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Reviews for Suboxone to treat Opiate Dependence

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"I was hooked on opiates for 10 years! Mostly snorting oxy and perks for the first 7 to 8 years and the last 2 years I was introduced to morphine H and hydromorphone as well as the needle. Although I was a mess all these years it wasn't until I tried the needle that opened my eyes to my addiction. I went downhill fast. I tried everything but there was no stopping this. I tried cold turkey to quit a few times and almost went crazy and died from sickness. The sickness I started to feel from the needle was way worse than it ever was sniffing. I knew I had to get off but I tried methadone before and it didn't help me it made me feel the exact opposite of how suboxone makes me feel. Subs=energy,happy,stable,no urges, not stoned"


YourTypicalCanadianGuy (taken for 1 to 6 months) January 16, 2017

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"It was time to stop the use of pain meds. However, I was terrified of the possible withdrawals & I still needed something for pain. So my research pinpointed Suboxone as a positive option. The good seemed to outweigh the bad because I was also concerned about it itself becoming a problem. So my pain dr agreeded it was a good option 4 me w/ so many issues (Fibromyalsia, Osteoarthritis, PCOS, a botched c section incision w/ tramped nerves, a lower abdomen hernia, a torn achilles in left ankle, & tendinitis in my left elbow, just to name a few!) The hardest part was going 24 hrs w/o meds. It ended up being 36hrs. I started it monitored in my Dr office 8mg/2mg films. No precipitated withdrawals & I felt great. I feel like me again! Lifesaver!"


Rue Girl (taken for less than 1 month) January 15, 2017

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"Suboxone is an absolute god send for opiate detox. I've been to rehab twice for Opiates, including Heroin, Methadone, and Oxycodone. I felt next to NOTHING, no withdrawal after doing a Suboxone detox. The first time it was a 7 day detox.. then 2nd time it was a 12 day detox. it shouldn't be used any longer than that.. 14 days MAX. Unless you want to do maintnance for life. You have to wait AT LEAST 24 hours of NO opiate use before you can take Suboxone.. 72 hours for methadone! or you'll go into precipitated withdrawal! which is the worst!"


EuphoricDetox (taken for less than 1 month) January 14, 2017

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"I see all of the bad reviews and information that is not really the way things work for me. So in the year of 2000 after being injured causing permanent disability eye doctor introduced me to Lortab 10 milligram and oxycodone 5 milligram. By the end of my pill habit was on over 1000 pills a month and tried many different narcotics to help with my pain that really was just helping with my addiction. I was very scared. Just take Suboxone. I had to take Suboxone because Florida's Crackdown on over prescribing. Don't be scared to take Suboxone. I took my first Suboxone wow I couldn't believe it I was sober and not feeling like I was dying"


FloridaEpidemic (taken for 1 to 2 years) January 6, 2017

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"Dear Hopeful and I wish you all luck, Because you will need all the luck in the world if you choose this way to get clean from an addiction problem. It will never happen it is actually 100 times harder to get off subs than any drug. It will make you loose any personality you have not to mention friends, sig others, all your sex drive. You will be depressed tired mean moody and miserable all the time. Trust me this is no way to end ur problem will only create bigger ones than before. U will loose interest in your family your dreams and life. So suck it up its 7-10 days be sick trust me it will beat the mos of misery getting off of subs . I promise don't put a bandaid on something that you will live through. Trust me the hell isnt worth it"

manda83 (taken for 6 months to 1 year) January 4, 2017

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"So much horrible information in the comment section, my god, no wonder everyone is a mess! First off, Suboxone should NOT be used LONG TERM, thats just wasted money in Big Pharmas pocket. Secondly, normal opiate withdrawls (PAWS) is only 3 to 7 days (I've never had more than 4), medicine like oxycodone has a SUPER SHORT half life and is out of your body quickly. The issue is that you brain needs time to rebalance itself so you become hypersensitive with the flood of chemicals as they try to even out. Suboxone has a 36hr half life give or take so a day after you take it plus some added time, its still in your system. Suboxone should be taken for 4 or 5 days tops, that will have it in your system up to the 7 day point. Thats all you need."


