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User Reviews for Qvar RediHaler to treat Asthma, Maintenance (Page 2)

Qvar RediHaler has an average rating of 2.5 out of 10 from a total of 91 ratings for the treatment of Asthma, Maintenance. 10% of those users who reviewed Qvar RediHaler reported a positive effect, while 77% reported a negative effect.

Qvar RediHaler Rating Summary

2.5/10 average rating

91 ratings from 100 user reviews.

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Reviews for Qvar RediHaler

JP · Taken for 6 months to 1 year August 31, 2019

“I was on Qvar for several years and my asthma was well under control until using the Redihaler. I started wheezing much more during the day and waking up and having to use my Proventil inhaler at night. I was suspicious that it was the inhaler and then noticed that when I was using it, it would release the medication when I CLOSED the lid. I was not getting any of the medication for almost 2 weeks. I took the inhaler into my pharmacy and they called Teva while I waited. They were told to give me a new inhaler and to send the one I had been using back to them for "testing." I immediately contacted the FDA. Very easy to do online and I heard back from them the next day asking for more information on the product. I encourage anyone who has problems with this inhaler to do the same. It could really be a matter of life or death for some.”

1 / 10
Asthmatic Mel · Taken for 10 years or more December 14, 2019

“What a joke it is for any manufacturer to make an asthmatic use a breath activated inhaler that doesn’t even dispense or work after 40 puffs used. When my counter reaches 80, the medicine starts to act up and get weary of dispensing. By 60 puffs left, a slim hiss of unmixed medication tries to hiss out, but to no avail. My asthma always gets worse by this time due to less or unmixed medication reaching my lungs. I then try to clean the hole with a Q-tip but still does not work. I will try the advice of another person by unscrewing the top and using it like a normal inhaler by pressing it down the normal way. I wonder, do I have to shake before dispensing this way, as it was in the past? I really hope that works because this medication works for me! The RediHaler or autohaler canister design is terrible, most likely created by a non-asthmatic, and made for healthy individuals who have healthier lungs!”

1 / 10
Asthmasucks · Taken for 1 to 6 months January 14, 2020

“Qvar redihaler is NOT the same as regular Qvar and any provider or pharmacist that tells you that is lying or doesn't actually know. I have had severe asthma my whole life and Regular Qvar worked and well and kept my asthma controlled so I didn't have to use my rescue as much. I live in constant agony nowadays I can't find anything that worked as well. But do not use redihaler it is not good! Please bring regular Qvar back and get rid of redihaler!”

2 / 10
Akira · Taken for 1 to 6 months February 12, 2021

“This is my second Qvar redihaler, and both stopped working at 90 doses. I've complained and nothing was done about. Seems like it's a known problem and the company does nothing. I'm out of 100 bucks now, but I'm going to ask my doc for something new.”

1 / 10
Bob · Taken for less than 1 month March 12, 2020

“This new delivery mechanism of Qvar Redihaler is rubbish - who designed this? Certainly not someone who has to use it 2 x per day. Due to the price, I’ve been purchasing my Qvar from outside the USA for a fraction of my insurance price - but I was running low and went back to a USA pharmacy. Again - who designed this??”

1 / 10
Kayy · Taken for 1 to 2 years May 14, 2020

“This inhaler stops working at approximately 20 puffs left. It is extremely expensive and cleaning it as instructed by the customer service does not help. This inhaler is too expensive to stop working through the entirety of the dispenser and when I call customer service they make you call back after a week and check back in with them and then they issue a credit to the pharmacy that they have to jump through hoops to get. Thank God I have the money to buy one while I wait. This company needs to get it together, get this product fixed or make it easier to replace it when it stops working. I’m sick of coughing because this isn’t working when it should be.”

1 / 10
JD · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 20, 2021

“I have been using Qvar inhaler for years. It's annoying that they switched to breath activated inhaler and have been feeling like it didn't quite control my asthma as well as the old kind. The last 2 Redihalers I've used have been absolutely terrible. When about half the doses are used up, the inhaler has a very weak spray that goes on for about 20 seconds. Likely I'm getting way less than a full dose since breathing in doesn't take that long. Utterly unacceptable!”

1 / 10
Wheezer · Taken for 6 months to 1 year December 17, 2020

“I notice short dosing across lots of QVAR inhalers starting at 25 doses left. By 15 doses left, I might as well not use it. Frustrating because it on formulary. The company replaces them but who wants to call every month? I have reported to FDA twice. If not for this, would rate a 10.”

