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User Reviews for Buprenex

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Chronic Pain  
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Anonymous · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 2, 2021

For Chronic Pain: “No relief of pain”

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Hogg · Taken for less than 1 month November 21, 2020

For Chronic Pain: “Did the sublingual buprenorphine for pain. Didn't think much then the pain in my back felt better along with my shoulders arms and hands. Started nose itching after a few hours here I am 13 hours later and its still working.”

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Agirlnamedpete · Taken for less than 1 month November 16, 2014

For Pain: “My cat was given Buprenex oral after surgery. I'm assuming it worked on his pain but now that he's off of it he's "seeing ghosts in the house" and slinking around in fear. Hallucinations are one of the side effects. Just letting other pet parents know what can happen. I'm sure it will wear off but for now it's just upsetting to watch.”

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Anonymous July 12, 2008

For Pain: “I was injured in 1986 in a serious accident and had several back and neck surgeries afterward. The residual pain was unbearable and after being out of touch with the world for 5 or 6 years, one of my doctors asked me to try buprenex when I refused to start on oxycotin. I remain on the same dosage today and I have my life back. No longer do I stay in a stuper all day. Buprenex controls my pain yet it does not rob my memory and brain as the other medicines had done. Thank you for buprenex.”

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Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years May 11, 2012

For Pain: “I have severe drug allergies especially opiates, I have been on Buprenorphine for many years now and found it to be an excellent pain reliever. I have found that at times though it is hard to find and have had to go to the patch.”

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sc1432 June 16, 2011

For Pain: “I started Bupernex for pain 10 years ago, and it has been a life saver to me. I tried pain pills and they did not come close to giving me good pain relief. Subutex and Suboxone are only approved for detox. Bupernex Injection is just approved for pain relief. Bupernex gave me back some quality of life back. No pain pill, lasted long enough or came close to relieving the pain like Bupernex. It does not give you constipation at all.”

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