EducatedSmartGuy23 December 2, 2016

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"Started with Percs, moved to straight oxy at 100-120mg/day. Never beyond that. Tried a half dozen times to go cold turkey. Not much luck. Closest I have ever gotten is with Sub. Problem is that with Sub you are still just taking opiates in a slightly different form. That's why it "works so well." The problem comes when you stop the Sub. The hardest jump is from some opiates to NO opiates. No matter what, you're going to experience withdrawal. You have to pay the piper at some point, even though some methods (like a taper) might make it a little easier. Anyone who says that withdrawal is just a weekend on the couch is selling you a bill of goods (or, is the doctor encouraging you to take the pills). Be prepared for 10 days."


LAPillhead (taken for 5 to 10 years) November 28, 2016

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"Suboxone has completely turned my life around. I feel healthier, I'm excelling at my job and I always have money in my pocket and my savings account. I had none of those before Suboxone and spent years abusing oxycontin. My paycheck was already spent by the time I got it and I started resorting to scheming and stealing to fund my addiction. All that is history. If you're ready to stop, there's a good chance that suboxone will put you on the path of great life again. I have found the side-effects to be minimal compared to oxycontin. I'm actually sleeping better. Slight constipation is about it for me. It truly is amazing. The cost pales in comparison to what I spent on oxycontin."


Johnnyboy67 November 27, 2016

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"Suboxone works wonders...i got off a 1 year habit of about HalfGram to 1Gram a day of GOOD STUFF (the best black tar around Downtown LA I think) with only 3 8MG pills ...take 3 MG a day for about a week and you should be fine... Thank God for being clean ...NA and AA meetings really help..God Bless"


Anonymous November 16, 2016

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"My experience taking suboxone was the complete opposite of what I thought it would be. I always viewed suboxone as the lesser of two evils between methadone because suboxone contains naloxone so you technically can't get "high". Not that I have anything against people who choose methadone as their recovery route, I have actually tried methadone In the past to actually get high and well... I succeeded lol. When I started taking suboxone I got really bad side effects after the first month of taking it. I would severely sweat to the point I wanted to bash my head thru a wall. It was so rough on my body. But my maintenance program doctor just said it was "withdrawals" because when you take the pill every day I guess you're technically withdrawling from the one you took the day before due to the long half life on suboxone. So his idea was to up my dose to 12 mg to see if the sweating would go away (I didn't see the logic in that idea too). Anyways it didn't so he tossed me some clonodine, which helped a little. But the side effects kept adding up such as headaches, severe constipation to the point I had to use daily enemas (not normal), abdominal pains came too along with nausea and vomiting (every day). It just got to the point where my mind and body couldn't be on the medication anymore. I was on it for 7 long months months even trying to ween myself down on my own. That was a struggle too seeing how the withdrawals from suboxone are supposedly worse than heroin sickness, which my doctor and counselor kindly reminded me after I was already hooked. It was a messy time in my life. Suboxone gave me severe anxiety which left me buying benzos off the street just to mellow me out. I went to a weekly suboxone maintenance program on purpose. To get piss tested weekly and to have a doctor and counselor help me move forward. But instead I felt I was moving 10 steps back. My only option to get off the suboxone (which was my choice, ^obviously); was to get the vivitrol shot and have 3 bad days of sickness but be off suboxone. Took me a week to build myself up to do it because I was terrified of how bad the sickness was gonna be. Choosing the vivitrol shot had to be the best worst idea I have ever made. I did get violently sick after it but it went away. Plus my doctor who gave me the shot helped me out with some comfort meds, so it wasn't all that bad. That was in December 2015 that I've received the shot and have been clean since. So my advice for any addict whose struggling on which route to take for recovery, just get the shot. They'll give comfort meds for the first couple days, then after that you'll be shackle free from drugs. I'm tellin ya, choose vivitrol if you need to detox. For others who take suboxone for other reasons such as pain or etc. power to you; but if ya'll are struggling out there and want to get sober quick, vivitrols the answer. Methadone and suboxone will just make you sicker down the road."


