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User Reviews for Zubsolv

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Opiate Dependence 7.2
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Reviews for Zubsolv

LovesJesus · Taken for less than 1 month May 4, 2020

For Opiate Dependence: “I was prescribed Tylenol 3 for a whole year after a back injury at work and “under the care of a pain management specialist.” I had a concern for how they were going to get me off of this drug once the spinal injections started to kick in while taking in. Their response - “Tylenol 3 is not as addictive as other narcotics!” Rubbish! Here I am 3 years later. I didn’t want to take Tylenol 3 forever, I was having to 10-12 pills a day just to feel normal. I then seek help, and started Suboxone. I’ve been taking 2 of the 8 mg/2mg for the past year and have felt some what normal again. My insurance decided that they wouldn’t cover it anymore and said Zubsolv would been the equivalent! RUBBISH AGAIN! I started taking the 5.7 tab twice a day and within a day I was in full withdrawal! Sweats, nausea, crying spells, anxiety! I felt HORRIBLE!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND this rubbish to ANYONE!! I’d rather pay out-of-pocket and fight the insurance than to feel like I did a few days ago!”

1 / 10
24 Male · Taken for 1 to 2 years February 26, 2020

For Opiate Dependence: “I have been on Zubsolv for nearly 2 years. In terms of recovery, this has been a great help and happy to say I have been clean since I got on. Occasionally a crave comes, but that was expected. I take 5.4 mg 2x a day. My teeth are suffering. I have never had such sensitivity before, and it is causing me pain throughout the days. I am worried about what this is doing to my mouth, and will be visiting the dentist shortly. Happy with this, and praying I don’t lose my teeth before 30.”

8 / 10
Kelkat · Taken for 10 years or more February 23, 2020

For Opiate Dependence: “I'm on day 3 of completely no zubsolv after, 3+ yrs. Of weaning off . Before that I was taking suboxone for 5 yrs. This was after 10 yrs. Of narcotic pain medication . It has been a very long ,hard battle . I suggest working very close with a good doctor & an extensive treatment plan for support. I just want everyone struggling to quit for good, YOU CAN DO IT! Kelkat”

5 / 10
Tito February 9, 2020

For Opiate Dependence: “I been on subs since 2012 and in 2017 switched to zubsolv. I hate all of these drugs cause you are not free, you still a servant to a drug but this time from big pharma. If you have the chance get off. It's cost me 2 good jobs. I regret being weak minded. These meds enslave you. I am almost off and I can't wait till I am done. So I can go back to living.”

3 / 10
Scared February 8, 2020

For Opiate Dependence: “Been on subs for one year and have done great. My insurance will no longer cover them had to go to zubs within 3 hours I was in full blown withdrawal had all the withdrawal symptoms vomiting diarrhea shaking anxiety and suicidal ideation - it was a nightmare. Luckily I have a great dr called in the sub strips within 20 minutes I was back to normal. Please think twice before you take zubsolv.”

1 / 10
Churchgrl7 · Taken for less than 1 month February 4, 2020

For Opiate Dependence: “I've not not had a good experience thus far. I have to pay cash because its not covered by my insurance and Zubsolv is CRAZY expensive ($28.00 for 1 pill). I'm not eligible to use their discount cards because I have Medicaid, although Medicaid isn't paying for a single portion of my RX. Orexo (Zubsolv manufacturer) must not want people on their medication bc of the cost and unwillingness to help with discounts due to stipulations. I'll be forced to switch back to buprenorhine tablets $164.00 a month”

6 / 10
Farley February 2, 2020

“I was on suboxone for pain for 13 year's until my insurance would not pay for it any longer, they switched me to Zub's which taste a lot better. I have now been on this drug for 2 year's and want off of it because it does NOTHING for my pain. I am on Medicare and they only covered 60.00 of the cost and the price of my script was 400.00 which I can NOT afford. I broke my neck while in the service and the pain is constant. I have been taking 1 dose daily 2.5 mg, trying to ween myself off of the drug, and so far today I have not had any withdrawal symptom's as of yet but it takes about 36 hrs for it to really kick in so I am waiting to see if I have any problem's. This drug is great for short term use to get off opiate's but if you take it for pain management you will find yourself just as addicted to this as the drug you were trying to get off of. I HATE this drug and it has become the bane of my life . I only hope that i can handle the withdrawal .”

1 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 31, 2020

For Opiate Dependence: “I was on Suboxone 4 years tapered down to just a sliver for the last year, Jumped off last Febuary. Soon to be off that stuff for a year.”

