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User Reviews for Lunesta to treat Insomnia

Lunesta has an average rating of 5.9 out of 10 from a total of 266 ratings for the treatment of Insomnia. 45% of those users who reviewed Lunesta reported a positive effect, while 35% reported a negative effect.

Lunesta Rating Summary

5.9/10 average rating

266 ratings from 284 user reviews.

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Reviews for Lunesta

Anonymous · Taken for less than 1 month May 2, 2021

“Normally take Ambien and I am out cold in 30-60 minutes. Could not stay awake if I wanted to. Hospital dr decided I should take Lunesta instead. Finding it to be completely useless as I am typing this 4 hours later because I can’t sleep. Might as well have given me a placebo. Rating it 1 because 0 is not an option”

1 / 10
klatu1000 · Taken for 5 to 10 years April 30, 2021

“I've been using 3mg of Lunesta long-term....8 to 10 years. I'm currently 70 years old, and yes in the beginning, the taste was bitter. However, after a year or so....I don't even notice it. For me, usually, I can fall asleep within 1/2 an hour, however, I'll always wake up 2-3 hours later and can never get back to sleep. I'll take my Lunesta then, and about 90% of the time, it works within 30 minutes allowing me to fall back asleep. will give me an additional 3-4 hours of sleep with no ill effects the next day. Nights that it didn't work, I would double up and that would normally do the trick. Having been on it for such a long time, I'd be lost without it.”

10 / 10
broady · Taken for less than 1 month April 19, 2021

“I've tried this several times, over a course of years last night being the last. At 3mg it has no absolutely effect on me. I have the same horrible sleep patterns and wake up several times 4:40am usually for the last time so I get up. While it doesn't make me sleep there is considerable next day fatigue and lack of motivation, slowed respiration. This morning I realized I had gotten up to retrieve something that I had been dreaming about I was awake in my doorway when it suddenly dawned on me! Ambien never did that to me. In fact I rate Ambien far superior to this if you can live with the side effects. Indeed plain old Benadyl works 100 time better than Lunesta. For others it might be worth a try drugs effect people differently but its averaged low score on here is obviously for a reason. I'd rate it lower than 1 if I could!!!”

1 / 10

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Batman · Taken for less than 1 month February 29, 2020

“I have taken so many medications including SSRI'S, BENZODIAZEPINES, etc. I couldn't sleep because of severe anxiety. I tried Lunesta for the first time last night. I wish my doctors had started me on this medication before they tried every mental repair medication on the market. I couldn't sleep because of my anxiety. I have noticed that since I took the Lunesta last night and actually slept without my normal 1 to 2 hour wake up cycle, I was refreshed this morning. Actually, my problems haven't gone away or changed, but after my first full night of sleep in years, my problems don't seem as bad. My tired mind magnified any little issues I had. I have taken xanax for anxiety in the past when all I really needed was good, sound interrupted sleep. Good night BENZODIAZEPINES and SSRI'S. If you sleep sound at night, the next day isn't really that bad.”

10 / 10
Lisa · Taken for less than 1 month March 16, 2021

“This sleeping medication seems to be working so far. I had that bad taste in the mouth that everyone has been talking about. I solved the taste problem by taking a mini marshmellow (also tried with big marshmellow and broke into a little piece) and put the pill inside of it and molded it around it (a little water helps it get sticky). Voila! No more bad taste.”

9 / 10
Sleepy nurse · Taken for less than 1 month August 25, 2020

“I was diagnosed with insomnia at a very young age. I've been on many medications over the years. I would also take 10 mg melatonin along with .5 mg Xanax PLUS whatever med I was on that time. My neurologist decided it would be a great idea to switch me from the combo that was working for me and was actually affordable (trazodone, Xanax and melatonin) to 1mg lunesta. I had to take out a 2nd mortgage to pay for it. It has not made me remotely drowsy. In fact, it's had the opposite effect on me, I took it at 10:15 pm and it's now 2:44 am. I'm literally laying here like a sugared up 6 year old. It's been 3 days without sleep, I'm broke, mouth tastes like I licked my cats litter box, cranky and disappointed that I didn't get the hallucinations they say you get when you take it and stay awake. Definitely wouldn't recommend.”

1 / 10
sleepinglikeababy · Taken for 5 to 10 years July 8, 2014

“Ten years ago I developed terrible insomnia. I am a lawyer, and getting 2-3 hours of restless sleep a night nearly ruined me. I was first on Ambien, which never gave me real rest. Eight years late, I am still taking 3 mg of Lunesta every night. I sleep 7-8 hours every night. I have never developed a tolerance to it, never had sleepwalking or other issues. In fact, on Lunesta, I dream! My sleep cycle is pretty much normal. This has given me ten years of steady sleep, with no real side-effects. When I go off it for a night or two, I have no major rebound issues. Lunesta has literally given me my life back, and the confidence I will sleep every night.”

10 / 10

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DAW · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 28, 2020

“When I take Lunesta, it makes me sleepy and I am able to fall asleep pretty fast. However, I wake up about 2 hours later and then pretty much every hour on the hour after that. I feel like I'm in and out of it the rest of the night and can't tell when I'm really asleep or awake except when I roll over and look at the clock every hour or so and wonder if I will ever get any sleep. I feel exhausted all of the time.........”