1 / 10
Lionstar · Taken for 2 to 5 years January 25, 2020

“I am Dissatisfied with this new construction of Qvar redihaler the unit always clogs sometimes beyond cleaning. The unit is wastefully made of heavy gauge plastic & a lot of it. This makes the world environment sicker for asthmatics. The canister is the same qvar just a different delivery system that doesn't work screwed off the heavy plastic top took out the canister & continue to use that canister in a old salvaged NORMAL plastic dispenser body that I had luckily kept. The companies shouldn't try to reinvent rubbish to make more money and instead just make the medicine affordable for people & not pass the expenses to healthcare for stupid & flawed ideas like this. This is a waste of heavy plastic & enormous design cost for something a monkey could do. PS google "How to Confidently Prescribe Inhaled Steroids" and on page 4 'Qvar Redihaler “Hack” ' is a hack on how convert the redihaler into one that actually works!”

1 / 10
Miri · Taken for 10 years or more March 16, 2021

“Dr, pharmacist and insurance company were no help. Teva knows they have a defective device. Peel the label up on the backside. Twist the bottom section in your left hand - away from you. Throw the top section away! Remove the white mouth cover. Put the canister - dispenser side down, into lower section, lining up the nozzle. When secured, place both thumbs at bottom sides, below mouth piece. Put both pointer fingers at top sides of canister. Get ready to use like a traditional inhaler - press down on canister and breathe in medication. Feel free to confirm your inhaler works by testing it - with mouthpiece directed away from your face. The two RedihHalers I tested this on - both actually gave out visible doses - something neither had done in a while. If you want to be extra safe - use the white mouthpiece cover when inhaler is not in use. But definitely throw out the heavy plastic piece with the Qvar label. Worthless junk for our landfills!”

1 / 10
Professor · Taken for less than 1 month December 25, 2018

“I have been on Qvar for years and it worked to the extent that seldom did I require albuterol treatment. Then on my last Qvar prescription renewal they gave me redihaler. It did not work. Being a scientist, I tried several things but none worked. I will discontinue use of the redihaler. My guess is there is a black market for the old Qvar inhaler for those of us in need. Insurance will not cover that of course. Sham on TEVA.”

JT February 8, 2019

“I have been successfully using a Qvar regular old fashioned inhaler and my asthma (and heart palps that went with it) have been under control for now over ten years. The minute I started using the new Qvar Redihaler everything went back. I've tried every way of enhancing the use, and it is point blank not effective. So I'm folding and going outside of the USA to get the old version which is available everywhere, and I hope everyone who has an issue whether for adults or kids will not settle because a drug manufacturer (TEVA), is protecting the US patent rights to the medicine (which is why they change the design method). Easy to get thru online ordering from Canadian online services. I know by ordering out of the country I'm still helping the pharma and my insurance (cuz its out of pocket....$99 for 3 inhalers of 40mg). But we have to be smart consumers....If you go to Ecuador, you can buy inhalers right from the pharmacy without a prescription, so take a vacation!!”

1 / 10
TK · Taken for 1 to 2 years August 20, 2019

“Since Qvar switched to the RediHaler, my asthma is not as well controlled. The inhaler dispenses properly for only a portion of the doses supplied. Once it hits about 70 remaining doses it dispenses when the cover is closed and not when I inhale it. Therefore I am not getting the prescribed dose of medication. I have had about 2 inhalers that can be used until it hits 0, however most need to be thrown away. I called Teva and was told to clean it with a paper towel inside periodically. I do this, but it still does not work. If this product cannot guarantee the ability to deliver the dose of medication, it should be taken off the market until it is fixed.”

1 / 10
Tissues · Taken for 1 to 6 months October 9, 2018

“Both my husband and son use the redihaler and both have stopped working prior to the count being out. My husbands stopped with 60 puffs left, my son's stopped at 45. Complete garbage to not be able to get all 120 doses out for what they charge. Bring back the old style inhaler where they could actually get the medication out!”

2 / 10
JT · Taken for 5 to 10 years March 11, 2021

“I gave up on the new Qvar Redihaler as it wasn't effective. Went back to the original aerosol Qvar version and all is back to normal for me with asthma under control. The solution, order the old version from Canadian Pharmacy. USA is the only country not carrying the original version (patent protection in USA is the reason they changed the design.). I even reported the problem with the design to the FDA. Please report the ineffective delivery method to FDA and pharma company, maybe we won't have to go to another country to get effective medicine. My concern is that insurance companies are perfectly happy with people buying it direct from other countries so they don't have to cover it. The pharma company is ok to as they still get the sale. Feel bad for young children who certainly can't use the new delivery design.”

1 / 10
LAP · Taken for 10 years or more February 9, 2019

“I've used Qvar and had no problems until they switched to the redihaler. Now my asthma is not controlled and I wake up lots of nights struggling to breathe. I called the company to replace my inhaler because it stopped working half way through. I get 3 at a time through mail order and I think they're way too expensive to be such junk. I tried to use the 2nd inhaler from my mail order and it doesn't work at all so I'm going to have to call them back to replace that one as well. I would throw the inhalers away but they are too expensive. I can't believe this company is messing with people's lives!! I will be switching to another brand if I don't die in the meantime.”

