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Suboxone User Reviews & Ratings

Suboxone has an average rating of 8.6 out of 10 from a total of 705 reviews on 82% of reviewers reported a positive experience, while 7% reported a negative experience.

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Opioid Use Disorder  
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Reviews for Suboxone

  • Dunn
  • January 10, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "I decided it was time to get off subs. I went home, paid for a doctor's note saying I had the flu, and told my husband we are going to pay rent late but I need the weekend off. Without hesitation, he said okay. You lay down, be sick, do you, and I'll take care of the kids. The first day was the hardest mentally, the 2nd day was the hardest physically, which wasn't even that bad. The biggest thing was restless legs and soreness. So I took lots of hot baths. My husband was a saint. Day 2 in the middle of the night, I woke up crying, saying I was going back to the doctor for Suboxone, and he said, 'Why? You're almost done, the hardest part is over.' And just like that, I went to bed, woke up, and felt better. I did feel a little sore, had restless legs, and slight chills, but nothing more than a slight cold. I'm 2 weeks off Suboxone, and I feel great, no withdrawals, still no cravings. It's all about environment and mindset. I thank my husband for taking care of me. You don't have to be on it for life, there is hope, it's all in yourself. You can do it."

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  • Payrion
  • January 12, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "I have been using Suboxone for 13 years at 12 mg/day. I couldn't get clean in the past, rehab, methadone, cold turkey. First dose of subs was the last time I used a street drug or abused a prescription drug. In my 13 years, I rebuilt my relationships, I am superintendent of the largest Union Sheetmetal company in my area, new cars, house, vacations. Life is pretty damn good. But now is the time. I am on day 7 dropping from 12mg to 3.2 mg. Last night I woke up at 3 and had some minor leg kicks for 2 hours but fell back asleep and woke up fine today. I am so surprised how I am feeling dropping my dose that much. The half-life is 37 hours. So at 7 days, I am on the lower dose and doing well considering. I guess as someone who has been on for years, STAY on as long as you need, period. You need to change your life totally and get all the bad out before you get back out there clean. Suboxone has saved my life. I'll check back as I drop more or get off completely..."

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  • Candy
  • Taken for 5 to 10 years
  • June 9, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "Been on Subs for 7 years and wanting to come off, so I got on here to look at reviews! I would have to say if not for Suboxone, I would be dead or still using other drugs! After reading, I am going to try to taper off, starting tomorrow. I think after a long period of time taking it, you have no energy. I could sleep all day, not to mention the numbness I feel in my hands, feet, or even my head sometimes! I think it’s the side effects from Suboxone. That’s why I'm gonna try tapering and not just cold turkey! I will post back next week to let you all know (to whoever cares) results!"

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Frequently asked questions

  • Jwright
  • Taken for 1 to 2 years
  • December 21, 2019

For Opioid Use Disorder "I have been on Suboxone for a year and a half, and it has been a godsend. If it weren't for Suboxone, I would probably be dead, no joke. So far, I've been lucky, and my insurance still pays for the name brand. For those who claim the generics are exactly the same, that's rubbish. I am glad generics work for some of you, but I'm a pharmacology student, and I will let you in on a little FDA secret. As long as the active ingredients are the same medication as the name brand, the FDA allows a generic to be 40% weaker or up to 20% stronger than the name brand; this applies to all generic medications, not just Suboxone. It's the FDA's dirty little secret. So for those claiming to have to double the dose on certain generics, I absolutely believe you. Don't be fooled by the drug companies and the FDA. All generics are absolutely NOT the same as the name brand. Hope this info helps someone."

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  • Happy...
  • Taken for 1 to 6 months
  • May 5, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "I can’t believe how easy it was to kick the Percocet addiction! I got myself back, my happiness. I am finally the same person as I was before my addiction to opioids! Please, if you are suffering, please try it. I am crying writing this but these are happy tears! Excited in what the future will bring! Life is great! Good luck my friend, you can do it, trust me! Suboxone 8mg twice a day = life back."

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Are you taking this medicine?

  • BeatleJ
  • Taken for 2 to 5 years
  • August 21, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "I've been tapering off Suboxone for over a month. This is day 2 without any sort of Suboxone. I felt some problems yesterday and had trouble sleeping, but this is it for me! I never want to be addicted to anything ever again. It was right for me to go on the medication, and it's dead right for me to go off it now."

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  • joe
  • Taken for 5 to 10 years
  • October 7, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "I just recently quit Suboxone cold turkey from 24 mg. I was on Subs for over 6 years. I'm now in week three and I can still barely sleep. Still, my legs and back are in constant pain, and the only relief I get is to have hot baths. My advice is to quit whatever you're on instead of switching to a long-acting opiate. It takes so much longer to get off, and the withdrawals are pretty much the same but just prolonged. I can't wait to feel normal again!!! Worst experience ever, but I've been through so much the last few weeks I'll never touch an opiate again. Time to get on with life."

