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User Reviews for Subutex

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Condition Avg. Ratings Reviews Compare
Opiate Dependence
90 reviews 10 medications
Chronic Pain
26 reviews 109 medications
Summary of Subutex reviews 8.7 116 reviews

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Reviews for Subutex

Cindilouwho · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 25, 2020

For Opiate Dependence "Subutex saved my life. I had been opioid dependent for 7 years. From one 5mg a day to 100mg just not to feel sick. I've been on 8mg to 16mg subutex for 5 months..and although I still crave occasionally I'm not pill seeking or dope sick. I know eventually I will need to come off subutex and I'm ok with that. My life no longer revolves around my next pill or whatever available if no pills. I hate that life."

Jman · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 17, 2020

For Opiate Dependence "I like that subutex has taken my mind off getting high every day but only thing that sucks is I just had to go to the dentists for wisdom teeth and cannot get anything for pain which sucks but I got through it, subutex does not help with pain for me but at least it helps with cravings"

Jwayne April 18, 2020

For Opiate Dependence "I have been on Subutex for 2 years now. Before I was into pain pills , then moved up to heroin for about 8 years. A lot of people blame the drug for just not working but you have to be ready to stop getting high. This last attempt to stop I was desperate went to a 120 day treatment facility and started Subutex and have now been clean a lil over 2 years. A lot of people say I'm trading one addiction for another and that's fine at least now I'm not sticking a needle in my arm or hurting the people I love to get another fix. When I started Subutex I was jobless living in a homeless shelter and now. I have a house, job, car and kids back in my life . I've seen people leaving comments bashing the drug or praising it. Look it's different for everybody. No I do not give the drug all the credit because you need to have the desire to stop getting high for it to work to begin with. Just like NA and AA Subutex isn't the cure all. It can help if you really want it to tho !"

Katy · Taken for 10 years or more April 13, 2020

For Opiate Dependence "I would agree this medicine does nothing good for your teeth. I have had perfect teeth most of my life and I have been on this medicine for 11 years. At age 61 most of my back teeth are broken and I have to have repaired which is extremely costly. It worked wonders in the beginning for withdrawal and depression, like unreal. That being said, I still take it and I am contemplating whether or not I will continue."

Cher · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 28, 2020

For Opiate Dependence "I have been on Subutex for a couple of years after 25 years methadone maintenance. It was a godsend. I strongly recommend it for opiate addiction. It was also helping with severe pain due to severe osteoarthritis but not a lot. I stopped taking it at 0.4 mg two weeks ago and, apart from fatigue, am absolutely fine. It was my own idea to detox. Feeling mentally positive. Hope this helps."

Jgray766 · Taken for 1 to 2 years March 24, 2020

For Chronic Pain "My experience was not good. I had never had as much back pain and hip pain and I have experienced with subutex. 18 mg daily. For a year. Of course the dr had to make his 200 a month so he made me believe it was my weight and he insisted on me staying on it. Well, I disagree respectfully. I lost enjoyment in life. I got very depressed. Gained a lot of weight. So when they called to remind me of my appointment (like I would forget) I said “I won’t be coming back”....receptionist couldn’t believe it. 15 minutes later I get a call from the PA telling me how dangerous it was to stop. Well I jumped off of 8mg and 3 weeks later I’m free and feel great with NO PAIN. Subutex isn’t for everyone I guess. And I love being able to handle my anxiety now and get other scripts that I actually need. Consider stopping don’t let them make you afraid bc you are strong."

Bupe=death · Taken for 10 years or more March 16, 2020

For Opiate Dependence "Don’t take subs for longer than a few weeks. Make sure you get down to about .25 mg before you kick. Have been on subs for 10 years. It only did it ruin my stomach. Ruin my ability to sleep. But it did this under the supervision and of a doctor. This drug is not meant for long term use. I have got down to .25 mg but bc I have been on for 10 years the withdrawal was terrible. Worse than any opiate withdrawal. 13 days into it and I still can’t sleep. Can’t move because my body is so fatigued and the chills and body aches remain. Don’t take this medication longer than it takes to detox. It will ruin your life."

Pety · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 12, 2020

For Chronic Pain "No matter what pain medication you take you always have pain Subutex is just as effective as oxycontin I've taken both been prescribed both lot less dangerous"

JMC · Taken for 6 months to 1 year March 7, 2020

For Chronic Pain "Was prescribed morphine, oxycodone, and oxymorphone for several years for injury, went through a divorce and lost my insurance, my psychiatrist put me on subutex and it literally saved my life! It really helps my pain, and I have no withdrawal symptoms whatsoever! It’s a wonder medication. I’m prescribed 8mg BID if that helps."

