michele1966 June 6, 2009

For Pain: “I was diagnosed with a rare form of Lupus (as a teen) 24 years ago, 6years later with Raynauds and fibromyalgia. Over the years, I have tried many pain medicines, some have helped and some haven't, but most have had multiple side effects and/or interactions with my other necessary medicines. In 2004 I was in the hospital while I was out of remission and I had a slip and fall, this accident resulted in three herniated discs. Since then I've been taking Avinza 120mg, with Vicodin 10/650 for breakthrough pain and I can honestly say, this is the best pain coverage I've had in 24 years with only 1 side effect.... constipation, which Miralax takes care of.”

9 / 10
JerbearRN May 14, 2009

For Pain: “I was started on Avinza after back surgery. It took a bit to get an effective dose as I had back pain of 8 on a 1-10 scale, constantly. Since finding the correct dose for me, my doctor has only had to increase the Avinza once. I also take Lortab 10/500 on the average of once a day for breakthrough pain. This keeps the pain under control and I can work still. If it weren't for this drug, I would not be able to move without excruciating pain.”

8 / 10
Anonymous March 20, 2009

For Pain: “This is a good long term drug for the management of chronic pain but its effectiveness fades over time and you have to increase the dose in order to maintain the same effectiveness. ”

7 / 10
tmb8527 March 17, 2009

For Pain: “In 2004 I was diagnosed with Adult Onset Still's Disease, then in 2006 my pain shot up and was uncontrolled with just Percocet 10/325mg every 6 hours. The doctor decided to put me on this and it has been a God send for me as well. Although I am unable to work due to the fact the employers view this as a drug in a drug free workplace. But I am well maintained and will continue to take it. We tried last fall to up it to 60mg and it was too sedating and caused my migraines to flare. Other than that the side effects have been constipation.”

10 / 10