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Reviews for Adderall

XSH92 · Taken for 2 to 5 years February 24, 2020

For ADHD: “Adderall has worked great for me when taken as needed. When I was in my early 20’s and taking it daily I built up a dependence that lead to terrible withdrawals as it is very addictive. (Learned the hard way and never want to go through that again!) I will usually only take this when my ADHD symptoms are unbearable and my work/personal life starts to become affected. We are talking maybe 1-4 tablets max per month. It really does help with focus and energy, and I find that one 10-20mg dose is usually enough and I feel good for several days after the dose without any withdrawals or dependence issues.”

2nd chance at life March 10, 2014

For ADHD: “I always knew I was different from everyone else. I was very quiet and shy. But in my mind I couldn't shut up. My mind was loud. In class I could never stop fidgeting, playing with my hair, scratching an itch, doodling on notebooks. I wondered why nobody else squirmed around like me. At 24 I was diagnosed with ADD. Adderall is life changing. I'm finally normal. I feel like everyone else. My mind is at ease. I am in charge of my thoughts. I can have genuine conversations with people without my mind wondering. I am finally happy after years of struggles. I am organized and more peaceful. ”

10 / 10
RedFiona October 5, 2013

For ADHD: “After 37 years of knowing something wasn't right with my brain, I was diagnosed with ADHD, Inattentive Type in grad school and was prescribed Adderall. Where do I start??? This medication literally changed my life. Imagine being a "gifted" kid who eventually could barely pass middle school math - that's me. After a lifetime of compensating for my "slow processing," hiding my disorganization, and pretending to be on the same page with everyone else, this explains everything. Adderall has made a NIGHT AND DAY difference in my motivation level, what I understand and follow, and even my mood/emotional reactivity. In a word, amazing. If I ever meet the people who "discovered" Adderall, I'm kissing them - my husband agrees.”

10 / 10

Frequently asked questions

K November 20, 2019

For Narcolepsy: “I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder/excessive daytime sleepiness and my physician prescribed me Adderall. After I found the dose that worked best for me (30mg in the morning and 10-20mg in the afternoon) I felt like a new person. I usually sleep anywhere from 12-18 hours a day when I don’t have classes or work (I don’t have to force myself up on these days with 2 alarms). I can still nap but they are not nearly as long as they used to be (3-8 hours). My grades have improved and most importantly, my attendance of class has improved! I used to sleep through class, but now I can go because my body isn’t begging for sleep. Overall it is an extremely helpful drug to treat narcolepsy/excessive daytime sleepiness. I finally feel like I have my life back! My only complaint is the dry mouth I experience every so often. I also still feel rather tired some days but it is not as NEAR as torturous as it used to be. Overall, it is extremely helpful and it has changed my life for the better.”

10 / 10
jjhoff · Taken for 2 to 5 years October 10, 2020

For Narcolepsy: “I was switched to Adderall but after 2 years switched to Ritalin. Adderall seems to open up parts of your brain best left closed. I started to see a 12 year old boy in the yard during the day he would be gone when I went to talk with him. My neighbors told me that in the 1970s he died here. You have to watch the dosage”

10 / 10
JD12 · Taken for 5 to 10 years September 11, 2019

For ADHD: “This drug is one of the greatest formulas of all time. I went from down and depressed and unmotivated to organized and focused. Also from relatively poor to rich due the effect it had on me with my enthusiasm for work”

10 / 10
Worse drug brand Teva · Taken for 1 to 6 months September 15, 2019

For Narcolepsy: “I have been on D-Amphetamine Salt Combo, 30mg a day for a few months for narcolepsy and actually did great. But I recently picked up another prescription and noticed this brand is called Teva generic brand. I have noticed for 2 weeks I have became irritated, forgetting easily in what I was looking for or talking about, aggressive outbursts, stomach pain, migraines, generalist not feeling good on this brand. I will be complaining over this!”

1 / 10

More FAQ

Samanthaa98 May 6, 2017

For ADHD: “I have been diagnosed with ADD . I have always pushed myself to get good grades and to take as many AP and honors classes as I can handle. I enjoy learning about new things; however, my lack of focus got in the way of my learning. It bothers me when people say ADD/ADHD is made up. I know that people who don't have this disorder can't truly understand what it's like. Without adderall my mind is foggy and I can't take the fog away to learn about the things that I love. All my friends know that I have a strong passion for physics and astronomy, but it's very hard for me to pick up a book without forgetting most of what I read after I finished it. On adderall I feel like the fog fades always and my mind is like a clear sunny day. Oh how I wish that I didn't have to take this every day and just naturally be as focused. I am just an 18 year old who is trying to pursue her dreams, but without this medication I'm not sure how I can get through college to learn what I love. I can now look through my telescope at the stars without the clouds getting in the way.”

