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User Reviews for Lunesta (Page 4)

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Insomnia 6.0
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Reviews for Lunesta

Gypsy.Rose.Lee · Taken for 1 to 6 months March 16, 2018

For Insomnia: “Works okay... First couple of nights no sleep really, then it kinda started working. But it leaves an awful metallic taste in the mouth well into the next day. So I switched to temazepam 30 mg which was a complete no go... Completely useless. Just laid in bed like a tree full of owls. Finally my doc put me on ambien, which works like a charm, thank heavens.”

7 / 10
Collin11 · Taken for less than 1 month March 1, 2018

For Insomnia: “"STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS MEDICATION!!!! It is a joke, I cant even go into details on how much I HATE this medication. If you have sleep problems do not take this! It causes the complete opposite effect. Horrible side effects."”

1 / 10
Error505SleepNotFound · Taken for less than 1 month January 31, 2018

For Insomnia: “For reference, my type of insomnia is sleep maintenance - I can fall asleep, but I can't stay asleep. I was prescribed Lunesta after 1 year with Trazodone. I was on 100mg of Trazodone, but it was starting to become less effective, so I decided to try something else and maybe give myself a break. My doctor said that Lunesta is supposed to be better for sleep maintenance insomnia than Ambien. I had been off Trazodone for 5 nights before I took Lunesta. I was prescribed 3mg of Lunesta; for the first night, it worked okay. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th night, I had a hard time falling asleep, and then I woke up at about 4-4:30 AM and couldn't go back to sleep. The 5th night, I woke up at 2:30 AM, and couldn't fall back asleep. The 6th night I woke up at 2 AM and couldn't fall back asleep. The 7th night, I was awake almost the whole night. Additional note; I do notice the weird taste in my mouth the next day while on this medication. The taste is amplified by drinking water.”

1 / 10
KerriLK December 18, 2017

For Insomnia: “Took this after years on clonazepam, then a month of Ambien. Ambien made me have strange side effects. Texting people at night, not remembering in the morning. I started having muscle twitches, brain fog and lightheadness and sweating after going off of it. I have been taking lunesta since mid -November. I will admit, I do not sleep as well as when I took the Ambien. Lunesta does not knock me out. I will go to sleep and then I'm up 12:45, then sometimes 2:45. But still no weird side effects, and sdly I still wake up more tired than I was with Lunesta, or even the clonazepam. The pill does taste gross but swallow it fast! The taste does not linger, but you may have a dry mouth.... nothing to prevent me from taking it. I'm in the highest dosage.”

6 / 10
nosleep/ptsd · Taken for less than 1 month December 7, 2017

For Insomnia: “I have C-PTSD, bipolar 2, and BPD. I have super intense nightmares/dreams and wake up 700 times a night and have difficulty falling asleep. I'm immune to Ambien, reacted awfully to Rimeron, Trazadone and Melatonin did nothing. Prescribed Seroquel 100mg/night for sleep. Worked for 2 months but left me feeling groggy in the mornings, difficulty waking up, lots of weight gain, and sugar cravings. Yuck. Saw psych yesterday and switched from Seroquel to Lunesta 3mg. I was kind of worried because of the horrible reviews but first night, no weird taste, remember everything that happened last night, fell asleep within an hour, slept great! Woke up on time, not groggy, fully rested!!”

10 / 10
HealthSeeker1 November 30, 2017

For Insomnia: “I have been dealing with major insomnia for the past 2 mths. and, after trying other sleep meds (which didn't work), was prescribed 1mg of Lunesta before bed. It took about an hour to put me to sleep. I got about 5 disturbed hours of sleep. I tossed and turned all night and woke up feeling like I'd had 1 hr of sleep. Then the bad part came: the morning. I woke up super drowsy, had intense anxiety, OCD, tremors, chest and nasal congestion, stomach upset and shortness of breath. I was also super emotional and cried uncontrollably all day. These symptoms lasted all day. All that, so that I can get basically no sleep on this pill?! Needless to say, I will never take this pill again! The side effects are worse than anything I've experienced!”

1 / 10
Jigglypuff33 November 7, 2017

For Insomnia: “Tried the generic version after a few rotations of Ambien. The only thing I disliked about Ambien was the weird loopiness I'd get. Read over some journal entries I wrote on Ambien and it definitely freaked me out. I didn't notice a weird metallic taste when I took Lunesta. The sleepiness also didn't hit me as hard as with Ambien, but it definitely peaked after about an hour and I knew it was time for bed. Woke up fine, no headache and no weird journaling. So all in all a good experience and will likely ask for this instead of Ambien in the future.”