2 / 10
Ladyposh November 9, 2020

“It does it’s purpose. It’s not the most restful sleep you’ll ever get but it’s sleep. They say don’t eat on it, I haven’t and I take it right before bed and close my eyes. I fall asleep pretty quickly with no drowsiness (a trick I picked up is to try and focus on staying awake instead of trying to fall asleep and you’ll fall asleep. When you’re trying to fall asleep and can’t you get anxiety that keeps you up.) Anyways no weird metal taste like everyone said but I don’t stay up on it. I do toss and turn out the light but can fall back asleep if I don’t check the time or anything. Wake up early and it’s not like I feel very rested but I don’t feel like I was up all night. All in all any true insomniac wouldn’t hate this. Also no next days daze which I like. I’m fairly surprised I have had zero side effects from it. I would recommend for a short period of time but this isn’t something I would bank on using to treat insomnia long term.”

9 / 10
Light sleeper · Taken for 1 to 2 years April 17, 2019

“To those that get the bad taste. My doc recommended putting water in mouth without swallowing and insert the pill then swallow. Don’t allow the pill to touch your mouth and you won’t get the horrible taste.”

10 / 10
Reno28 April 10, 2021

“Doc told me to take two. At first I was hopeful, nice drowsy relaxed feeling in 20 minutes. An hour later I was still awake. The relaxed sleepy feeling was replaced with irritation. This chemical taste is BAD n it doesn’t go away. I eventually fell asleep but woke up repeatedly. I felt nauseous that night. Two nights later I tried one pill. Crawled right into bed and didn’t fall asleep for hours. The taste came back along with agitation and then finally asleep and again woke up every hour. Also for those who have an anxiety disorder. I want to point out that first night I had a mild panic attack within a few hours due to strange agitation. The anxiety didn’t go away. The anxiety did return the second time I took it. It was not as severe probably because I only took one. I think for some of us this pill doesn’t “relax” you it does the opposite. The strange agitation last for hours hence the tossing and turning.”

1 / 10
Green · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 8, 2021

“I take 3mg at 9 pm and go to bed at 11 and fall directly to sleep and sleep straight through the night. It does have an odd taste. If I take it at 11 I won't go to sleep til 1. It takes 2 hours to kick in. I have had no side effects like I had with ambien, which were rapid heart rate and hallucinations. I've been taking lunesta for a few years .”

10 / 10
Lucky me · Taken for 6 months to 1 year February 3, 2020

“After taking 2mg Lunesta for a year it is still effective for me. To be sure I do not become acclimated I take it no more than 3x a week. Without it I max at 4 hours sleep, with it over 6 hours. I have no hangover or metallic taste in the morning.”

9 / 10
Pamby · Taken for 10 years or more February 13, 2020

“I have been taking this Lunesta for about ten years. The only reason I stay on it is because to go off of it is pretty ugly. It gives me two hours sleep - that's it. But if I go off, I'll get nothing. I take one 3 mg at bedtime, wake up in two hours, then take another 3 mg tablet with 1 mg clonazepam and that works moderately well most of the time. I am not impaired in the morning and have zero side effects unless I quit. I metabolize things very quickly, I know this. There has to be a better way. Also, don't use your insurance! It costs $300 month with insurance, and without it costs about $40.”

2 / 10
Crazy Diamon · Taken for 5 to 10 years November 3, 2013

“I have taken Lunesta 3mg for around 6-7 years. It takes about 45 minutes to make me start nodding off. I had the metal taste when I first started using it but don't have any problem with that for years. I got insomnia when I had a hysterectomy years back. I use to take Trazodone and it worked great but gave me a headache every morning. Be sure not to eat any snack near the time you take you take Lunesta that interferes with absorption and falling asleep time. I think it might make me a little more depressed. However, if i don't sleep I would be a raving loon! Nothing worse then laying awake and you head won't shut-up. I would like to be able to fall asleep without medication but it just doesn't happen without Lunesta.”

8 / 10
John · Taken for 1 to 2 years July 26, 2019

“I have been taking 3 mg Lunesta for about a year now. It is AMAZING!! I can function after taking it, but when I go to bed--I am out! I don't sleepwalk or hallucinate. I am not hungover the next day. I love Lunesta!”

10 / 10
Dee K · Taken for 2 to 5 years November 12, 2015

“Ahhh LUNESTA! I absolutely love this stuff. I started taking it when I was put on an anti depressant that gave me severe insomnia as a side effect. That went away as my body got used to the AD, but I do get insomnia here and there and Lunesta is my drug of choice. I used to use either Benadryl or Melatonin for my occasional insomnia, however, I find Lunesta is the best at putting you in a nice peaceful sleep, and not make you too groggy in the morning. Most people criticize Lunesta for it's "metallic" taste, but I have a ridiculously simple solution: Don't let the pill touch your tongue! I fill my mouth with water first, push the pill through my closed lips, and then swallow. Never had the bad taste since doing that! Try it out!!”

