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User Reviews for Jornay PM to treat ADHD

Donald · Taken for less than 1 month December 13, 2020

“Originally I was on the authorized generic of concerta. Well, when the authorized generic stopped being developed and all other generics became available at pharmacies I was switched to those. All of the generics of Concerta are awful and they do NOT use the OROS mechanism. For that reason we finally were able to switch to Jornay PM. Normally I take a very high dose of products containing Methylphenidate. My psych has started me on the 60mg version of it. So far it is okay, but it's def not as strong as of a release since this brand actually releases a lot less at a time. I think the medication will work perfectly for me once I get on the higher doses. Since being on it I've been very sleepy, but I know for a fact that the highest dose will be good. I do notice that it does somewhat help me wake up better in the morning, but not well enough. Will update you guys with more info once I have my dose upped.”

6 / 10

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