9 / 10
Wide A. Wake November 6, 2017

For Insomnia: “After heart surgery in 2014 I went from having normal sleep to insomnia and vivid dreams. After 10 months I medications and dietary supplements. I have recently tried Lunesta and I have found that I only get 2-3 hours sleep on Lunesta and I do have that taste in my mouth went to a doctor. We have been trying different the next day. Ambien works great but it is a wicked medication to take for very long. You build up a tolerance to it and the withdrawals, for me, are 2 nights without any sleep. My doctor and I are still working on a treatment and a cure. Medical Marijuana is out of the question for me but has been recommended by my Colorado relatives but I'm not going there.”

2 / 10
Len Bloom November 4, 2017

For Insomnia: “My family doctor prescribed Lunesta as a sleep pill for a month. I take one 3mg tablet and nothing happens as I lay in bed hoping to fall asleep. It is a major disappointment.”

2 / 10
Hdavis527 October 17, 2017

For Insomnia: “Recently I got married and my insurance changed. The new insurance would not pay for the sleeping medicine I have been on the last two years. They said I had to try Lunesta, Ambien or one other before they would approve it. Last night made one full week that I was on Lunesta. Here are the reasons why I HATE it. 1. My mouth gets dry 2. In the morning my mouth tastes like I've been drinking spoiled milk. 3. I am so very depressed I take anti depressants already 4. I am so exhausted I do not feel like I can function. 5. I do not stay asleep. 6. I feel like the entire world could implode around me and I still would not care. This medicine is by far the worst thing I've ever been on. I wouldn't even recommend this medication to anyone!!!”

1 / 10
Rainieev October 16, 2017

For Insomnia: “I was prescribed lunesta a few years ago and took it for about 2 months, hated it and got off of it. Last night I was desperate to sleep, and I couldn't remember why I hated it, so I took another one. First of all, this was 17 hrs ago and my mouth still tastes like I sucked the coating off a bunch of ibuprofen. It makes it really hard to drink water because it exaggerates the taste. Secondly, it makes me feel hungover and oppressively tired all day. Third, it let's me sleep only 6 or 7 hours despite feeling like I could sleep all day when I wake up. Is it the worst? No. It does work to that extent but the side effects are, if not medically serious, pretty annoying and uncomfortable.”

5 / 10
Dallasmom2017 October 15, 2017

For Insomnia: “Genuinely hate this medicine! The side effects of dry mouth and a terrible taste (even though pills are coated) make it impossible not to drink extra water. Drinking extra water caused me to wake to pee in the middle of the night every night. One night I was so groggy & out of it - feeling really drugged - I fell and hit my head, shoulder & elbow. In the week I took Lunesta, I never got more than 4-5 hours sleep & each night to use the bathroom. My sleep tracker showed little REM. Dry mouth was constant day & night. I never woke refreshed once & always felt like I had a residual “hangover” of a drugged feeling in the AM. I took Lunesta because Ambien seemed to stop working for me. I took it years ago & couldn’t remember why I disliked it.”

1 / 10
Meathead41 October 12, 2017

For Insomnia: “I've suffered with insomnia for many years and was on Ambien, but I built up a tolerance over the years, so my doctor switched me to Lunesta. Lunesta allowed me to sleep for only about two hours. Tried it for four nights with no better results.”

1 / 10
Buz12345 October 8, 2017

For Insomnia: “This drug is horrible. I was given this drug because I wasn't sleeping more the 2 hours a night. I took it for 4 nights, and it made the sleep problems worse. On the forth day it started messing with my head. I stop taking it . I went on the Lunesta message board and found a lot of other people who had the same reaction. Some people even had worse problems with this drug.”

1 / 10
Sejjagk September 16, 2017

For Insomnia: “Did not work at 2mg. Cut another pill in half still not working”

1 / 10
Que Hughes · Taken for less than 1 month September 9, 2017

For Insomnia: “Just took my first pill at 3:15 am, I stay up pretty late and with in 5 minute I got the most awful taste in my mouth! Will add more after l sleep, if I sleep.”

Stella2017 August 25, 2017

For Insomnia: “I've been on Ambien for 5 years 12.5 mg extended release,I started having bad side effects. Example i would only sleep till about 2am,I would have no memory of anything I said or did during the night. Migraine headaches the next morning like clock work. Then what did it for me I got between the wheel which id never do&have no clue how I got where I was. I was pulled over by a state trooper who checked me out&had paramedics examine me. My vitals were ok within normal range he called my husband to come&get me. Cuz I was so disoriented I have not much memory of any of this. Very dangerous long story short I now take lunesta works like a charm,it doesn't affect me like Ambien a mind altering drug with amnesia.”