9 / 10
pKdub · Taken for 6 months to 1 year January 19, 2015

For ADHD: “Adderall has totally brought my life into focus. I started taking it about 6 months ago I'm 39 now and really wish I had this medicine as a kid. In addition to ADD I had severe anxiety and depression as a child/teenager. Adderall has given me focus, lifted my general mood, taken my anxiety away and made me a productive human being. I'm actually starting my own business! The only bad thing is that you really have to be careful of how much you take because it can have the opposite effect i.e. severe anxiety and no focus but if you take it the right way it will change your life! One other bad thing is the stigma surrounding the medicine and being treated like an addict by some pharmacists.”

9 / 10
sTAR kID 99%er September 11, 2019

For ADHD: “So, I have had ADHD since I was like young. I never liked the pills they gave me when I was younger because I was already a thin kid and then taking Adderall I would eat even less. So I stopped taking the medication. When I was taking this medication I got most improved student! I went without the drug for years, until just about 2 years ago I started taking it again and It has helped me so much! I am very thankful for this drug. I suffer from fatigue , and many, many other problems. This drug is one of many I NEED, To Think Straight and to not get outta control. It also helps me BIG TIME with my anger issues. Hope this helps someone! Star Kid Is OUT!”

9 / 10
Mab · Taken for 10 years or more October 11, 2020

For ADHD: “The Adderal dose my doctor prescribed didn't seem to work that great(20 mg twice a day) One day I had it after my oatmeal and it was more effective so after that I just scrunched up the pill like I did with oatmeal, but I didn't put it on anything. I just took it like that. Works great! Much more motivation to get tasks done so I can finish more! Maybe you could try that if it sees not enough to work. I use Sandoz.”

10 / 10
won2bfree July 27, 2009

For Narcolepsy: “This may be a little long so I hope you took your medicines today, LOL. this is my 3rd month on Adderall and it is absolutely a miracle drug for me. I have suffered with extreme fatigue and excessive sleepiness since I was a teenager, I'm 38 now. My doctors have tried me on everything from sleeping pills, to antidepressants, nothing worked. A friend suggested Adderall, I researched it, talked to my doctor about it and we tried Provigil first, which did help, but I was still falling asleep driving, reading, etc. Switched to Adderall. I was so happy I nearly cried when I was telling my doctor how much better I feel. I wish I would have tried this years ago.”

10 / 10
Seester · Taken for 10 years or more July 8, 2018

For ADHD: “All the generics ate horrible. Teva who acquired barr has not improved. The brand is teva- generic does not work. I want something comparable to original Barr. I'm struggling and drowning back into depression - generics are not the same. FDA doing nothing to help all of us that ate struggling”

Thankful OldGuy · Taken for 2 to 5 years August 20, 2014

For ADHD: “I have been taking Adderall for two years and it has probably saved my life. I had been misdiagnosed as bi-polar with no co-morbid ADHD, and was prescribed benzodiazepines and anti-depressants. I eventually became suicidal when Abilify was added,and was lucky enough to have a moment of clarity and changed doctors and hospital affiliates. The week I was started on ADHD meds, I started to become the person I should be. I only wish I could have been diagnosed as a child, I feel I missed half my education. I can now focus all day, keep a train of thought long enough to finish mundane to complex tasks, and have written and recorded an album of music that had been completed but in disarray. No side effects, no weight loss or changes in eating habits.”

10 / 10
the kid902 · Taken for 6 months to 1 year September 8, 2014

For ADHD: “I was 23 when I was diagnosed with ADHD. Started Adderall, I take 30 mg of SR a day and the difference is phenomenal! I get up with ease because I know I can tackle all tasks with astounding motivation and actually enjoy doing tedious work. I am co-morbid with anxiety, rumination, and I was highly neurotic. I found myself aggressive, quick tempered, and easily abusing marijuana and alcohol. This all changed with Adderall, I am rational, reflect on situations in a positive light, and generally just a more helpful and kind person. Adderall completely saved my professional and personal life. Side note, it can cause erectile dysfunction but it will go away after your body is used to the cycle.”

10 / 10
Tizzle September 29, 2018

For ADHD: “Been on Adderall for 5 years now, 15mg twice daily. Started on 10mg 2x daily but the lower doses are associated with aggressive behaviors. Is it a flawless savior? Do I still struggle at times with ADHD? Absolutely! Medications, i.e. insulin, all have side effects. As a patient, you must ask yourself if the side effects outweigh the benefits. I refused treatment until age 32 which has been beneficial to my physical health. If you are at the mercy of ADHD, I strongly advise you to use some of the new apps with or without meds. Daily for the 1st 3 weeks is simply miraculous. Lastly, the world or your coworkers don't need to know about your diagnosis. ADHD is still stigmatized as a disorder that only stupid people have. My 1st RN job I was viciously bullied once word got out about my ADHD!! By my fellow RNs!! Now I make more than a Nurse Practitioner!! #Strength”

7 / 10
Huggerbabe2007 December 13, 2017

For ADHD: “I finally got diagnosed when I was 40. I was in college and just couldn't focus or comprehend my classes. I thought there was something wrong my head. I've been abused for a very long time. I went to my counsellor and suggested I get tested for ADHD. I was very relieved it wasn't head problems. I was diagnosed with ADHD. I suffered 40 years with all the symptoms but never thought about ADHD. When I was put on Adderall I couldn't believe the difference. My grade point was 3.67. I was very proud of myself. I've been taking it ever since. 30mg twice a day. People can tell when I'm not on it, big difference. My insurance didn't cover it. So I was paying over $200 My insurance started paying last yr. THANK YOU FOR READING MY STORY.”