1 / 10
June · Taken for 10 years or more May 18, 2019

“I can definitely relate to all of the 1 rating comments as my medicine was not coming out of the Qvar RediHaler stopping at the 50 counter. Remember, there is a solution to every problem! Seeing as this new device doesn't work properly I have worked out how to fix Qvar rediHaler device so it works - you can pop off the top part which twists off, and you manually press for your medicine!! No more wasting and getting a new haler.”

1 / 10
jack · Taken for 1 to 2 years December 5, 2019

“I have had to return the Redihaler twice to the pharmacy because it keeps dosing AFTER I stop inhaling. It also dispenses particles. I liked the old inhaler device better and had no problems with it. I worry how it affects your health when the dose is not regulated.”

3 / 10
Musher October 2, 2018

“The Qvar RediHaler is the worst design I’ve dealt with in an inhaler. As another reviewer said, when the inhaler gets to the (approximately) 60 doses remaining mark, the mechanism stops working and the medicine slowly sprays out after I’ve finished inhaling. I used it today and when I was done I looked into the inhaler to see if it was visibly plugged and it let loose into my eyes. Very disappointed in the redesign. This has happened to both of the RediHaler inhalers I’ve had so far.”

2 / 10
Pastor · Taken for 1 to 6 months June 7, 2018

“First I'll complain that Teva redesigned the delivery mechanism for Qvar so that they could maintain a patent that was expiring and continue to charge a high price. Next, I will explain that this delivery mechanism has been faulty in two inhalers so far. As the count approaches 60 inhalations left, the mechanism appears to clog so that after I have completed a deep and long inhalation the inhaler continues to spray medication. That either means I didn't receive the full dose or that medication is being wasted. I am following use instructions perfectly, but the problem persists. I talked on the phone with Teva and they had me send the first inhaler back (I had two from our mail order pharmacy). They promised they would have our mail order pharmacy send a replacement, but that was weeks ago and has not happened. This company is failing its customers by price gouging, low quality of product and poor customer service. I will be talking to my doctor about an alternative medication.”

1 / 10
LTU · Taken for 10 years or more January 12, 2019

“Similar to others here, I have found that some dispensers just do not work - no sensation of spray, no taste of medication, asthma symptoms getting worse over time. This costs $180 per (significantly more than the previous dispenser). I think Teva/Qvar is just playing around with the dispenser design so they can bump up the price of a medication that should be cheaply available as a generic considering the length of time it has been around. The old style dispenser is available in other countries for $8-18 per. They are clearly not taking into account the damage they do to people with asthma in the process of pursuing added profits.”

1 / 10
WV Wheezer · Taken for 1 to 6 months August 10, 2019

“I was using the old Qvar aerosol inhaler and doing very well on it. Since switching to the new RediHaler, I am back to wheezing and coughing up phlegm. It is very hard to sleep at night. When I started on the new RediHaler, things were fine until the inhaler was about half used. Then I felt like I was not getting any medication from the inhaler. Usually I taste the medication when I exhale after a treatment, but I stopped getting that feeling. That's when my asthma symptoms came back. I tried blowing down into the inhaler to see if anything came out. All that came out the mouthpiece was my breath. While I'm relieved that it isn't my asthma getting worse, I am angry that Teva has a defective product out there and they don't seem to care.”

1 / 10
Bee · Taken for 2 to 5 years May 17, 2020

“This new RediHaler design did NOT work at all. I started thinking that something else was wrong with me. I asked primary for different script and fortunately for me, he obliged. Sorry but my asthma symptoms were way out of control using Qvar.”

1 / 10
Wheezy · Taken for 2 to 5 years July 19, 2019

“I thought it was just me not liking the new delivery system of Qvar. I told my Dr. the Qvar RediHaler wasn't working and he looked at me like I had 4 heads. I kept trying to use it and noticed the the thing would spray when I closed the cover!!! This is why I wasn't getting any medicine! I have been into the Drs twice once in April and again in June for out of control asthma. I didn't think of calling them until reading theses comments. I will be calling them and letting them know of this malfunction and hopefully they will send me another. I did end up breaking the thing in half and just spraying myself and it worked!! The Qvar company needs to fix this problem with the RediHaler or go back to the old delivery system. It's very apparent that the majority of users think it's awful!”

1 / 10
modretro · Taken for less than 1 month April 2, 2019

“The new one, Qvar RediHaler, doesn't work properly, it quits working halfway through. A lot of the time it sprays after the fact. I am having trouble breathing due to this not working correctly. I am going to my pharmacist and my doctor to have them change to something that will work. Get your expensive drug off the market/recall this before you end up with a law suit.”

1 / 10

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