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More FAQ

  • ThatO...
  • September 18, 2019

For Opioid Use Disorder "I've been on Suboxone for 4 years now, and I can say it's helped me get my life back. I have a steady job, great relationships with my family, and I've even started a family of my own. I've paid off my license and just got my first place, and all of these things would have been 100% impossible had I never quit my drug of choice, heroin, and started taking Suboxone. It has truly saved my life. Yeah, I've been on it for all this time except a couple of months when I did try to get off of it too soon without tapering properly, and that ended up in relapse. I'm okay with taking this medication if it has improved my quality of life in such a way. I also take the generics and find no difference. My only problem seems to be the negative opinions that others have, saying I'm not clean. Does anyone struggle with getting family and friends to understand that it's literally helping you?"

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215 Report
  • UNano
  • Taken for 2 to 5 years
  • November 4, 2019

For Opioid Use Disorder "Everyone's different and will experience this medication differently. Guess I'm lucky because for me, Suboxone has been a MIRACLE. Actually, it's not luck. It's taking a medication every day to treat the chronic disease I have called addiction. If Suboxone keeps you feeling good, mostly free from cravings, off all other opiates, and able to actually function like a normal human being and have a life... then why the hell would you be in a hurry to taper off it?? We have a terrible chronic disease and this medication basically allows us to remain in remission. Don't listen to the haters or the bad attitudes. Suboxone is a wonder drug for the treatment of opiate addiction and please give it a try and hang in there with it! Will literally save many of our lives!"

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  • Lovek
  • Taken for 1 to 6 months
  • January 30, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "My story is like most people’s. I took pain pills for period cramps and my back after a long work day. But then, when my relationship crumbled, so did I. I started taking pain pills so I wouldn’t feel the sadness, and it turns out I would be destroying my life. I used to take one 10mg Norco in the morning and one 10mg at night. Years later, my tolerance for them was through the roof. I was taking them just to feel normal, pawning anything I could when my paycheck would run out because I spent every dime of my money on pills. I didn’t get the euphoria of them anymore, just took them to avoid withdrawal. I was taking around 12-15 10mg a day, and I was miserable. I am on Suboxone, and believe it or not, I have my life back. This is a miracle drug, believe it or not. If your back is against the wall and you feel like you have nothing left, I promise you, give Suboxone a try. It might just give you your LIFE BACK!"

9 / 10
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  • sweet...
  • Taken for 2 to 5 years
  • March 13, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "I was on pain medication for over 10 years. Got up to 600 mg of morphine and 50 mg of Percocet. I had chronic pain. I finally decided enough was enough. I was tired of living that way. I went to a Suboxone clinic and had been off opiates for 3 days and was so sick I could hardly walk, let alone function. I was started on three 8 mg a day. The very first one I took completely took away any and all withdrawals. Within a couple of weeks, I discovered who I was and my head was clear. No haze. I was able to start a new and improved life. It saved my life!! I am on 16 mg a day and have taken it for 5 years. I can't quit taking it because I am afraid I would turn back to pain medication again. I recovered from major surgery just to take Suboxone. Never had any pain, nor have I suffered from pain in 5 years. I truly recommend this drug if you want to reclaim your life."

10 / 10
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173 Report
  • Will
  • December 19, 2019

For Opioid Use Disorder "I'm a 64-year-old male. Took all forms of drugs for decades recreationally. Got hooked bad on coke but had back surgery and then came the opiate addiction. That went on 25 years and graduated from morphine to heroin because the morphine became too difficult to obtain. My story is like many others on here. Finding Suboxone truly has changed my life. Every aspect is better. Personal relationships, spiritual reconnection, financial situation, and my work ethic. Even if I have to be on this the rest of my life, I am more than happy to accept that. I have just traded one addiction for another but all I know is my life and all its aspects are much better than they have been in the 40 years of my drug activity. I am more than happy to accept that."

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  • Tuka
  • Taken for 6 months to 1 year
  • December 23, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "It's a huge mistake to get on Suboxone. They did not even study what this stuff does to people,its us who are stuck taking it, we are the guinea pigs. My experience after a year on it is that it has depleted all ambition to do anything but sleep yet it has caused major insomnia. It eats away at your gums, teeth and liver. I can barely write this because of its effects on my brain. I can't articulate things like I used to. It messes up your endocrine system as well. I have symptoms of adrenal gland hypothyroidism. This has made me sick and stupid. It seems to be hurting my liver and rotting my teeth yet I can't stop taking or I'll become awfully sick with withdrawal for up to a year. This has ruined my life and has put a wall between me and God."