10 / 10
LaurenNikki April 1, 2013

For ADHD: “Adderall is effective, but it comes with consequences. Both to your physical and mental health. I am 27 years old, I have taken Adderall on and off for about 10 years. Started it my freshman year of college. It was AMAZING at first! Lost that freshman 15, got straight A's, actually ENJOYED my work. Then I started noticing the crash symptoms. Tired, withdrawn, emotionless, sleepless. I stopped taking it because I hated the way it made me feel, but I realized how much more productive I am when taking it. When I start taking it again my immune system is shot, I'm constantly sick with something, I get super irritable. When I don't take it I can barely get out of bed and I always gain weight, which always sucks. It's a vicious cycle.”

6 / 10
Jwright7784 · Taken for 1 to 6 months April 15, 2019

For Narcolepsy: “Adderall works exceptionally well for me with one caveat. Don't believe for one bit that all generics are the same. Before filling your script call around and find out which brands the pharmacies carry. If it's Mallinckrodt find another pharmacy to fill at. I can take any brand of Adderall and it works for me without many side effects EXCEPT Mallinckrodt. I don't know what they do to their pills but they make me sick. They give me a severe headache, extreme nausea and abdominal pain. If you look online you will see that other people report the same. So shop around for something other than Mallinckrodt. Good luck.”

8 / 10
amphetamint · Taken for 10 years or more April 29, 2017

For ADHD: “Such an amazing contribution to the pharmaceutical world. So much better than its ugly step sisters, such as Ritalin and Vyvanse. Adderall steals the show every time. 30mg/day does the trick. Been on it for 12 years, I've taken personal breaks for tolerance. I've never had any type of "withdrawal" or "come downs" at the end of the day. This drug has the ability to put me to sleep when I take it, honestly; and that's because my dissociation (caused by my ADHD) causes my anxiety to skyrocket. But when I take my adderall, I am able to focus on reality, making my anxiety disappear for a few hours. Calms me down. Relief is a blessing.”

10 / 10
Thinkbetter April 4, 2015

For ADHD: “When I was in grade school I had a real hard time learning. I could not pay attention in class. My mind was always wandering. I was always daydreaming and looking out the windows, I could not retain any information. I was forgetful and bored. My grades were always C's and D's no matter how hard I tried. I was always fidgety, had a hard time sitting still, always twirling my hair or shaking my legs or feet. I hated school, I felt so dumb. As I got into high school I was so far behind I gave up trying. When I started driving I would go through red lights, stop signs etc. I was just daydreaming all the time. I kept losing my car keys, my glasses, forgetting where I put them. I am out of space, but Adderal saved my life! I am 59. No side effects”

10 / 10
66 year old · Taken for 5 to 10 years February 4, 2021

For ADHD: “Have used a generic for about 6 years now worked for me except it has turned me into a teeth grinder I do it all the time and now my teeth are worn to the point they are ruined. My doctor said he never heard of that side effect but a recent visit to a dentist to try to fix my teeth I was told they see this all the time and this grinding may never go away. I need to find something that works without these side effects”

6 / 10
jaime_a92 April 2, 2008

For ADHD: “Adderall (amphetamine and dextroamphetamine) immediate release has greatly (95%) improved my symptoms of ADHD including concentration, focus, memory, attention span, retention of imformation, and to some extent my energy and grades. It's a very strong stimulant so it does have temporary side effects, most will go away in two-four weeks like euphoria, anxiety, and teeth grinding but the dry mouth and insomnia if taken late will not subside for months, but it has helped me A LOT.”

10 / 10
Anonymous January 28, 2014

For ADHD: “I have been taking it for several years. There was a time about a year ago when all the Pharmacies could not get any and I went about a month without. Being a Service Advisor, I deal with a lot of numbers (Vin, License Plates, etc.). After a few days without, I started reversing a lot of the numbers. I would see the correct order but would say out loud or write down a reversed version. I had to go slower and double check what I had written. A positive side effect is it gets me off the couch on the day(s) I have off and motivates me to get stuff done around the house that needs to be done. It kept me up at night at first, but after awhile, I learned not to take it too late in the day. I would recommend it to anyone who has ADHD. ”

10 / 10
Anonymous · Taken for 5 to 10 years January 22, 2017

For ADHD: “I stopped taking this medication 6 years ago because I built up a tolerance to it. But, it seriously was the best thing to ever happen to me. I've always had untreated ADHD and when I finally received treatment, I flourished. Now, after 6 years I am giving it a try again. So far it's working great. The two things I don't like about Adderall is that I talk WAY too much, share WAY too much information. In fact, I call up family members and talk to them to death.I had to write myself a note and tape it to the phone to not call or text anyone! And the second thing is the comedown, by the time the medication wears off, I am drained!”

9 / 10

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