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User Reviews for Hydrocortisone topical

Also known as: Anusol-HC, Proctozone HC, Anusol-HC Suppositories, Cortizone-10, Hydrocortisone 1% In Absorbase, Anucort-HC, Westcort, Preparation H Anti-Itch Cream Hydrocortisone 1%, Hytone, Locoid, Hydrocort cream, Cortaid, Texacort, Proctosol-HC, Proctocort, Anusol HC-1, Scalpicin, Vagisil Anti-Itch Creme Sensitive Skin Formula, Aeroseb-HC, Rectasol-HC, Ala-Cort, Aloe Cort, Locoid Lipocream, Encort, Procto-Med HC, Monistat Soothing Care Itch Relief Cream, Nutracort, MD Hydrocortisone, Ala-Scalp, Keratol HC, NuCort, Hydrocortisone with Aloe, Dermasorb HC, Rectacort-HC, Neosporin Eczema Essentials Anti-Itch Cream, Cort-Dome High Potency, Cetacort, Dermacort, Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Formula, GRx HiCort 25, Procto-Kit 1%, Procto-Kit 2.5%, Anuprep-HC, Anumed-HC, Hemril-HC Uniserts, Penecort, Cotacort, Lacticare-HC, Orabase HCA, Ala-Scalp HP, Cortane, Hemorrhoidal HC, Anutone-HC, Anurx-HC, Anusert HC-1, Cortaid with Aloe, Acticort 100, Blue-Emu Anti-Itch Cream, Aquanil HC, Caldecort, Itch-X Lotion, Corticaine, Corticreme, Delcort, Pediaderm HC, Dermol HC, Dermolate, Scalacort, Gly-Cort, Hi-Cor, Hycort, Nogenic HC, Recort Plus, Rederm, Sarnol-HC, Scalp-Aid, Cort-Dome, Genasone/Aloe, Instacort 10, Scalp-Cort, Beta HC, Ivocort, Cortizone-10 Anal Itch Cream, Pandel, Bioelements Immediate Comfort, Recort Anti-Itch Cream, Proctocream-HC, Nupercainal HC 1%, Dermarest Plus Anti-Itch, Cortizone-5, Cortizone for Kids, Neutrogena T-Scalp, Dermarest Dricort, Massengill Medicated Soft Cloth, Dermtex HC, Anuzone HC, Cortizone-10 Plus, Hemril-30, Proctozone-H, Proctosert HC, MiCort-HC, U-Cort, Cortaid Maximum Strength, Cortaid Intensive Therapy, Tucks Hydrocortisone Anti-Itch Ointment, NuZon, Gynecort Maximum Strength, Dermarest Eczema Medicated, Procto-Pak 1%, NuCort with Aloe, Cortalo with Aloe, Aqua Glycolic HC, ProctoCare-HC, Hemmorex-HC, Instacort …show all brand names

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
12 reviews 243 medications
Skin Rash
2 reviews 108 medications
4 reviews 295 medications
Anal Itching
1 review 164 medications
1 review 75 medications
8 reviews 126 medications
2 reviews 311 medications
7 reviews 314 medications
Atopic Dermatitis
3 reviews 238 medications
1 review 12 medications
Summary of Hydrocortisone reviews 7.5 41 reviews

Reviews for Hydrocortisone

User · Taken for less than 1 month July 12, 2019

For Dermatitis: "My doctor prescribe it to me and the day after the using it, it has caused terrible reactions and my facial skin condition got way worse. Probably the worst medication I’ve ever used in my life."