VB Girl · Taken for less than 1 month August 3, 2017

For Insomnia: “In three short weeks this drug wrecked my body. I got a skin rash that got infected within 10 days. First I thought, okay, this is weird. I didn't connect it to the Lunesta... but it was all downhill from there. Brain fog, memory problems, getting lost while driving, etc. Then my whole digestion system crashed. I'm talking severe pain in my stomach, constant nausea, no appetite, and constipation that would not move without a laxative. Then my body launched adrenaline to fight back. I started switching from fatigue to adrenaline, back and forth. After one ER visit and numerous urgent care trips, I realised it all started with the Lunesta. Buyer beware.”

1 / 10
Klatu · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 27, 2017

For Insomnia: “I've been on Lunesta now for approximately 8 years. I take the 3 mg does at this point and usually take it every other night. The few nights that I can't fall asleep within 30 minutes or so, I'll take 1 pill and normally I can fall asleep within the next half hour for about 6 hours. When I do fall asleep at bedtime without taking a Lunesta, I'll usually wake up at 2 or 3 and can't fall back to sleep. Taking a Lunesta at that point will give me the additional 3-5 hours more of sleep. After taking it for so many years, I don't even notice any metallic taste . I usually do not wake up feeling groggy or tired. Works great even though I'm concerned about long term unknown health issues. Don't want to grow two heads..”

10 / 10
AMHNLM · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 22, 2017

For Insomnia: “I've taken Ambien more than 10yrs ago had a scary reaction, I've also taken OTC Sleep Aids including Benadryl is a complete waste sometimes with Benadryl I'd end up waking up in middle of night having to take more & so on! LUNESTA IS THE ONLY THING THAT EVER WORKED FOR ME. I'd take it 30 mins before bed but my husband would literally have to pick me up off couch and put me in bed because it worked faster than 30 mins I'd wake up feeling fabulous...I also can tell you when I was pregnant in my last trimester they gave me 5mg of Ambien bc they didn't know much about Lunestas effects during I took half of 5mg didn't work took entire 5mg didn't work! LOVE LUNESTA!”

10 / 10
LaraWit July 22, 2017

For Insomnia: “Started Lunesta after a failed try at Trazadone and Prazosin and some other kinds. I've been taking lunesta as needed for the past year. I'm currently on Adderall and come off it here and there to make sure I can still function without it. So when I go back to taking my adderall, sleep isn't an option. With the lunesta, it shuts my brain off and sleep the whole night. Yes, I have slight metal taste but I fall asleep before I actually notice it. I honestly wake not groggy at all, that's why I love it. But yes, I gotta be careful and not get hooked on taking this stuff and have an dependence.”

10 / 10
Treated'n'released July 15, 2017

For Insomnia: “I am new to Lunesta I was taking 10mg of Ambien until it stopped working. Dr started me out on 1mg, which didn't do much, as I need as much stuff that would knock a horse out. Very high tolerance. I don't know if I should try 2mg? Got the yucky taste in mouth and its still there this am. Any suggestions?”

6 / 10
Anonymous July 11, 2017

For Insomnia: “Doctor switched me to this after Ambien was no longer helping, as it would actually prevent me from going to sleep at all during the night. I have to say its pretty great and makes me go to sleep within an hour, no bad side effects and wake up feeling refreshed.”

10 / 10
Cam0990 July 10, 2017

For Insomnia: “I gave this product 3 stars only because I have a high tolerance even though I am a tiny woman, so my experience may not be the norm. That being said, I had been using Ambien for my insomnia for quite a few months and it was starting to take hours before it would put me to sleep. My Dr. recommended we switch it up to see if another product worked better. I took Lunesta for only two nights before I knew it was not for me. Not only did it keep me awake, but it made my heart race and heightened my already bad anxiety. I immediately switched back to Ambien and I will stay put w that. I'm writing this as I hope this helps someone else like me. Had I read some reviews like this, I would have never switched over.”

3 / 10
Kville mom · Taken for 2 to 5 years June 18, 2017

For Insomnia: “Beware! This works, but if you ever are without it- you'll not sleep. Withdrawals are a little rough if you are trying to come off use another otc sleep aid while off. My insurance quit coverage and I had to get thru without it . Not easy.”

10 / 10