Maureen1995 November 14, 2016

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"I was addicted to pain pills for 35 years and didn't think I would ever live a normal life again until I found Suboxone - it literally saved my life. I started out taking Emprin #4 - that's what my OB/GYN prescribed after I had my first baby - and I have to admit I was immediately drawn to the euphoric feeling I got from taking one little pill. They were easy to get at first, but as my habit grew I got more creative and started forging scripts. Eventually, I ended up in jail, lost several fantastic jobs, almost lost my family. I hear Suboxone is harmful if taken long-term, but I've been on it for 8 yrs and don't ever plan on stopping - it's the only way I can function normally so it's worth the risk for me."


WittyTinker (taken for 5 to 10 years) November 9, 2016

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"Found this medication to be very effective in the betterment of my quality of life. No impairment whatsoever, during work or study. My sincere experience. Sincerely. Junior, from Dan Juan ,Puerto Rico. Thankyou"


junior de gracia (taken for 2 to 5 years) November 6, 2016

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"I went through 4 days of hell coming off of a 7 yrs of Percocet and 9 months of Fentanyl. I decided to check in to medical detox and they used Suboxone. Instantly all withdrawal symptoms gone! I only used it in detox and it was a Godsend! I recommend using for a very short period!!"


Shortop (taken for less than 1 month) September 23, 2016

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"I was opiate dependent for 5 years... Prescription opioid that is. Only one time did I use heroine 2 supplement prescription opioids. I have been on Suboxone since last Tuesday and I can honestly say I feel like a new person... Honestly people if you're thinking about it... It is totally worth a shot!!"


ALee557722221 September 11, 2016

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"This medicine can help many people for very short use I've been on it for 4 years and it rules my life so please don't stay on it more than 15 days or you will to be bit by the dragon Ive been off it by choice 5 days now I've experienced super withdrawal effects I was only taking 2mg at jump point with doc on call and my brother helping me through it so please use this very short term there are serious side effects"


ohdan0030 (taken for 2 to 5 years) September 7, 2016

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"I don't know if this is hurting my kidneys. I don't know if it will be extremely hard to get off of it. I DO know that I would be dead without Suboxone. I lied, stole money... anything to not have withdrawals. I didn't have much hope for Suboxone. I thought it would be like a patch when you try to quit smoking (helps but doesn't do the trick) Day ONE... immediately... I felt NO withdrawal symptoms whatsoever. I was ecstatic! If you are on drugs... you MUST do this NOW! I was skeptical...but this is the best choice I've made in my life. Suboxone gave me my life back. No exaggeration."


Skeptical Convert! September 6, 2016

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"This is helping a lot, after 6years of pills and heroin used, I can finally work every day again buy groceries and started paying down my 6year old credit card debt, I was also an acholholic before I found opioids 6years ago, now I found Doc to put me on suboxone 8_2s, life so far much better without the daily chase and almost weekly nasty withdrawals, that almost ended my marriage and good job. I almost lost my house from the cost of my street bought opioid dependence, in fact if it weren't for my younger brother and his $12,000.00 I would have.This RX my not be for everyone but so far so good. My GOD bless the weak, sick and hurt. :-)"


Raytech August 31, 2016

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"I tried this as an alternative to other opiates for long-term pain management (I have very severe orthopedic issues and have for many years). It worked ok for pain management at the max dose except that I couldn't then take any other opiates for break-through pain control (only tramadol, which is useless to me, and even then my insurance company eventually stopped allowing the combo), so I was stuck with lowering my activity level so my pain would increase as little as possible. I also developed a whole host of side effects, the worst of which was probably horribly dermatitis on my face. I also found out after the fact that taking suboxone forever labels you as an opiate addict who needed it to help stop your addiction, which isn't my case!"