Baby girl · Taken for less than 1 month January 22, 2019

Hydrocortisone 1% In Absorbase (hydrocortisone) for Dermatitis: "it peeled off my skin my skinwhich became very dry and rough like I suffered from fire burns"

JOM · Taken for less than 1 month October 25, 2018

For Intertrigo: "Helped stop the itching and went from red and starting to smell to pink and no smell within 4 applications"

painedbehind · Taken for less than 1 month April 15, 2018

Anusol-HC Suppositories (hydrocortisone) for Hemorrhoids: "4 boxes of Prep H= no results. Doctor prescribed Hydrocortisone AC 25mg Suppositories. Insurance does not cover (over $200.00.) Discovered Prescription Discount Coupons. I bought 12 @ $45.18 w/coupon. Most drug stores accept the coupons. Much better relief then Prep H. Use twice a day. Have bowel movement first. I'm doing Atkins Diet, so bad constipation, which does not help the condition. Now taking Colace, which helps. No fiber supplements, since they mess up Atkins Diet. In 6 weeks, I have lost 18 lbs. Felt so good that I went to the gym, just Treadmill and Elliptical for 5 miles. Felt itchy burning during workout, so I think exercise aggravated it, but exercise is good for constipation. Just bought another box of 12. Skipping exercise a few days this time. Stopping Atkins ''might'' help relieve the swelling, but I'm committed to losing weight. I will update if this site sends me a notification or I can find it again. Good luck. It is literally a ''pain in the buttocks.''"

Brad · Taken for 10 years or more April 15, 2018

For Eczema: "This medicine is good and bad to it. It will treat almost all sorts of eczema, skin allergies, psoriasis etc. The thing to note is that this medicine SHOULDN'T be used long term. If you use it over time your skin can thin. It might take 20 years but it could happen. You could also develop red skin syndrome. My advice is use it for when you need it and on areas that are not noticeable. I wouldn't use it on the face."

icchy. January 27, 2018

Cortizone-10 (hydrocortisone) for Atopic Dermatitis: "I have been using Kirklands generic Hydrocortisone cream, which is basically equivalent, it is far cheaper to purchase this at Costcos, Its great for short term use, but not for long term for my atopic dermatitis, less effective if the rashes are leaking serous fluid/weeping - you need prescription strength medication. I used it on my face, because atopic dermatitis reguarly crops up on there. It clears it up in a few days of use, but your eczema/AD rashes will almost come back in a matter of days if your complacent on treatment. Also because cortisone it is not recommended on the face for long term treatment. I have noticed parts of my face have become softer than other parts of my skin, its a potential side effect if used long term, so be warned. Skin atrophy can happen with steroid weak as cortisone but requires months of use."

KristenHdz January 16, 2018

Cortizone-10 (hydrocortisone) for Eczema: "This is my preventative cream. I put this on problem areas daily: under the boobs, under the fat folds, between the "cheeks"... to prevent chafing and/or yeast infections that are provoked by sweat in the crevices. It is also my go-to for eczema outbreaks because it will usually "nip it in the bud" if I am diligent about applying it. AND, if I use it on my legs after shaving them, it will help prevent a lot of the itching that occurs whenever my legs are touched in any way. May I just say, "I really hate eczema"."

Chauffeur Lady August 10, 2017

Anusol-HC Suppositories (hydrocortisone) for Hemorrhoids: "Didn't do anything for me. Tried to work its way out before it completely dissolved. On day 4 of the treatment, I could no longer deal with the increased burning, pain and itching that I experienced. Also had some change in my BMs while on these suppositories, with increased need to go, therefore increased wiping and increased irritation. Seemed to do the opposite of what is was supposed to do."

Archie.B · Taken for less than 1 month April 28, 2017

Hydrocortisone 1% In Absorbase (hydrocortisone) for Pruritus: "HI team I use it for phantom pain below knee and it stops all pain at night time and at day time"

Steve1964 March 6, 2017

For Anal Itching: "I am researching the PRESCRIPTION-strength suppository but I am having no luck on this site. I had the Rx but ran out. By the way, it is much better than the OTC variety. Also, I need it for itching or irritation, post-radiation therapy, not hemorrhoids, but there seems to be no category for that."

Hydrocures · Taken for less than 1 month October 13, 2016

For Hemorrhoids: "Works extremely well. Only needed 1 per day for very inflamed throbbing hemorrhoids. Cleaned area also used witch hazel, very easy to insert. Alternate with liquid vitamin E. When swelling subsided push hemorrhoid back into rectum."