10 / 10
Bright · Taken for less than 1 month February 7, 2020

“I am a senior so I paid one hundred dollars for a one month supply of lunesta, doctor gave me 1 mg. The first night I was awake all night. Waited a couple days, tried again and I was awake all night again. I used 3 mg of melatonin with Gabapentin that Schiff used to make, Costco sold it they no longer make. It worked really well for me for several years. I recently had a widowmaker heart attack and need sleep. I am out of options despite a rigid sleep schedule. My mother brother and son have same issues. Help .”

1 / 10
Texas · Taken for less than 1 month January 18, 2021

“Did not like this medication Lunesta in any way. I couldn’t fall asleep for a couple of hours. Once I fell asleep it lasted about 3 hours. That morning I felt a terrible brain fog. I couldn’t remember how to light the pilot light and other simple 2 or 3 step tasks. I felt brain damaged all day. I won’t take this again.”

1 / 10
ozma58 · Taken for 2 to 5 years September 21, 2016

“I have taken Lunesta 3mg for 4 yrs and haven't had any problems with it. No side effects, no funny tastes, I just pop it in my mouth with a big drink and wala! I take it and in about 30 min I'm asleep and don't wake up until the next morning with no hang over feeling, no headaches or anything. I have tried them all, I used to go for days and days without sleep so when I tried this and it worked it was like a whole new world opened up. This may just work different on some people as I was reading, but in my case IT WORKED!”

10 / 10
LadySteph · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 18, 2019

“Been on 2mg Lunesta on and off for 3 yrs and it’s mostly effective. Once in a while it does nothing but as long as I take it on an empty stomach it works well. Before and during my period is when it’s less effective. Had insomnia for 15 yrs and finally at 37years old, drs will treat me with real sleep meds (Not crappy Unisom or trazedone) Ambien is scary- put me in a hypnotic-awake state! Ambien CR was my fave but Lunesta generic is cheaper. No probs with metallic taste idk what people are talking about. Just take it at least 3 hrs after dinner, get into bed with complete darkness and maybe some sleep podcasts and you’ll be in dreamland soon...”

8 / 10
AMC's Mom · Taken for 1 to 2 years September 10, 2018

“My adult son took Lunesta for insomnia. One year ago today, he took his medication as indicated and then 2 hours later, began sleep walking, tried to light a candle; and caught himself on fire. He was burned over 55% of his body. He is now missing most of his left hand, has limited use of his left arm and is permanently disabled. Our biggest caution to everyone was he had no reaction to being on fire. He never said a word and we did not find him until the fire alarms went off. Although we knew there was a risk of sleep walking we never expected the inability to react at all.”

1 / 10
jeffreydbrown · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 20, 2014

“Extremely effective until I developed a tolerance. The unpleasant aftertaste is due to an increase in the pH of the saliva/mouth environment. I found that taking Lunesta with an acidic drink such as orange juice prevented the aftertaste. Chocolate, the darker the better, will reduce the taste if it occurs.”

9 / 10
Rose · Taken for less than 1 month December 13, 2020

“I took lunesta 2 mg for the past two nights. The first night I slept about six hours waking only once, but the second night I didn’t get to sleep until 2:00 AM and woke up one hour later at 3:00 AM. The lunesta made my insomnia much worse.”

1 / 10
zzzzzzzzzz February 16, 2014

“After taking the pill I get into bed expecting to be awake forever, however before I know it I am sound asleep. Usually sleep through the night, but not always. Interestingly the next day I am much calmer then usual. Not sure if it is because I finally got a good night sleep or if it is a side effect.”

9 / 10
nrm · Taken for 5 to 10 years December 25, 2013

“I have been taking 1mg Lunesta for years. As in the ad, " ... works like a dream" for me. Went from 2-4 hours sleep a night to a solid 7-8hrs and it helped me retrain my sleep cycle. Lunesta seems to allow me to relax and fall asleep with no side effects. After about 6-8 years, slightly less, but still effective for me.”

10 / 10
RzR CRzN August 24, 2016

“Here's a trick to help my fellow insomniac's sleep. I have 3 very painful forms of Arthritis in my upper and lower back, neck, knees, feet, hands, exc. I have insomnia from chronic pain, and severe PTSD. 2mg Lunesta got me 4hrs rest. 3mg got me 6hrs sleep. I finally got 8 hours sleep by raising my dose to 2-2mg pills per night. I didn't get 4, 6, or, 8 hrs sleep until I changed eating habits. Plan your evening like so: eat a small portion of healthy foods. Wait 20-30 minutes, and then take your Lunesta. Wait 20-30 minutes, and eat another small portion of healthy food, and head to bed. The food keeps the medicine in your system longer. Also for those paying cash like me, use I get my 60-2mg pills for $53.16 a month.”

10 / 10
Dee · Taken for less than 1 month August 23, 2020

“Was taking Ambien. Worked great 20 mins after taking. I was out, but it started taking longer to work, changed to lunesta because people said it was better. Took first 1 last nite. NOPE, kept waking up about every 2 hours. Feel like rubbish. Don't know if I should try again”

1 / 10

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