10 / 10
Megs January 3, 2020

For Opiate Dependence: “I can say this medication has saved my life. Over and over again, every single day. I started off on suboxone for over a year and my dr switched me. And like any other addict I was freaking out about it not working the same. I had so much anxiety about feeling any sort of withdrawal or not feeling good. But soon after starting it my worries all disappeared. It worked wonderful. I've now been clean for over 2 years since starting my treatment. I absolutely love Zubsolv it really has saved my kid's mommy ❤ t”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 28, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “I have been on Zubs for about a year. I was on subs the year before that while living in buffalo. When I moved to rochester I got switched to Zubs because the subs were not showing good numbers in my system meaning it wasn't dissolving correctly and doing what it's supposed to. My insurance didn't cover zubs so my new doctor told them subs werent working blah blah blah and I ended up getting covered for them. I am constipated every day and it's very hard to poo so I have to drink miralax every other day which I ALWAYS FORGET TO DO. So that's my own fault. Overall everything is fine no drugs for 2 years now besides my zubs. I make about 15 to 25 dollars an hour depending on what position I'm working at my job. And I'm a trainer. zubs saved my life. They work if you don't abuse them.”

9 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 23, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “I have been taking one 5.7 Zubsolv for opiate addiction. I took Suboxone years ago without side effects ( some constipation). The Zubsolv makes me feel nauseous which I never experienced with Suboxone? I started taking Zubsolv in February this year... Since then ( it is now X-mas Eve) I have lost 55 lbs and I am not dieting. Can't eat, I have no appetite and constant nausea, to the point of dry heaves. I was having both constipation and diarrhea but without much output. I feel like I have the flu or a stomach virus for the past 10 months. Now I don't know if it is the Zubsolv or something else. I am having a stomach endoscopy next month. No narcs....putting me to sleep. Am I wasting my time and money or has anyone else experienced huge weight loss...constant nausea, some vomiting and diarrhea .....and feeling overall malaise?”

8 / 10
Girl mom December 23, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “I was dependent on prescription pain killers (Vics). Never took enough to get high, just enough to make me feel “normal”. I turned to methadone maintenance because that’s where my dr sent me. They started me off on 30mg! I was so high I couldn’t function or even speak! Needless to say I only need 4mg. I went all day until my next dose without one withdrawal symptom. I just don’t like that high feeling. It got to pricey and I turned to sub tabs off the street which tasted bad but helped me so much. Did those for a few years. Couldn’t always afford them so after years I finally got into a program. My insurance only covered zubs which I was hesitant but so glad I have them (4 months now)! They are so much better than subs. I have no symptoms during the day. During my sleep I wakeup feeling a little sweaty. I also have no energy but it’s way better than being dope sick imo. Sucks in January my insurance will no longer cover zubs and I’ll be forced back to subs.”

T December 13, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “I was first put on oxycodone 30mg 15 years ago and have had 8 back surgeries. They kept moving my medication around from 15's, 20,s and 30s. I felt like the pill was turning me into something that I didn't want to be. So I talked with my doctor about taking me off of the Oxycodone after trying going cold . So my levels were 2900 on a drug screen and I had to go 5 days before they would put me on zubsolv, well I just about didn't make it. I had to stay home and just go thru it. Once they put me on it, immediately it took all the sickness away and gave me energy like I didn't imagine the 1st few days I was like wow. I was only taking 2 a day. The 1st couple days I would have a craving come thru my mind but I would get up and clean the house and it only would happen for a few minutes. My brain was trying to reprogram itself. The only thing I dislike about the medicine is makes you sleepy, but for anyone that is having withdrawals or tired of taking oxy this is the way to go. It saved my life and it does help”

9 / 10
Jon · Taken for 1 to 6 months December 12, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “I started Zubsolv about 6 weeks ago , I’ve been having nausea and vertigo ever since, I have had the stomach bug during this time which made me think it wasn’t the medication, I only take 4mg 2X a day , I don’t know what to do, thinking about going even lower, I really hoped this drug would have been better”

2 / 10
Freddy December 10, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “I was addicted to buying pain pills from the streets for 8 years, after doctor initially prescribed them for me for 2 years and then cut me off cold turkey. Total of 10 years. October 2019 I was finally able to break free. Thank you Jesus for the strength. It took me 3 weeks to get to see a certified doctor to prescribe me suboxone, which for 3 weeks I was buying off the street also. 1 strip a day of suboxone for 3 weeks and I was doing great. Finally get in to see doctor and tell her my story. She decided to put me on Zubsolv instead even though I told her I was feeling good with one strip a day. Started out at 5.7 MG Zubsolv for a week. Now I’m not feeling as good as I was previous 3 weeks so explain to doctor following week my symptoms. I get bumped up to 8.6 MG a day Zubsolv. Better, but still not masking my symptoms for 24 hours. Now I went back to doctor third time in 3 weeks, got me back down to 5.7 mgs 1 and half times a day. Arghh!!!”