Fruit · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 22, 2020

For Opiate Dependence "Was on suboxone 8mg for 3 years. Worse than oxycodone with withdrawals. Got on butrans and no high or withdrawal."

Lou · Taken for less than 1 month February 14, 2020

For Chronic Pain "Will at. Some. Point"

Priscilla4459 · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 28, 2020

For Opiate Dependence "I was on opiates from age 13. At 20 I was introduced to heroin. Then I found out about subutex and started taking it per doc. I started at 8mg a day, YOU DON'T NEED A LOT. I can’t stress that enough. Tapered down to 4mg then 2 mg over the first 6 months, then to 1 mg which was a jump but I was stable. I quit subs because I was just tired of handing the doc all my money and tired of being dependent. Withdrawal is as bad as you make it. If you keep telling yourself it’s terrible, it will be. If you stay positive and busy, it’s manageable. Day 4 and going strong, been a couple rough moments but ITS MANAGEABLE. Nothing you can’t handle!! Best luck"

Perky · Taken for 10 years or more January 14, 2020

For Chronic Pain "I’ve been taken Subutex for 12 years now for my back pain. I tried everything else first. Wish I started with this. It’s helped me a lot!! My pain level stays tolerable. The one thing I hate is it’s bad for your teeth. I just got bottom dentures put in because of Subutex. The other thing is Drs don’t know much about it’s effects on you after taken this long. I would like to have something for breakthrough every once in awhile but they say it wouldn’t help. It’s frustrating. Hope this helped"

Tutu · Taken for 10 years or more January 3, 2020

For Chronic Pain "I had back surgery when I was 30 but the pain continued, and worsened. I tried every narcotic . I have a pain management doctor. Eventually after taking so many narcotics with for 5 years, my tolerance was just too high so my dr prescribed subutex. I have been using subutex for 15 years. Most of the time it works; however, there are days when the excruciating pain makes me wonder if subutex is effective. I am only 46 yrs old. I am a teacher. I have 6 children and 4 grandchildren. I need to function now more than ever as my husband decided to quit our marriage after 30 yrs. Now I have no choice but to work to provide for myself and kids. Doing any household chores, driving, standing/sitting causes severe pain. Subutex doesn’t seem to be doing the trick anymore. I’m scared that if I stop the pain will get worse. How do I get pain relief?"

Alec · Taken for 10 years or more December 26, 2019

For Opiate Dependence "Do not get on Suboxone or Subutex.It’s good at first but after years of trying to get off it it will ruin your life.Believe me."

GG · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 14, 2019

For Opiate Dependence "I have been on subutex 8mg twice a day for 15 months. I was on heroin for almost 5 years. I tried numerous times to get clean because nothing work. The Dr. Tried me on suboxone (yuck). And a lot of other things. I was at rock bottom and my sister was already on subutex so she let me try it (I know, not supposed to take anyone's medicine) but I was at the end of my rope. But I am 100% thankful I did. It gave me my life back. I made an appointment right away because it was the only thing that help me and I didn't want to be using drugs anymore. Now I have energy. I am no longer depressed. I actually have a life that I love. I don't think about using and I take subutex as prescribed. I went from homeless gutter rat to having a full time job, a beautiful house and a vehicle. No matter what you read everyone has to decide for themselves if it works for you. Me personally I couldn't have gotten my life back without it."

denzal · Taken for less than 1 month October 28, 2019

For Opiate Dependence "Hi, I have swapped from 30ml of methadone to subtex. I waited 30h and took 1st dose. Although I haven't had bad withdrawals I haven't been able to sleep for the last 4 days. I even relapsed and brought a 10 bag of this just to get to sleep. Back on a 12mg dose of subs so I really hope I stabilise and feel normal soon. I can't handle the not sleeping."

ElAlemanLocco · Taken for 10 years or more October 17, 2019

For Opiate Dependence "I am 59 years old and after an accident about 11 years ago I was put on 10/325 Percocets till my surgery. I had a very active life (big job, friends, parties etc) and started to abuse the Percocets by taking too many a day. I also used to do a lot of Cocaine but always had it under control. A complete different story with the Percocets. Once I figured out that I was addicted I was put on Suboxone and then Subutex. A few years ago I tried to get off and it was a nightmare and I failed. I am now on a Maintenance dose of 8mg and pretty much know that I will be on it till they put the lid on me. Bottom line is you are trading one addiction for another without getting high. That's the ugly truth!"