Pallethead September 9, 2016

For Psoriasis: "Have periodic dry skin on my hands which leads to severe cracking. Understand if your issue is bacterial or fungal. Tried many fungal creams then bacterial cortisol. Works great, I use it almost every day. Hands are in great shape ( almost to soft lol)"

Hydrono August 26, 2016

For Atopic Dermatitis: "review is for Hydrocortisone 1% ointment only. Target Up and up brand, 2 oz, 6dollars. ointments are more potent than cream versions, especially if you use some kind of dressing or salycic acid(i never tried both). I used this on my body, but it has significant effect on my ear DERMATITIS, cleared up the flakeyness, and dryness. But doesnt stop the itching though. This ointment is extremely greasy, because of the petroleum."

Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years March 27, 2016

Cortizone-10 (hydrocortisone) for Eczema: "I have always had eczema since a child and have tried different medications but none like this one. It is amazing!"

Dars · Taken for less than 1 month March 24, 2016

For Skin Rash: "Burning and major itching problems."

Antonioking4726754456 · Taken for less than 1 month November 27, 2015

For Eczema: "I wanted to take the time to provide you people with the knowledge about this stuff. I had small bumps (color was regular, white then pink it varies) all over my body. An area under my belly button, my arms, under my armpits, on my back, it was chaotic. When I used this stuff 2 days ago, I used half of the tube of it and I thought I seen results. Last night I used it again and I tell you that they are all just about gone. I had a horrible case on my neck, it is almost gone. So if you want to try something out, try this. I really hope that you get what you need and that it was from what I knew. I want what I went through to be of good reason, so it can help you when you go through it. Please, try hydrocortizone."

MSI_88888 November 15, 2015

For Eczema: "I have been using this cream and also at the same time hydromol ointment. I use the ointment first and then 20mins later then I use the hydrocortisone. Tbh for short term effects it's amazing but for the long term effects it doesn't work as well. It's been 3 months and it's made my long term effects a little better. Can anyone tell how to stop my skin being dry so I wouldn't have to use the creams ever in the future. Thanks"

Ezpeezie August 3, 2015

For Dermatitis: "This medication burned my scalp after a few days of using 1x/d. It made my condition worse & I experienced many of the side effects. When you read through all of the side effects as well as how adversely it can affect your health, proceed with caution."

Drifter580 July 15, 2015

Hydrocort cream (hydrocortisone) for Skin Rash: "Worked wonders for my poison ivy rash. Quick relief and healing when all others failed"

Patticake12 May 22, 2015

For Pruritus: "I wish I had not used this on my skin my skin is now damaged, thin and terribly wrinkled. I have taken care of my skin and now my arms look like I am 80."

refusing to be controlled anymore · Taken for less than 1 month November 30, 2014

Proctosol-HC (hydrocortisone) for Hemorrhoids: "After 2 hemorrhoid surgeries, this product was a life changer! I took the step to not let my hemorroids control my life anymore. The dr prescribed this as part of my after care. Its immediate and wonderful."

Jimmy can't sit still October 17, 2014

Proctosol-HC (hydrocortisone) for Hemorrhoids: "Immediatly soothes the pain."

sqrrlygrl · Taken for less than 1 month March 17, 2014

Anucort-HC (hydrocortisone) for Hemorrhoids: "Needed to use the remaining suppositories, due to itching and minor bleeding from hard stool. Noticed blood sugar rising about 40 pts now that I stopped using it, condition somewhat better and sugars are lower."

nelady July 18, 2013

Cortizone-10 (hydrocortisone) for Pruritus: "I suffer from Pruritus, a side effect to oxycodone. Cortizone cream is very effective. Stops itching immediately, with no unpleasant odor and is instantly absorbed into the skin. Hope this helps."

yo1974 June 13, 2013

Cortizone-10 (hydrocortisone) for Eczema: "Works well for me."