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User Reviews for Glimepiride to treat Diabetes, Type 2 (Page 2)

Also known as: Amaryl

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Glimepiride Rating Summary

User Ratings
27% (16)
15% (9)
12% (7)
10% (6)
3% (2)
3% (2)
3% (2)
5% (3)
7% (4)
14% (8)
6.7/10 Average Rating
59 ratings from 63 user reviews

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Reviews for Glimepiride

Ladyj I · Taken for less than 1 month February 6, 2017

“I have stomach pain - does it go away? So far it's been helping me. I've been on for 2 weeks but I can't take the pain.”

9 / 10
Kandaygurl November 26, 2016

“I have been on several non insulin drugs and nothing lowered my blood sugar untiI started glimipiride. At first I took one pill in the morning and one at dinner. I was still eating a large dinner and eating junk food. My sugar levels would go down but were,all over the place. When my A1C increased significantly in three months I knew I had to make a change. I now take Double the dose of glimipiride in the evening. However when I got serious about my diabetes, I changed the way I eat. Smaller meals more often is best on this medication in order to not have dips and spikes. A good breakfast and a mid morning snack works well. A moderate lunch with an afternoon snack makes good sense. A low carb-high lean protein dinner. The med works well”

7 / 10
Askpastor1 · Taken for less than 1 month July 20, 2016

“I take glimepiride with metformin. The morning I took my fist dose, my blood sugar was 169. Two hours later, it was down to 141, and two hours after that it was down to 107. The next morning, my blood was 120 or so. I reasoned that if I took it again, and it brought my blood sugar down 60 points, it would be too low. So I didn't take it. For the next five days, I took only my metformin because my levels were in a very reasonable range. On the fifth or sixth day, my level went above 150. I took Glimeperide and for the next 5 days, my sugar levels were low enough not only to not take the Glimeperide, but also to cut back on my metformin.”

10 / 10
Vickie C June 23, 2016

“The problem I have with this medicine is it makes me sleepy and an occasional headache. Hard to get anything done when you want to sleep all the time.”

7 / 10
bobnbkr · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 16, 2016

“I have never taking some that screwed me up so much, read the symptoms below , they all fit me . Watch out for bad drug.”

1 / 10
cs6338 · Taken for 10 years or more April 28, 2016

“This drug was perfect for me. Was on it for 15 years and A1C was down to 5.8. Never had any problems. New doctor comes into the group and puts me on januvia which I cannot tolerate and has driven A1C and fasting levels up higher than ever. Trying to get back on glimepiride.”

10 / 10
MaryMJ · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 20, 2016

“I have been on this medicine for about a month and do not like it at all. My new insurance does not cover kombiglyze so this was what my Dr. chose. I eat breakfast and take this medication. Not more than two hours later I am getting hungry, I start getting anxious and cranky and start shaking. My blood sugar reading will be in the 70 but I have to eat right then or I will get a splitting headache. It takes me about an hour and a half at least to get my blood levels back up but for the rest of the day I feel lethargic and almost like I'm half drunk. I have to get off this medication, I feel like my emotions are on a roller coaster! I don't have time for this!!”

2 / 10
Ubermodele February 25, 2016

Amaryl (glimepiride): “I was on Lantus Solostar and Metformin twice daily max dosage. Sugar counts were still 300 and 200. I was so frustrated because the insulin and supplies are extremely expensive with my HSA plan. Basically, my problem did not improve and I was broke. I ran out of insulin and did not have the money to refill. My dr's apt was three weeks later. I explained my low funds situation and promised to fill the Rx as soon as I received my next pay check. She said "Let's try a cheaper option for you". I said "Woo hoo! Let's!". She prescribed Glimeperide. I took a half pill for days 1 and 2. No change. I took the entire pill days 3 & 4...better...but not much. I take two pills daily now, and I see IMPROVEMENT! WOO HOO!”

9 / 10
Kate Lynn February 11, 2016

“My A1C hit 7.2, and my doctor put me on glimepiride, 1 mg at my largest meal (usually breakfast). My BS hit 73; fortunately, I now carry glucose tablets with me. It's working well for me and, so far, no side effects. In three weeks, A1C went from 7.2 to 6.2 (estimated). I will see doctor next week for professional evaluation. I like this medication.”

10 / 10
kuta February 4, 2016

“just started”

2 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 29, 2015

“A1c good. Under the same type and amount of food consumption glucose levels vary from very low 45 mg/ml to 175mg/ml ????”

7 / 10
rdh557 August 2, 2015

“I havae been on this drug for 6 months, still having problems maintaining sugar levels. My sugar has dropped to 44, 67,70, so I eat something before bed time. Some mornings it is at 130,160 or as high as 235. It seems as though the pill will bring levels down very quickly causing me to eat late to get them up again, only to have them rebound to high by morning.”