NpaingoingInsane · Taken for 1 to 2 years October 8, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I came into the hospital already prescribed 8 mgs Subutex 3 times a day for opiate withdrawal. Been prescribed it at home for the last 2 years. It has never worked for pain for me. Now in the hospital with severe and chronic pain after having spinal surgery and a messed up hip. I had a severe MRSA infection in my spine and hip. I'm back in the hospital bc of overexertion and the infection coming back in my spine and hip. My pain doctor here refuses to give me anything at all for pain because my Subutex should be helping my pain. Even though I've been on it so long and it's never helped ever. I don't know whey they think all of a sudden it's going to help. He could at least try tramadol. I'm reporting him. I've been in the hospital in severe pain for two months not getting hardly any sleep because of the constant pain. I'd love to put him through this."

Dai57 October 2, 2019

For Opiate Dependence "I have been on subutex for about 8 years I was a heroin addict for a year or so. I was diagnosed with PTSD and depression since taking this drug all the pain and fear went away. I still have depression but I'm ok with it. Subutex is a wonder drug. I feel good on it. I am on 26 mg I plan to stay on it for fear of cracking up again as I hurt myself and others after some sort of mental breakdown. Hope this helps."

Anastasia · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 19, 2019

For Opiate Dependence "I have been on 12mg of Buprenorphine since 2012. I was always scared to detox myself up until about 2 weeks ago. I dropped from 12mg to 8mg with no discomfort....waited a few days and decided to go to 4mg ...waited a few days and now I am on 2mg. I am fine! I urge you to try to quit after you've improved your life if you can. I feel as though I've gotten max benefit from Subutex and now it is time to live sober. I've gained tons of weight and I really want off of the Buprenorphine. It is crucial to take the last bit of detox slowly. I hope I'll be okay and not riding on 7 years worth of bup stored in my system only to await unheard of withdrawal."

Lyfe Jennings September 11, 2019

For Opiate Dependence "I love it because it doesn't taste like nasty orange syrup"

taper-nightmare · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 8, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I am 61 and started generic Subutex about a month ago, 8mg 3 times a day after 15 years of fentanyl prescriptions for pain caused by lupus myelitis, the worst chronic pain I’ve ever experienced. I wanted to get off of fentanyl, but this seems just as bad with twitching or seizing every day, sometimes all day long, and worse after doses. The anti-seizure meds don’t seem to work and I am in agony and wanting to go into the hospital where I was put on it, every day. I am too disabled to get to Doctor appointments every day."

Lou August 6, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I am 65 yrs old been on pain medication for 40 plus years I have severe conveyed scoliosis , degenerative disc disease, multiple levels Of spondylosis , herniated L2-3 through L4-5 levels I have never abused my pain medication because I need it! I live in chronic pain so I take as prescribed, also like a normal old person I have arthritis and I have ulcerative colitis so I cannot take a lot NSAIDS. In addition tear in rotator cuff left shoulder. Now like always good people suffers for the bad !! The DEA has doctors paranoid to give the meds that truly help so they are pushing Subutex & Suboxone. I’ve tried Subutex for a couple months kept me from being sick as far as not having the meds but doesn’t help pain at all !! Everyone has different reactions to medicine.. therefore each patient should be screened by Dr .. the DEA do not have MD behind their name !! nor any other Medical Degree! They need focus on heroine fentanyl users / abusers not legit people in pain!!"

Anonymous July 14, 2019

For Chronic Pain "I have an entrapped nerve. Used the 5 mcg patches for ages with no side effects. Then skin reaction. Then tried Fentanyl patches. I HATE feeling high. Weaned myself to 1/6 of a 12.5 mcg patch. Tried butrans patch again because I liked it so much. Patches burned my skin even w Flonase. Taking 2 mg. Began Five days ago. Day one 2 tablets 12 hours apart. Day two 1 tablet after 17 hours. Day three 1 tablet after 18 hours. Day four 1 tablet after 23 hours. For me, I need to stay really hydrated. In the first 2-3 hours after taking, I perspire profusely. I also have a ton of anxiety, that subsides after about the 4th hour. Each day, I’ve gone longer between doses. I’m going to give it two weeks and see how I’m doing. I’ve had to use 1 or 2 mg of hydromorphone once a day in the first 10 hours for breakthrough pain. Once I get through the first part, I forget I’m taking it! Hope it continues to work. HATE feeling high."