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  • Eddie...
  • December 6, 2009

For Opioid Use Disorder "I started on 16mg and tapered to 2mg in a 3-month period. Each taper from 8mg to 2mg, I experienced mild withdrawal symptoms. These lasted about 2 to 3 days and were mostly related to my stomach. After completely stopping from the 2mg dose, I started experiencing withdrawal about 24 hours later. The peak was at 3 days, and after 5 days, it was over. It's nothing, don't worry. The most important thing to do is to have a positive frame of mind. Don't forget where you came from. Remember it will be over before you know it. Don't just lay in bed all day. Get up, get out of the house, and do some things you have been doing while on it! Don't get wrapped up in your mind about it, focus on other things!"

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347 Report
  • Sdavis
  • Taken for less than 1 month
  • February 12, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "I’ve been taking oxy for 4 years now. I work a normal job & never thought I would be in this situation. I tried them because my boyfriend took them for pain and I started doing it recreationally. After a while, I was taking them every day, buying them off the street. My habit was costing me $80 a day, and my boyfriend didn’t even know until recently that I was doing them. He still thinks I just started the habit and has no idea I have been hiding this from him for years. I hid it from everyone and was too embarrassed to ask anyone for help. I finally decided to try Suboxone and went through 1 day of withdrawals to prepare. I didn’t sleep all night, and it was the hardest thing I've ever done physically. So I am only on day one. I took half a strip in the morning and half in the afternoon. I feel fine so far, and 20 min after my first dose, I was in relief. I’m actually surprised at how I am feeling okay so far. Like what is the catch? Hopefully, I stick this out and never go back to oxy."

10 / 10
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136 Report
  • Anonymous
  • August 20, 2019

For Opioid Use Disorder "Suboxone is a good drug to be used for a very short period of time to get through the detox off opioids, but taking it any longer than that is a horrible idea. I've been on it for almost 8 years, and my life has been horrible in most areas. I have tried several times to get off it, and I couldn't. Now I'm in a medical detox as I write this review on day 4 without it, and the withdrawal symptoms are 100 times worse than opioids. I'm only on day 4 and haven't slept in 4 nights, I have no energy, I can't eat, and I don't even want to move. I beg you not to take it. Doctors are just trying to make money off you. They don't care about you. The people on here writing positive reviews calling it a miracle have only been on it for a few months. I loved my first few months on it before my life became impossible! Please stay away from Suboxone. Go with the Vivitrol shot or Naltrexone. If anything, you will thank me when you're not going through months of withdrawals!"

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142 Report
  • icono...
  • June 8, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "I've been using different opiate narcotics for a long time. Recently I thought I'd try Suboxone. My only insurance is Medicare and MediCal and getting these wasn't easy. I'm still learning how to use the stuff. So first I got the Sub pills, and they were okay, then I asked for strips and got the Sandoz generic. It was good. Now my pharmacy is sending me this Alvogen, and it is junk. Some work, some don't, and you can tell they're cheap just by the package. I just got stuck with 75 Alvogen strips that aren't working. I was wondering if anyone else had the Alvogen and what was their experience. I just got stuck with 75 that don't work, and I'm not sure who to call."

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  • mr st...
  • July 10, 2009

For Opioid Use Disorder "I have read way too many posts saying Suboxone is such a miracle wonder drug and it immediately takes withdrawal away. I've also seen many posts saying I've been on Suboxone for so many years and haven't touched any opiates since. Just remember, Suboxone is another opiate, it just doesn't get you high. I am in no way against Suboxone as it has helped me tremendously. But I just want everyone to understand the real test will come when you get off Suboxone. You must prepare yourself for withdrawal even after tapering off. Remember, stopping Suboxone is when you can really consider yourself clean, not during the Suboxone treatment. Please, everyone, try to taper off as soon as you can to be 100% opiate free."

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  • Biff...
  • September 8, 2019

For Opioid Use Disorder "Been on Suboxone since 2006 after being hooked on Norcos for 5 years. I was taking way too many Norco (Hydrocodone 10/325) pills per day and stumbled across Suboxone on some message board I can’t even remember. Within 30 minutes of taking my first 8mg Suboxone pill, I was off the Norcos. I was dumbfounded by the realization that I could feel normal by taking Subs instead of the Norcos. So I was cured of my addiction to Norcos, but am now addicted to Suboxone. I say addicted because I’ve tried to wean off Subs and even went off them cold turkey for 3 weeks but ended up in the ER at the 3-week point because my withdrawals from Subs became worse as time went on and were so severe that I couldn’t even function. If you are considering Subs, please use them for a very limited time at the lowest possible dose... otherwise you may be on them forever. I’ve been on them for 13 years and may never be off them."