8 / 10
blue jean queen · Taken for less than 1 month May 12, 2015

“I was on Glyburide and Januvia for a long time. Then my insurance company decided that I had to take Glimepiride instead of Glyburide because it works better. I have noticed a difference already after just a few weeks. My blood sugar readings are much lower than they were on Glyburide.”

10 / 10
Jeff R · Taken for 1 to 6 months May 6, 2015

“I discovered my A1c has crossed the line into the 6's and my Dr wanted to be proactive regarding this. I'm 59 and overweight. Not very active due to a limb amputation (Total knee replacement gone wrong). I saw immediate improvement with my blood sucrose numbers. I also started reading food labels and after reading some diet suggestions, I try to target meals below 55-60 carbs. My pre-meal numbers run from 60 to 120.”

9 / 10
Love it! · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 16, 2015

“I have been taking Glimepiride for 5 months now and it works great and if I cut the carbs/candy out my sugar is so good that sometimes I don't have to take it at all. My A1C was 8.9 and the Dr said if it goes to 10 then they will put me on insulin. I am praying that my A1C has gone down. I get tested next week. I crave candy everyday and have not stopped eating it.”

10 / 10
Bunkwood Boy · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 1, 2015

“Rather than reduce my blood sugar, this stuff actually caused a 150-200 point increase over the time that I took it. Needless to say, I'm back to glyburide for much better control.”

1 / 10
ladybug848 January 2, 2015

Amaryl (glimepiride): “Stomach pain and loose stools.”

5 / 10
cmin · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 6, 2014

“Diabetic for 7 years. Started with Metformin only. Then added Starlix with meals. Small improvement with post-prandials. Exchanged the Starlix with glimepiride. Have been on glimepiride for 2 and a half years with meals. Does not prevent my spikes but does pull them down within a short time. The sudden drop makes me feel low when I am just "dropping" FAST into the normal range. The problem is the time it remains in effect will cause me to be low (50;s) during the night while sleeping if I take with last meal of day. Without it, I skyrocket after eating and slowly come down. My doctor is taking me off of glimepiride because of the lows while sleeping and will put me on another med. My A1C's have been climbing over the past year.”

8 / 10
Cinful May 31, 2014

“I've was taking Glimepiride for almost a year then a new Doctor changed me to Metformin. I see a difference between the two medications in my blood sugar level. I was doing better with the Glimepiride. My sugar levels were lower and my sugar level with Metformin are much higher. I'm going to ask to be put back on Glimepiride.”

10 / 10
Hashemite · Taken for less than 1 month November 26, 2013

Amaryl (glimepiride): “Good”

10 / 10
Flippoo October 3, 2013

Amaryl (glimepiride): “My doctor put me on Amaryl & it quickly lowered my readings. My problem is that I have a SULFA allergy & now I'm broken out in a HORRIBLE RASH & the doc doesn't think it might be the Amaryl.”

8 / 10
Titration worker · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 16, 2013

Amaryl (glimepiride): “After 3 months of 2mg four times a day, with no change in glucose levels my doctor and I sat down for a talk. When asked if there was a ceiling for the dosages he said we have plenty of room to adjust (there actually is no recorded max dose I could find in the literature). The typical patient uses about 4 mg four times a day. I have found that I have had to increase as much as 16mg four times a day to see adequate glucose changes. It's ease of use and small size makes it easier to take than some, but I have yet to find it's stable dosage for ME.”

7 / 10
Type 2_fr_Fla · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 12, 2013

“After being on Janumet 50/1000 twice daily my sugar never seemed to drop at all, running very high 200 , A1c got over 12%, my GP added glimepride 4mg twice daily with meals and wow, what a difference. I've never had to worry about low blood sugar until now. My A1c after 2 months is now 7%, sugar runs around 90 in the mornings now. I couldn't be happier with this medication. Some have commented on eating right after you take this and I agree. It will drop your sugar fast, be careful. I also keep glucose tabs in my car now just in case.”

10 / 10
Skullkeeper June 27, 2013

Amaryl (glimepiride): “I have been taking it for 2 years now . It will drop your blood sugar levels quickly so you need to eat within 10 minutes of taking it . If I exercise alot that will further drop my blood sugar levels . Be careful at first . I take a soda in the car with me just in case or carry glucose tablets until you see how it affects you . You may need to eat more than you are use to .I have not had any side effects”

8 / 10
LeeC. · Taken for less than 1 month March 11, 2013

“Been on insulin almost 3 years and metformin. Stopping insulin and taking 4 MG glimepiride 2x daily with breakfast and dinner. Doctor did because A1C was too good 6.2. Only reaction after 6 days is having sweats constantly (but sugar is not low). I cannot see this on any reactions. I am having mild insomnia too.”

10 / 10