ResponsibleRxGuy (taken for 1 to 6 months) August 21, 2016

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"I'm only 20 but I've already developed a pretty serious skag habit, had a mild OD just two days ago (woke up before EMTs arrived) and that was the last straw.Tried 10 times to quit in the last 2 months but I'm a pussy and could never get past the second day, luckily after I OD'ed I received the right resources to quit once and for all Today was my first day on suboxone after going to a clinic that is truly a god-send. I was able to walk in without an appointment and walked out with a 7 day supply (look for clinics with multiple doctors so you don't have to wait to get in)Anyway I feel FANTASTIC. The withdrawls and cravings are completely gone. Took 30 mins to start to feel and about an hour to really kick in. I feel normal! Bless this drug!"


Ruca12388 (taken for less than 1 month) August 3, 2016

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"Getting onto suboxone was the best decision I've made for a long time. A lot of people don't like it because it doesn't get you real high after about 7 days of being on it, suboxone is there for people that genuinely want to get off the skag, if your not one off these people then get on the methadone and stop badmouthing suboxone, its saved my life and a lot of money, instead of thousands of dollars a month I only pay 60 now. Take care all"


Bobbet July 21, 2016

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"The sub's, are keeping well from opiod withdraw. And It is keeping me out of pain! I take a buprenorphine patch 20 milligram I wear it for 7 days it works fine. I was taking the patch and taking oxycodone. I got on the Suboxons to get off the oxy's. So I'm asking can I just stop soboxoñ and apply the patch??"


Pain warrior (taken for less than 1 month) July 15, 2016

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"This drug was a monster for me. I took it to get off opiate pain medication thru the VA. My legs and feet swelled to enormous proportions and the pain was terrific. The VA uses veterans as guinea pigs. Stay away."


Billy B. July 11, 2016

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"I was a herion addict for 10yrs and at my rock bottom lost everything, sold everything even my beloved dog just for a bag, sick isnt the word for herion addiction, I had know way out. One got caught stealing cell phones from my family members, I was in jail detoxing thinking I was going to die. Once I got out jail clean I was determined to find a suboxone doctor and I did it was the best choice I have ever made! Now im 2 years clean and suboxone was a important tool and helping me do so! I owe my life to suboxone and it really offends me when people bash the drug because its a true life saving drug!"


Mikeryan1225 (taken for 2 to 5 years) June 26, 2016

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"You know, nothing in life is perfect..and as addicts we should know. Suboxone, like any medication has its ticks. Constipation, sleepiness, that's my side effects. However, would I trade that for the lying, stealing, anxiety, ocd, withdrawal worries, etc etc? My answer is NO. Hell NO. I struggled and fought on my own thinking I could manage my addiction myself for 10 long years. Through 2 births, my husbands 12 deployments, that was the hardest 10 years of my life. It's nice to know life doesn't have to be that difficult and that with Suboxone as a tool, not a fix-all thing, I'm gonna make it. Life with Suboxone is much better than life without it. Period. ( bought off friends during those 10 years as a detox, but been on maintenance 21mth)"


IfIcanUcan (taken for 1 to 2 years) June 24, 2016

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"This medication doesn't really provide the relief I am looking for. You really do not feel this medication as you would even say oxycodone, however it is so potent that not only does it bind with every opiate receptor in your brain, it begins creating new ones and fitting into receptors that are not opiate receptors causing damage to the brain. Many people that are aware of this take the lowest dose possible being 2 mg. Methadone is its own evil in itself, however I think any opiate besides this one is better due to its extreme destruction to the brain and the use of Naloxone, which causes damage to your kidneys, liver and other organs."


Foxtrotz (taken for less than 1 month) June 24, 2016

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