5 / 10
Anonymous November 27, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “I begin taking zubsolv back in March for my opiate addiction. The very 1st day I threw up all day long and couldn't leave the bed. It was my fault though. Make sure you let the pill completely dissolve before swallowing or you're going for a ride oh the tilt-a-hurl. Once I begin taking it correctly the urges were gone. I've put on 30lbs since then and I feel great. I am choosing to lower my dosage next month to begin the weaning process. I never thought I would be able to turn away from my drug of choice but it has been so much easier with this medicine. I didn't have insurance but I qualified for the zubsolv patient assistance program so if that's what's stopping you from getting help, there is your answer. Have your dr give you an application for them.”

10 / 10
Trooper87 · Taken for less than 1 month October 31, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “Zubsolv Works great and I’m so much better now.”

9 / 10
Lady · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 15, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “My insurance wanted me to switch from Suboxone strips to zubsolv. I really haven't had any problems. It is small and has a mint taste. That's better than that "orange" taste. I kinda like it better. I take 2 a day. I would like to get back to 1 a day. But over all it works fine for me.”

10 / 10
bemolove · Taken for 6 months to 1 year October 9, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “I changed from Bunavail to Zubsolv. It was a mistake for me. It was fine when first started. No problems. Problems came when I tried to wean off zubsov. I had full force panic attacks. I went emergency room 3 times. I was given hydroxyzine to counter it. That was not always helpful. That made me very sleepy. Now I am very miserable due to being afraid to take too much zubsov, anxiety and panic or not enough and feel very bad and add too much sleepy drug to function properly. I want to get totally off it.”

5 / 10
Indiana woman 53 September 23, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “I was very skeptical about this medicine! I knew I couldn't go to work and be "sick" I abused opiates for at least 10 years. Once I had Zubsolv I immediately felt a sense of well being that I hadn't felt since before any drug use. I never dreamt I'd have my life back! I just knew I would die a drug addict! I wish I'd have got help sooner! Never had a craving, not one! No sickness some constipation but nothing I can't deal with. No side effect is as awful as being dope sick if you ask me! You ARE WORTH SAVING! make an appointment now!”

10 / 10
Kd August 22, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “Well I've been an heroin addict for approx. 8 yrs n now have been taking suboxone strips for 2 months, at 8mg 2 daily. I felt like some days this just wasn't enough not to mention the horrible taste I couldn't help but drink something which I think was diluting it, so the doc switched me to zubsolve at the 5.7 mg 2 daily however gave me a few extra for my days not wanting my tolerance to grower higher (thx doc) that's a good doctor, however I've been on them about a week now and only took a 3 rd one I believe 2 times. I like the taste much better but I am noticing my blood pressure is much to high n I feel just blah. IDK but got 3 more weeks to go so I'm gonna try to take them the rite way, meaning no drinking or swallowing take them at the same time I'm suppose to and then see how it helps. I must say tho this drug has saved my life whether it's this or suboxone it helps keep me clean from heroin. On the drug dreams have finally stopped thank god!! Don't give up people.”

7 / 10
Aasmith21 · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 20, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “So I've been on Suboxone 8mg 2x a day for the last 3 years. Of course my insurance decided they weren't going to cover suboxone anymore so it kept going up in price every month. Finally when it got up to $124/month I decided to ask my doctor what I should do and he sent me over an RX for Zubsolv 5.7/1.4 2x a day. I've only been taking it for 2 days but I really like it. No withdrawals no horror story to tell like many others. I don't discredit the other people who had a hard time switching, but I haven't at all. So at least try it for yourself before you knock it! If something changes I will update my response! I really like the taste compared to suboxone and it dissolves way faster. Still cost me $65 but the insurance companies just suck. I wish everyone on these types of meds luck!! Recovery is awesome whether you were dependent or addicted!”

Determined · Taken for less than 1 month August 20, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “Am experiencing considerable difficulty getting Zubsolv to dissolve under my tongue. After 15 minutes there is still a considerable amount under my tongue and I’m struggling to keep it from moving around my mouth and not on top of my tongue , back of tongue or attaching to cheek of mouth. Have used several other under tongue dissolving medications ( not opioid related) and Never experienced any difficulties with any other under tongue dissolving medication”

6 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 4, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “Better than the strips in my opinion. Especially if you have any dental work. More energy too”

10 / 10
Mini martina July 16, 2019

For Opiate Dependence: “Ok so here's my experience with zubsolv. First I was on suboxone and I didn't care for it. It tasted awful and didn't do much for me. Then I got switched to Zubsolv due to insurance and I have to say besides a little nausea here and there and the bad after taste of them it's great. I've been off pain meds for over a year now and I feel so much better. No more going through wds for weeks cuz I ran out of my meds early. I know there are people out there that say you can't say you are in recovery if you take zubsolv and I don't agree with that at all. I feel like I am in recovery and I'm proud of myself for the 1st time in my life. Thank you zubsolv for giving me my life back! I couldn't be happier being on zubsolv because it works for me! I say give it a chance it might just save your life like it has mine. I also have 0 cravings and that makes me very happy.”

10 / 10