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  • Elvis
  • Taken for 2 to 5 years
  • November 21, 2019

For Opioid Use Disorder "I was taking 2 to 4 mg a day for 7 years I just got off of it. I had 1 strip left and tapered for 7 days then quit my withdraw was very mild not sleeping was the worst, didn't have any other so it worked for me I was over it in 3 days"

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  • daddy...
  • November 21, 2009

For Opioid Use Disorder "To make a long story short... I have missed out on 6 years of quality time that I could have spent with my kids making memories. Instead, I was lying in bed making phone calls trying to find pain pills just so I could get out of bed. I knew I had a problem, and I tried to stop. I just couldn't do it. I felt hopeless! But what was worse than feeling hopeless was knowing that I wasn't being the father that my kids deserved to have. Then one day, sitting in the doctor's office, I saw a brochure for Suboxone. That was the day my kids got their Daddy back! Trust me, it works! So please don't make the same mistake I did. Don't wait, your kids need you now!"

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226 Report
  • Johnk
  • Taken for 2 to 5 years
  • March 20, 2021

For Opioid Use Disorder "Hello I'm writing this to help someone so they don't think they have corona or maybe a health condition instead they could be having symptoms from generic suboxone because they are are totally different from what they should be. I have been on suboxone films for 4 years without an issue Dr Reddy works for me, Sandoz works for me and of course the name brand worked for me BUT there is a very real issue with ALVOGEN brand. I just switched pharmacies due to the hours they were open, I had to be late picking it up and I was barely making it there in time after work. Dr Reddy has been fine for 2 and a half years but with Alvogen let us say I was dope sick in 2 days and its not right. I'm stuck being sick for a month I just messaged my dr when I became dope sick in the grocery store after work last night. I thought that I had covid or a stomach virus but I know this feeling very well: leg cramps, sore back, headache then I looked on line about generic subs and there it was someone going through the same as me which made me realise it was the generic subs."

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73 Report
  • Jano
  • Taken for 10 years or more
  • May 11, 2019

For Opioid Use Disorder "I have been on Suboxone for 10 years. I know that’s a long time, but I don’t think about opiates and can live my life. For the past three months, I have felt terrible withdrawal, thoughts of using again (after 10 years of not one thought of using), and I almost gave in. Come to find out it’s all because I was getting the generic Suboxone. Now that I’m back on the name brand, I’m fine. It’s terrible that big manufacturers and pharmacies can legally do this, and we, the small people, not only pay for these meds but then feel terrible and even go into withdrawal. I wish I could find a platform to do something, but I’m a nobody, and even if I found a platform, it wouldn’t help. If I were a celebrity or government official maybe. All I know is I almost lost my sobriety due to the generic and had the worst 3 months of my life."

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100 Report
  • Carac
  • January 8, 2020

For Opioid Use Disorder "Suboxone has done exactly what it was supposed to do for me, AND MORE. I was skeptical and didn’t feel there was anything that would match the energy and help with depression I had through opiates. Bad back got me started in the pain pills. I liked that opiates not only killed the pain, but also fixed 2 problems in my life. Low energy and depression. On pain medication, I had energy all day long, no pain, and a sense of well being. However, the tolerance builds quickly and at the height of my addiction I was taking a huge amount of Norco 10’s per day! My intention was never to “get high” But I was addicted to those pills and would do anything to keep my supply. I destroyed my life trying to obtain the pills. Finally I hit rock bottom and tried Suboxone. In 3 days I had hope! It helps my mental health, I no longer abuse anything or chase anything. Also I do have plenty of energy. I haven’t experienced any bad side effects that weren’t resolved the first full week."

10 / 10
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86 Report
  • Singl...
  • September 29, 2015

For Opioid Use Disorder "I am compelled to share my experience with you. I suffered from a severe back injury years ago. I was prescribed 80mg per day of Methadone, 90mg per day of Oxycodone. For the first 6 months, I thought this is my only way to get through each day, but then my need grew. I was burning through my meds and buying pills off the street. I was using everything from Dilaudid to Methadone, to Oxycodone, Lortabs, Percocets, morphine, fentanyl. You name it, I was using it. I became so addicted to opiates that I was on the verge of losing everything. I'm a single dad, and I was ruining my family's life. I found a Suboxone doctor, and he prescribed 8mg per day. It not only treated my pain but saved my life. I am off of the opiates, and I have my life back."

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141 Report

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